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Chapter 110: Golden Holy Beast

“Stop talking, and let’s go quickly; we are already very late. Even if we only find some scrap metal, we will still be able to sell it for hundreds of thousands of silver taels.”

Two cultivators, who were not even Superior Grade Martial Masters, walked pass Xiao Chen. They saw what Xiao Chen was doing and despised him.  

Xiao Chen smiled indifferently and ignored them. It was not even certain they would be able to survive the trip to Beast King Valley... to think they were fantasizing about obtaining treasures from the Ancient Remnant. Even if you obtain them, will you be able to come out alive?

Xiao Chen kept the three Rank 3 Spirit Core and continued on his journey. There were even more Spirit Beast corpses scattered before him. Xiao Chen even discovered a few Rank 4 Spirit Beast corpses, resulting in Xiao Chen earning a small fortune.

Usually, Rank 5 Spirit Beasts would not appear in the outer periphery of Savage Forest. While this was normally dangerous, there were many cultivators here today. When they all worked together, there was no Spirit Beast which could hinder them.

“Boom! Boom!”

The sound of a battle reached Xiao Chen’s ears. Xiao Chen expanded his Spiritual Sense and looked toward the direction of the sound. A group of cultivators were currently surrounding and fighting a Spirit Beast which was completely golden.

Golden Holy Beast! Xiao Chen thought in shock. The Spirit Beast that was surrounded was a completely golden lion its head was even adorned by a golden horn.

“To think that this kind of Holy beast exists...” Xiao Chen exclaimed in shocked, and there were great waves in his heart. “However, it seems that its bloodline is not pure.”

In the ancient times, there was a type of Spirit Beast; its body was completely golden, even its blood was golden. It was the Golden Holy Beast. The Spirit Core it produced was of the best quality amongst those of the same rank.

It was rumored there were ancient Savage Beasts in Savage Forest. Although they did not see a Savage Beast, they discovered a Golden Holy Beast.

It must be because there was a large number of cultivators who came in and accidentally ran into it. Otherwise, with the spirituality of this kind of Spirit Beast, it would have fled before anyone got near.

However, the bloodline of this Golden Holy Beast was very thin, its value was no longer shocking. Xiao Chen was only interested in its golden horn.

He had not been able to find a suitable material for his Life Bestowal Spell. The gold horn was the most important part of the Golden Holy Beast. It went without saying that it had a high amount of Spirituality.

He leaped up onto a tree branch and continued leaping from tree to tree. When he arrived closer to the battle, he observed them carefully.

There were two groups of people surrounding this golden lion. At the moment, the golden lion was at the end of its tether. The atmosphere instantly became very strange.

The leaders of these two groups of cultivators were Martial Saints. They each led ten odd cultivators dressed in different attire. It was obvious that these were groups which were formed at the last minute.

“Pu Ci!”

The golden lion spat out a golden flame. The flame gave off a golden-bright and dazzling glow as it sped toward the heads of the group to the right.

This flame was very mighty, but the golden lion was currently very injured. The flames it spat out was a little lacking. The Martial Saint wearing gray robes slapped the flame and something strange happened.

The golden flame suddenly rebounded back and headed towards the other group of people. A significant number of unprepared cultivators were immediately injured.

“Zhang He! What are you doing!” the Martial Saint who lead the other group shouted angrily.

[TL note: This Zhang He is a different one from the Promise of Ten Years Arc, they are written with different Chinese characters but sound the same.]

The Martial Saint known as Zhang He smiled coldly, “What am I doing? Isn’t that what you were thinking of doing? Don’t think I don’t know what you did. If you did not make a mistake on purpose earlier, would this beast have been able to injure me.”

While the two of them spoke, they did not stop attacking. The already severely injured golden lion did not have long to live. Both sides purposely sent the flames flying over to the other side occasionally.

The two Martial Saints were not bothered much, but the group of Martial Grand Masters was very unfortunate. Occasionally there would be someone getting burnt.

“Seniors, although this Golden Holy Beast is precious, its bloodline has already been severely diluted. There is no need to fight to the death here over this.”

“Indeed, let’s rush over quickly to Beast King Valley. Even the scrap metal from there will be much more valuable than this.”

The cultivators behind them advised. If these two people carried on like this, someone could potentially die.


After one final attack, the golden lion finally fell to the ground. Both sides looked cautiously at each other. No one went forward to collect the corpse.

Zhang He looked at his opponent, “Zhou Hongyu, our strengths are very similar; there would be no way to determine a winner in a short period of time. It would be impossible for you to monopolize this golden lion.”

“The battle between you and I has already delayed us for a long time. If we still wished to go to Beast King Valley, we need to settle this fast.”

Zhou Hongyu considered for awhile, “Very well, I only want the horn; I am not interested in the rest of it.”

Zhang He smiled, “You should have said that earlier, I only want the Spirit Core. How about we leave the remaining skin, meat, and blood for the brothers behind us?”

Zhou Hongyu nodded his head, “The both of us will take a step back and send one person forward to collect the Spirit Core and horn. How is that?”

“Exactly what I was thinking!”

