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Chapter 132: I’m Rich, I’m Really Rich

Amidst the chaos, Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense and ignored all the fleeing cultivators. He was searching for the Jiang Clan’s hidden treasury.

There were sounds of fighting coming from a pavilion to the west of the Jiang Residence. Occasionally, there would be someone running out with a large pile of treasures, fleeing from the Jiang Residence.

In the times of difficulty, the Jiang Clan cultivators became chaotic. It was obvious this was where the Jiang Clan’s hidden treasury was.

Xiao Chen laughed lightly as he stood on the Golden Lion King’s back and rushed over. A cool breeze blew; his bloodstained hair fluttered in the wind. He crushed countless pavilions and walls on their way there, leaving behind a trail of rubble.

The Jiang Clan cultivators in the secret treasury were clearly startled when they saw Xiao Chen. Before Xiao Chen got near, they fled.

Xiao Chen jumped down and gave a command to the Golden Lion King to go berserk; then he ignored it. After this usage of the Golden Lion King, the sculpture would immediately shatter. There was no possible way to save it.

He walked into the treasury and swallowed another Qi Returning Pill. Xiao Chen extended out his Spiritual Sense, and everything within the range of it appeared in his mind. There was a secret room underneath the treasury that attracted Xiao Chen’s attention.

Relying on his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen navigated past many secret passages and traps. He quickly arrived at the secret room underneath. A huge rock blocked the entrance; it was clear there was some hidden mechanism to open it.

The rock was about 66 centimeters thick. Xiao Chen could not be bothered to find the hidden mechanism. He condensed a strand of purple flame on his finger. The purple flame revolved around continuously; every cycle it revolved, the Essence in Xiao Chen’s body would be rapidly exhausted.


Xiao Chen shouted lightly, and the spinning Purple Thunder True Fire shot out. It left behind a blazing tail as it flew through the air. It smashed into the rock violently, and there was a loud boom. A large hole immediately appeared on the huge rock; cracks continued to extend out from the hole.

The Purple Thunder True Fire had been tempered by Xiao Chen several times. Its penetrative power was a far cry from its previous state. Seeing the hole in the rock, Xiao Chen raised his leg and kicked the rock, shattering it into countless pieces.

Xiao Chen entered the secret room in a flash; the ground was lined with rows of wooden boxes. He casually opened one of the boxes, and a golden light flashed; gold, silver, pearls, and jade filled the box.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and swept everything into his Universe Ring. There was a total of twenty boxes filled with treasures; he left nothing behind.

He then turned his attention to the shelves on the two sides. The things on the shelves were very organized. One shelf was for Medicinal Pills, one for Spirit Weapon, one for Martial techniques, one for Battle Armor…

Finally, on the last shelf, Xiao Chen even saw Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. There were at least 200 of them. Above the Spirit Stones, there were at least a hundred Essence Light Arrows.

Joy filled Xiao Chen’s face; he could not be bothered to count everything. He simply swept everything into his Universe Ring in a messy fashion. Even so, Xiao Chen still spent more than ten minutes emptying the secret room.

“Hu Chi!” Before Xiao Chen left, he burnt down everything before beating a hasty retreat.

The Golden Lion King was smashing into everything in the Jiang Residence; flames were flying everywhere. The berserk Golden Lion King was like a huge broken machine. It enveloped the entire Jiang Residence in chaos and a raging flame.

Xiao Chen looked into the distance; there were four ships flying over rapidly. The various noble clans received the news and were currently rushing over.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and a silver warship flew out of his right eye. He gently leaped onto the bow, and it turned into a silver flash of light, leaving rapidly.

Not long after Xiao Chen left, a black warship stopped in front of the Jiang Residence. When the Jiang Clan head, Jiang Mingxun saw the flames burning high, and the trashed Jiang Residence, his face turned mournful. An expression of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

Jiang Mingxun was pale as he said, “I have let down the ancestors. The foundation that had been built for hundreds of years is gone, just like that.”

“Clan Head, let’s quickly check the secret treasury. As long as the wealth the Jiang Clan has accumulated for hundreds of years is still around, we will have the opportunity to rise again,” a consecrate elder said from behind him.

Jiang Mingxun reacted and said loudly, “Right, right… There is still the secret treasury. The Jiang Clan’s accumulations of hundreds of years are there. There are several thousand gold taels and countless Medicinal Pills, Spirit Weapons, and Battle Armor. We will definitely rise again.”

He seemed to have found one last hope. He led the people behind him and rushed to the secret treasury.

Ji Changkong watched the small silver boat in the distance expressionlessly from the black warship. He said resolutely, “Chase after him! Don’t bother conserving Spirit Stones!”

The black warship disappeared like a ghost. In front of it, the Ice bird below the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace gave out a loud cry and chased after Xiao Chen at a rapid speed.

A large group of cultivators was gathered in front of the Jiang Residence. They watched the Jiang Residence burn up in flames, and all had the same thought. The Jiang Clan is finished; it was completely destroyed by a Superior Grade Martial Master.

“The huge Jiang Clan was actually destroyed by a single Superior Grade Martial Master. How unbelievable!”

“Indeed! This Xiao Chen is very decisive. He took advantage of the moment when all the Martial Saints had left and killed his way in. His boldness really leaves me speechless.”

