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Chapter 108: The Mysterious Fatty

“Haha, you are truly humiliating yourself. The successor of a noble clan with an innate bloodline and inherited Martial Spirit, is that someone you can help up? Did you hear that? He enjoys crawling like a dog!”

“However, Young Master Yan, your crawling posture is very cool; your four limbs are all on the ground. Holding your ground and not submitting to force, a noble clan successor is indeed a noble clan successor. He is different from everyone else.”

There were people in the crowd who mocked Yan Qianyun when they saw him. Allowing the people of Dongming Province to vent their feelings.

“Just you wait; just keep on scolding… Once I crawl out, all of you will…”


Before Yan Qianyun could finish his words, a bolt of lightning struck down from the heavens. It struck his back ruthlessly, causing him to fall face first.

“Boom! Boom!”

Another two bolts of lightning struck down and struck Yan Qianyun’s body. His body became charred and he fainted.

In Liushang Pavilion, Xiao Chen executed Lightning Descend three times before his anger was relieved. Against such a condescending, conceited, arrogant noble clan disciple, Xiao Chen had never ever bothered with speaking logic.

If a dog bites you, you can’t imitate the dog and bite it back. You have to use a wooden stick to beat it to death.

When Su Xiaoxiao saw Xiao Chen not taking her words to heart as he continued to attack Yang Qianyun; her expression changed, “Xiao Chen, why are you so despicable? He already said he would withdraw.”

Xiao Chen turned around and smiled indifferently, “I wonder which you are: blind, pretending to not hear, or having too low an intelligence and not able to understand the meaning in human speech.”

“He already said he would let me live my wretched life for another few days and would come back to kill me later. Since it is so, why should I bother to show compassion to him? I’m not a fool.”

Su Xiaoxiao was so angry her face turned pale and could not say anything in response. Xiao Chen turned around and told Jian Dabao, “Brother Dabao, please don’t just casually bring me to meet people; I’m afraid that their intelligence is too low. I shall take my leave first!”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he immediately jumped out of the fifth floor. He circulated the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and leaped higher in the air, disappearing into the dark night.

“How cool, he has about ten percent of the demeanor this Fat Lord had in the past,” Jin Dabao sighed as he watched Xiao Chen leave.

Su Xiaoxiao’s complexion was very pale. She had been everywhere in the Great Qin nation; there were many noble clan disciples or royals who queued up just to see her. Even so, there had never been anyone who acted so rude to her before.

As she watched Xiao Chen’s figure disappear, she stamped her feet violently in anger. She picked up her zither and headed downstairs.

Only after Su Xiaoxiao left, Jin Dabao recovered his wits. He looked at the numerous damaged decorations on the fifth floor and the huge hole in the floor and the wall.

He immediately felt his heart ache and cursed, “Damn it! How much silver do I have to waste this time to repair all these damages.”

Jin Dabao stood in front of the hole and looked downwards. He discovered the unconscious Yan Qianyun. His eyes widen in joy as he immediately thought of an idea.

He quickly called a manservant on the fifth floor over, “Has that bastard, Yan Qianyun, paid his bill yet?”

“I believe he has not. I saw that Miss Xiaoxiao has not left yet and thought she would pay it. Earlier, Miss Xiaoxiao just walked out directly; she seemed to have forgotten about the bill,” the manservant said in a somewhat awkward manner.

Jin Dabao responded angrily, “What a bastard, To think he can’t even bear to spend the money to pay for the girl? Send a few people down and see if there is anything valuable on him. Take them all.”

When the manservant heard this, he asked somewhat excitedly, “Should we leave his undergarments?”

Fatty Jin thought for awhile before responding, “If it is not worth anything then forget it; anything we take has to be worth some money. As long as it is worth some money, just take it. The cost of the fifth-floor repairs will all be billed to him.”

Below Liushang Pavilion, the crowd all felt their resentments was vented when they saw the unconscious Yan Qianyun. Such an egomaniac deserved to be struck by lightning.

“Make way, make way. We are the Liushang Pavilion debt collectors; please make way.”

Three Liushang Pavilion menservants parted the crowd and arrived in front of Yan Qianyun. Before crowds astonished gazes, they directly striped Yan Qianyun’s clothes off of him.

“Luxurious clothes from the Soaring Phoenix Satin manor, but they are tattered already and not worth anything. Throw them away.” One of the menservants casually tossed Yan Qianyun’s clothes aside when he saw that they were tattered already.

“Gold Thread Belt, this is not bad; it should be worth some money.”

“These shoes seem to be made from the soft skin of a Spirit Beast. They should be able to fetch a good price. Oh, there are even some gold taels banknotes hidden in them.”

“What brand are the shorts? Can you help me take a look?”

“Damn! Superior Grade Earth Ranked Battle Armor! We struck it rich. Hehe… I wonder how much is this worth?”

In the blink of an eye, they stripped Yan Qianyun’s clothes until he was only left with his underwear. Many of the spectators were stunned. They muttered to themselves, In the future, there will be no one who will dare to eat and run from the Liushang Pavilion.

Even Yan Qianyun was stripped to his underwear. Amongst them, no one could claim they had a bigger backer or background than Yan Qianyun. Thinking of this, everyone could not help but tremble.

