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Chapter 100: When Would The Tiger Descend to The Plains?

The blood river in the sky looked like a churning red cloud. A horrifying malicious Qi spread out in all directions from, rippling in the sky.

Xiao Chen felt the blood river behind him and was startled. Hua Yunfei has not left yet! In that case, Duanmu Qing and Chu Chaoyun are probably still around. I have to hurry to the illusion formation.

“Pu Ci!”

The blood river rotated and transformed into a waterspout. Its speed suddenly doubled, instantly catching up to Xiao Chen. Then, he turned back into a human and struck Xiao Chen down from the sky with a palm strike.


Xiao Chen fell from the sky, landing on the ground with a thud. The Qi and blood in his body were churning as he vomited another mouthful of blood. His pale face became very startling.

Hua Yunfei landed and looked at Xiao Chen on the ground. He laughed disdainfully, “I thought you were some genius, to be able to force Duanmu Qing to materialize her Martial Spirit. To think that you are just a piece of trash.”

Xiao Chen stood slowly and looked at Hua Yunfei, “All you have is an innate bloodline and have awakened your Martial Spirit from birth. If I did not condense my Martial Spirit at the age of 15, I would still be able to deal with you, supposing I were more severely injured than I am now.”

“Still dare to be stubborn?!” Hua Yunfei snorted coldly. He moved swiftly, leaving behind a trail of blood everywhere he went. In a blink of the eye, he arrived before Xiao Chen. He raised his leg and kicked him.


Xiao Chen suddenly flew backward, smashing through three huge trees before landing on the ground heavily. After he landed, he vomited three mouthfuls of blood. There was no longer any trace of blood in his pale continence.

Hua Yunfei flew over and was surprised when he saw Xiao Chen’s body was not damaged. “To think that your body is so resilient. Your bones did not break, even after my kick. However, no matter how strong your body is, in terms of cultivation realm, you are trash.”

“Take out the map and I’ll end your pain quickly!”

Xiao Chen stayed silent and stood slowly. He used his Spiritual Sense to seal up the Spirit Blood Jade, preventing Xiao Bai from coming out as it wanted. He brandished the Lunar Shadow Saber and the Essence in his body circulated in the manner of the Return of the Azure Dragon’s cultivation methods. He looked at Hua Yunfei with a cold expression.

Hua Yunfei frowned slightly; Xiao Chen’s gaze made him feel very uncomfortable. He snorted coldly and left another trail of blood on the ground, arriving before Xiao Chen instantly and kicking him again.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This time, Hua Yunfei used 50 percent of his strength. Xiao Chen flew like a cannon ball, smashing consecutively through five huge trees. Xiao Chen bent over and stuck the Lunar Shadow Saber into the ground, creating a long gash.

Holding the Lunar Shadow Saber, he did not fall on the ground this time. Black lines began to appear on his pale face, the suppressed poison in his body finally started to make a counterattack.

Xiao Chen coughed out a few pieces of black blood clots, laughing maniacally. This, combined with the dense black lines on his face, made him look extremely horrifying.

“Continue! Did you not drink milk? With only that much strength, you are not even comparable to a woman,” the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth curled in a cold smile as he mocked him.

Hua Yunfei’s complexion changed as his expression turned grave. There was an intense killing intent that appeared in his eyes. He looked at Xiao Chen with cold eyes and an expressionless face; in his eyes, Xiao Chen was already a dead man.

Hua Yunfei pushed off the ground with his feet, leaping into the air. A blood colored ghostly figure appeared behind him as he sent a palm strike towards Xiao Chen’s brain.

Xiao Chen looked coldly at Hua Junfei launching himself over. He raised the Lunar Shadow Saber slightly, casually taking a stance, the tip of his saber pointed at Hua Yunfei.

It was just a casual stance; there did not seem to be any action. It appeared as though there was not much difference from earlier. Xiao Chen still looked severely injured.