The two of them agreed on the distribution of the golden lion and took a step back. Two cultivators holding small knives walked out from the group.

“Hu Chi!”

A ball of purple flames suddenly appeared on the ground, then it turned into a two-meter high firewall. When the firewall appeared, the two cultivators holding the knives were startled.

In the instant the firewall rose up, a figure descended and with a ‘shua’ sound, the corpse of the golden lion disappeared. There was a crack of thunder and the figure disappeared in the distance with the golden lion.

“What’s going on? What happened?’

The thick flames had obstructed their vision. They were not able to see what happened. The two Martial Saints looked at each other then they quickly chased in the direction Xiao Chen retreated.

By the time the two of them began the chase, they only saw a figure flying through the sky. Zhang He said in disbelief, “Could it be a Martial King expert?”

Zhou Hongyu’s face turned ashen and he shook his head, “He definitely is not; I can feel his aura is even weaker than that of a Martial Grand Master. It must be a flying Martial Technique.”

“Damn it, after spending all that effort, tiring ourselves out, we ended up letting someone else benefit.” The two of them felt extremely regretful. If they had not been so suspicious of each other, the Golden Holy Beast would not have been snatched away.

Xiao Chen only stopped after he used the Gravity Spell to fly far away. He extended out his Spiritual Sense to ensure there was no one around before revealing an expression of maniacal joy.

“To think I managed to obtain such a big advantage... The two Martial Saints can only blame themselves.” There was a happy smile on Xiao Chen’s face as he took the golden lion out from the Universe Ring.

After carefully observing it, he discovered the fur on the belly of the golden lion had turned completely white. Looking at the size of its body, it would be a juvenile Spirit Beast like Xiao Bai, or else, it would not have been easily killed by them.

Legend has it that the Golden Holy Beasts were able to become Rank 8 Spirit Beasts at the minimum. It was equivalent to a human Martial Sage.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate and directly cut off the horn of the golden lion. Then he collected its blood. Legend says that this golden blood could be consumed directly and would greatly boost a person’s cultivation.

Xiao Chen managed to collect a total of eight bottles of golden blood. Then he began to dissect it, extracting a golden Spirit Core.

The golden Spirit Core gave off a faint radiance. A golden gas which could be seen with the naked eye was being emitted. A denser Spiritual Energy actually leaked out from it, like an unending stream of spring water.

What a terrifying energy; even the amount that leaked out was already so much, Xiao Chen thought in astonishment. If he were to absorb it all, it would be a huge amount.

Xiao Chen immediately did as he thought. He placed the Spirit Core in his hand and sat down cross-legged. He then entered into a state of cultivation.

“Hu Chi!”

That golden Spiritual Energy was like a mist as it was directly sucked into Xiao Chen’s mouth and nose. A pure and mighty Spiritual Energy gushed in like a rushing river.

Xiao Chen circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation and slowly digested the pure Spiritual Energy. The dense mist-like golden Spiritual Energy flowed out for two hours before it stopped.


There was a crunch and the golden Spirit Core cracked and turned into dust. When the wind blew, it completely disappeared.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and there was a piercing purple glow coming from them. After the purple glow flickered for some time, it slowly disappeared.

Every time Xiao Chen advanced in his cultivation, this purple glow would appear. Xiao Chen was not able to understand what it was; even the Compendium of Cultivation did not talk about it.

Recollecting his thoughts, Xiao Chen could not afford to think about this now. He carefully inspected his body and checked the energy contained in his Martial Spirit. He had advanced to Superior Grade Martial Master.

The Golden Holy Beast Spirit Core was an unexpected treasure. No wonder this rare bloodline would be able to cause two Martial Saints to fight till they were almost unable to continue to Beast King Valley.

Xiao Chen composed himself and stretch his arms and legs. Then he rushed rapidly towards the inner reaches of Savage Forest. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its extreme and a dragon shadow appeared behind him. He was rapidly advancing on the ground.

After half an hour, Xiao Chen arrived at a large river. Once he crossed this river, he would enter the inner reaches of Savage Forest.

However, at this moment, there was a large group of people gathered at the riverbank, cursing loudly and unceasingly. Xiao Chen was curious, and when he went past the crowd, he understood why this group of people was cursing.

The only wooden bridge connecting the outer periphery and inner reaches of Savage Forest had been destroyed by someone. The river was a couple of hundred meters wide and there were aquatic monsters in the water. The group of people on this side of the river were all obstructed from crossing over.


A miserable cry came from the river water. Two cultivators who tried to swim across were swallowed by a strange black fish.

After a short moment, large patches of blood pervaded the surface of the river. Xiao Chen felt it was unfortunate. He had seen what happened; these two cultivators were the ones who mocked him earlier.

The scrap metal in Beast King Valley could be sold for hundreds of thousands silver taels. Unfortunately, they did not even manage to make it to the inner reaches of Savage Forest and died in the river.


A Martial Grand Master suddenly leaped up above the river, high into the air. Then he fell to the water surface. He pushed off gently with his feet and his body rose up again. He was now only 30 meters away from the opposite shore.

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