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Chapter 131: Do not Reveal Your Wealth, Reverse Robbery

The leader took out a Spirit Stone and smiled coldly, “You can only blame yourself for daring to disrupt the business of our Jiang Clan. You are actually willing to exchange an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone for a broken bell. Do you not understand the concept of not revealing your wealth?”

Xiao Chen trembled in his heart, So these people are from the Jiang Clan. It’s no wonder they dare to be so presumptuous. He could not help but have a bad feeling. Xiao Chen asked them coldly, “Where is the cultivator with a missing arm from last night?”

“Haha! That cripple? We killed him. Leaving that sort of trash alive is just increasing the burden. I was very courteous to him by offering a thousand silver taels. He still did not want to sell to me. I have already killed him; there’s nothing else that can be done,” the leader said in an indifferent manner.

Xiao Chen felt extremely angry. What this what that person’s life amounted to in their eyes? Was he not even comparable to a beast?

“No more crap; kill …” the leader was already very inpatient. He opened his mouth to order his men to kill Xiao Chen. However, before he could finish speaking, he suddenly saw a flash of purple light. His body had already been sliced in half.

The Lunar Shadow Saber was stained with blood. Xiao Chen took out an old piece of cloth and wiped it clean. After a moment, he fired out a few streams of purple flame and burnt the bodies on the ground.

Xiao Chen only used a short period to deal with five Inferior Grade Martial Grand Masters. With Xiao Chen’s current cultivation as peak Martial Master, as well as his achievements in the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique and Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he was matchless within the Martial Grand Master realm.

In fact, unless they were peak Martial Grand Masters, or had inherited Martial Spirits or other Secret Treasures, they would not last more than ten moves with Xiao Chen.

After he fully exhibited the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, it was like thunder and wind bellowing, like lightning striking. Each move was stronger than the one before, being able to kill enemies above his cultivation realm. If he were met with weak-willed enemies, killing them would be as easy as cutting a watermelon.

After using some Essence, Xiao Chen’s original looks were revealed. This was the result of the Shapeshifting Spell not being cultivated to a sufficient level; as long as he used Essence, he would immediately recover his original appearance.

“I have reached such a state today because of Jiang Muheng’s initial mockings, bullying the weak with his strength. If it were not for the Jiang Clan, I would not be running around the streets like a mouse, being chased after by the noble clans.

“If it were not for the Jiang Clan, the cultivator with the missing arm would not have been killed. He would not have been easily dismissed by indifferent words such as ‘I already killed him, there’s nothing else that can be done.’”

Xiao Chen’s eyes were bloodshot. According to Jin Dabao’s news, the Jiang Clan Head and their Martial Saint experts were currently in Savage Forest looking for him.

This means there were no Martial Saints left at the Jiang Residence; there would be no one who could pose a threat to Xiao Chen. There were too many unfair things in this world; Xiao Chen could not be bothered by, nor was he willing to deal with them. However, this Jiang Clan was too abominable. They kept pestering him over and over again.

In that case, I might as well wipe them out completely, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He put on a black cloak and slowly made his way to the Jiang Residence.

The Jiang Residence was on a large street to the west of the city. It occupied land consisting of thousands of meter squares. There was a great show of extravagance at the front gates. Just the steps leading to it climbed at least ten meters. Ten Martial Masters stood on each side. There were also two huge stone lions on each side, which looked awe-inspiring.

“Who is sneaking around there? Don’t you know this is the Jiang Clan? Scram quickly before I break your legs!” the cultivators standing in front of the Jiang Residence’s gates shouted when they saw Xiao Chen, dressed in a black cloak.

Xiao Chen lowered his hood and revealed a handsome face. He looked extremely sharp as he released his killing intent at full force. He smiled faintly, “Do I not even have the right to stand here?”

“It’s Xiao Chen! Quick, kill him. The Clan Head said whoever killed him would be given an elder’s position.” Everyone recognized Xiao Chen’s appearance. Twenty Martial Master drew their weapon and rushed forward with surging killing intents.

A boundless and limitless flame appeared in Xiao Chen’s right eye before transforming into a purple light.


The twenty Martial Masters instantly and spontaneously combusted. They cried out miserably. Before they managed to reach Xiao Chen, they turned into piles of ash. A cultivator who opened the doors of the Jiang Residence happened to see the scene. He immediately cried out and shut the doors once again.

Xiao Chen exhausted half his Essence. He took out an Essence Returning Pill and swallowed it. The twenty Martial Masters did not pose any danger to him. However, he did not wish to drag it out. This fight had to end quickly. He had to finish before the noble clans arrived.


Xiao Chen kicked the doors open. He only managed to take two steps in before an old man holding a saber, gleaming with a cold light, led a large group of cultivators forward.

The leader was the late Jiang Clan’s First Elder’s brother, Jiang Yueheng. He watched as Xiao Chen slowly walked in.

He did not reveal a startled or joyful expression. He only revealed an expression of hatred and said, “You choose not the take the path of heaven, yet despite there being no door, you insisted on going to hell. I will skin you alive today to take revenge for my big brother!”

[TL note: You choose not the take the path of heaven, yet despite there being no door, you insisted on going to hell: This means to choose to take the difficult way and suffer even though there is an easier way.]

“Pu Ci!”

He was answered with an Essence Light Arrow. The arrow buzzed through the air, flying gracefully. It flew at the speed of lightning towards Jiang Yueheng’s chest.