“Hey, this underwear seems to be inlaid with gold. Should we take it?” one of the menservants hesitated as he asked.

Damn! Originally the spectators were just venting their resentment. Now they started to pity Yan Qianyun. This fellow was too pathetic. The first time he came to Dongming Province, he was beaten up like a dog and thrown out of Liushang Pavilion by someone. What was even more pitiful was the people of Liushang Pavilion even wanted to strip off his underwear.

“Strip it; Young Master said remove anything that is worth money. He can only blame his own fashion sense. Of all the things he chose to use to inlay in his underwear, he chose gold,” the manservant said after he removed Yan Qianyun’s belt.

“Wow, that’s too formidable, to think they actually removed them. Damn, I would rather offend the Jiang Clan than offend Liushang Pavilion. This is too horrifying,” someone in the crowd commented in shock.

After they removed his underwear, a manservant took a look at Yan Qianyun’s lower body. He said in shock, “Hey, the hairs seem to be golden as well; should we pull them out?”

After the manservant said that, the spectators all felt a cold sweat on their foreheads. They all felt as though a cold wind blew through the crotch of their pants, as though something was broken.

Hu! All the spectating cultivators circulated their Essence to its extreme and disappeared in one second. They all instantly vanished without a trace. Although the street was packed full of people earlier, there were now no traces of anyone.

“Damn it, that was too stimulating. I’m about to go blind,” the manservant complained after a long time.

Early the next day, the sun shined brightly. There were many people entering Liushang Pavilion.

Xiao Chen donned a black cloak and walked in slowly. The first floor was packed with people. Xiao Chen found it difficult to even take a step forward.

“What is going on? Why is Liushang Pavilion’s business ridiculously good today?” Xiao Chen caught a cultivator running out and asked.

When the cultivator was caught by Xiao Chen, he revealed an unhappy expression. He was about to lose his temper when he suddenly felt a boundless killing intent coming from Xiao Chen.

His expression immediately turned warm and he pointed to the wooden wall. He put on a smiling face and said, “Take a look, there is a notice on the wall. You will understand after you see it.”

There were too many people; Xiao Chen had no choice but to use his Essence to force his way in. After he saw the contents of the notice, he could not help but laugh hoarsely.

“Notice: Recently, within White Water City, there have been many copies of the fake Ancient remnant map appearing. There are even some immoral people who wrote the words ‘Stupid Cunt’ on it, cheating every one of their money.”

“I could not bear what I saw. Such a blatant act of scamming is abominable. In light of this, I guarantee, on the hundred-year-old reputation of Liushang Pavilion, that we will give out a copy of the true Ancient Remnant map.”

“As long as one spends a minimum of a thousand silver taels, Liushang Pavilion will give away the first half of the Ancient Remnant map for free. Upon a second expenditure of a thousand silver taels, we will immediately give the remaining half of the Ancient Remnant map. — Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike. Regards, Jin Dabao”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art; he was like a fish in water as he rushed upstairs. Along the way, the voices of the crowd reached Xiao Chen’s ears.

“This fatty is truly a good person. Knowing that we got cheated, he will give the map away to us as long as we came here to eat.”

“Indeed, in order to purchase that ‘Stupid Cunt’ map, I spent 1,000 silver taels. All I have to do here is eat 1,000 silver taels worth of food and I get the map for free. I am normally in a bad mood whenever I see that fatty. Now, he has finally done something good.”

“Stop talking and eat quickly! How much have you eaten?”

“I ate a hundred buns already, there are 900 more to go. That should be 1,000 silver taels.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, his flow of Essence was suddenly interrupted, nearly causing the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to fail. He cursed in his heart, This fatty is not human. After cheating every one of their money, he still got them to come here and give him more, praising him in the process.

When he arrived on the third floor, Xiao Chen flashed his VIP card. After he entered, he no longer felt as cramped. After all, there was a certain threshold to be met before one could enter the third floor. It was not so easy to enter.

“Waiter, bring me a pot of good tea and some side dishes,” Xiao Chen immediately shouted out after he took a seat. The efficiency of Liushang Pavilion’s waiters was very high; shortly after he ordered, Xiao Chen’s food and tea were served.

“Did you see Yan Qianyun’s expression when his guards took him away this morning?”

“I saw it; it was very unsightly. He seemed like he was about to cry. His body was all smooth and shiny, everything was plucked cleanly away.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he could not help but be interested. He remembered Yan Qianyun fainting at the roadside. Why did someone pluck everything off?

“Haha, if I were him, I would cry too. I heard that the fatty was collecting debts and plucked all of Yan Qianyun’s hair away. Even a true man would cry.”

“This fatty is too terrifying. No one will dare offend Liushang Pavilion in future. He really plucked off all the hair on his body, leaving him with nothing!”

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen could not help but spit out all the tea he just drank.

After a long time, Xiao Chen finished all the food on the table. A manservant came over and led him to a booth. Within the booth, Fatty Jin was giggling as he did his accounts. When he saw Xiao Chen, he quickly stood and welcomed him.

Xiao Chen immediately cut to the chase and asked, “You found the place already right? Or else you wouldn’t brazenly sell the map.”

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