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Chapter 203: Blood Lingzhi

Xiao Chen had already accomplished something to the equivalent of the first and second layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art, ‘Strong and Healthy Body, Great Increase in Qi and blood’ and ‘Birth of Divine Strength, Cutting Mountains and Splitting Stone’

So, when he cultivated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art he did not run into any barriers. He was able to immediately cultivate it to the second layer. Then, he started to cultivate it to the third layer—Tiger Roar Shaking Forest, Dominating Hundred Beasts.

Cultivation Techniques were different from Martial Techniques. They do not require high comprehension abilities; one only needed to follow the method. Having a good quality body was what people referred to having good aptitude. Those with good aptitude would be able to cultivate very quickly one with poor aptitude would be slower.

After seven days, Xiao Chen finally cultivated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art to the third layer. The main reason Xiao Chen’s cultivation was so fast was that he had previously laid good foundations for his physical body. If a regular person cultivated this, no matter how good their aptitude was, it would take them at least a month.

After the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art was cultivated to the third layer, Xiao Chen only needed to circulate the Cultivation Technique and his bones would give off a ‘pi li pa la’ sound. The muscles of his four limbs had a reserved appearance, but they were filled with explosive power.

When Xiao Chen punched out, aside from wind coming from his fist, there was a tiger’s roar. The roar was loud and long; it was very energetic. It was like there was really a tiger roaring and shaking the forest with it, hundreds of beasts dominated with none daring to challenge it.

When the third layer was achieved, there was an objective benefit. Xiao Chen’s strength had increased by another 500 kilograms. His full-powered strike could achieve 4,000 kilograms of force.

The fourth acupoint on his arm, the Neiguan Acupoint, also instantly opened.

After this, Xiao Chen spent one day to solidify the foundations of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. Only then did he start practicing the Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique—Great Dragon Tiger Fist.

Martial Techniques were different from Cultivation Techniques; they relied on one’s comprehension abilities. One had to think about it in order to comprehend the essence of the Martial Technique and bring out its complete might.

The first move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist was Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains. Xiao Chen had never see a true fierce tiger before. He was unable to understand the movements and aura of a fierce tiger. As a result, as he practiced it, he felt it was not progressing smoothly.

Xiao Chen thought for a while, and he remembered that after coming to this underground world, in the first forest he came across, he had seen the Rank 5 Spirit Beast—Raging Flame Tiger in the depths of that forest.

Xiao Chen used the Gravity Spell and started to look everywhere. When he was in the air, he heard a resounding roar.

After he rushed over, Xiao Chen was pleased to discover that it was a Raging Flame Tiger hunting for food.

A day went by, but Xiao Chen did nothing. He only stayed in the distance and observed every move of the Raging Flame Tiger.

Two days went by.

Three days went by…

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen had lingered in this forest for seven days. Like the first day, Xiao Chen did nothing. He only observed the lifestyle of the Raging Flame Tiger, every move it made.

He seem to have gone mad as if he turned into a Raging Flame Tiger. Great Dragon Tiger Fist? Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains? He had long since forgotten about all of these.

On this particular afternoon, Xiao Chen, who went mad for a week, suddenly roared loudly. He leaped down from the top of a tree, as though he was a huge tiger, pouncing. All the creatures were startled; groups of birds flew from the trees.

Xiao Chen punched out in midair. Before his fist could reach the ground, an intense wind from his fist blew away all the loose leaves on the ground. The air was filled with leaves being blown around. Eventually, he landed.

In the next instant…

There was a loud sound, a large pit 20 meters in diameter appeared on the ground. Countless piece of dirt flew into the air, covering the sky. Then they fell like hail.

“Hu!” Just at this moment there was a huge gust of wind. The pieces of dirt and stone in the air turned to dust when blown. It turned out that Xiao Chen’s punch had reached a point where he understood the fine details of the technique. These pieces of dirt and stone were all destroyed from the inside.

Going mad for a week and instantly comprehending it, this was the first move of the Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique—Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains. In the end, Xiao Chen

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and stood straight. He used his Essence and gently jolted off the dust that landed on him. He revealed a smile filled with joy. The might of an Inferior Grade Martial Technique was indeed extraordinary.

Now that he learned this move, he would have another trump card for when he was in close combat, aside from the Inclined Body Strike. This way, he could exhibit the advantages of his physical body.

Underground world, natural herb field:

Xiao Chen hid in a thick bush, withdrawing all his aura. He stared at a Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape 500 meters in front of him.

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was a peak Rank 5 Spirit Beast. It was equivalent to a peak Martial Saint. It was a primate type Spirit Beasts. Its intelligence was much higher compared to most other Spirit Beasts.

It had a horrifying strength, was quick-witted, and intelligent. The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was difficult to deal with.

There was a stalk of nearly three-hundred-year-old Blood Lingzhi. It was a herb that nourished the body greatly. A three-hundred-year-old Blood Lingzhi would be sufficient for Xiao Chen to train with for a period of time. It would be able to strengthen him by another 250 kilograms. Xiao Chen was very tempted by it.

The second move of the Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was a type of defensive Martial Technique. Like before, he would not able to comprehend it in a short amount of time. So, Xiao Chen temporarily gave it up. He went back to his original plan of searching for herbs that could strengthen his blood and Qi.

