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Chapter 200: Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years

Under the electric light, all of Xiao Chen’s hair stood up. Although he was not struck by the lightning, the air seemed to be filled with electricity. His skin had already generated a significant amount of static electricity.

Oh no! Xiao Chen exclaimed in his heart. To think that the intelligence of the Lightning Ox was so high. Although it looked like it fired the lightning bolts randomly without any pattern, it was actually done in a certain rhythm. This caused the lightning to gradually gather together.


Nine bolts of lightning as thick as an arm gathered together in the sky. It looked like nine pillars rising up and supporting the sky. The lightning rushed at Xiao Chen.

“Heavenly Lightning Shield!”

The speed of the lightning was very fast, furthermore, it gathered together from every direction. Even the most exquisite Movement Technique would not be able to escape them. Xiao Chen had no other choice but to defend.

“Chi Chi Chi Chi…”

The nine huge pillars of lightning gave off a ‘zi zi’ sound when they met the Heavenly Lightning Shield. The shield had the ability to absorb lightning but the strength of this lightning was too great.

It only held together for a while before it shattered. The remaining lightning all struck Xiao Chen’s body. Xiao Chen’s body gave off a ‘pi li pa la’ sound and all the clothes he wore tore apart.

This revealed his explosive muscles. Electricity kept jumping around on his skin.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Lightning Shield had absorbed half of the lightning; its might had been significantly reduced. Xiao Chen did not suffer any life threatening harm.

Xiao Chen endured the pain he felt as he leaped into the air and arrived at the side of the Lightning Ox. After using its ultimate move, this was the moment where it was at its weakest. If Xiao Chen allowed it to recover before he dealt with it, he would end up wasting a lot of time.

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

Xiao Chen’s arms moved around and turned this Martial Technique meant for swords into one that was used by fists. His body flickered around as the wind from his fists howled. In the blink of an eye, he punched out at the Lightning Ox at least a thousand times.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Every punch carried at least 2,000 kilograms of force. When they struck the Lightning Ox’s purple body, it continuously cried out in pain. However, there was nothing it could do about Xiao Chen who moved about at a high speed.


When the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years ended, Xiao Chen landed beside the Lightning Ox. The Fengyan Acupoint in his right palm opened up and the Azure Dragon in there turned into a ball of azure light before it enveloped Xiao Chen’s right hand.

Xiao Chen could immediately feel the strength he had in his hand yesterday.

Crunching sounds came from the body of the Lightning Ox and all its internal organs were shattered. Its huge body was punched back by several tens of meters.

Black blood clots came out from its mouth, this Lightning Ox was dead as a doorknob.

Xiao Chen sat down cross-legged and slowly dissipated the lightning left in his body. The whirlpool in his dantian spun rapidly and the surging Essence instantly squeezed out or absorbed the lightning left in his meridians.

After a while, Xiao Chen got up and changed into a fresh set of clothes. Then he headed for the Rank 6 herb—Phoenix Blood Vine. He carefully picked it before he placed it in his Universe Ring.

After that, he cast a glance at the dead Lightning Ox before he slowly walked over. He took out a small knife and started to dissect it. The body of a Rank 5 Spirit Beast was full of treasures,  Xiao Chen did not wish to waste them.

Especially the silver horn on the Lightning Ox. It should be several decades old and had received the tempering of lightning. It could be used to forge a lightning attributed bone weapon. Its value was no lower than the Phoenix Blood Vine.

Xiao Chen took out a jade bottle and collected the blood. He retrieved its inner core and sliced off the delectable parts of the Lightning Ox. He only left with a satisfied feeling after doing all of these.

Xiao Chen originally wished to stay here a little longer and collect all the herbs in the surrounding area. However, the earlier fight had attracted the attention of other Spirit Beasts.

It was still relatively easy to deal with a single Rank 5 Spirit Beast. If there were many of them, it would be very dangerous. Furthermore, from the aura he felt, Xiao Chen even sensed the presence of a peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast.

It was one of the Spirit Beasts standing guard in the central area of the herb field. Xiao Chen had checked it out earlier, that was the place with the densest Spiritual Energy. There was also a Flowing Light Marigold growing over there.

The Flowing Light Marigold was an extremely precious Rank 7 herb. One Flowing Light Leaf had the healing effects of a Rank 6 Medicinal Pill. Furthermore, there were several rare Medicinal Pills in the Compendium of Cultivation that required this leaf as an ingredient.

However, the most precious part was still the flower. The Flowing Light Flower bloomed once every 800 years. Just one of its petals could allow for one to increase their Spiritual Intelligence significantly.

Spiritual Intelligence was what cultivators referred to as comprehension ability. After consuming the Flowing Light Flower, it would allow the cultivator to increase their comprehension ability. As a result, they would comprehend Movement Techniques, Martial Techniques, and the likes faster than other people. It could allow a person with ordinary talent to transform into one that overflowed with talent.

For example, Xiao Chen had not comprehended the highest stage of the Clear Wind Chop. If he ate this Flowing Light Flower,  it might be possible for him to comprehend it immediately.

Of course, all of this was just wishful thinking. In the vicinity of the Flowing Light Flower, aside from the peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast that stood guard there, there were also several Rank 6 Spirit Beasts in the surroundings that eyed the Flowing Light Marigold covetously. Before Xiao Chen could even get near, he would be dead without even a corpse left behind.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Xiao Chen rode on the silver warship and fled the area before these Spirit Beasts rushed over. He stopped at at a huge tree not far away from the herb field.

