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Chapter 156: Damn Lascivious Bastard

“Liu Ruyue!”

While Xiao Chen’s thoughts were in disarray, he heard a delicate voice. He looked in the direction of the voice, and he was startled. It was Leng Liusu. He subconsciously hid himself behind Liu Ruyue.

Liu Ruyue also saw Leng Liusu. She frowned slightly, and a cold look appeared on her face. She looked at Leng Liusu, who was in a red dress, and smiled coldly, “I thought Leng Tianyue already killed you. I did not expect to see you so healthy and active.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not dead yet. I even advanced to Martial Saint,” Leng Liu Su retorted without backing down.

The atmosphere seemed very volatile. Was every pretty woman in Heavenly Saber Pavilion at loggerheads with Liu Ruyue? Xiao Chen was starting to get a headache when he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Indeed, LengLiusu had seen Xiao Chen hiding behind Liu Ruyue. She felt he looked somewhat familiar and said, “Who is sneakily hiding behind you? Your new disciple? Is he too ashamed to be seen?!”

When Liu Ruyue heard this, she looked at Xiao Chen strangely and pushed him to the front, “What is there to be ashamed of? What are you afraid of?”

Xiao Chen wanted to cry, but he was unable to. He truly was afraid of meeting her. He originally thought that it was a blessing to be able to avoid meeting Leng Tianyue. Never did he realize that he would bump into someone whom he wished to avoid even more — Leng Liusu.

“Turn around and let me take a look at you!” The more Leng Liusu looked at Xiao Chen, the more familiar she felt him to be.

Damn it! I've been discovered. Xiao Chen turned around and smiled faintly, “We meet again miss Leng.”

“It’s you…” Leng Lisu was stunned for a while before she managed to get out those words. Just as Xiao Chen was about to exhale in relief… “YOU DAMN LASCIVIOUS BASTARD! How dare you appear in front of me again. I will hack you to death!”

There was a ‘huang dang’ sound as Leng Liusu drew her saber from its scabbard and hacked it towards Xiao Chen quickly. There was a resplendent light on her saber as she fired off some saber Qi at him.

Xiao Chen was startled and quickly dodged. The saber Qi continued flying toward Liu Ruyue who had been standing directly behind him. Liu Ruyue snorted and pulled out her small saber. With a ‘shua’ sound, she shattered the saber Qi.

Leng Liusu saw Xiao Chen dodge and she made her saber buzz, reverberating the air. Xiao Chen felt as though the Lunar Shadow Saber was about to escape on its own.

“Weng!” The small saber in Liu Ruyue’s hand also started to buzz non-stop. She dashed in front and stood in front of Xiao Chen, blocking Leng Liusu’s attack.

“Bang!” The two sabers clashed, and there was a resounding metallic sound. Liu Ruyue stood in her original spot without having moved, but Leng Liusu had to take three steps backward before she could dissipate the force from the saber.

The sabers in their hands buzzed continuously. Liu Ruyue and Leng Liusu entered the state of Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It; its effect immediately spread throughout the surroundings.

In a radius of a thousand meters, everyone’s weapon started vibrating. The sabers of some of the weaker cultivators actually flew out and stuck themselves in the ground in front of Liu Ruyue and Leng Liusu.

Soon, there were hundreds of sabers stuck in the ground. The nearby cultivators all came to watch. As the status of the two people fighting was not clear, no one dared interfere.

“Liu Ruyue, are you preventing me from killing this lascivious bastard?” Leng Liusu looked at Liu Ruyue and said aggressively.

Liu Ruyue smiled coldly and said, with no intention of backing down, “You keep saying my disciple is a lascivious bastard. Just because you said it, does that mean he is a lascivious bastard? You are the lascivious bastard. Since you keep claiming this, then tell me how he took advantage of you.”

“He… he…”

Liu Ruyue’s words were so vicious that they caused Leng Liusu to blush deeply for a long time. However, how could she speak of such an embarrassing thing in front of everyone.

Leng Liusu stomped her foot and said furiously, “Don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, I will kill you.” After she spoke, she glared angrily at Xiao Chen before leaving.

Just like that, the disturbance calmed down. When the surrounding people realized that were was nothing else to see, they all started to retrieve their sabers and leave. Before they left, everyone gave Xiao Chen a meaningful glance.

Their meaning was clear even without them having to say it out loud. You are really ‘awesome’, you even dare to molest the daughter of the Pavilion Master. Xiao Chen was not even able to retort to that, there was no way for him to explain himself. Looks like the title ‘lascivious bastard’ was going to spread throughout Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Liu Ruyue returned her saber to its scabbard before walking a few rounds around Xiao Chen, sizing him up. There was a faint smile on her face, which made one wonder what was she thinking about.

Xiao Chen felt very uncomfortable being scrutinized like that. He tried to explain, “Elder Sister Ruyue, it is actually all a misunderstanding. I really did not do anything.”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly, like a flower blossoming, there was nothing more beautiful that could be imagined. She patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder, “You don’t have to explain anymore. Little Ye Chen, I understand!”

“I really can’t tell. You look so prim and proper, yet you are capable of such things!”

Xiao Chen felt incredibly depressed. He finally understood the fatty’s pain. Just when he was able to explain, a warship flew over from the horizon again.

It was a warship forged entirely of black Profound Iron. The banner on the bow of this ship had the word ‘Zhong’ (钟) on it.

Standing on the bow of the ship was a man dressed in black. His gaze was like lightning as his eyes swept across the platform. The people who were looked at by him felt as if their hearts were being stabbed with a sword; it was extremely unbearable.

