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Chapter 155: Fragrant young Lady

Each of the ten known Martial Monarchs guarded a zone. Everyone wanted to listen to them give a lecture, but it was impossible to. Xiao Chen had not expected that Heavenly Saber Pavilion had a Martial Monarch to personally give lectures; such opportunities were rare.

Although it was not a one-on-one guidance, listening to him, or even having a glimpse of him from afar, could help them greatly on their path of cultivation.

Liu Ruyue lightly blew a whistle, and a green bird slowly flew to them. She took the lead and leaped onto it.

Then she said to Xiao Chen, “Ye Chen, get on. Come with me!”

Lui Suifeng smiled and said, “Sis, can you not be so biased. I am your blood brother after all!”

“You’re up to your old tricks again… Even if you had half the amount of perseverance that Ye Chen has, and went less often to Jade Maiden Peak to flirt with the female disciples, I would still not let you walk to Heaven Ascending Platform,” Liu Ruyue scolded as she sat on the green bird.

When Shao Yang and Xiao Meng heard this, they could not help but snicker. Under Liu Suifeng's jealous gaze, Xiao Chen climbed onto the green bird and flew off into the horizon with Liu Ruyue.

High in the sky surrounded by clouds, Xiao Chen was sitting behind Liu Ruyue. The bird advanced forward through the clouds. Occasionally, other people on birds flew past them; they were cultivators going to the Heaven Ascending Platform as well.

The green bird was only so big and it was difficult for Xiao Chen to avoid touching Liu Ruyue occasionally; this caused Xiao Chen to be perturbed.

Occasionally, there would be a slight breeze, causing Liu Ruyue's hair to hit Xiao Chen's face. The womanly fragrance of her hair entered Xiao Chen’s nose. As this was a new experience for Xiao Chen, he did his best to control the natural reaction of his body.

This was something that caused his heart to race and was extremely exciting, but he had to control himself. Xiao Chen was suffering; the desire in his heart grew greater and greater.

 In that very moment, an elegant ship was flying behind them. The ship was covered in all sorts of gold decorations; it looked very glorious.

The ship had a fluttering black banner with the word ‘Song’ (宋) written on it. This was the Biyun Peak’s warship.

Standing on the bow was the son of the Biyun Peak’s Peak Master, Song Qianhe. He was dressed in elegant clothes, and he looked very handsome. His hands were on the railing, and his clothes were fluttering; he looked very graceful and confident.

There were a few other people on the deck; they were the disciples of Biyun Peak. They were as numerous as the stars. They all stood behind Song Qinghe, making him look even more dignified.

“Senior Sister Liu, there is still quite a distance to Heaven Ascending Platform. Why don’t you join me on the ship!” the young man shouted and revealed a smile when he saw Liu Ruyue.

As Xiao Chen turned around to take a look, he that felt the scene in front of him was incredibly familiar. After thinking for a while, he realized what it was. This was similar to the sons of rich people driving around in their Mercedes-Benz trying to pick up girls.

He could not help but smile to himself; no matter where one was, there would always be this kind of ‘perfect guy.’ Liu Ruyue acted like she did not hear him. She did not even turn her head, and directed the green bird to continue flying forward.

The young man could not help but feel anxious. He thought that Liu Ruyue had not heard him and he repeated his words even louder. However, Liu Ruyue was even more direct this time. She directed the green bird to suddenly double its speed, leaving that group of people behind.

When Song Qinghe understood the situation, he smacked the railings furiously. He saw Xiao Chen riding behind Liu Ruyue and a murderous intent appeared in his eyes. He said in a sullen voice, “Who is the brat behind Liu Ruyue? I’ve never seen him before.”

A person beside him replied, “That is the disciple Liu Ruyue accepted recently. His name seems to be Ye Chen or something like that. He is 16-years-old, and he is an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master.”

The one who replied was called Zhang Jin, and within Biyun Peak, he was a well known gossiper. He was not particularly strong, but he enjoyed listening to gossip. This was why he was especially knowledgeable on such matters.

Song Qianhe frowned slightly as he was astonished. Liu Ruyue actually accepted a disciple, has she not given up yet?

This brat was so close to Liu Ruyue that she even let him ride the bird with her. He had eyed such a position for many years already.

However, Liu Ruyue had always ignored him, completely not caring about him at all. When he saw Xiao Chen occupying such a position, he wished that he could immediately go over and kick him off.

“What kind of background does this brat have? How did he enter Heavenly Saber Pavilion?” Song Qianhe continued to ask.

Zhang Jin quickly answered, “He came bearing Feng Feixue’s recommendation letter and entered Qingyun Peak. However, he does not seem to have much of a background. If he did, then he would not have been placed in Qingyun Peak.”

Song Qianhe’s eyes lit up as he smiled coldly, “If he has no background then it will be easy to deal with him. Liu Ruyue, I will make sure you give up. Regardless of the situation, Qingyun Peak will end up as just a piece of history.”

Meanwhile, on the green bird, Xiao Chen found it strange, so he asked, “Elder Sister Ruyue, why did you ignore the person who invited you onto the ship?”

A cold light appeared in Liu Ruyue’s eyes as she replied in a cold voice, “Don’t mention that person. He is just a dreg of society, the same as his father. If I boarded his ship, I’m afraid I would not be able to resist strangling him.”

