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Chapter 199: Mysterious Fluid

Why is this happening? Xiao Chen thought in astonishment. Suddenly, he remembered something Ye Wen had mentioned in the past. There was a danger of exploding if one cultivated in the underground tunnels.

Xiao Chen’s complexion paled. He wanted to stop but he felt reluctant to do so. When he cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation in the Seven Horn Mountain, a similar situation had happened. After that, he had successfully condensed his Martial Spirit.

If he gave up now, it would be too unfortunate. If he missed this chance, he might never see the hope of re-condensing his Martial Spirit again.

I’ll risk it all! The path of Martial Cultivation is filled with dangers anyway. Fighting against heaven; fighting against men; fighting against one’s self. One must be ruthless, regardless of who it is!

If I am unable to make it through this, then how am I going to go against men or even talk about going against heaven?

Xiao Chen made up his mind. Not only did he not stop, he even increased the speed of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s circulation.

Thunder crackled above; a whirlpool appeared above his head and spun continuously. The whirlpool sucked in the Spiritual Energy rapidly before it sent the energy into Xiao Chen’s body.

A bolt of lightning flashed through the air, winds howled and thunder crackled; a mysterious phenomenon was occurring. Xiao Chen’s body was restless, Spiritual Energy filled up and bloated all of his meridians.

His meridians were now much wider and stronger compared to the previous time. The amount of Spiritual Energy it could contain was several times greater. The moment there was any instability, Xiao Chen would explode and not even leave a skeleton behind.


Just at Xiao Chen felt like he could no longer hold on, the 361 acupoints all over his body suddenly opened up. In each of these acupoints, there was actually a tiny Azure Dragon.

The 361 Azure Dragons opened their jaws and instantly sucked dry all the Spiritual Energy in Xiao Chen’s body and saved his life. The whirlpool above his head had not stopped yet and fresh Spiritual Energy poured in immediately.

When Xiao Chen was no longer able to hold on again, the 361 Azure Dragons in his acupoints opened their jaws again and emptied Xiao Chen’s body of Spiritual Energy.

If seen from a distance, Xiao Chen’s 361 acupoints gave off an azure glow. His entire body looked like it was a huge Azure Dragon formed from numerous small Azure Dragons.

Mist came out from the dragon’s mouth as it surged forward and roared loudly. It controlled numerous phenomenon as it accepted the baptism of thunder.

So my Martial Spirit did not disappear, it was only separated into 361 tiny Azure Dragons and hid in my acupoints. As Xiao Chen thought this, he was pleasantly surprised.

Every time the Azure Dragons sucked dry the Spiritual Energy, Xiao Chen felt like his entire body was washed in Spiritual Energy; it was extremely comfortable.

This happened for a total of 361 times. The mysterious phenomenon in the sky disappeared and the whirlpool above his head entered his body with a ‘sou’ sound. The Spiritual Energy around him finally stopped pouring in.

The whirlpool turned into a miniature whirlpool of Qi. As it slowly spun, drops of Qi slowly dripped down.

At first, the rate of dripping was very fast. Every round the Qi whirlpool spun, there would be one drop of Qi. Towards the end, the rate slowed down and even after ten-odd revolutions, there still would not be a drop of Qi.

When Xiao Chen counted, there were exactly 361 drops of this mysterious fluid. He did not know if this was a coincidence or not.

When Xiao Chen looked carefully, he got very excited. He discovered that this fluid was an extremely pure Essence.

“I clearly did not condense a Martial Spirit, only a whirlpool of Qi. To think it can actually convert Spiritual Energy into Essence. How strange!” Xiao Chen had doubts as he said this.

Looks like my Martial Spirit really was not destroyed, it simply continued to exist in another way. This is good as well. Condensing Essence from the Qi whirlpool is much faster than the previous method.

Xiao Chen slowly controlled his Essence to circulate around his body. He discovered that his cultivation had not fallen at all. Be it in terms of purity or volume, it was that of a Medial Grade Martial Grand Master.

After Xiao Chen circulated his Essence through a great cycle, he opened his eyes. A purple light shot out and broke through the dark night. This became two dots of purple lights in his eyes before it disappeared.

Xiao Chen got up and looked into the distance. He clenched his right hand into a fist and his body filled up with energy. The feeling of grasping his strength once again caused Xiao Chen to feel incredibly good.

He could not help but roar out. It was like a dragon’s roar. Long and continuous, it reverberated continuously in the surroundings.


Xiao Chen punched the air in the direction of a huge rock 50 meters away. Suddenly, the Fengyan Acupoint in his palm opened and the Azure Dragon in there disappeared and turned into a strand of azure light. It extended throughout his arm and his entire right arm was instantly filled with a huge force.

A strong force was thrown out in the direction that Xiao Chen punched; it struck the two meter rock with a loud boom. After the huge rock was struck, it immediately shattered into pieces and flew everywhere.

The Azure Dragon in the acupoint could actually turn into an azure light and struck out along with the wind from his punch. This was a joyous surprise. Furthermore, its might was very strong.

This is only the Azure Dragon from one of the acupoints yet it is already so mighty. If I can open up all 361 acupoints, how strong will it be?

Xiao Chen was filled with hopeful thoughts. He tried to punch out several times but discovered that his acupoints remained closed. No matter what he tried, it would not open.

