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Chapter 216: Do You Wish to Live in the Shadow of This Person Forever?


Xiao Chen stepped forward and placed his right palm on Liu Suifeng’s back, dissipating the force. Only after that did Liu Suifeng managed to stabilize himself. He had an unsightly expression on his face as he thanked Xiao Chen in a soft voice.

Wang Rong smiled faintly as a mocking expression appeared on his face. He said, “You are even weaker than I thought. You can’t even withstand a single blow!”

“Wang Rong! Don’t go too far! This is Qingyun Peak!” Liu Suifeng said angrily.

Wang Rong smiled faintly, “What did I do? I only asked you to move. Don’t use Qingyun Peak’s name to suppress me. You are not even a core disciple, you are not worthy of doing so.”

Wang Rong… Xiao Chen repeated this name in his mind a few times. It seemed like he had heard this name before but he could not recall where. Even so, he was not bothered with it.

Wang Rong snorted as he walked by Liu Suifeng. When he walked by Xiao Chen, he suddenly stopped. He turned his head and said with a mocking smile, “I forgot, you don’t care about being a core disciple. After all, you have a powerful sister shielding you. Even if your rank drops drastically, you would not be chased off the mountain.”

When Xiao Chen heard the word ‘rank’, he finally remembered where he seen Wang Rong’s name. He was the twentieth ranked on the Hall of Contributions’ ranking boards. He had only taken a cursory glance and did not have too deep an impression. That was why he did not remember it immediately.

However, Xiao Chen did not know what grudge Liu Suifeng had with this person. There seemed to be something major between them; the moment they met, the atmosphere became very tense.

Liu Suifeng turned pale and he clenched his right fist tightly. There was a vein bulging on his forehead, like he wanted to say something. However, he eventually did not say anything.

When Wang Rong saw that Liu Suifeng was not going to say anything, he found it boring. He snorted and walked away without looking back.


Suddenly there was a loud explosion in the quiet library; it was like a crack of thunder. It caused the library to tremble continuously.

The image of a ferocious tiger merged into Xiao Chen’s body, the bones in his body were giving off ‘pi li pa la’ sounds. There was a loud roar as a fist punched toward Wang Rong’s back.

The instant the thunder crackled, Wang Rong immediately felt a killing intent and the horrifying wind from the fist. He did not have enough time to think. He turned around at lightning-speed, clenched his fist and punched out in response.

“Bang!” Wang Rong felt incredible pain and his arm went numb. He flew backward and his Qi and blood surged non-stop; he landed on the second floor.

Xiao Chen’s punch did not have any warning. Furthermore, when he made a move, he did not hold back; 6,000 kilograms of force used together with his Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique—Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains.

The staircase was very narrow, there was not enough space for Wang Rong to draw the saber hanging at his waist. Furthermore, he had underestimated Xiao Chen’s physical strength and clashed head on. This resulted in him suffering a huge disadvantage.


Wang Rong stomped on the ground, causing the force from Xiao Chen’s punch to be transmitted to the floor. All the bookshelves on the second floor immediately started shaking. Many of the manuals on the bookshelves fell to the ground.

“That is Wang Rong, the twentieth ranked person on the Unstable List. He normally trains outside, why is he back? He’s even fighting with someone.”

“Who is so daring to even challenge Wang Rong? In last year’s Ranking War, Wang Rong was the most vicious one. He had no sense of camaraderie at all, he even killed someone. If it were not for the fact that he has high talent, he would have been chased away long ago.

“It is definitely someone within the top twenty ranks. No one else would dare to take the initiative to provoke him, not to mention causing such a large disturbance.”

The originally quiet second floor immediately turned noisy. The people who were choosing Martial Techniques all rushed out. They were all astonished when they saw the state Wang Rong was in.

The so-called ‘Unstable List’ was the list on the wall painted gold in the Ranking Hall. The competition within the top 500 ranks was the most intense in the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

The people who could keep their names there were geniuses. When these people went out of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, they would be able to become an overlord of an area—stories of their might would spread far and wide.

Thus, this list was also known as the Unstable List. The people who were able to get into the top twenty were geniuses among geniuses. They could already be classified as ‘monsters’ and Wang Rong was one such ‘monster.’

Who in the world was fighting with Wang Rong? Everyone was feeling curious. They all looked to the bottom of the stairs, wanting to find out who was below; who was the one with such guts?

“Ta! Ta! Ta!”

Xiao Chen slowly walked up, appearing before everyone. When everyone saw him, they were astonished, The one who challenged Wang Rong was actually him.

“Qingyun Peak’s Xiao Chen! It’s actually him!” They were shocked; a person who been in the inner sect for only half a year actually challenged Wang Rong, who was in the top twenty of the Unstable List.”

Wang Rong had an extremely livid expression on his face. He wanted to move his hand to draw his saber but he discovered that his hand would not obey. When he took a look, he was startled—tiny beads of blood came out through the pores of his right arm.

Within a short period of time, it would be impossible for his arm to be recovered to its original state. Wang Rong cursed in his mind, Damn, I was too careless. How much force does this guy’s punch contain? My right arm refuses to listen to me.

Wang Rong excelled at Saber Techniques, he had not trained his physical body. He had no way to gather more Essence to his right hand in a short period of time. Hence, he was not a match for Xiao Chen when competing in strength.

