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Chapter 344
Mile Chapter 344: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 6
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And in the evening, just before the bell at night 1 (around 6:00 pm) .

In the commercial guild, the wife of the small shop, Alitos, and the merchant, his finance department, and escorts .

Commercial guilds were quite crowded .

During this time, hunters returning from hunting and harvesting sell their prey and harvest to the Hunter Guild, which is then sold to commercial guilds, which is the busiest time .

…… Yes, of course, that’s why she specified this time zone .


Ka~ra~ran (Door bell’s SFX)


The doorbell rang, everyone reflexively turned their eyes toward the door and “the girls” came in .

For the past few days, the young women’s party is rapidly gaining popularity in the Hunter Guild .

However, in commercial guilds, it’s the rank party “Mithril’s Roar” that has become more popular with the Soil Dragon material and the people here believed that the newbie hunters just happened to be there . Little was known about the truth . And of course, even if they knew they couldn’t spread the hunters’ information .

So, everyone didn’t react much when they saw Red Oath .

Then, the members of “Red Oath” went straight to the table where the small shop owner’s wife and Loan shark merchant were .


『Sorry I have made you wait .
We will now hand over the scales of the Wyvern that we promised to give to the Miss of Alitos Shop』(Pauline)


This time, Pauline was in charge of the negotiation from the beginning, not the party leader Maevis . Anyway, they don’t know who is the leader of “Red Oath,” and even if they do, they won’t bother .


『Well, it’s still a little before the first night bell .
Then, after confirming that the signature of the contract and exchange are finished, we will take out the actual product .
The contract is concluded when the actual Wyvern Scales are delivered .
If the scales are fake or damaged at that time, please declare it on the spot .
In that case, you can ask the guild appraiser to confirm and if there is a failure here, the contract is invalid according to the guild’s terms, is it okay?』(Pauline)


The second part isn’t for the shopkeeper’s wife but to the Loan Shark merchant .

And, of course, the Loan Shark merchant smiled in his heart .

It’s convenient for him not to put out the goods first . Which means they would sign a contract and then check the actual thing .

Otherwise, the merchants around would make a noise before signing the contract, and the value of the scale would be known to the other party .


(She must be thinking a lot about not being deceived but she is going to make her actions irreversible .

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It’s a pitfall that often makes you think you’re the judge .
Even if she thinks she is smart, in the end, she is just a stupid woman…) (Mercht)


… Yes, she should think more carefully . But when she is trying to the upper hand, she ends up trapping herself .

The unusual case of conducting a transaction, that should be done in a private room, in such a way of watching the public, and the word “Wyvern Scale” that they heard many times earlier .

Furthermore, the other party the infamous sly Aged merchant Mercht . Something he wants to make a deal with doesn’t seem like a normal deal at all .


((((((Stop it, you are going to be deceived………))))) (Merchants)


Everyone around the woman thought so .

However, they had no choice but to look at the victim woman with a sad face . Concentrate all your nerves on their ears, not to overlook the details of the transaction .


Then, two identical contracts are issued, each signing both, confirming one by one, and then stowing them in their pockets .

Ordinarily, the contract would be delivered on the table, but both would be wary that the other party would know the truth and try to steal the contract .

Those who watched it smiled, “Ah, neither of them trust the other…” .


『Alright then, please』(Mother)


As the wife of Alitos Store asked so, Mile took out two packages from the storage and gently placed them on the table .


“It’s the storage!” People from the surrounding talks in surprised with a small voice . But most of them seemed more concerned about the current situation and watched with a gag .


『……here you go』(Mile)


The Loan Shark merchant opened the package…


『What is this?!』(Mercht)


He suddenly stood up and shouted loudly .

Yes, it was a Dragon Scale that was packed in a large wooden crate to protect it from being scratched .

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…the scale of a “Wyvern” .


『As you can see, it’s a Wyvern scale?』(Mother)

『Why is it a Wyvern scale?! It was different!!』(Mercht)


Everyone is nervous without understanding why the Loan Shark merchant is angry and yells at the woman .

No wonder . Up until now, they keep saying “It’s a trade of Wyvern scales” so many times . So they don’t know why would he shout at the woman with the reason that it’s a Wyvern scale . Is the quality bad?

And from the standpoint of others, the Wyvern’s scales are in good condition . There shouldn’t be anything to complain about or yell at the woman .


What’s wrong?
Didn’t we keep saying that it’s the Wyvern scales from the beginning?
You also said that all the time, right?
And the contract also states, “Dragon species, probably a Wyvern”
And you have confirmed it many times, right? It’s exactly what was being said…?
Should I ask the guild to judge the scales for you?』(Woman)

『Nuh …』(Mercht)


The Loan shark merchant can’t say anything back to the woman who says so with a smile .