It must have used up all the energy and temporarily could not be executed. Xiao Chen was not worried either; there was still time in the future and there was no need to be in such a rush.

Following this, Xiao Chen took out the Lunar Shadow Saber from the Universe Ring. He executed all the Martial Techniques he knew once.

There was nothing stopping him from executing all the Martial Technique he knew. Furthermore, there were even some improvements; they were significantly stronger than before.

Xiao Chen completely relaxed after this. It seems like he had completely recovered all of his strength.

Not only did the fist of Song Que, a peak Martial King, not manage to destroy his Martial Spirit, it even resulted in an increase in his strength.

Or perhaps, this was the true face of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. It would be resurrected after being destroyed and establish a completely new system. It completely aroused the potential of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit that Xiao Chen did not know how to utilize.

A silver warship flew speedily several hundred meters in the sky. Xiao Chen stood at the helm as the wind blew by his ears. His Spiritual Sense spread throughout the surroundings and checked the area carefully.

After he recovered his Essence, he was able to use his Spiritual Sense and Secret Treasures. After the break of day, Xiao Chen rode on the silver warship and headed for that natural herb field.

“There is a Rank 5 Spirit Beast—Lightning Ox, in the northeast direction. It is guarding a Rank 6 herb—Phoenix Blood Vine. The Phoenix Blood Vine is a natural herb that can be used directly to increase the Qi and blood of a cultivator.

“There was a python he did not know the name of in the northwest direction but it should be a peak Rank 5 Spirit Beast. It was guarding a Golden Lotus Flower. According to the Compendium of Cultivation, the Golden Lotus Flower was the main ingredient of the Mysterious Returning Pill. It was worth a hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

“There is a One-Eyed Wolf in the south. It is a peak Rank 5 Spirit Beast. It was guarding a Rank 6 herb—Needle-Leaved Grass. It is worth 50 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

Now that Xiao Chen could use his Spiritual Sense, he quickly investigated the situation in the herb field from high in the sky. This underground world was saturated with Spiritual Energy; there were all sorts of natural treasures.

With such a great cultivation ground, he temporarily had no plans to leave. He was preparing to do some training. What he needed now was herbs that could strengthen his body.


Xiao Chen withdrew the silver warship back into his right eye and slowly landed on the northeast side of the herb field. There was a scarlet Phoenix Blood Vine there and it could be used to directly improve a cultivator’s Qi and blood. It could straightforwardly raise the strength of his body.

Although it was not comparable to the Seven Leaf Flower which could include a rebirth-like effect, it was still an item that he could not have too much off. After he ate it, he should be able to increase his strength by 250 kilograms.

Xiao Chen landed firmly on the ground and walked towards that Lightning Ox. The Lightning Ox was covered in purple skin and was at least triple the size of the oxen from Earth.

There was a silver horn on its head that could instantly release a horrifying lightning. It could paralyze a cultivator and it could even zap a weaker cultivator until they were charred.


When the Lightning Ox saw Xiao Chen approaching, it kept mooing angrily non-stop at Xiao Chen. A Rank 5 Spirit Beast had already developed a certain level of intelligence. It was able to tell how dangerous Xiao Chen was and it felt like it should not get near him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, he ignored the moos and pushed off the ground with his feet. All the muscles in his body bulged, filled with explosive power. He completely relied on the strength of his body as he leaped towards the Lightning Ox.

The Lightning Ox had very fast reactions, the instant Xiao Chen leaped over, it pushed off the ground with its four hooves and kicked up a cloud of dust. It then charged towards Xiao Chen who flew over from the air.

The Lightning Ox was about 1,000 kilograms. Its charge carried about 2,500 kilograms of force. It had a very strong momentum, it would be able to push over a small mountain.

Xiao Chen did not dodge. As he clenched his fist, it gave off a ‘pi li pa la’ sound. All of his body’s strength was focused on his right fist as he struck the Lightning Ox’s head heavily.


One man and one beast facing off. Close to 5,000 kilograms of force clashed against each other. It gave off a very loud sound as a ripple spread in the air throughout the surroundings.

The taller plants in the herb fields were all turned into dust by the ripple and only left behind the underground parts.

There was a huge force and Xiao Chen’s arm felt numb. He was knocked back by five meters. When he landed, he even slid back for another two meters.

The Lightning Ox was not feeling any better either. It was knocked rolling by the punch. Its huge body rolled several times on the ground before it came to a stop slowly.

The Lightning Ox got up in an instant and its eyes revealed its rage. A purple electric glow was gathered on the white horn. The lightning attributed energy in the surroundings poured wildly into the horn. In an instant, it turned into a dazzling glow.

“Pi Li Pa La!”

A bolt of purple lightning broke through the air and flew toward Xiao Chen at a great speed. Everything the lightning passed turned into purple ashes, even the dust in the air. When looking at it, the lightning looked even more frightening.

With one look, the onlooker would be able to tell that the might of the purple lightning could not be underestimated.

Xiao Chen did not dare to go head on against it. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and turned into a flood dragon. He soared into the air and continuously changed his position.

A bolt of lightning chased after Xiao Chen from behind unrelentingly. After a while, Xiao Chen’s surroundings were densely covered in lightning, as though it was a cage.

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