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Chapter 107: Lightning Will Strike The Pretentious Pricks

Someone was interested in him? Xiao Chen felt suspicious. He was not familiar with anyone in this White Water City; who would be interested in him?

Xiao Chen followed the fatty up to the fifth floor. According to the rumors, only people of similar status to the City Lord would be qualified to enter the fifth floor.

When compared to the fourth floor, the decorations of the fifth floor were as different as night and day. It was much more luxurious; everything there was made from gold, jadeite, white jade, and other precious materials.

There were gentle voices carrying out a conversation in the adjoining room. Fatty Jin squinted and looked through the crack in the folding screen.

Seeing the two people in there, he revealed a strange expression. He muttered, “When did Yan Qianyun arrive? Why do I not know about it? To think he actually came directly to the fifth floor. Are the guards all dead? No one even came and inform me.”

Yan Qianyun was the successor of the Xihe Province’s innate bloodline Yan Clan. This White Water City is truly becoming more lively, Xiao Chen indifferently thought in his heart.

The fatty was about to walk over when Yan Qianyun suddenly walked out. He was not surprised at Jin Dabao’s appearance.

However, he was surprised when he saw Xiao Chen. A faint killing intent appeared in his eyes as he slowly walked over to Xiao Chen. He said, “I recognize you. Xiao Chen, the Ancient Remnant map is with you right? Hand it over.”

Yan Qianyun spoke in a bold and confident manner; he did not feel there was anything wrong with that. In his eyes, Xiao Chen was just a Medial Grade Martial Master without any status. There was no need for him to be so courteous.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, then he smiled coldly to himself. Are all the disciples of the noble clans so shameless and arrogant?

“Drawing the Saber! Chop!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber suddenly appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand; it released a resplendent electrical light and sent out a saber light at Yan Qianyun.

What a fast saber! Yan Qianyun was startled greatly in his heart. He did not expect that Xiao Chen would be so decisive. Furthermore, he did not expect that this Medial Grade Martial Master’s saber would be so fast.

“Pu Chi!”

Xiao Chen had practiced this Drawing the Saber countless times. He was just a step shy from the great perfection stage. Furthermore, at such a close range, there was practically no one who would be able to evade it.

At the moment Xiao Chen drew the saber, Yan Qianyun already started to retreat backward. However, his chest was still struck by the saber light; there was the sound of metal colliding with metal.

His shirt was torn apart, revealing a golden Battle Armor. Xiao Chen was mildly astonished in his heart; it was actually an Earth Ranked battle Armor, the foundation of a noble clan is indeed deep.

The saber did not manage to break the Battle Armor but the huge force behind it had stuck it firmly. Yan Qianyun’s internal organs were all instantly shaken.

“Arclight Chop!”

A sword appeared in Yan Qianyun’s hand; he intended to retaliate but discovered the Arclight Chop seemed to resemble nature itself, there were no weak points. This had sealed off all his paths of attack.


He pushed off with his feet and stabilized the fluctuations of his Essence in his body. His body flew backward and before he managed to stabilize himself after he landed, discovered Xiao Chen was rushing over.

Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber as he rushed over unhesitatingly. His speed was as fast as lightning, like a rushing thunderbolt.

Yan Qianyun quickly thought about his situation and finally, he discovered, aside from rolling backward, he had no other means of resisting.

Before he stood securely, he had no way to block this move; if he jumped backward too high, his head would be immediately chopped off. Making a quick decision, he instantly rolled backward.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Out of nowhere, a crack of thunder sounded out loudly on the fifth floor of Liushang Pavilion. The folding screens and chairs were all knocked flying by the fluctuations of the thunder.

Xiao Chen carried along the boundless might of rushing thunder and dashed over. Moving as fast as lightning and containing a great power, he chopped down at Yan Qianyun’s head.

Seeing the powerful momentum, Yan Qianyun felt fear in his heart. The Essence in his body circulated quickly. He held his sword above his head, hoping to block the saber.


When the weapons clashed, there was a loud sound. Yan Qianyun felt his hands tremble, a huge force traveled from the sword to his feet. There was a loud sound, and a hole immediately appeared in the wooden boards below his feet.

Half of Yan Qianyun’s body immediately sank and got stuck there. He was unable to advance or retreat. Xiao Ceh landed and raised his leg to kick him, flinging him out.

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

After accumulating the energy from five sabers, the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop surged forward. The blade landed on Yan Qianyun’s battle armor, like before, it did not pierce through.

“Pu Chi!”

However, the huge force passed through the Battle Armor, gushing frantically into Yan Qianyun’s body. He vomited out a mouthful of blood and was smashed violently into the wooden wall.

A large hole immediately appeared on the wooden wall of Liushang Pavilion. Yan Qingyun fell down, just like that. At a critical moment, he stretched out of his right hand and grabbed the wooden floor; his body dangled in midair.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to kick him again, a soundwave was sent towards him. He quickly took two steps back. A table beside him was hacked into two halves by the soundwave with a loud bang.

Su Xiaoxiao walked out leisurely and advised gently, “Young Master Xiao, how about you show some mercy?”

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at the girl, praising her in his heart. Regardless of looks or temperament, only Yue Ying was comparable to her amongst all the girls he knew.

However, I don’t seem to know you, right?

