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Chapter 215: Ferocious Person—Wang Rong

Liu Suifeng continued, saying, “About this… you are both outstanding people. Being together would not delay your cultivation. Instead, you might even be able to help each other. There is no need to worry about this.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he smiled. He was thoroughly amused by Liu Suifeng. “Alright, no need to say anymore. Don’t think I do not know what your intentions are. You want me to distract your sister so you can go chase after Chu Xinyun peacefully.

“However!” Xiao Chen stopped smiling and put on a serious expression, “Your sister is right. In this world where the strong rule, you can’t be reckless. Someday, you will understand this.”

Liu Suifeng had lived under Liu Ruyue’s protection since he was young. He probably did not have many opportunities to leave the mountain. He did not understand what the world was like; he had not seen what Xiao Chen had seen.

Because of this, he would someday end up suffering a disadvantage. However, since Xiao Chen was about the same age as him, it was not appropriate for him to say it directly. He could only shake his head internally.

When Liu Suifeng saw that his plan had been seen through, he laughed awkwardly and said, “Fine, I won’t speak of this anymore. Let’s move quickly, we have already been significantly delayed.”

After that, the two of them stopped speaking and moved very quickly. Under Liu Suifeng’s lead, they soon arrived at Qingyun Peak’s library.

There were two rows of about ten Divine Saber Camp bladesmen standing in front of the library expressionlessly. Even though they had withdrawn their killing Qi, they still gave off a certain pressure when they stood together like that.

Xiao Chen did not expect to meet the Divine Saber Camp’s people here. However, when he thought about it, he could understand why. The library of any sect would be seen as a restricted zone and be heavily guarded.

Sending the Divine Saber Camp’s people to guard the library was within reason for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. In fact, chances are there were more hidden guards aside from the ones in front of them.

Xiao Chen did not dare to extend out his Spiritual Sense as he followed behind Liu Suifeng. Xiao Chen slowly walked through the doors of the library and handed his identity token over. The Divine Saber Camp bladesmen did not say anything and let him in directly.

Behind the door, there was a tall table. It was very similar to a bar counter. Behind the table was an old man dressed in black. Xiao Chen was unable to make out his cultivation level. He was sipping tea as he focused on reading.

The old man felt Xiao Chen’s gaze and gently put down the book in his hand. He smiled amiably at Xiao Chen and said, “Little brother, you finally came.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was somewhat surprised. He did not recognize this old man.

When Liu Suifeng saw the situation, he quickly explained to Xiao Chen, “This is my First Uncle, Liu Qing. He was injured twenty years ago. The Ice Crystal Flower you snatched back saved his life.”

Xiao Chen immediately understood the situation. He was of the same generation of the previous Peak Master and probably held a high position. He did not dare to be impolite, so he immediately went forward and declared, “Ye Chen greets senior.”

Liu Qing smiled faintly, “There is no need to stand on ceremony. At the end of the day, I’m the one that should bow to you. If it were not for you, I would have lost my life.”

Xiao Chen was unable to sense Liu Qing’s cultivation. Furthermore, he was a senior. How could Xiao Chen dare to receive a bow from him? He quickly said, “Senior has exaggerated. It was simply a slight effort on my part.”

“Suifeng, bring him to the second floor. I will charge him half price for any Martial Techniques he picks today,” Liu Qing nodded, he was very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s humble attitude.

Xiao Chen did not expect to be able to gain such a benefit. He quickly gave thanks and followed Liu Suifeng, quickly arriving at the second floor of Qingyun Peak’s library.

The library was split into two floors. The first floor contained Yellow Ranked and Profound Ranked Martial Techniques; there were no Earth Ranked Martial Techniques. The worst Martial Technique in the second floor was a Superior Grade Profound Ranked Martial Technique.

“Sha! Sha!”

Just as Xiao Chen arrived at the second floor, he could hear the sound of pages being flipped. It was quite obvious in the quiet second floor. Could there be other people here?

When Xiao Chen looked carefully, he found that there were indeed people from other peaks; they were all seriously picking Martial Techniques. Liu Suifeng explained, “It’s not too strange. These are the core disciples of the sect. The core disciples have the rights to pick Martial Techniques from other peaks.”

Xiao Chen nodded and ignored them. He asked around for the location of the Saber Techniques and immediately went over to pick out some.

There were only 15 Earth Ranked Martial Techniques in the Qingyun Peak’s library. Ignoring the Cultivation Techniques, Fist Techniques, and Movement Techniques, Xiao Chen found three Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Techniques and one Medial Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique; there was no Superior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Techniques.

Medial Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique—Withered Tree Saber Technique. There was a total of 18 moves. It was comprehended by an almighty senior in front of a withered tree which had existed for ten thousand years.

This Saber Technique was simple and concise, steady and imposing. There were no elegant or complicated moves. There was no high requirement on comprehension ability. However, it was easy to learn, but hard to master.

The essence of it would involve comprehending the longevity of a withering tree, the reason why it would stand for ten thousand years without dying. Only then could one practice it to Great Perfection.

Withered Tree Saber Technique… Just from hearing the name one could tell the style of this Saber Technique. It was tenacious and heavy, a very plain and simple Saber Technique.

It was quite good, but it was not suitable for Xiao Chen’s style. Furthermore, Xiao Chen’s Martial Spirit attribute was not wood. It would be difficult to reach Great Perfection.

There was only one Earth Ranked Saber Technique, but it was not suitable for him. Xiao Chen felt that it was unfortunate. He looked at the remaining three Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Techniques.