This huge tree was several tens of meters tall and extended into the clouds. Its leaves were lush and luxuriant. Xiao Chen seemed very small when he stood underneath it. There were many treasures in the herb field and he did not have any intentions of leaving just yet.

He intended to make this place his base. He would go to the herb field every now and then before he came back to cultivate.

Xiao Chen revealed a smile as he took out the Phoenix Blood Vine. This Phoenix Blood Vine should at least be a hundred years in age. If he took it to the market in the Heaven Viewing Platform, he would be able to obtain at least 60 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen took out a sharp knife from the Universe Ring and peeled the bark of the Phoenix Blood Vine away. Afterwards, he cut out a small piece and placed it in his mouth. He chewed several times before he swallowed.

The Phoenix Blood Vine instantly turned into a hot energy that flowed into Xiao Chen’s body. All the Qi and blood in his body surged. Xiao Chen felt as though every cell in his body was being heated up and filled with energy.

Consuming a natural treasure directly was very dangerous. The last time he swallowed the Seven Leaf Flower and the Seven Leaf Fruit, it happened under special circumstances. It was a situation where there were a thousand things to do and he was urgently in need of energy, which made him fearless back then.

This time, it was different. Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood were flourishing. If he directly ingested the Phoenix Blood Vine, the flourishing Qi and blood would immediately burn up. It might even be possible for him to spontaneously combust.

Xiao Chen ate the Phoenix Blood Vine piece by piece. When he ate about a third of the Phoenix Blood Vine, he felt as though his body was going to explode. As such, he quickly stopped.

Xiao Chen sat down cross-legged and started to circulate the enormous amount of medicinal energy and completely refined it.

Essence slowly flowed along Xiao Chen’s meridians and acted as a catalyst for the Phoenix Blood Vine’s medicinal energy.

After half an hour, Xiao Chen finally managed to completely refine the medicinal energy. He felt that his entire body was hot and his blood was surging; he felt like he was burning up like a flame and filled with energy.

He looked up and searched the distance. Xiao Chen found a huge rock about one-meter high; he could wrap his arms around it. He walked forward and casually punched out.

“Chi!” The hard rock seemed like mud to Xiao Chen. He easily punched a hole in it and pulled his arm back with a ‘shua’ sound.

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile. “Before consuming the Phoenix Blood Vine, a casual attack from me would have about 1,500 kilograms of force. After circulating some Essence, I can achieve 2,000 kilograms. A full powered strike would achieve 2,500 kilograms.

“Currently, I have only consumed a portion of the Phoenix Blood Vine. A casual strike from me has already achieved 1,750 kilograms of force. If I consume the entire Phoenix Blood Vine, I should be able to achieve the force of my previously full powered blow.”

Xiao Chen felt very excited so he punched out with all his strength and struck the huge rock with 2,750 kilograms of force. The huge rock immediately shattered into countless small pieces and was shot out in all directions.

Xiao Chen was stimulated by the Corpse Monarch from that day. The body he had always been proud of was not even worth mentioning in front of that Corpse Monarch.

To Xiao Chen, this was a form of humiliation. It caused him to have a desire for a stronger physical strength.

Now that there was such a good opportunity, Xiao Chen definitely had to cherish it. He had to continually temper his body.

Most cultivators would not cultivate the body stubbornly like Xiao Chen did. To them, cultivation realm was the most important thing.

With a higher cultivation realm, one’s Essence would naturally be stronger. Circulating strong Essence could achieve the same effect as a physical body with several thousand kilograms of strength.

However, Xiao Chen did not think of it in this way, he had a hazy impression that the cultivation of a cultivator was inseparable from the physical body. Only if the physical body was pushed to the peak at the same time could he walk further along the path of cultivation.

People like Ji Changkong, Mu Chengxue, Chu Chaoyun, Hua Yunfei, and Duanmu Qing had innate Martial Spirits; they were geniuses with incredible talents.

Their current progression was very fast. The fastest amongst them was probably a Medial Grade Martial Saint already. However, it would be hard for them to reach Martial King or Martial Monarch. If they were lucky, they might even reach Martial Sage. However, without a strong body, they would never reach Martial Emperor.

In the following two days, Xiao Chen practiced the Clear Wind Chop when the sun was up. He attempted to comprehend the third stage of the Clear Wind Chop, where one would see the cool breeze but not the saber. He practiced unceasingly and he had already touched the threshold of the final stage of the Clear Wind Chop.

All he needed was some time and he would be able to make a breakthrough into the Great Perfection stage.

When it was late at night, Xiao Chen would continue to consume the Phoenix Blood Vine. After he refined it, his Qi and blood would be strengthened, increasing his overall strength.

On this particular day, Xiao Chen placed the final piece of the Phoenix Blood Vine into his mouth and chewed it. When he felt the surge of hot energy, he immediately sat down and refined it.

Xiao Chen slowly circulated his Essence. When the last bit of the Phoenix Blood Vine’s medicinal energy was completely refined, the vine that had merged with his body over the past three days suddenly surged up.

All of Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged continuously. A white smoke was emitted from the top of Xiao Chen’s head.

“Boom!” After a while, Xiao Chen felt as though the Qi and blood in his body were exploding.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Cracking sounds came from the bones in his body. The 361 acupoints that covered his body all opened up. Streams of azure light were emitted from his acupoints.

If another person was present and saw Xiao Chen from a distance, they would discover the image of an Azure Dragon that coiled around Xiao Chen and enveloped him completely.

However, Xiao Chen was not shocked at this sudden turn of events. Instead, he felt familiar with it, as though he had experienced such an event ten thousand years ago.

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