“Bastard! How dare you sneak attack me! You will pay for that!” Wang Rong roared at Xiao Chen; he had an livid expression on his face.

Before Wang Rong returned to the mountain, he had already advanced to the peak of Inferior Grade Martial Saint. Although he noticed Xiao Chen, he did not care about him as he saw that he was only a Superior Grade Martial Grand Master.

However, Wang Rong had not expected this person to sneak attack him. Furthermore, he done so with such great force, temporarily crippling his right hand.

“Ye Chen, don’t injure him. You are not his match.” Liu Suifeng ran over and held Xiao Chen back. “His cultivation is much higher than yours. He might be at an disadvantage now, but you will not be able to deal with his retaliation in the future.”

Xiao Chen looked at Liu Suifeng’s worried appearance and sighed in his heart. How naive… now that I have already injured him, a grudge has been formed.

If I let him off now, would Wang Rong not retaliate in the future? Given his character, would he give up on taking revenge?

If one was overly cautious and afraid to do anything, then it was a waste to be living in this world. Xiao Chen did not think too much before he decided to make a move.

This person humiliated his friend in front of him and he had even made a move to mock him. If he had no chance of victory, he might have chosen to endure. However, since he could, why not make a move?

If Xiao Chen did not do so, then he would be going against his character. If he stayed quiet and plotted revenge for the future… by the time he could think of that, the opponent would have already reached the second floor. Even if you wanted to make a move, you would have lost your opportunity.

Xiao Chen has always been a decisive person. He would not hesitate to do the things that he had decided to do. He would use a huge force to instantly defeat the enemy.

“Do you wish to live in the shadow of this person forever?” Xiao Chen stared at Wang Rong, as he had no intentions of letting him off.

When Liu Suifeng heard that, he was stunned. A complicated expression appeared on his face, “But you are really not his match. In the past few years, he is the only person in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion to practice the Wind and Thunder Saber Technique to Great Perfection.”

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

A few figures showed up from an unknown place. Liu Qing’s figure arrived slowly. He looked coldly at Wang Rong and said, “Leave, and don’t come back to Qingyun Peak again.

When he heard Liu Qing’s words, Wang Rong felt like he was relieved of a great burden. He leaped away and quickly disappeared from everyone’s sights. He had clearly seen the look of disdain in Xiao Chen’s eyes earlier.

Wang Rong had seen such looks outside before, and he was incredibly familiar with them. The bandits had the same look, cold and unfeeling, decisive in killing.

Wang Rong believed that even with Liu Suifeng here, this person would not hold back. Xiao Chen might not dare to kill him in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, but he would be able to ensure that he stayed in bed for a few months.

I cannot let him stay alive, otherwise, it will cause me no end of trouble. When he leaves the mountain, I have to look for an opportunity to kill him, Wang Rong thought to himself as a trace of murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

Xiao Chen felt that it was slightly unfortunate when he saw Wang Rong leave. He was very clear on what kind of person Wang Rong was. He was originally planning to injure him to the point where he had to lie in bed for a few months.

However, since Liu Qing had said something, Xiao Chen was not in a good position to make a move. He could only be more careful in the future, keeping an eye out for Wang Rong’s revenge.

Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng descended to the first floor and handed over all the manuals they had chosen to Liu Qing. Liu Qing dealt with Liu Suifeng’s stuff first before taking a look at the manuals Xiao Chen handed over.

When he saw the first manual, he had an expression of mild shock. He said, “Lingyun Saber Technique… This is an deficient Earth Ranked Saber Technique. Furthermore, there is a very high requirement of comprehension ability. Little Brother, are you sure you want to choose this?”

Xiao Chen nodded, “Senior, there is no need to worry. I have seriously considered this already before I made my decision.”

Seeing Xiao Chen so resolute, Liu Qing did not try to persuade him anymore and simply asked for 400 contribution points. Then he took out the Lingyun Saber Technique’s manual as well as a jade strip.

“Drip a drop of blood onto this and then repeat after me. This hand-written copy will be yours after that.”

Xiao Chen did as he said, repeating after him, “I, Ye Chen, swear on my heart demon that I will not leak out the Lingyun Saber Technique I have learned. If I break this oath, I will be devoured by my heart demon, my meridians will break, and I will die.”

[TL notes: Heart demon: most people familiar to these kinds of novels would be familiar with this. It is usually something bothering a cultivator, preventing them from advancing further. It’s a mental trauma of some sort, one that can have physical effects on cultivators.]

Xiao Chen was astonished; What a vicious oath. So this is how the Heavenly Saber Pavilion prevents the leakage of their secret techniques. I wonder if it were to really leak would the results be as stated?

Regardless of whether is was effective, Xiao Chen would not try it casually. That jade stripe was quite strange. It was better to be safe than sorry. If the oath took effect, it would be too late for regrets.

After Xiao Chen swore to his heart demon, Liu Qing handed the Lingyun Saber Technique’s hand-copied manual to Xiao Chen. Then he took the second manual from Xiao Chen.

When Liu Qing saw the name of the manual, he could not help but smile, “Little friend, why did you choose this? It does not seem like a Martial Technique.”

Xiao Chen nodded, “Hmm, I know. I just wanted to check it out. The three great formations of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion are famous. Who knows, maybe I can comprehend something new from this, and gain some enlightenment.”

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