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Chapter 111: Arrival of Chu Chaoyun

All he had to do was leap off the river surface once more, and he would land safely on the other side of the river. Thinking of this, the Martial Grand Master revealed a joyful smile.

“Hu Chi!”

Just as he landed on the water the second time, a black-colored tentacle shot out from the water and wrapped around his feet. The Martial Grand Master did not panic; he reacted quickly and chopped at it with his saber. The black tentacle immediately tore apart.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

The Martial Grand Master regained his freedom and soared into the air once again. However, before he managed to rise very high, countless black tentacles suddenly shot out from the water and pulled him in.

A cry of fear came from his mouth. He did his best to struggle, but the tentacles still dragged him down into the water. Anyone nearby would have heard a chewing sound.

“Gu Nong! Gu Nong!”

Bubbles continuously broke the surface of the water, and pools of blood appeared. Many could vaguely see a black aquatic monster swimming under the water’s surface, its back covered in tentacles of all sizes.

“I wonder which bastard broke the bridge. We are finished, there are so many terrifying fishes. No one could make their way across.”

“Those who wish to cross over have to be at least a Martial Saint. Otherwise, they will not be able to leap across the river in one go and will be captured by the tentacles of that terrifying creature.”

Seeing another Martial Grand Master perish, the crowd on the riverbank no longer dared to attempt crossing the river. They all cursed the person who broke the bridge.

There was the sound of rushing footsteps as Zhang He and Zhou Hongyu led a large group of cultivators over. Xiao Chen quickly hid amongst the crowd.

When the two of them saw that the bridge was broken, they did not hesitate and shouted out loudly, leaping across the river. They leaped high into the air, and when they landed on the water, they caused the water to splash up high into the air.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Numerous tentacles flew into the air towards the two of them. The two each released many sword lights and turned the tentacles into fragments.

After a short moment, under the gaze of the crowd, the two of them landed firmly on the other side. Then they quickly rushed towards the direction of Beast King Valley.

“Damn it! Those two bastards! They said they would bring us to Beast King Valley. To think that they betrayed us us,” the cultivators that followed them cursed out loudly when they saw the situation.

The people beside them said in a bad mood, “What are you cursing for?! You are not a person of good character anyway. You were just using each other earlier; there is nothing much to say about that!”

“Who are you scolding?! Repeat that if you dare!”

Because they were not able to cross the river, the cultivators on the riverbank were all in a bad mood. After some disagreeable words were exchanged, it would turn into a fight.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered about this group of people. When he was about to cross the river, a black dot suddenly headed over rapidly from upstream. It was strangely fast and appeared in front of everyone very quickly.

The black dot was actually a black ship. The people on the riverbank were astonished and stopped quarrelling. They felt that it was incredibly strange. There were many aquatic monsters in there... Why did a boat appear from upstream? Where did this boat came from?

“Dear customers of Liushang Pavilion, new and old, the Fat Lord is here to rescue everyone once again,” a familiar figure appeared on the bow of the boat. Jin Dabao was standing there holding a golden folding fan, as he smiled so wide that his eyes turned to slits.

“Bang!” The Black boat docked at the river side. The group of cultivators were wild with joy as they rushed to the boat, as though they had seen their savior.

“Chi! Chi!”

Suddenly, arrows were fired from the bow of the boat. The crowd below were startled and retreated backward to avoid them. The fatty smiled and said, “Those who wish to cross the river have to pay ten thousand silver taels, or else forget about it. After all, this Fat Lord is a business man.”

“Ten Thousand silver taels? This is daylight robbery! It is just a ride across the river.”

“That’s right, even robbers are not that ruthless.”

Although the people below were vicious with their words, they still paid up in the end and boarded the boat. Xiao Chen counted the number of people; there were about three or four hundred people here. The fatty had earned another 4 million on this trip.

Xiao Chen had long expected that the fatty would rush over to Savage Forest as well, but he did not expect to meet him here. Although it was unexpected, it was within reason. Xiao Chen even suspected that the bridge was purposely broken by the fatty.

In the blink of an eye, the people on the riverbank all boarded the boat. The fatty stood at the bow and looked at Xiao Chen. He said as he smiled, “Brother Xiao, come up. I know you are broke already, but Brother fatty will give you a free ride.”

Xiao Chen did not say anything and leaped up into the air, landing on the bow of the boat. The boat immediately weighed in the anchor and turned around. The boat headed across the river rapidly, creating huge splashes as its huge body sliced across the water. The terrifying creatures in the water all avoided the boat.

Jin Dabao made his way through the crowd then lead Xiao Chen to the Ship’s hold. He said in a cocky manner, “What do you think, Brother Xiao? My boat is pretty good right?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Although it is not a King Grade Secret Treasure like the Black Royal Warship, it is at least a Spirit Grade Secret Treasure.”

The fatty was startled, but he smiled and said, “Brother Xiao has sharp eyes. How about I bring you directly to Beast King Valley? Given our friendship, I will not charge you anything.”

Xiao Chen thought, I have indeed guessed correctly. When he saw the boat floating down from upstream, he had already guessed it. Aside from flying in from the sky and landing upstream, there were no other ways to enter the water.

“Can you give me a look at the control room?” Xiao Chen asked. He really wanted to know if this legendary Secret Treasure was the same thing as the Magic Treasure recorded in the Compendium of Cultivation.

