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Chapter 204: Peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast

The ground trembled non-stop, Xiao Chen used stepped back to dissipate the force of the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s strike step by step.

Naturally, the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape did not know of such a technique. The force of the Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique—Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains, all entered its body.

Even with the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s tough skin and hard muscles, it could not withstand this force. Blood poured out from the pores over its entire body. It made its long red fur very bloody.

It seems like I underestimated the might of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art and Great Dragon Tiger Fist when combined together. Who knows, maybe I can still defeat this Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape if I relied only on my physical body. Xiao Chen thought to himself.


There were two flashes, Xiao Chen and the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape moved at the same time. The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape seemed like it was in a berserk state. Its speed was raised to its peak and it turned into a red shadow.

Its four limbs all glowed with a red light. It moved around vigorously as it punched and kicked. Xiao Chen did not avoid them, there were cracking sound coming non-stop from his bones as the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated continuously. The Qi and blood in his body were heated to an extreme, as though he was a huge furnace.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

One man and best beast fought each other. This fight was even more intense than the earlier one. Every time they clashed, it would involve at least 10,000 kilograms of force.

Thunderous explosions roared out continuously as ripples spread out in the air. An increasing number of Spirit Beasts were attracted over and they all stoodi at the side while waiting.

This fight continued for nearly two hours without a clear victor. Xiao Chen’s forehead was covered with sweat. He felt great and his fighting spirit was ignited. He could not help but roar loudly, this was a true fight.

A prolonged fight was advantageous to Xiao Chen. His body had been tempered by the Seven Leaf Flower; he had already been reborn. Furthermore, he had consumed several herbs which strengthened his Qi and blood. In addition, he had the Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Body Strengthening Technique—Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art.

If felt like Xiao Chen could not run out of energy, there were no signs of him weakening. Instead, he seemed to be increasing the pace.

On the contrary, although the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was stronger than Xiao Chen, it was not able to take out Xiao Chen with one blow. After he had fought for two hours, the internal injuries caused by Xiao Chen had slowly accumulated to a dangerous level.

However, it was clear that its stamina could not keep up. Before the internal injuries could act up, when it met force with force, it was forced back by Xiao Chen.

It was instantly beaten into retreat. Xiao Chen landed multiple punches on its body.

“Time to Die!”

Xiao Chen kicked the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape flying and shouted loudly. Four acupoints of his right arm—Fengyan Acupoint, Laogong Acupoint, Daling Acupoint, and Neiguan Acupoint all emitted a ball of azure light each and completely enveloped his right arm.

There was a loud dragon roar as the azure light turned into a blurry Azure Dragon. It soared out from Xiao Chen’s right arm. Before the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape could get up, it saw the Azure Dragon rush and crash into it.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Four explosions rang out. The five meter tall Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was blasted to shreds. There was flesh everywhere and blood rained down from the sky.

A suction force came from Xiao Chen’s palm. The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s inner core flew into his hands.


The instant the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape died, the Spirit Beasts in the surroundings who were watching immediately rushed at Xiao Chen. There were at least a hundred Spirit Beasts that launched themselves at him.

“A group of wild beasts, trying to learn from humans, trying to reap the spoils after both sides are exhausted. How impudent!” Xiao Chen laughed coldly. The Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon—Roaming Dragon Saber was drawn immediately.


A sharp saber Qi flashed by and hacked a Rank 4 Spirit Beast into half mid-air.

These Spirit Beasts were mostly Rank 4. Some of them were early Rank 5. They numbered a hundred in total.

After all, the strong Spirit Beasts all had their own herb to guard. If they left, the herb they guarded might be stolen by other Spirit Beasts.

Furthermore, the truly strong Spirit Beasts would not be interested in this Blood Lingzhi.

Xiao Chen had been using the strength of his physical body and the Essence from the Qi whirlpool in his body. He did not exhaust much of his energy. Thus, although he had noticed these Spirit Beasts watching them long ago, he did not care about them.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and turned into a dragon that soared in the air. These Spirit Beasts were not even able to touch the corner of his clothes.

Occasionally, saber Qi would be fired out from the Roaming Dragon Saber. This allowed Xiao Chen to killed these Spirit Beasts from a distance. Lights flickered and saber Qi flew everywhere. Occasionally, there a Spirit Beast would be hacked into half.

This was the might of a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. When its sharp blade moved past, nothing dared to stand in its way. This gave Xiao Chen a taste of the saber Qi only a Martial Saint and above could launch.

Even the saber Qi of some new Inferior Grade Martial Saints were not at dense as Xiao Chen’s saber Qi. However, this exhausted a good deal of Xiao Chen’s Essence. He only felt better after he consumed a Qi Returning Pill.

“Dang! Dang!”

A Spirit Beast covered in smooth black skin as hard as steel actually blocked a few saber Qi. It roared as it rushed at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations. He quickly manifested nine figures of himself in mid-air. The saber light was reserved as it launched nine Clear Wind Chops.

As the Clear Wind Chops were sent out, Xiao Chen’s hair and clothes fluttered in the wind, he looked very graceful.

When the nine Xiao Chens merged back together, the Spirit Beast with the steel-like skin was split into nine pieces and blossomed like petals of a flower. The next moment, it burst out into a large fountain of blood.

Xiao Chen sent out another saber Qi and easily dealt with a Rank 4 Spirit Beast that pounced over, hacking it into two halves. The Essence covered Xiao Chen’s body and prevented any of the blood that fell from staining his clothes.

