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Chapter 2316 - I'll compete with you

Her eyes were sharp like torches, staring straight at Long Fei.

To be able to break through his Zhen Wu realm's power, what kind of cultivation technique was that?

Yi Liuxian didn't even notice.

Although it wasn't his full strength, but … It was impossible for any Escalated Blood Stage warrior to break through his energy shockwave.

As for Long Fei...

After a long time.

Two words came out of Yi Liuxian's mouth, "Monster!"

There were three words left, but he did not say it out loud. "I like it!"

Other than Yi Liuxian.

Everyone in the plaza was stunned, all of them looked at Long Fei in shock.

Then, he looked at Yi Changfeng who was lying in a pool of blood.


The Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion was dead.

What did his death mean? This meant that the Xuan Yue sect had fallen into an unprecedented crisis. In the future, who would be able to provide the disciples of the Xuan Yue sect with Alchemy cultivation medicine?

If he died, then would the following elders die as well?

All of a sudden.

Several elders jumped out and directly knelt in front of Yi Liuxian, pointed at Long Fei and said, "Sect Master, this person has a bloodthirsty personality. Not only did he kill fellow disciples, he even killed the Great Clan Elder in front of everyone and, according to the sect's rules, this person should be killed!"

"That's right."

"Although I am unable to prove whether or not he is a Magic Tribe, with such a ruthless method, even if he isn't a member of the Magic Tribe, he is still a demon that killed people. I cannot leave him alive."

"Grand master, this man deserves to die."

"Sect Leader, kill him to pay with your own life, we can't let him get away with it."

… ….

All of a sudden.

The elders who were standing by the side of Yi Changfeng all walked out and knelt down in unison.

~ This is an alliance trying to kill Long Fei. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Long Fei ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yue Wanshan stepped forward, and said. "Sect Master, everyone knows about the life wager due to Alchemy. If Yi Changfeng loses, then the bet should be carried out.

Yi Yourong also stepped forward, and said: "Father, what Elder Yue said is right, he did not do anything wrong."

That Long Fei was Magic Tribe?

She would never believe it.

Xiao Die and thin monkey kneeled down and said, "Lord Sect Master, A Long (Boss) is not wrong, I hope that you can investigate thoroughly."

Yi Liuxian looked at Long Fei.


He knew everything, but. He was the sect master of the Xuan Yue sect, he had to submit to the masses.

Yi Liuxian asked: Long Fei, do you still have anything else to say?

Long Fei looked at Yi Changfeng who was dead on the ground, and fiercely spat out a mouthful of phlegm. "Pah, can't beat you? Who can't play who now? "

Spitting on a corpse was a great disrespect to the dead.

Many of the Pill Pavilion Elders were furious.

Yi Liuxian's voice also sunk as she asked, "I'm asking you, what else do you have to say for yourself?"

Long Fei swept his eyes across the entire hall, and said casually: "There's nothing much to say, if you are willing to bet, you admit defeat, and if you lose, you have to admit it!"


"Kid, you cheated."

"You've only cultivated the Alchemy Technique for a few days? How could you possibly be a Eighth Rank Alchemy Grandmaster? "

"How could you possibly win against Great Elder?"


"You definitely cheated."

They still did not believe that Long Fei was a Eight-level Alchemy Man.

Because he couldn't believe it.

Long Fei did not try to defend himself, and laughed: "You guys do not believe that it has anything to do with me, I have already killed him, if you have the ability then get him to get up and fight with me again."

One of the clan elders shouted, "Brat, don't be too arrogant, this is Xuan Yue sect!"

Long Fei was also not someone to be trifled with, his voice also became even more arrogant, and said: "This father is being arrogant, what can you do? "Huh?"

"Just you scum …" "If it wasn't for the fact that you guys have to give me face, with my personality, you all would all have to die."

These words were truly not an exaggeration.

According to Long Fei's personality, these people would have all been killed by him.

"How preposterous!"

A few elders face turned red in anger, as if they wanted to tear Long Fei into pieces.

Long Fei had a calm face as he sneered: "So unpleasant? Come up and bite me, I'll let you guys have a good time. "

Too arrogant.

He didn't give face to anyone.

So what if the Sect Master is present?

If I'm unhappy, I wouldn't care so much.

"Cluck, cluck …"

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Those old elders gnashed their teeth so hard that it seemed as if they were about to shatter into pieces.

Yi Liuxian's eyes darkened, and an aura was released from his body, shocking Long Fei, and he said: "Long Fei, do not be rash."

It was this kind of power from the Zhen Wu realm again.

Long Fei's entire body seemed like it could not move at all.

However …

He held the Sky Sword tightly in his hands. As long as he released the power of the 'Sky Code', he could cut Yi Liuxian's power apart.

Letting out the powerful Sky Code's power, his body was unable to withstand it.

However …

Long Fei was so anxious that he could do anything.

Long Fei slightly said: "I have also cultivated the pills, I have also killed the people, if you want to kill, then kill. "Just say it in advance, I am not a vegetarian."

The last sentence was arrogant and domineering.

If I kill him, how can I?


Come up and fuck me, let's see who can do who to die for!

All the elders were furious as they stared at Long Fei with bloodshot eyes.

If looks could kill, then Long Fei would have been riddled with holes, and not even dregs would remain.

"Good kid, you're crazy, even more crazy than I was." Yi Liuxian laughed in his heart, and said: "No one wants to kill you, but did your Alchemy cheat?"

Long Fei shrugged his shoulders and said disdainfully: "You still need to cheat in order to win over someone who doesn't even understand Alchemy?"

"How dare you!"

"Who did you say didn't understand Alchemy?"

"I don't think the person who understands Alchemy is you."

"Kid, Grand Elder is already dead. We can't allow you to sully his reputation like this."

… ….

Many of the people present were Yi Changfeng's disciples.

Saying that he did not understand Alchemy was slapping Disciple of Powder Pavillion in the face.

Long Fei still had a look of contempt on his face as he said: "I already said, he doesn't understand Alchemy, so what can you do to me? And am I wrong? "

"If he knows Alchemy, then I'll be the one to die."

In his opinion, Yi Changfeng did not know any Alchemy at all.

This was also because the Alchemy that Long Fei had mastered was too powerful.

An existence that was above the real world.

It was just like how a robust man brutally oppressed a three year old child.

Yi Liuxian said: "elder Yi is seven-rating alchemist. All these years, the pills Xuan Yue sect gave to me were from him, you say he doesn't know Alchemy? I'm afraid that doesn't make sense. "

Long Fei said in a disdainful tone, "In all these years, how many resources from the Xuan Yue sect has he used? You said he's at Alchemy? I'm afraid he is wasting his cultivation resources. "

"A person like that still dares to use his Alchemy?"

"Screw his ass."

So what if he died? I will still crush him.

Long Fei's words made many people unhappy.

After all.

All these years, they had always been using pills refined by Yi Changfeng.

Is it really good to slander a dead person like that?

Long Fei's actions caused a lot of anger in the public.

Yi Liuxian said faintly: "Since you understand Alchemy very well, then I will compete with you!"

"How is it?"

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