After Xiao Chen said that, he took out a bottle of the Golden Holy Beast blood from the Universe Ring and placed it in front of the fatty.

Jin Dabao opened it up and sniffed it before smiling brightly, “Sure, no problem at all. However, time is limited; don’t waste too much time.”

The fatty sent out some energy from his hands and, after it struck some unknown place, there was a boom and a hole appeared in the hold of the boat. Xiao Chen and the fatty immediately fell into it.

Xiao Chen turned his body gracefully in midair and landed firmly. He immediately felt a familiar aura. He quickly closed his eyes and extended out his Spiritual Sense.

A huge formation appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. He could see every bit of the formations that were hidden throughout the boat; they were giving off a green radiance.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and followed the fatty to the center of the formation. Then, he finally saw the secret of the Secret Treasure’s core. There were many Spirit Stones scattered around the formation center, and there were several old people continuously directing the flow of the Spiritual Energy.

This Secret Treasure is indeed a Magic Treasure, Xiao Chen thought in shock. Just that the people now have forgotten how to operate the Secret Treasure and actually have to use Spirit Stones to do so.

“Brother Xiao, let’s go. We have already arrived.”

Xiao Chen was very engrossed in it when he was interrupted by the fatty. He had discovered not even ten percent of the true capabilities of how this Secret Treasure was utilized. It had turned into a simple transportation tool; he felt that it was a pity.

The two of them returned to the hold of the boat. The group of cultivators saw the shore, and they quickly jumped down. After everyone jumped off, the fatty waved his hand and the boat immediately soared into the air, heading towards Beast King Valley.

“Damn! That is actually a Secret Treasure! This fatty is too horrible.”

“After taking ten thousand silver taels from us, why doesn’t he send us all the way to Beast King Valley?!” all the people below cursed out when they saw the situation.

High in the sky, the fatty stood at the bow. He felt extremely pleased with himself. He stretched his two hands apart and enjoyed the gentle breeze, “The feeling of soaring through the sky is great.”


Just at that moment, a huge golden ship flew past its side rapidly. It brushed by the fatty’s boat, causing a violent wind to kick up; the fatty nearly fell off the boat.


Just as the fatty was about to curse out, a dark shadow suddenly flew by above them. A wine glass fell from above and landed on the fatty’s head.

[TL notes: A chinese wine glass looks different from a Western one. It looks similar to the Chinese teacup, but smaller.]

Xiao Chen looked towards the warship that flew over them and saw Hua Yunfei. The Hua Clan’s King Grade Secret Treasure had shown up.

“Damn it! One day when this Fat Lord gets his hands on an Emperor Grade Secret Weapon, I will crush you to death. Damn it!” the fatty cursed as he massaged his head.

Just at that moment, Xiao Chen noticed a figure standing on a huge tree. He felt that the person looked familiar. He extended out his Spiritual Sense and discovered that he was Chu Chaoyun.

He had a sword behind him, and his long hair fluttered about. He stood on a tree branch and looked into the distance. Xiao Chen felt that it was strange. The noble clans all brought a number of people, and they even brought out King Grade Secret Treasures.

The Misty Sword Sect was the strongest power in Dongming Province, but they only sent one Chu Chaoyun. Furthermore, he was alone. This did not make sense.

Suddenly Chu Chaoyun turned his head and smiled at Xiao Chen, as though he was greeting him. Xiao Chen was startled, Could he have seen me? I only sent my Spiritual Sense down; even a Martial Saint would not be able to sense that.

A sword of light suddenly appeared below Chu Chaoyun’s feet, carrying him into the sky. He rapidly headed toward the fatty’s boat.


The sword of light disappeared, and Chu Chaoyun landed firmly on the bow of the boat. Xiao Chen felt a dangerous aura, and he took three steps back.

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly and jumped down from the bow. He said to Xiao Chen, “Brother Xiao, there is no need to be anxious. I am just here to hitch a ride.”

The fatty stood at the side and smiled coldly, “Whose boat do you think this is? You think you can do anything you want? The fatty had just suffered twice in a row earlier and was currently in a bad mood. When he saw Chu Chaoyun boarding uninvited, he started to take it out on him.

Chu Chaoyun just smiled faintly and walked over to the fatty’s side. He handed over a pile of gold taels banknotes and said, “The people of your Jin Clan are all businessmen. I’m sure you will accept this business deal that occurred without any effort.”

Jin Dabao, who normally behaved like he had seen his father when he saw money, still did not change his expression. He simply kept the banknotes with a snort.

Xiao Chen was astonished and thought to himself, Fatty Jin must have suffered some disadvantage from Chu Chaoyun before. Or else he would not have made such an expression.

They flew toward Beast King Valley in silence. Chu Chaoyun appeared to be very peaceful during the journey. Occasionally, he would engage Xiao Chen in conversation, making people feel relaxed.

However, the more relaxed he felt, the more Xiao Chen felt something was wrong. He did not know why, but the feeling Chu Chaoyun gave him was much more dangerous than Hua Yunfei.

“Boom! Boom!”

Suddenly, there were explosive sounds coming from the sky in front of them. The three people at the bow looked to the front and saw the Guiyi Marquis's Golden Battleship fighting with a group of huge birds.

The huge birds each had three heads, and when they extended out their wings, they had a wingspan of tens of meters. Of its three heads, one spat out fire, one poison gas, and one cold air. It was an extremely fierce beast.


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