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Chapter 147: The Deal Under the Table

The cold wind and the snowflakes were like knives, cutting Xiao Chen’s face; it was incredibly painful. Xiao Chen could not help but squint his eyes, preventing the snowflakes from entering.

“Pu Ci!”

A cold and raw killing intent locked on Xiao Chen. A dazzling string of ice fired out from the Ice Ape’s mouth. This string of ice was compressed to the extreme, becoming as fine as a needle.

Xiao Chen felt the threat of death. At that moment, he wanted to take out the Eastern Emperor Bell. However, he remembered his earlier misgivings and did not use it in the end.

“Heavenly Lightning Shield!”

An electrical light flickered around Xiao Chen as a ‘金’ shaped shield of lightning surrounded Xiao Chen. However, the string of ice as thick as a needle directly pierced through the Heavenly Lightning Shield, leaving a tiny hole that could not be seen with the naked eye.

The Heavenly Lightning Shield slowly dispersed; blood spurted out of Xiao Chen’s chest. Xiao Chen looked at his would strangely. The string of Ice was so small, when it pierced through his body, he did not even feel any pain.

The wound on his chest was incredibly small, but the blood flowed out like a guzzling tap, spurting out vigorously.

Xiao Chen turned pale, and he knelt on one knee, supporting himself with the Lunar Shadow Saber. He took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and swallowed it immediately. Then he took out another Blood Replenishing Pill and crushed it before spreading it on his wound.

However, the proven and tested Blood Replenishing Pill did not work this time. There was a cold Qi curling around the wound in his chest, preventing the flesh from growing back.

The Ice Ape seemed to have expended all his energy when he fired out this string of ice. He stood in his original spot and rested for a long time. Only after that did it recover and leap high into the air with its four limbs, rushing at Xiao Chen from the air.

Xiao Chen’s pale face revealed a determined look. He threw out a golden sculpture and the Golden Lion King appeared out of nowhere. A creature the size of a small mountain pinned the Ice Ape to the ground.

The Golden Lion King used its stout front legs to stomp violently on the huge Ice Ape. The Ice Ape struggled constantly. After some time, the Ice Ape finally stopped struggling.

Xiao Chen extended out a strand of Spiritual Sense, releasing his breath only after he verified it was dead. The wound on his chest was now bleeding slowly. After using the Blood Replenishing Pill, it recovered slightly; it was no longer as bad as it was earlier.

Xiao Chen tore out a piece of cloth from his clothes and wrapped it around its wound. Then, he walked to the side of the Ice Ape.

Seeing the Ice Ape covered in wounds, Xiao Chen took out a sharp knife and cut its body from the side. He discovered its internal organs were extremely damaged; there was even some remnant electricity.

“It seems like the real reason it died was a result of the ten-odd Rank 3 lightning attributed talismans,” Xiao Chen said indifferently before taking out the peak quality ice attributed Spirit Core.

Just at this moment, there was the sound of wind breaking. A resplendent sword Qi was fired violently at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen unhurriedly put away the Spirit Core into the Universe Ring and laughed to himself indifferently, You finally made a move.

Although Xiao Chen had scanned the area multiple times with his Spiritual Sense, he did not detect anyone following him. Even so, Xiao Chen kept an eye out; he knew there was definitely someone following him.

Thus, at the crucial point of the fight against the Ice Ape, he kept some of his trump cards hidden. If it were not for the final moment being very dire, he would not have used the Golden Lion King.


The Eastern Emperor Bell rang softly and flew out of Xiao Chen’s body. It floated above his head as it released a dark yellow Qi downwards. The sword Qi coming from behind him was blocked and disappeared into nothing.

Xiao Chen leaped up onto the head of the Golden Lion King and quietly watched the approaching person. An old man slowly walked over.

This was the Martial Saint the Zhang Clan Head gave orders to. He was called Chang Cun, the first guest elder of Yunyang City’s Zhang Clan. He had cultivated to the realm of Medial Grade Martial Grand Master.

After a cultivator cultivated to Martial Saint, every increase in realm would result in an increase of strength by multiple times. A Medial Grade Martial Saint was able to fight evenly with ten Inferior Grade Martial Saints.

When Chang Cun saw the Eastern Emperor Bell above Xiao Chen’s head and saw the huge Golden Lion King he was standing on, his expression changed to one of caution. Along the way, this youth had given him too many surprises.

If he had not cultivated a technique that allowed him to hide his aura, he would have already been discovered by this youth on multiple occasions. When he saw Xiao Chen summon the Golden Lion King, he was very astonished. He did not expect Xiao Chen to have another strong defensive Secret Treasure.

“Is this your trump card?”

His voice was very soft but very clear. He stood quietly where he originally stood, naturally giving off a surging aura. Even with the Eastern Emperor Bell and the Golden Lion King, Xiao Chen did not dare be careless.

“Pu Chi!”

When competing regarding aura, Xiao Chen definitely held the disadvantage. Xiao Chen did not wish to waste too much time fighting against him. With just a thought, the Golden Lion king spat out a golden flame at Chang Cun.

“Chi!” A wave of sword Qi sliced across, and the golden flame was sliced into two halves, flying off to the two sides. “Shua!” Chang Cun’s figure disappeared and reappeared beside Xiao Chen like a ghost. His sword flashed and appeared before Xiao Chen’s eyes.


Another strand of dark yellow Qi flowed down from the Eastern Emperor Bell above. Before Xiao Chen could react, it had automatically blocked the sword.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!” In the blink of an eye, Chang Cun sent out hundreds of sword strikes; his speed had reached its peak, but it was blocked by the dark yellow Qi of the Eastern Emperor Bell every time.