Hua Junfei’s right eyelid twitched for no reason; he felt a sense of danger. It felt as if something in his heart was hollowed out.

[TL note: Twitching of the eyelid is a Chinese superstition. Twitching of the right eyelid is a bad omen while the twitching of the left is a good omen.]

Could it be that this brat still has trump cards? Hua Yunfei thought doubtfully. No matter, even if he still has some trump cards, he would not have the opportunity to use them. In another breath of time, I will smash his crown apart.

Thinking his, he ignored the uncomfortable feeling in his heart. Smiling coldly, he continued to smash his palm towards Xiao Chen’s crown.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly shouted lightly, and his aura suddenly rose. His body emitted a boundless earth-shattering aura.

Time seemed to have stopped; Hua Yunfei’s palm stopped before Xiao Chen’s head, and he was not able to proceed further. After a short moment, an irresistible force was emitted by Xiao Chen’s body. Hua Yunfei was blasted back, as though he was a feather that was blown.

The quiet surrounding of the forest seemed as though there were great unending sea waves bellowing. A vast ocean appeared behind Xiao Chen.

There were huge torrential waves, surging layer upon layer. The trees with a 500-meter radius were all uprooted, smashed into bits by the bellowing sea.

Amidst the ocean, the head of an Azure Dragon peeked out. Its cry could be heard from everywhere. Within the periphery of Savage Forest, all the Spirit Beasts felt a fear coming from their bloodline, deep in their hearts. Every one of them laid on the ground, prostrating and trembling without control.

A dragon stuck in shallow waters invites the tricks of the shrimp; a tiger in the plains will get bullied by dogs. Who knows when the tiger will descend onto the plains, or when the tide will come in and the dragon will have sufficient water? When the Azure Dragon returns, I will cause the rivers to flow in reverse.

[TL note: This is an adaptation of a Chinese poem, speaking of how the mighty would be bullied by the weak when they are placed in unfavorable situations. Like a fish out of water.]

The might of the Ancient Holy Beast was released. Under the influence of this boundless might, Hua Yunfei felt the Essence in his body turn chaotic, it no longer headed his commands. His hands and feet seem to not work properly; they could not move at all.

This apocalyptic strength was held by Xiao Chen once again. The Azure Dragon circled in the sky before rushing at Hua Yunfei.

Seeing the Azure Dragon rushing at him, Hua Yunfei felt a sense of despair. To think that it’s a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. How could it be? Am I going to die here?

That cannot be. This is a mutated Martial Spirit that appeared once in a thousand years in the Hua Clan. It is rare, even in the ancient times. This is the time for us to rise up. How can an insignificant Superior Grade Martial Disciple possibly defeat me?!

Hua Yunfei was shouting maniacally in his heart. A human figure walked out from the boundless blood river in his Dantian.

This person was dressed in blood colored clothes and was merged with the river, as though he came from the nine layers of hell. He gave off a boundless malicious Qi. When he raised his head to look at the Azure Dragon in the sky, he revealed an evil looking smile.


That person suddenly jumped into the Dantian, turning into a huge blood colored illusion. It stood in the middle of heaven and earth and blocked the descending Azure Dragon with its hands.


A horrifying shock wave rippled in all directions. All the trees within a thousand meters were snapped before turning into dust. Within this circular zone, only the bottom half of the trees were left.

The Azure Dragon howled angrily. The blood colored illusion turned compact. The ground under Hua Yunfei suddenly cracked open, causing him to fall into it.

Seeing that the Azure Dragon could not be stopped, the blood colored man heaved a long sigh and turn into a blood colored viscous liquid, wrapping around Hua Yunfei. Without anything obstructing it, the Azure Dragon smashed into Hua Yunfei with a loud ‘bang’.

Countless pieces of crushed rock flew from the crack in the ground. Hua Yunfei unendingly fell downwards. It was unknown how long he fell. After a long time, there were unceasing explosion sounds in the crack before he gradually came to a stop.

“Chi! Chi!”

