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Chapter 343
Mile Chapter 343: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 5
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“Alitos” is a small shop with a couple and three employees, a total of five people .

There are rumors that they are doing pretty terrible business .

Then a mid-sized company’s merchant who is widely involved in everything from the sales business to the finance business is a person in charge of the financial sector, a large banker and a handful, and several escorts came to visit .

Usually, this isn’t a shop that such a big merchant himself would personally visit . He would send a clerk, helper, etc . to call the other party .

And from the presence of an escort, he must have realized that he made grudges everywhere and that there was a good chance of being attacked in the city .

The reason for that big merchant bothered to go directly to that shop is, of course, “that” .


『…Two Wyvern’s scales, right?』(Mercht)

『Yes, a friend gave me… I wonder if we can use it instead of the penalty for our debt …』(Mother)


This woman is the wife of the owner of this store . She said she had no time to find a place to sell herself, so instead of selling it elsewhere and converting it into cash, she went directly to debt financing .

Aside from slowly searching for a sales destination, it is natural for them to be bought and sold in a matter of a few hours, and if they do poorly, it may even be less than half the original sales price .

If so, people normally would have thought that it would be a little better to offset the debt, even if it did not reach the original price .

It was not a wrong idea .

…… If the product was really “Wyvern’s scale” .


And the merchant who soars with luck following the miracle .

For this negotiation to be absolutely unfailing, he went himself to the financial sector and negotiated with the borrower directly . Still, he was desperate to bite his laughter .

Had there been this woman’s husband, the owner of this store, he would have failed . However, her husband is going to a town a little far away to collect more money and his wife, who is not familiar with the business, seems to be responding to debt urges .

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The husband must go around the place to get money, but how worried is the merchant’s wife?

…It’s too good .

This godsend event helps him make more money!

Thinking so this, the merchant was filled with gratitude for the stupid woman in front of him .


『I can’t help… We’re not doing charity, either .
However, it’s the merchant’s duty to help the troubled customer .
I feel sorry that you’re in so much trouble, so I will use it to pay part of the payment for your store . 』(Mercht)

『Oh, thank you very much!
So is it okay to offset all principal, interest, penalties with two Wyvern’s scales?』(Mother)



The sly aged merchant was surprised at the conditions the opponent said .


『Two Wyvern’s scales with the cost of 7 small gold coins each won’t be enough to pay your debt!』(Mercht)


However, the opponent didn’t try to reduce the conditions she offered .


『Only 7 small gold coins?
No, the Wyvern’s scale should be much higher than 7 small gold coins .
If you don’t want to buy with that value, I’ll go to the commercial guild and sell it .
I think I will get a better price than just 7 small gold coins, even if I sell it with a discount .
Then our payment will be made again in cash tomorrow…』(Mother)

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Apparently, the woman had not heard from the female hunters that the appraisal price was 7 small gold coins per scale .

And unlike the Ancient Dragon’s scale, which will only be available in a few decades or hundreds of years, the Wyvern’s scale is not so unusual, albeit at a modest price . Even if the Wyvern can’t be hunted easily but a single hunt will yield a significant number of scales . So it’s no wonder that many people know the market, even if they haven’t seen the actual thing .

It is different from the Ancient Dragon’s scale, where you can only get a few pieces because of the Ancient Dragon’s rampage and you can never get a whole scale .


(This is bad!
Even if she couldn’t tell about the scale, but did she know about the market price of the Wyvern scales that occasionally appear…?
This isn’t the time to worry about a little money!) (Mercht)


The merchant decided to ignore the money that was just a bit of money for himself, rather than doing something extra and ruining everything .


『Okay, I understand .
Then, it means that all payments are offset…
To be clear, it’s going to be much higher than the market price, so you should be grateful!』(Mercht)


Such a good merchant, but there is no merchant who does such business at first glance . Unless it’s something he can collect money for later .

And no matter how lack of knowledge the wife of a merchant was, she couldn’t help but understand that much .

However…… .


『Thank you! Well, we will prepare a contract that has been approved in that way…』(Mother)


The woman clapped her hand with *pomp~pomp* and a clerk immediately brought a contract .

Has she decided to use this condition from the beginning so she made the contract in advance? Or did she prepare several types of contracts and use the hand to signal to hold which contract…?

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That kind of signal is used by any shopkeeper, so the merchant doesn’t know for certain .

And when the merchant confirms the contract …


“By offsetting the repayment of all borrowed money (the principal borrowed, interest, penalties for late repayment, commissions, and any other nominal repayment required in connection with this matter), I will hand over two scales belong to a Dragon-type, probably a Wyvern” (Contract)


The gist was written using fixed phrases so that there was no room for misunderstanding .

There is no problem in terms of text, terminology, etc . , only “belong to a Dragon-type” is specified, but can’t be sure whether it belongs to a Wyvern . So there is no problem even if it belongs to an Ancient Dragon . If they want to complain later about the true value, he can just laugh .


『Okay, now give me the scales!』(Mercht)


The merchant’s wife shook her head to the merchant who said so with a smiling face .


『I refuse』(Mother)



Gaping .

There is no other adjective, the face of the merchant .


『No, the terms of the contract itself are not objectionable .
However, the delivery of the goods will be done in a commercial guild, not here .
The reason is that I can’t give it right away now because I haven’t received it yet .
And from the perspective of trying to return the borrowed money, I don’t think we could trust much .
However, if a commercial guild member breached the contracts he had made in front of many merchants and guild officials, and tried to trick strangers into trapping his opponents, his reputation as a merchant would be fatally injured .
So we can feel a bit safe . 』(Mother)

『Guh …』(Mercht)


The merchant has an unpleasant look, but when he thinks about it, it also applies to the other side .

If later they wanted to complain “I was deceived” or “Return the scales”, there will be no problem because there are many witnesses .

At the time of the transaction, I just believed in the other party’s explanation “I thought it was a Wyvern scale” even though I knew that it was another thing, there was no problem .

After all, it was the other party who made the wrong item judgment and gave the wrong explanation …


『Let’s go to the commercial guild in the evening, at the first night bell (around 6:00 pm) . At that time, you will return the loan contract, exchange for this contract, and deliver in-kind』(Mother)


If they don’t collect the debt contract properly, they might get a fake contract that has no value, or he could turn face . A single deception was enough .



Then, after seeing off the merchant with a nervous face, the mother’s mouth distorted .

It resembled what the Red Oath often saw .

… Yes, very similar to Pauline’s evil smile when doing evil tricks .

The mother is a good person… However, she is a merchant’s wife .

Words overflowed from the woman’s mouth in a small voice .


『…See the anger of the small store, “Alitos”!』(Mother)

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