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Chapter 146: The Man in the Moon

After a long time, there was the sound of heavy footsteps coming from the distance. The cold Qi in the air became incredibly horrifying.

“It’s coming!” Xiao Chen was slightly anxious; he did not even dare breathe too loudly. He raised his aura to the extreme.

A ten meter tall Ice Ape appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision. It was covered in white fur and walked upright like a human. When seen from a distance, one might mistake it for an old man with white hair.


Soon, the mature Ice Ape arrived at the cliffside and saw the young Ice Ape who died miserably. It howled angrily as its eyes became bloodshot. It stomped on the ground furiously and arrived at the hole in the cliffside in an instant.

“What a fast speed!” Xiao Chen was astonished. The speed of this mature Ice Ape far exceeded his expectations. He was actually only able to see a blurry beam of white light.

Xiao Chen could not wait anymore. He jumped out of the bush and made a hand seal, shouting, “Explode!”

In the instant Xiao Chen came out, the Ice Ape immediately spun its head. Its heart was filled with rage as a baleful aura filled the air. However, just as it wanted to make a move, a boundless resplendent light lit up the cave.

There was a heaven shaking explosion; ten-odd Rank 3 lightning attributed talismans exploded together. Its might already exceed that of a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique. Furthermore, its destructive power was even more horrifying.

The corpse of the young Ice Ape was immediately blasted to bits. An intense shockwave instantly tossed the Ice Ape high into the air.

The towering cliffside collapsed with a loud sound; the ground trembled non-stop. Countless rocks shot out and fell from the sky. Xiao Chen quickly retreated, avoiding these huge rocks containing a large amount of force.


A white figure fell from the sky and landed beside Xiao Chen. Its palms were stretched out, and a boundless cold Qi extended out. There was a dense cold Qi on its five sharp claws as they smashed towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was startled when he looked at the white figure. He saw only a few layers of hard ice had been peeled off. Ten-odd Rank 3 talismans did not do that much damage to it.

“Huang Dang!”

He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber out of its scabbard. Its Rank 6 Demonic Core was completely unleashed. Boundless electric lights flickered. Xiao Chen brandished the saber and swung it around; he was covered in a crackling electric light, blocking the Ice Ape’s sharp claws filled with cold Qi.

“Dang Dang!”

The Ice Ape had long large arms and legs; it could use them interchangeably. It moved around rapidly, its speed reaching an extreme. It transformed into a blurred white figure, attacking Xiao Chen continuously.

The more Xiao Chen blocked, the more difficult it became. Soon, he felt something was wrong. The surrounding cold Qi turned very thick. Every step he took felt incredibly difficult; his legs seem to have gone stiff.

“Pu Ci!”

The Ice Ape cried out strangely; the surrounding temperature decreased significantly. Xiao Chen was caught off guard, and his legs were frozen.

The Ice Ape took advantage of this opportunity and grabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber, ignoring the flickering electricity on it. Then it sent the other claws towards Xiao Chen’s head.

The Ice Ape’s palm was about the size of a head; Xiao Chen’s head was like an infant to it; it would be crushed with one light squeeze.

“Pu Ci!”

Just as the palm with sharp claws was about to grab Xiao Chen’s head, the boundless flame in Xiao Chen’s right eye converged into a stream of flame and shot out.

The flames immediately traveled along the Ice Ape’s arm and spread throughout its whole body. It was instantly covered in fire. The Ice Ape cried out painfully, the cold Qi surrounding it immediately scattered.

A hot Qi flowed around Xiao Chen’s body, and he recovered back to a normal state. He freed himself and retreated urgently.

“Dragon Seizing Hand!”

A huge black hand appeared from nowhere and grabbed the burning Ice Ape. In the instant the black hand was clenched in a fist, Xiao Chen was met with an extremely strong resistance, resulting in the huge black hand being unable to grab hold of the Ice Ape.

Xiao Chen immediately let go; he knew the Ice Ape’s body was incredibly resilient. There was no need for him to go head-on with it. The huge black hand formed a fist and punched down,

There were loud sounds as the ground trembled unceasingly. The Ice Ape was pounded into the ground. Xiao Chen withdrew and stood upright; he wiped off the sweat on his forehead. The exhaustion of Essence of this inherited Martial Technique was much more than regular Martial Techniques.

Although he had unexpectedly injured the Ice Ape, Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He took out the Soul Slayer Bow and nocked an Essence Light Arrow. He drew the bow and pushed his concentration to its peak.

There was a ‘Ka Ca Ka Ca’ sound coming from the ground; it was obvious that was the sound of pieces of ice falling to the ground. Xiao Chen was astonished, Could it be the Purple Thunder True Fire was unable to break the layer of ice on the Ice Ape?

There was a flash of white light; the Ice Ape stood up once again. It felt the aura of the Soul Slayer Bow. The instant it got up, it immediately spun around and moved in an ‘S’ shaped line, creating a hurricane.


Xiao Chen released the arrow. He had already made a mark on the Ice Ape’s chest using his Spiritual Sense earlier. Regardless how fast the Ice Ape fled, it would not be able to avoid the shot.

It flashed by gracefully; the Essence Light Arrow turned into a meteor, piercing through the hurricane created by the Ice Ape and striking its chest.

“Ka Ca!”