However, he quickly recovers …


『You guys! The scales you brought yesterday…』(Mercht)

『Eh, you said that it was 7 small gold coins, that unknown scale, right?
Because we thought it was cheap, so we gave it to someone we know this morning .
Why would we use those 2 cheap scales that you, a leading merchant owner, were judged that worth only 7 small gold coins to pay such a huge debt?』(Pauline)


Pauline’s reply seems to have begun to make sense to those around her . Ah, the convinced face began to appear .


『Guh …』(Mercht)


The Loan Shark merchant was angry but couldn’t say anything back .

He can’t say that . There are a lot of merchants and commercial guild officials here . He was trying to buy it by cheating .


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Of course, he already knows that his reputation is bad .

However, he can’t use his usual excuses such as “It’s the conversation with the party alone, not heard by the third party”
or “The language written in the contract isn’t interpretable . ”
or “I didn’t know about that . ”
or “My subordinates did it on their own”
or “I do not remember” .

It was “It’s a legitimate contract that both parties have agreed upon . ”


This time, in front of such a large number of people, he clearly said “scale of the Wyvern” .

The unknown scale that the girls brought yesterday, he had appraised it only worth 7 small gold coins . And that scale has nothing to do with this transaction .

And of course, that price was much cheaper than the scale of the Wyvern .

Right now, he can’t claim that “the unknown scale yesterday was an Ancient Dragon scale and that what he wants to buy”

Anyway, he has proved to himself that he can identify scales so he can’t argue that the unknown scale with the price 7 small gold coins yesterday is much more expensive than this Wyvern scale .

All of those options will confess his fraud …

On the other hand, it’s clear that the other side consistently considered “this is a Wyvern scale” and “it was not a great price”, and both the contract and the agreed amount . It proves clearly .


(They got me, well play……) (Mercht)


The Loan Shark merchant drops his shoulders .

And the wife of the owner of “Alitos” pretended not to know anything while Pauline secretly laughed behind the scene so that others could not see it .


However, in this case, the Loan Shark merchant didn’t really lose a lot of money .

He bought the Wyvern scale at a relatively high price, but it was simply high because he tried to trick the borrower with a penalty fee . He just failed to make a profit .


Even though the small store “Alitos” had clear all their debts . They also have to pay for the purchase of the Wyvern scale from “Red Oath”, but at a regular price .

Pauline didn’t insist that the mother must pay the originally borrowed money, and everyone agreed .

This is proof that this time was just for self-defense and that the girls didn’t intend to make money by doing this . They also want to leave a good feeling for the shop “Alitos” and other merchants and guild staff .


Therefore, the goods given to the merchant owner were beautiful of scales of the Wyvern . They did not give out other scales, such as scales of rock lizards .

Yes, it means that Alitos is an honest and legitimate store that keeps its promises .


And “Red Oath” sold the Wyvern scales at a reasonable price, so there was no loss .

In the end, all three ended without incident, without much profit or loss .

… financially .


The merchant scorned himself in front of many merchants and commercial guilds, further reducing his reputation as “Yes, he did something bad again…”

The wife of the small store “Alitos” doesn’t lie at all, without hesitation, confronts a Sly Aged merchant, and raises her name as a woman who can compete with other merchants, which is the name of her husband’s store .

And “Red Oath” was thought to be an interesting group, as well as having a beautiful girl with storage magic .




『…… But I was glad that there are Wyvern scales in Mile’s storage ……』(Rena)

『Yes, this is also thanks to Lobles-chan』(Pauline)

『『Ahhhh …』』(Mile + Maevis)


Mile and Maevis dry laugh with the comments of Rena and Pauline .

Yes, after Lobles was shot down in the first battle with the Ancient Dragon .

When the girls used healing magic on Lobles, who had been injured due to the dragon breath and the fall of the trees, they cut the damaged scales and cleaned the wound before healing .

…Of course, “we took it in preparation for treatment, the scale that was halfway out and was in the way” was stored by Mile in the storage magic…

And Pauline wouldn’t leave such things behind .


『Everyone made little money without loss . Congratulations, congratulations…』(Mile)

『『『…………』』』(Rena’s Trio)


Miles fluently uttered such a thing .

She does not take into account the social and mental damage suffered to the merchant . Three girls wanted to say so…


(No, she must know about it before saying…) (Rena)

(Doesn’t it mean that you don’t need to consider the villain’s damage? Mile-chan is pretty black …) (Pauline)

(… you’re just saying it, right? Mile, you’re just saying it, right?) (Maevis)


And Rena’s trio could only react with a wry smile …

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