The Eastern Emperor Bell lived up to its name as the human race’s strongest defensive Secret Treasure. Even though its formation markings were completely damaged, it was still so mighty. Xiao Chen revealed a calm expression as he shouted out lightly.

“Dang! Dang!”

The Eastern Emperor Bell gave off a long chime. As an indistinct ringing sounded, ripples spread out into the surroundings. Chang Cun was knocked flying by this ripple.

When the bell rang out, Xiao Chen felt giddy. He could not help but feel astonished. He quickly stopped the long chime of the bell. A damaged Secret Weapon could not be used properly, after all.

Xiao Chen controlled the Golden Lion King to leap into the air. When the small-mountain sized body landed and pressured Chang Cun, the ground trembled.

Chang Cun moved very fast and changed his body posture quickly. While he avoided the attack, he continuously fired resplendent sword Qi at Xiao Chen.

However, Xiao Chen, who had the Eastern Emperor Bell, was practically undefeatable. Streams of dark yellow Qi fell from above, blocking all the attacks coming his way.

“Mountain Breaking Chop!”

Suddenly, Chang Cun shouted, and his sword’s appearance turned ordinary. An Earth Ranked Martial Technique pierced on the dark yellow Qi.

As this was an Earth Ranked Martial Technique executed by a Medial Grade Martial Saint; it was much stronger than Xiao Chen’s Dragon Seizing Hand. Furthermore, all its power was focused at one point.

A ripple appeared on the dark yellow Qi as the huge force struck it. Xiao Chen was forced backward a few steps on the Golden Lion King’s back before he could stabilize himself.

Xiao Chen was astonished. The flame in his right eye flickered, and a purple flame came streaming out. The flames spun around and turned into a hurricane, spinning continuously.

Chang Cun opened his arms wide and retreated quickly, avoiding the spinning purple flames in an instant. As he slowly landed on the ground, he looked at the Eastern Emperor Bell above Xiao Chen’s head. He was thinking very hard, but he was unable to understand anything.

By controlling the Eastern Emperor Bell and Golden Lion King at the same time, the Essence in Xiao Chen was gushing out at a rapid speed, flowing out unceasingly. Xiao Chen could not help but feel anxious.

“Shua!” It was unknown why but the Eastern Emperor Bell above his head made a should and shrunk back into a small, exquisite copper bell. After that, it dropped into Xiao Chen’s hands.

What is going on? Xiao Chen started blankly at it. I have definitely repaired it already; only the formation markings have not all been completely recovered yet. I had also placed my mark on it already. Why am I suddenly no longer able to use it?

A gleam appeared in Chang Cun’s eyes. He moved once again, and a sword light rose up into the sky before chopping down towards Xiao Chen.

The situation was dire; now was not the time for Xiao Chen to think about it. A clap of thunder crackled in the sky; Xiao Chen executed the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique’s Drawing the Saber. The saber exploded out with light, clashing against this sword light.


Xiao Chen’s body was blasted backward and landed heavily on the ground. Then he rolled over continuously on the ground. The wound on his chest opened; it was extremely painful.

There were no more opportunities; an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master challenging a Medial Grade Martial Saint was simply just seeking death. Xiao Chen lay on the ground smiling bitterly to himself, I originally thought with the Eastern Emperor Bell and the Golden Lion king, there would be a chance.

Only after fighting the battle did he realize his error. His opponent’s speed was way faster than him. The Golden Lion King was not even able to touch him; just by this, the opponent was practically undefeatable already.

However, knowing someone was following him, his purpose was achieved. Xiao Chen thought to himself, This person is not carrying a saber city identity token.

This most important thing was this person used a sword. That is to say, this person was not sent by Ge Yunbin. At least it was not the worst case scenario.

“Go berserk!”

Xiao Chen gave this order in his heart. The Golden Lion King immediately gave off a boundless baleful aura. Its speed increased significantly. It delayed Chang Cun preventing him from chasing after Xiao Chen.

“Lightning Descend!”

Xiao Chen used another Inferior Grade Spirit Stone. His Essence was immediately refilled. Before he left, he summoned out a Lightning Descend, continuously harassing Chang Cun.

The power of the Lightning Descend could be considered to be negligible to a Medial Grade Martial Saint. However, he would be unable to avoid getting hit and cause him some pain. He was currently busy fighting the Golden Lion King.

He did not have the time to avoid a bolt of lightning. Soon, he was struck by several bolts of lightning. His skin turned black, and all the hair on his body stood on its ends. He looked like he was in an extremely sorry state.

Chang Cun was irritated till he was seething with anger. However, he could not do anything to Xiao Chen. The speed of this huge Golden Lion King had increased significantly, tying him up completely. He was not able to spend any effort dealing with Xiao Chen.

“Time is almost up; the berserk Golden Lion King will not be able to last any longer.” Xiao Chen smiled faintly. A silver warship appeared, and he leaped up onto it, leaving gracefully.

Before he left, he took a look at the Golden Lion King. He felt it was a pity. After the Golden Lion King went berserk, there would be no way to use it again. If would be very difficult to find quality materials for carving.

Back in saber city, Xiao Chen returned to his courtyard and sat down crossed legged. He circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation continuously.

The tiny wound on his chest had not recovered yet. There was some cold Qi preventing it from healing. If he were not able to disperse the cold Qi, Xiao Chen would die of excessive loss of blood sooner or later.

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