The blood vessels all over Xiao Chen’s body ruptured. Countless amount of black blood spurted out in all directions. His face revealed a look of extreme anguish as he knelt on to the ground with a ‘pu tong’ sound.

His flesh could be seen drying up rapidly, just like the time he first awakened his Martial Spirit. It was clear that the Azure Dragon exhausted too much Essence. Since he did not have sufficient Essence, the Azure Dragon took the Spiritual Energy in his flesh.

After a long time, Xiao Chen’s originally muscular body was left with only skin and bones. His eyes were sunken and his skin was dry. However, the most surprising thing was when the Azure Dragon absorbed from his flesh and blood, it absorbed all the poison as well.

High in the sky, in the distance, an ice phoenix and the figure of a sword descended rapidly. Duanmu Qing and Chu Chaoyun landed firmly on the ground.

The two of them looked at the surroundings. Countless trees were snapped in half. There were many fissures on the ground. They were astonished in their hearts.

Chu Chaoyun walked slowly to the huge crack. When he saw Hua Yunfei lying on the bottom, a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes. The sword behind him buzzed relentlessly.

Duanmu Qing said expressionlessly, “You wish to kill him?”

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly, “If there is an opportunity, I would not hesitate to make a move. Unfortunately, this was a blessing in disguise for him.”

“He has awakened the manifestation of this Martial Spirit. If I want to kill him, the moment my killing intent manifests, it would awaken him immediately. After today, he will only become more terrifying.”

Duanmu Qing walked over slowly, her eyes full of shock, “It is already difficult to awaken the manifestation of an Inherited Martial Spirit. It is even harder to manifest a Mutated Inherited Martial Spirit. After today, within Dongming Province, there will be no one in the younger generation who will be a match for him.”

Chu Chaoyun smiled subtly and turned his gaze to the dried up Xiao Chen lying on the ground, “In such a large Dongming Province, there are definitely plenty of hidden geniuses. Don't just cast your sights on the three powers. Who knows? There might be someone was is comparable to him somewhere nearby.”

A trace of pity appeared on Duanmu Qing’s pretty face, “This person could be said to have had a great opportunity, obtaining a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique from somewhere. Unfortunately, he overestimated himself and executed it. Furthermore, this was not his first time executing the Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. If he executes it once again, he is likely to die on the spot.”

“Without a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique, how would he be able to fight against Hua Yunfei? He is, after all, just a Superior Grade Martial Disciple.”

Hua Yunfei did not continue to discuss this topic. He asked, “How are you going to deal with the map of the Ancient Remnants? Are we still including Hua Yunfei?”

Just as Duanmu Qing was about to reply, a resplendent blood color light shot out of the Spirit Blood Jade in front of Xiao Chen’s chest. Xiao Bai finally broke through the restrictions Xiao Chen had set upon it.

Seeing the dried up body of Xiao Chen on the ground, it let out a mournful cry. The pure look in its eyes suddenly became bloodshot.


A huge Six-Tailed Spirit Fox appeared before the two of them. There was a surging aura coming from its body. The six tails behind it stood erect; its hair all stood on its end. It looked very terrifying.

“Crap, this little fellow is about to go berserk. Let’s go quickly!” The two of them were startled. They hurriedly used their own methods to fly into the sky and flee.

Xiao Bai opened its mouth and the Spiritual Energy from the surroundings rushed toward it. The Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation was circulating unceasingly. The Boundless Essence was compressing nine times, forming into a huge light ball.

The light ball kept rotating; it was very bright. A strong wind arose from around it, causing all the leaves, the crushed stone, dirt, and dust to fly around.


The light ball flashed by in the air, looking like an arc of electricity. The two people in the distance were instantly struck. They both vomited a mouthful of blood before landing on the ground heavily.

Xiao Bai looked at Xiao Chen on the ground. Its bloodshot eyes misted up. It pulled Xiao Chen onto its back and quickly ran off into the distance.

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