The three-hundred-year-old Blood Lingzhi was his first target.

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was about five meters tall when it stood straight. It patrolled around the surroundings of the Blood Lingzhi cautiously. Its bloodshot eyes stared at its surroundings with murderous intent.

Under the influence of the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s strong aura, a few Rank 5 Spirit Beast eyeing the Blood Lingzhi fled far away.

Xiao Chen had already remained here for two days. He personally saw a peak Rank 4 Spirit Beast—Silver Winged Wolf be torn in half by the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s bare hands. The scene of blood splattering everywhere was extremely cruel.

Xiao Chen observed every fight the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape had been in for two days. This allow Xiao Chen to gain a good understanding of its strength.

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape mainly relied on its keen senses, its speed, its arms which contained close to 5,000 kilograms of force, as well as its red fur, which was as hard as steel; regular blades would not be able to slice it apart.

Xiao Chen calculated carefully. If he relied on the strength of his physical body, he only had a fifty percent chance of success. However, when he included his various Martial Techniques, Movement Techniques, and the Purple Thunder True Fire, his chances were increased to seventy percent.

Xiao Chen scooped up a small amount of dirt from the bottom of the bush. With a thought from Xiao Chen, he executed the Life Bestowal Spell. The loose dirt emitted a light; after a while, it turned into a small bird, which flew out.

With Xiao Chen’s current cultivation, he could use anything to execute the Life Bestowal Spell to make some small animals. However, something that could be used in fight would still required objects that contained Spiritual Energy as their base.

The small bird circled in the sky before he flew towards the Blood Lingzhi behind the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape. After it flew past the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape, it dove down at the Blood Lingzhi, rushing towards it.

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape had a very similar face to humans. The corners of its lips curled up and revealed a horrifying smile. He leaped up gently and turned into a scarlet flash, heading for the small bird.


When the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape swung its arm in the air with great force, one could see a faint ripple appearing in the air. However, the small bird seemed to have anticipated it and had flown higher, dodging its palm.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. After two days of observation, he was very familiar with how high the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape could jump; whether be it a gentle leap, a leap with some effort, or a full-powered leap.

The small bird dodged continuously. The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape felt provoked and was completely furious. It chased the small bird as the it flew towards the bush where Xiao Chen was hiding.

“Pa! Pa!”

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape leaped with all its might; its body flew about fifty meters in the air. Its speed reached its peak, only a red flash could be seen. The small bird could not dodge in time and was smashed into mush.

“Pu Ci!”

Just as the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was feeling satisfied and was about to land, Xiao Chen leaped out from the bush. He roared loudly, as though he were possessed by a tiger. He pounced towards the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape.

Xiao Chen timed this fist very well. It was right after the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape made a full-powered leap and was in the midst of landing.

It could not move in the air. There was no way for it to dodge Xiao Chen’s sudden attack.


The huge body of the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was knocked back by this punch. It reacted very quickly by somersaulting in midair. It landed on its four limbs and skidded several meters before it managed to stabilize its body.

“Zi Zi!”

There were deep gorges left in the ground when the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Apes’ four limbs tried to grab the ground, causing dust to fly everywhere.

Xiao Chen did not stop to think; he did not care whether the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape was injured or not, or how injured it was. In the instant after he punched, he chased after the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape, quickly rushing over.


The instant the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape landed on the ground, a human figure pierced through the cloud of dust. With a ‘hu xiao’ sound, the dust was blown away. The images of fists appeared, punching toward the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape, which already stood up, moved its arms very quickly; it was so fast, it could not be seen. It blocked Xiao Chen’s punches. One man and one beast… they were fighting in the most primitive way in an open area.

There were no fancy Martial Techniques, only the images of fists flying, creating shockwaves. The two figures flickered around; they were so fast only shadows could be seen.


The Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape roared angrily. Its red right hand emitted a scarlet light. Its speed and strength doubled instantly.

“Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains!”

Xiao Chen roared loudly as he circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. There were cracking sounds coming from his bones. His strength instantly increased by 20 percent, reaching 5,000 kilograms. The Qi and blood in his entire body were surging, burning hot.

Xiao Chen turned into a ferocious tiger and welcome the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape’s huge red hand without fear.

In the next instant, the two fists met and gave off a loud sound. That was a total of almost 10,000 kilograms of force. There was an explosion in the air; it sounded like a clap of thunder. The entire natural herb field trembled.

If someone saw this, they would laugh at Xiao Chen for competing his strength against a Spirit Beast. Everyone knew the quality of a beast’s body was better than humans, be it recovery or strength.

They were of different races; naturally they had different advantages. Going against these Spirit beasts that relied on strength, most cultivators would use techniques to obtain victory. No one would be silly enough to compete in strength.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Several Spirit Beasts rushed over from a distance. They waited somewhere nearby, watching Xiao Chen and the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Ape fight.

These Spirit Beasts were not foolish either. They were waiting until the both of them were injured so they could take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the three-hundred-year-old Blood Lingzhi.

After receiving an attack, blood leaked from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth. He retreated backward by ten steps. Every step would leave a deep footprint.

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