Jiang Yueheng was startled. An Essence Light Arrow killed his brother before he was pinned on the city wall in humiliation. He was very clear on the speed of the Essence Light Arrow, as well as the might of the Soul Slayer Bow. Without having enough time to dodge, he covered the saber in his hand with Essence and held it in front of his chest.

“Boom!” The speed of the fully powered Soul Slayer Bow combined with the Essence Light Arrow was too fast. Even if he accurately predicted where the arrow would land, he would not be capable of blocking it.

By the time he brought the saber up, the Essence Light Arrow had pierced his chest. The huge force caused his body to fly back and pinned him to a tall wall. Blood flowed unceasingly from his mouth; his bulging eyes caused anyone who saw it to be afraid.

The surroundings became quiet. Everyone saw the blustering Jiang Yueheng, pinned to the wall after he spoke. They all took in a breath of cold air; their faces were filled with incredulous looks.

Xiao Chen swept through the crowd with his eyes and put away the Soul Slayer Bow. He did not give them any time to be astonished. He dashed towards the area where the most Martial Grand Masters were.

The Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art was executed to its extreme; Xiao Chen sped along and arrived in the middle of the group instantly. There was a roar of thunder; he executed Drawing the Saber.

The saber flashed, and a Martial Grand Master was sliced in two. The Jiang Clan cultivators quickly reacted and surrounded Xiao Chen.

Three cultivators behind Xiao Chen leaped into the air, chopping ruthlessly at his back. If Xiao Chen turned around to block it, then the momentum of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique would be stopped. Thus, Xiao Chen ignored them.

“Arclight Chop!”

A two-meter long purple light flashed by in the air. One, out of the three Martial Grand Masters, who did not manage to dodge in time was cut in half by the arclight. The electrical light in the arclight leaped around and created a shockwave, blasting back the cultivators who tried to surround him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There were three depressed rings; the three sabers had chopped Xiao Chen’s back. The Qi infused in the sabers blew Xiao Chen’s clothes to bits at the back.

The three men revealed an expression of joy. They shouted, “Put in more effort and kill this brat!”

The sabers struck the Battle Armor inside Xiao Chen’s clothes. Although the Battle Armor blocked the saber blades, it was not able to block the energy infused in the sabers. Even though Xiao Chen’s physical body was very strong, his internal organs still churned. Blood trickled out from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth.

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

Xiao Chen did not care about the attack from behind. He pushed his feet off the ground and rose gracefully into the air. He instantly pierced through the chest of six Martial Grand Masters in front.

Blood immediately spewed into the air and landed on Xiao Chen. It caused him to look like a demon. The instant he left the ground, there was a roar of thunder, and the three Martial Grand Masters who attacked him from behind became meat paste.

“Hu Chi!” Suddenly Xiao Chen spun around in midair and paused there. Blood dyed his black clothes red. His aura was raised to its peak; everyone below trembled.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

A boundless thunder roared behind him like a huge wave surging to the sky; each wave was stronger than the last. This caused his aura that was raised to its peak to be raised even further to an untouchable level.


A Martial Grand Master below tried to use his saber to block, but his Spirit Weapon immediately broke into two pieces. The Lunar Shadow Saber moved from the top to the bottom; with a loud sound, this Jiang Clan Martial Grand Master was sliced in two halves, each side blasting off in a different direction.

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

A boundless thunder roared, and Xiao Chen suddenly came to a halt. The place became incredible quiet. The Lunar Shadow Saber suddenly shone with a resplendent electrical light, becoming a long beam of electricity.

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Chen’s surroundings turned into a maelstrom. Within the maelstrom, there were countless arcs of electricity leaping around. A few Jiang Clan cultivators rushed over, trying to break this terrifying maelstrom.

A resplendent electrical light rushed into the sky, and a boundless shockwave spread throughout the surroundings. The few cultivators who rushed over were immediately knocked flying.

“Boom!” Xiao Chen shouted. The Lunar Shadow Saber slammed on the ground with a boundless electrical glow. Dust instantly flew up into the air, and the stones on the ground were sent soaring into the air.

The were many miserable cries. A significant number of people were turned to ash as they were struck by the electrical glow. There were some who were struck by the flying stones. They vomited blood as they were blasted backward.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and stood upright. He looked coldly at the cultivators who kept pouring in from all directions. He waved his hand, and a golden sculpture appeared from thin air.

“Boom!” A huge Golden Lion King appeared in the Jiang Residence. It immediately stomped on the ground and crushed a few cultivators who did not dodge in time.

The power was too great; it created a huge pit in the ground. Xiao Chen controlled the Golden Lion King to spit out a golden flame. The Jiang Residence instantly lit up with roaring flames.

When the Golden Lion King was in the Ancient Remnant, even the Martial Saints of the noble clans could not do anything against it. How could these Martial Grand Masters of the Jiang Clan deal with it?

Xiao Chen did not originally want to use the Golden Lion King. However, there were too many suicidal cultivators in the Jiang Clan. All of them wanted to take his head and exchange it for endless wealth and power.

After the huge Golden Lion King appeared, there were none who could block it. All the cultivators screamed as they tried to flee. However, they were all unable to do so. All of them were either trampled into mush or burned to ash.

The Jiang Clan Head and the Martial Saints were not here. Furthermore, the leader, Jiang Yueheng, was instantly killed. Now that the undefeatable Golden Lion King appeared, their morale instantly crumbled.

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