“Do you think the Jaing Clan will still be able to rise from the ashes?”

“There is no possibility. Over the years, the Jiang Clan has offended many people. They have already lost a significant number of Martial Grand Masters in the Ancient Remnant. Now that their foundation has been destroyed, it could be said they have been completely destroyed.”

“That’s good. When that bastard son of his was still alive, he caused so much trouble for this old man.”

The crowds were all discussing how the Jiang Clan, who had been so mighty in White Water City for hundreds of years, had been destroyed in one day. Some felt it was unfortunate, but most of them were rejoicing in their hearts, their faces filled with glee over the misfortune.

“Gone! All gone…!” Jiang Mingxun said non-stop in a frantic state. He had only seen an empty space filled with ash; there was no secret room any longer.

Xiao Chen was riding his silver warship high in the sky, moving rapidly through the clouds. His speed was as fast as lightning; the clouds went by in a flash.

Xiao Chen stood at the bow; his hair was fluttering in the fierce wind. Xiao Chen turned his head back to look at the Profound Ice Palace chasing after him. He smiled faintly and withdrew the silver warship back into his eye. Then, he fell from the sky.

Xiao Chen transformed into a meteor and landed on the ground with an explosion after a moment. He had completely vanished from the sight or perception of the Profound Ice Palace.

Half a month later, the bounty set on Xiao Chen by the various noble clans was doubled. When the news came out, there was an uproar everywhere. Instantly, everyone within the Great Qin Nation knew the name ‘Xiao Chen.’

Xiao Chen became the topic of discussion at dinner tables. Everyone talked about Xiao Chen’s identity. There were multiple versions of the story on how he formed a grudge with the noble clans.

In Liushang Pavilion, Jin Dabao cursed, “What a beast! Even this Fat Lord only dared to slice a few pieces of meat of them occasionally. This fellow completely cleaned out the Jaing Clan.”

A manservant ran over, holding a contract. He smiled at Jin Dabao and said, “Young Master, the territories of the Jiang Clan have all been transferred. The City Lord has already stamped his seal on it.”

What surprised the manservant was the fatty did not have a smug smile on his face. He slowly took the contract and said, “This is meaningless. There is no challenge at all. This is a defeat that goes beyond an ordinary level.”

The manservant did not understand and asked, “How is that? Young Master, you have used nothing to purchased all these inns and workshops.”

The fatty cursed out, “What the hell do you know? That fellow took all the good stuff. All the silver and gold… just thinking about it breaks my heart. If this Fat Lord had known, I would have made a move myself.”

In the mountain range of Misty Sword Sect, Chu Chaoyun stood on one of the peaks. When he heard this news, he gave a faint smile. A gentle wind blew, and his clothes fluttered, making him look very graceful and elegant.

A delicate and pretty girl with a sword behind her back leaped up from below the mountain. She was very nimble, looking like a dancing butterfly. Soon, she arrived before Chu Chaoyun, “Senior Brother, the Sect Master has called you to the great hall.”

Chu Chaoyun looked at this girl and revealed a warm smile. He nodded his head slightly and followed her down.

Another half a month passed, and a big piece of news was sent out. Xiao Chen had deposited twenty million gold taels in Flying Snow Manor. If anyone killed a noble clan disciple, they could go to Flying Snow Manor to claim a thousand gold taels. The higher was the rank of the person killed; the greater was the reward.

If they killed a successor or a person of similar status, they could receive five million gold taels and a Medial Grade Spirit Stone.

This news was accompanied by Xiao Chen’s proclamation to the noble clans, “Three years from now, I will personally kill my way to these noble clans who set bounties on me. This is a promise I will definitely keep!”

The Flying Snow Manor was an assassin association scattered throughout the entire continent. Aside from their own assassins, cultivators may go to the manor to set or receive missions.

Since the founding of the Great Qin Nation, the Flying Snow Manor had never received such a large mission. Not only were there twenty million gold taels, but there were also the rare Medial Grade Spirit Stones. It was hard for one not to be moved.

When the news spread, the whole nation was impassioned. No one expected someone to dare challenge multiple noble clans at the same time. These noble clans had existed since the time of the Tianwu Dynasty; they had innate bloodlines or inherited Martial Spirits. Some of these clans had even existed for tens of thousands of years.

Their strengths were extremely horrifying, yet an insignificant Superior Grade Martial Master dared challenge them. This caused people to feel the world has changed.

Dongming Province, Dongming City, this was the heart of the entire Dongming Province. It is also the most bustling city in the Great Qin Nation. The streets were boiling cauldrons of voices; the sound of people peddling their wares fell incessantly on the ear.

Xiao Chen transformed into an ordinary looking youth, slowly walking around the big street.

Using this one month of time, aside from going to Flying Snow Manor, he practiced the Shapeshifting Spell. After practicing for an entire month, he finally got to the point where he would not change back to his original looked when using Essence.

The fastest way to get to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in the Xihe Province from the Dongming Province was to travel through the sky. Furthermore, the only relay station for flights to Xihe Province in Dongming Province was in Dongming City.

Xiao Chen could use his silver warship to fly. Its speed would not be slower than the flying Spirit Beasts of the relay stations. However, there was one very awkward problem… Xiao Chen did not know the way; there were no signboards in the sky.

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