Xiao Chen quickly kept quiet, he knew that he had asked about something he should not have. Suddenly, there was a melodious bird cry coming from above them. Lu Chen was descending slowly from above, riding on a similar bird.

If he had looked carefully, he would have realized that the green bird Lu Chen was on was almost identical to the green bird they were riding on, regardless of its shape or color.

“Elder Sister Ruyue, you are going to Heaven Ascending Platform, right? Let’s have a wager on who will arrive first. The loser will give the winner ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones,” Lu Chen smiled faintly as he spoke.

Liu Ruyue rolled her eyes at Lu Chen. She replied in an irritated tone, “Stop speaking nonsense, can’t you see I have a passenger with me?”

Lu Chen smiled faintly and did not seem bothered, “Never mind, let’s talk about proper matters. I went to Saber Prison and saw Leng Tianyue, he wants to meet your disciple.”

Xiao Chen was astonished and had an uncomfortable look on his face. Back then, he had saved Leng Liusu from Leng Tianyue’s grasp. After that incident, Xiao Chen did not change his appearance as he knew Leng Tianyue was locked up.

Liu Ruyue smiled coldly, “Leng Tianyue… who does he think he is? We will speak again after he gets out. My disciple is not someone he can simply meet just because he wants to!”

“Well, I’ve already passed on the message. Whether Ye Chen goes or not, it's up to him. I’ll get going then.” After Lu Chen spoke, he flew up into the sky on the green bird, disappearing from their sight.

Xiao Chen felt very astonished at Liu Ruyue’s words. He did not expect her to be so direct, especially her last sentence; it had moved Xiao Chen.

The green bird continued flying for a while until a towering mountain peak surrounded by clouds appeared before them. The top of the peak was like Heaven Viewing Platform, as though it had been flattened by someone. There was a huge plateau there; that was the Heaven Ascending Platform.

The Heaven Ascending Platform was different from the Heaven Viewing Platform. It was completely bare with not even a single building; there was only a tall stone platform. On the empty ground below the stone platform, there were crowds scattered around, all trying to get a good spot.

As they were about to arrive, Xiao Chen could not help but ask, “Elder Sister Ruyue, don’t you want to know why Leng Tianyue wants to meet me?”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly, “I don’t care who you were in the past, all you have to remember is that you are now my disciple. Leng Tianyue committed a grave mistake and is locked in Saber Prison. He will never be able to get out in this lifetime.

“He probably does not have any good intentions in wanting to meet you. Curiosity killed the cat. Don’t let me catch you sneaking off to meet him.”

While the two of them spoke, Liu Ruyue directed the green bird to land slowly on the Heaven Ascending Platform. Liu Ruyue took the lead and jumped off before bringing Xiao Chen to an isolated corner to rest.

The people on the platform were mostly people like Xiao Chen; they had ridden flying Spirit Beasts or warships over. There were still many people below the mountain peak rushing over.

At that moment, a sparkling and translucent jade ship slowly flew over from the horizon. There was melodious music coming from the jade ship. There was a faint mist surrounding the ship, similar to that of the legendary celestial ships.

The instant this ship appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of everyone on the platform. When they looked up, they could see all sorts of pretty women standing on the bow of the ship. They were very shapely and continuously sent forth melodious laughter.

“Jade Maiden Peak’s ship is here. I hear the number one beauty of Jade Maiden Peak, Chu Xinyun, will be coming as well.”

“Is that true? This Chu Xinyun normally stays on Jade Maiden Peak. Although her reputation is widely renown, I have never seen her personally before. I wonder if she really is as pretty as the rumors say.”

“She is one of the three flowers of our Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Aside from Liu Ruyue and Leng Liusu, there are no other women in Heavenly Saber Pavilion who can compare to her.”

Xiao Chen’s ears were very sharp, he could hear all the things these people were saying. He turned and took a look at Liu Ruyue’s graceful features; her exquisite face gave off a tasteful maturity.

He could not help but wait in anticipation of this famous woman of Jade Maiden Peak, Chu Xinyun.

The jade ship slowly landed, and a bevy of young girls slowly came down from the ship. Amidst the Spirit Energy filled Lingyun Mountain Range, the beauty of these girls was a treat for the eyes.


After a while, amidst everyone’s expectant gaze, a girl dressed in white casually walked off the ship . When she opened her eyes, it was like a deep starry night. Her hands were soft, her skin was smooth, her neck was long, her teeth were white and neat; she was a beauty of beauties.

A faint smile appeared on her lightly powdered exquisite face. Xiao Chen took one look and felt as though his soul was being ripped out.

Was she smiling at me? Every male was asking themselves the same question that Xiao Chen had in his head. Xiao Chen could feel his heart beating faster.

“Is Chu Xinyun pretty?” Liu Ruyue suddenly asked in a teasing tone.

Xiao Chen replied subconsciously, “Pretty!”

“As pretty as me?”


“Almost your head!” Liu Ruyue violently hammered Xiao Chen’s head with her fist. “That little demon completely charmed Suifeng. If you get charmed by her too, I will throw you off Qingyun Peak.”

Xiao Chen recovered his wits and rubbed the swelling lump on his head, moaning in pain as he did so. He sighed in his heart. An undeserved disaster… Looks like regardless of where one is, one should not talk about another girl in front of a pretty girl.

Especially when the other girl is prettier than her. This result was very good proof of that.

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