Spirit Beasts were afraid of death too. After Xiao Chen killed the majority of them like vegetables on a chopping board, the  Spirit Beasts that remained all fled.

Xiao Chen’s lips curled up, expressing a cold smile. He did not pay any attention to the Rank 4 Spirit Beasts that fled. He cast his gaze on the Flowing Light Marigold in the center of the herb field.

He could feel a sharp gaze filled with murderous intent fixed on him. It belonged to the peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast that guarded the Flowing Light Marigold.

Xiao Chen fired his Spiritual Sense over like a arrow and instantly received a panoramic view of the peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast.

It was a horrifying venomous snake. Its body was as thick as a small car. When it coiled itself up, it was like a small mountain. The snake’s eyes glittered with a cold light. When its jaws opened, a red forked tongue shot out continuously and tasted the air.

Behind it was a small tree with flowing light which was half a meter tall. The leaves of the tree glittered with a golden light. When the wind blew, the flowing light overflowed. It was truly a sight to behold.

This should be the Flowing Light Marigold. Every 500 years, it would blossom the Flowing Light Marigold. After another 500 years, it would produce the Flowing Light Marigold Fruit. It was almost an immortal grade natural treasure.

Xiao Chen recognized this venomous snake, it was the Rank 6 Spirit Beast—Scarlet Crown Snake. Based on its huge body, it was likely to have lived for several hundreds of years.

The murderous intent in its gaze slowly faded away. Xiao Chen exhaled in relief. Seems like the Scarlet Crown Snake would not leave the Flowing Light Marigold easily.

The Scarlet Crown Snake’s gaze was probably meant to be used as a warning. It had seen Xiao Chen enter the herb field numerous times and kill Spirit Beasts to obtain herbs. It was a warning for Xiao Chen to not have any designs on the Flowing Light Marigold.

Xiao Chen could understand why this Scarlet Crown Snake was so nervous.

Spirit Beasts have an advantage over humans in terms of their bodies. However, they fell short in intelligence. No matter how crafty the Spirit Beast was, they would not be able to surpass humans.

Thus, the importance of the Flowing Light Marigold was clear. If it could have the intelligence of a human, this Scarlet Crown Snake might be able to turn into a spirit.

Comprehension ability was something very attractive to Xiao Chen as well. However, he did not want to risk his life for it. Xiao Chen did not care too much for this Flowing Light Marigold.

After he retrieved his gaze, Xiao Chen extracted the inner cores from the Spirit Beasts on the ground. Next, he unhurriedly picked the almost three-hundred-year-old Blood Lingzhi.

After he completed all of this, Xiao Chen immediately rode on his silver warship and left the herb field to head for the towering tree.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to refine the Blood Lingzhi. After he landed, he immediately circulated his Essence to treat his injuries. After he fought head on against the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape, he had accumulated significant internal injuries. If he did not deal with them quickly, it might leave behind problems and haunt him for the rest of his life.

“Pu Ci!”

After one hour, Xiao Chen spat out a large mouthful of blood. The hidden injuries left in his body had healed completely.

Xiao Chen spent the day in silence, he did not do anything but rest and heal up. Fights using the physical body was like this, you deal a 1,000 damage to the enemy and 800 to yourself.

In the clash of 5,000 kilograms, at least ten percent of it would be transmitted to his body. This was the pain of body tempering cultivators. Xiao Chen was not aware of this in the past. However, he saw that the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art said that unless one trained their physical body to the level of a Sage, this weakness was unavoidable.

Since he was now aware of it, he could not be careless. He would not allow any remnant injuries to be left behind.

Xiao Chen finally started to refine the Blood Lingzhi on the second day. Xiao Chen took the entire day to completely refine the nearly three-hundred-years-old Blood Lingzhi.

Xiao Chen felt slightly disappointed, this Blood Lingzhi which he had placed high hopes on only increased his strength by 200 kilograms. It seems like the further he went on this path, the more difficult it would be if he wanted to rely on external help; it would be an exponential increase.

With this increase of 200 kilograms of force, Xiao Chen’s full-powered strike could achieve 4,250 kilograms of force. After he circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art, his strength could be increased by a further 20 percent.

In the following half a month, Xiao Chen kept looking for herbs that were more than a hundred years old to temper his body with. His strength increased slowly bit by bit.

Xiao Chen had also firmly stabilized the third layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. He now slowly worked on the fourth layer—Dragon Roar Covering the World, Piercing through the Sky.

After he tempered himself with three-hundred-year-old herbs, Xiao Chen’s full-powered strike could finally achieve 5,000 kilograms of force. He managed to open two more acupoints on his right arm.

There was a total of 18 acupoints on the right arm; Xiao Chen managed to open a third of them. The blurry Azure Dragon he fired out slowly became clearer. One could now clearly see the a trace of vitality on its scales.

On this particular day, Xiao Chen was taking a stroll in the herb field, looking for three-hundred-year-old herbs to strengthen his blood and Qi. he had already came here many times before and the herbs that specially worked for strengthening the blood and Qi were almost all collected by him.

It was getting harder to find such herbs. Spiritual Sense was useless in this place. There were too many herbs, it was not practical to use it. As such, he could only use his eyes to search.


Just at this moment, the surrounding Spiritual Energy all fluctuated. They all surged towards the center of the herb field. The Spiritual Energy instantly became as dense as water.

Xiao Chen turned his head around to take a look. The Flowing Light Marigold tree lit up with a boundless golden glow; it was very dazzling. The Spiritual Energy turned into a rainbow and covered the entire space.

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