“Qianduan Peak’s Zhong Xuan is here. There is going to be a good show soon. I wonder what kind of expression he will make when he finds out about what happened earlier.

“He has been chasing after Leng Liusu for many years already. However, he has not even been able to touch her hands. This is going to be interesting.”

The people below were all discussing the recent events. Many of them were glancing at Xiao Chen, causing him to feel very uncomfortable. They were rejoicing in Xiao Chen’s misfortune.

The black warship shook for a bit before stopping. Zhong Xuan slowly led the Qianduan Peak’s disciples to a corner. There were some people who knew Zhong Xuan, and they quickly rushed over to tell him what just happened.

Zhong Xuan stopped moving, and his expression immediately turned sullen. His footsteps were heavy as he lead the Qianduan Peak’s disciples over to Xiao Chen, filled with murderous intent.

“Ye Chen right?” Zhong Xuan stopped and stood about three meters away from Xiao Chen as he spoke. He was completely unleashing his aura, focusing his killing intent on Xiao Chen, and enunciating every word he spoke.

He looked at Xiao Chen, who was hiding behind Liu Ruyue, and said, “Dare you step forward?”

His murderous intent was clear in his tone; he was not concealing it at all. If Xiao Chen stepped forward, he would definitely be greeted with a fierce attack.

He is openly mocking me, and he immediately stepped forward to kill me over an unfounded story, Xiao Chen thought angrily as his own killing intent slowly extended out and his right hand was already on the Lunar Shadow Saber’s handle.

“Do you dare say that again?” Liu Ruyue suddenly spoke in an icy manner just as Xiao Chen was about to make his move. A cold look appeared on her pretty face.

Zhong Xuan’s chest tightened as he thought of Liu Ruyue’s past achievements and could not help but curse in his heart. He was too rash today. With his Superior Grade Martial Saint strength, he would not able to do anything in front of Liu Ruyue.

However, if he retreated in a sorry state in front of everyone, he would definitely become a laughing stock in the future. Furthermore, there were plenty of Qianduan Peak disciples behind him as well. He might not lose to Liu Ruyue.

Thinking of this, Zhong Xuan could not help but smile coldly, “Why would I not dare!”


Right after Zhong Xuan spoke, there was a flash of cold light. The saber blade was already right before his eyes, and some strands of his hair were slowly falling to the ground.

Zhong Xuan was astonished. He pushed his feet off of the ground and retreated backward. However, Liu Ruyue was much faster than him. Her saber chopped downwards and a crack immediately appeared on his Battle Armor around his chest; there was blood flowing out from the crack.

The surrounding people all took in a breath of cold air. If this Battle Armor had not absorbed some of the impact, Zhong Xuan could have been chopped into two halves.

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up, Liu Ruyue’s move was the ‘chop’ of the Basic Saber Techniques. He did not expect it to unleash such might when executed by her.

Blood spurted out from his wound, and it was incredibly painful. Zhong Xuan was truly angered now; his right hand moved backward, wanting to draw his saber. There was a ‘huang dang’ sound, but he only managed to draw his saber out halfway before it got pushed back in by Liu Ruyue’s left hand.

The wind howled as she used her right leg to kick his chest at lightning speed. Her foot landed on his chest with an instant bang.

Liu Ruyue had controlled her strength very well; Zhong Xuan was not kicked hard enough to fly into the air, he just fell onto the ground. There were ‘ka ca ka ca’ sounds coming from his back; he had broken numerous ribs.

When Zhong Xuan wanted to stand up, Liu Ruyue mercilessly stomped on his chest. Zhong Xuan grunted in pain; blood leaked from the corner of his mouth as he lay on the ground again.

Although it took so long to describe this, all this happened within just a few breaths of time. The two of them had only exchanged one move with each other. The Qianduan Peak disciples were all unable to react in time.

By the time they reacted, Zhong Xuan had already been severely injured by Liu Ruyue. He was lying on the ground, unable to move.

Zhong Xuan was the top disciple of Qianduan Peak — he was as good as the Peak Lord’s first grandson — he was also Qianduan Peak’s true inheritor. If anything happened to him under the nose of everyone here, they would not have a happy ending either.

The Qianduan Peak disciples all drew their sabers and quickly rushed at Liu Ruyue. Liu Ruyue laughed coldly and raised her aura. All the surrounding people could not help but tremble.

“This is the aura of a Superior Grade Martial Saint. She has actually already became a Superior Grade Martial Saint. How horrifying.”

“No wonder she was able to defeat Zhong Xuan in one move. Their strength differed by too much.”

Under this horrifying aura, the Qianduan Peak disciples all stopped. They all looked at Liu Ruyue with shock-filled faces, not daring to take another step forward.

Zhong Xuan’s face was also filled with shock, he said in disbelief, “How can this be? Two months ago, you were just a Medial Grade Martial Saint. How did you improve so fast?!”

When a cultivator reached Martial Saint, every grade gained would result in a huge improvement in strength. However, advancing forward was incredibly difficult as well. For some people, they had insufficient talents and were unable able to proceed forward even after ten years’ worth of time.

Liu Ruyue was just 24-years-old, and she was already a Superior Grade Martial Saint. It was likely that there were not many people with such talents in Heaven Saber Pavilion.

Liu Ruyue stepped back and looked at Zhong Xuan, who was lying on the ground. She said coldly, “Scram. Stop putting on such high airs in front of me. Otherwise, I will kill you. Your father would not even dare to say anything.”

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