Mountain Splitting Saber Technique, Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique. There were a total of nine moves. It was grandiose, fierce, and tyrannical. When practiced to Great Perfection, it would be easy to split a mountain.

This was a very common Earth Ranked Saber Technique in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion; many people practiced this. When Xiao Chen was in the Spirit Mines, he had seen Ma Chen use it. It did indeed have an extraordinary might.

There was no requirement on the Martial Spirit’s attribute, so it was a viable option. Xiao Chen placed it back down slowly. If he had no other choices, he would choose it.

Xiao Chen continued reading the remaining two Saber Techniques: Wind and Thunder Saber Technique, and Lingyun Saber Technique.

The Wind and Thunder Saber Technique was originally a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique. However, there were very harsh requirements. It required one to have dual-attributes in order to cultivate it; such people were rare. Hence, it was quite neglected and was relegated to an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique.

The Lingyun Saber Technique had a total of 18 moves. It was comprehended by a senior of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion on the highest peak of the Lingyun Mountain Range. After cultivating for a hundred years, he suddenly comprehended it when he felt the majesty of the Lingyun Mountains.

Unfortunately, this Saber Technique was not a complete Saber Technique. It was not known why, but the senior destroyed the last three moves in this Saber Technique. This resulted in this Saber Technique, that could have been comparable to a peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique, to instead become an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique.

Because it was missing the last three moves, it was not a complete Saber Technique. Furthermore, there were very high requirements on comprehension ability. These factors all resulted in very few people practicing it, like the Wind and Thunder Saber Technique.

Out of the four Saber Techniques, the Withered Tree Saber Technique’s attribute did not match, and the Wind and Thunder Saber Technique had too high a requirement. Only the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique and the Lingyun Saber Technique remained.

The names of these two Saber Techniques were quite interesting, too. One was named ‘Mountain Splitting’ and the other was named after the mountain range. It was not known if the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique could really split the Lingyun Mountain Range after it reached Great Perfection.

The two Saber Techniques each had their own unique points. However, the Lingyun Saber Technique was one step higher overall. Because there were high requirements for comprehension ability and the fact it was missing the final three moves, it resulted in fewer people practicing it compared to the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen took the Lingyun Saber Technique. “I’ll choose this. Although the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique is complete, there are too many people practicing it in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It seems too ordinary.”

Choosing the Lingyun Saber Technique would be more suitable for Xiao Chen. Although it had high requirements for comprehension ability, Xiao Chen was not lacking in that. He was not afraid he would fail to learn the Lingyun Saber Technique.

Who knows, with his current comprehension ability, he might even comprehend the final three moves by himself; it was not completely impossible.

After Xiao Chen made up his mind, he started to look through the Lingyun Saber Technique, flipping through a few pages. After he read the introduction, he discovered the rest were blank pages.

The circulation method, the incantation, the names of the moves… there was nothing. Xiao Chen flipped through the other Saber Technique and discovered it was the same. There was only a rough introduction, the rest were blank.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen understood the reasons behind this. Most cultivators had very good memories. They would be able to completely remember everything within a book.

They would only require half a day to completely memorize a Martial Technique. There were also geniuses with photographic memories. Within a day, it would be possible for them to memorize all the Martial Techniques within the entire library.

If so, the system of using contribution points to exchange for Martial Techniques would be pointless. It was going to be more problematic than he thought to obtain the real manual.

Xiao Chen put aside the Lingyun Saber Technique carefully. He did not see Liu Suifeng around, so he was not in a rush to return. Hence, he started to wander around the second floor.

Xiao Chen started to walk around every bookshelf, occasionally taking a book out and flipping through it. He got to take a look at all sorts of Martial Techniques; just reading the introductions was often an eye-opener for him. In the future, if he was fighting an enemy using such Martial Techniques, he would have an idea on how to deal with them.

While Xiao Chen was strolling around, he saw a Martial Technique with a strange name in the corner of a bookshelf. It was the Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation (Simplified Version). There were even some notes behind it, discussing the theory; it was not perfect and was only for reference.

The Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation… wasn’t this one of the three great formations of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? It was even a simplified version. Xiao Chen quickly took a look, interested.

Unfortunately, it was the same as the other Martial Techniques. The Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation (Simplified Version) only had a brief introduction. The detailed methods of operation were not in there.

“Ye Chen, have you chosen your Martial Technique?” Liu Suifeng asked as he sauntered over.

Xiao Chen carefully put away the Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation (Simplified Version). He took a look at the manual in Liu Suifeng’s hand and he exclaimed in surprise, “You seem to be holding an Earth Ranked manual!”

Liu Suifeng nodded, “En! An Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique. This is going to deplete the contribution points I earned at the Jade Maiden Peak by watching the fields. It will be useful for the core disciple exam this time.”

After the two of them spoke, they headed down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, they saw a man in his twenties. He was wearing the grey cultivator robes of the Gangyu Peak. He had what would be considered a handsome face, but was giving off a certain malicious vibe.

When Liu Suifeng saw this person, his expression changed. He said in astonishment, “Wang Rong! When did you come back?”

When Wang Rong saw Liu Suifeng, he smiled gently and revealed an expression of contempt. “It has been a year, but you have not changed. No, you have even become weaker. Move!”

Wang Rong casually used his palm to push on Liu Suifeng’s shoulder. It did not seem like he used much strength, but Liu Suifeng was pushed back uncontrollably.

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