A piece of hard ice appeared on the Ice Ape’s chest, blocking the arrow. The Essence Light Arrow shattered the hard ice but was unable to proceed further. It fell to the ground together with the shattered ice.

The arrow carried a huge force and caused the Ice Ape to stagger backward by five steps. Xiao Chen saw the hard ice on the ground, and he thought furiously in his heart, I don't believe you can keep creating hard ice limitlessly.

Xiao Chen was determined; he fired multiple Essence Light Arrows without holding back. Instantly, the countless buzzing of arrows filled the air.

No matter what the Ice Ape did, be it jumping high in the air or dodging left and right, an arrow would be able to knock it back like a sudden clap of thunder.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen fired out more than a hundred Essence Light Arrows. Even though Xiao Chen was only relying on his powerful physical body to draw the Soul Slayer Bow, Xiao Chen felt exhausted.

However, the Ice Ape looked like nothing had happened to it. Countless amounts of shattered ice and Essence Light Arrows covered the ground. The Ice Ape dashed at Xiao Chen in high spirits.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop!”

After Xiao Chen finished using the Essence Light Arrow, he put away the Soul Slayer Bow. He shouted lightly, and the saber seemed ordinary as it chopped towards the Ice Ape.


Both human and beast took multiple steps back. Xiao Chen was mildly astonished in his heart, and then he felt some joy. The strength contained in the Ice Ape’s palm was not as ferocious as it was earlier.

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

Xiao Chen stepped forward and leaped into the air. His body continuously changed postures in midair. In an instant, his speed was raised to an extreme; countless saber lights appeared.

The wind howled as the Ice Ape continuously struck out with its palms. There were one man and one beast, one in the air, one on the ground; they were rapidly moving around.

The sound of metal clanging against metal rang out continuously. Every time the palm and saber met, there was a large shockwave. The shockwave created a huge stream of air, causing the dust to fly into the air.

By the time Xiao Chen landed, he had sent out more than a thousand saber strikes. The hard ice on the Ice Ape’s body shattered and fell continuously. When the ice had all fallen to the ground, there were bloody wounds on the chest, arms and back of the Ice Ape.

The wounds were not deep, but they had injured his body. Red blood dyed its snow-white fur. Xiao Chen felt consoled; as long as he raised his speed to the peak, there would be somewhere he would be able to strike.

After exchanging blows for so long, the ice that appeared on the Ice Ape was like a cheat; it could block any attacks sent at it. Xiao Chen got more pumped when he saw the Ice Ape was injured.

“Flight On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire!”

Xiao Chen did not give the Ice Ape the opportunity to take a breather; he quickly used an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and replenished his Essence. Then, Xiao Chen did not hesitate to use the strongest move he knew from Flight On Wings.

The sky immediately turned pitch dark, and a full moon started to rise slowly. A human figure holding a saber flew over from the sky. Under the full moon, he moved gracefully and elegantly, as though he was an immortal from heaven.

Although he still was not able to understand the intent of this sword, Xiao Chen had been using the Changing Character Formula to replicated the Dragon Seizing Hand continuously. He had already comprehended some things through his experience. Now, he finally was able to execute Moon Bright Like Fire completely.


Xiao Chen shouted, and the figure in the sky shouted as well, the celestial voice echoed through the sky, reverberating everywhere.

The saber in his hand faced the Ice Ape attacking him from the air. He wriggled his finger, and the figure in the sky instantly made the same action. It was as though a boundless power broke through time and space, arriving here.

The Ice Ape stopped in midair and was blasted back by a mysterious power. It rolled on the ground continuously.

It stuck its claws into the ground, but it was still unable to stop. Its sharp claws dragged along the ground, creating several long fissures. After a long time, it stopped.

Before it got up, a horrifying pressure descended from the sky. This aura felt like that of an immortal descending to the mortal world. Mortals were like ants to it as they trembled before it.

The might of an immortal could not be measured; it could not be blocked. The sword strike of an immortal could break all the mountains and rivers within five thousand kilometers!

There were a loud sound and the figure in the sky chopped at the body of the Ice Ape. The Ice Ape used its claws to block, releasing a boundless cold Qi and hoping to block the saber.

However, it was slammed into the ground with a loud boom. It was unknown how deep it sank; there was an ape-shaped hole in the ground.

The night sky slowly vanished, and the sun appeared in Evil Wind Valley again. Xiao Chen took a deep breath and slowly walked over to the hole. He had a headache. If the Ice Ape died already, how is he going to get its corpse out?

“Chi! Chi!”

Suddenly a layer of cold Qi appeared on the ground. It instantly froze the ground, turning into slippery ice.

Seeing the ice extend out from below his feet, Xiao Chen frowned. He quickly retreated backward thinking to himself in shock, Is the Ice Ape not dead yet?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Countless cracked appeared on the icy surface before exploding apart. The frozen dirt scattered everywhere; when it landed, it shattered like ice.

There was now a deep pit on the flat ground. The mature Ice Ape in the pit stood below. Blood filled its originally snow-white fur; it looked miserable.

It roared angrily and started to climb out rapidly. Its bloodshot eyes were looking at Xiao Chen with killing intent.

Its baleful aura surged to the sky, It opened its huge mouth, and a boundless cold Qi surged and gathered in its mouth. The wind blew strongly, and it started to turn cold. Despite the bright sun shining down, it actually started snowing.

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