“Do we know each other?” Xiao Chen asked seriously as he looked at Su Xiaoxiao

Su Xiaoxiao was surprised at his words and did not know how to reply. The fatty hurriedly replied for her, “This is Miss Xiaoxiao; I brought you here to meet her.”

The number one beauty of the south, Su Xiaoxiao, Xiao Chen thought. He did not expect her to be the one rumored to be the only person in the Great Qin Nation comparable to Yue Ying in appearance. Based on today, it seems the rumors were not false.

However, this girl seemed to have a mysterious origin. Because she was good at playing music, she often appeared all sorts of grand places, interacting with the young masters of the Great Qin Nation’s noble clans.

However, there were no rumors of her having an affair with any of the noble clan successors. Furthermore, she did not belong to any one of the powers.

There was once a marquis who wanted to force himself on her after seeing her beauty. However, before the men he sent out could take any action, there was the sound of wind and the Marquis died in his own office. Furthermore, the Royal Court did not pursue the matter after that.


Yan Qianyun shouted lightly and climbed back to the fifth floor. His face was extremely pale; there were bloodstains on the corners of his lips. His clothes were tattered and he looked like he was in an incredibly sorry state.

Ever since he made his debut, he had never been in such a sorry state. Now, because he underestimated his enemy, he nearly became the joke of Liushang Pavilion.

“Young Master Yan, on the account of Xiaoxiao, will you withdraw? I have something to talk about with Young Master Xiao.” Su Xiaoxiao asked gently and looked at Yan Qianyun

When Yan Qianyun heard this, he quickly considered the situation. I have just suffered a significant injury due to my carelessness. This Xiao Chen clearly has some backers. It will not be to my benefit to continue fighting with him.

I might as well go back and recover first before dealing with this brat. Yan Qianyun snorted coldly and said in a grim tone, “On the account of Miss Xiaoxiao, I will let you live your wretched life for a few more days. I will be back in a few days for your head.”

Fatty Jin sighed in his heart, What a pretentious prick, even this Fat Lord admits I am not comparable to him. He was clearly beaten like a dog and he still acts like he was the one dishing out the punishment, not wanting to lose face in front of Miss Xiaoxiao.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly, “Did I say I’m letting you go?”

“Lightning Evasion! Inclined Body Strike!”

There was a flash of lightning and Xiao Chen suddenly appeared in front of Yan Qianyun. His body inclined at an angle and all the energy of his body was focused on his right shoulder. He then violently smashed into Yan Qianyun’s chest.

Yan Qianyun, who was preparing to leave in a casual manner, looked at Xiao Chen in shock. He did not dare believe Xiao Chen would actually continue to attack him in front of Su Xiaoxiao.


A terrifying physical body, combined will all his Essence, caused yan Qianyun to vomit out a mouthful of blood. He flew backward and fell through the hole in the wall.

This time, Yan Qianyun did not have the opportunity to grab onto anything. With a loud boom, he fell from the hundred meters tall Liushang Pavilion, landing violently.

Because the Guiyi Marquis came, White Water City was particularly lively tonight. The crowd on the streets had not dispersed yet. Suddenly, a figure fell from Liushang Pavilion, creating a loud boom and startling them.

They only saw a person with disheveled hair lying on the ground. Blood was flowing out from his mouth and he looked extremely pale. That person slowly sat up and then tried to stand. Just as he got up, he fell back to the ground with a bang.

The bones in his legs seemed to be broken; he had no way to stand up. Yan Qianyun’s eyes became bloodshot as he lay prone on the ground, crawling away step by step.

He had come to Liushang Pavilion alone. Because he wanted to meet Su Xiaoxiao, he left all the guards and servants outside the city. There was now only one thought in his head, which was to quickly get out, then get the clan protectors to tear Xiao Chen into tiny pieces.

“Is this not Xihe Province’s Yan Qianyun? Why is he here is White Water City? To think he was thrown down from Liushang Pavilion. I wonder who is so daring?”

Some people recognized Yan Qianyun’s appearance and spoke with incomparable shock. The Yan Clan was a distinguished noble clan in the Xihe Province. They had an innate bloodline and an inherited Martial Spirit; how could there be someone who could beat him to this state?

Those with sharp eye sight looked up and saw Xiao Chen standing at the hole. They exclaimed in shock, “It’s Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen actually threw Yan Qianyun out off Liushang Pavilion.”

“This fellow is too awesome; he just pinned the Jiang Clan’s First Elder to the city wall to death during the day. Then, he threw the successor of the Yan Clan out of the fifth floor of Liushang Pavilion during the night.”

“Regardless of whether they are the noble clans or the rich and powerful clans, he does not care about them. He will do whatever he wished. This person is very heaven defying.”

The words of the crowd reached Yan Qianyun’s ears, causing the anger in his heart to burn even brighter. He wished he could get up and kill Xiao Chen with one blow of his sword. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with hate.

A few people saw the pitiful manner in which Yan Qianyun was crawling and wanted to help him.

“Scram! Just a bunch of commoners of the Dongming Province. I don’t need you to help me. I like to crawl, scram away!” Yan Qianyun was currently very angry with nothing to vent his anger on. When he saw people coming over, he immediately cursed at them.

Those people saw their kind intentions were greeted with hate. After they were cursed at, they immediately left and disappeared, like they were playing hide and seek. They had never seen such a malicious person before.

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