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Xie Tingyue was getting married, whether he liked it or not.

The candidate was the stepmother Lin’s “hard work”, “pained heart” to help him match. The “compassionate” stepmother thought he may be awkward, therefore giving him enough time to digest, and quietly handled until tomorrow was the date of the wedding. The people who was about to marry was impossible not to be awkward, but the “broken jars are broken”.

The house was full of festive red, the mass of firecrackers at the gates fired up the lively atmosphere with frequent speed. The neighbors, the whole street, no, half of the people in the city almost knew, Xie Tingyue, the child who was raised by Xie Family’s late wife, was getting married!!

Married a man.

The man was the Big son of first wife of Chu Family leader, Chu Mu, born in the family’s famous door, the surface was like jade, elegant like a bamboo, a gentleman, warmhearted and modest, no matter what, it was not enough for Xiejia to stepped on the stilts, just… . The disease was acute, it was not good at all, and it was possible to die any time.

It's really nothing new, just like the last life.

The line of sight slipped through the window and was blown away by the cold wind. Xie Tingyue's lips stretched out with a sardonic smile, covering his face with one hand.

“Second young master? Second young master? Are you awake?” A noisy, with tone of gloating and sorrow, very familiar, was Lin’s powerful confidant, Wang Hao.

Xie Tingyue: “I heard it, you go back.”

Wang Hao did not leave, his mouth squatted, standing in the same place and continuing to speak: “The old slave knows that the Second young master does not like to listen, but some words still have to be said. The Master is the person who has a face, this marriage is fixed, the days are coming up. It's impossible to change, the Second young master is still ill, it's useless. It's not good to say, even if you hit the wall today and the anger is gone but the coffin has to be carried over."

Xie Tingyue’s forehead faintly twitched.

“You make a noise like this, you are tired, we are tired, the result is still unable to change, why bother? You blame the Mrs for not telling you, the Mrs is also wronged, the marriage is the Master’s responsibility, and the Master’s words are carried by you. If it's not for the Mrs's compassion, you can't even pass these quiet days. The Big room is a festive day, and the second young master is a smart person, so don't touch his own mold, so that everything goes smoothly…"

Xie Tingyue suddenly moved his hand and looked at it: “I want to be successful, will it be smooth?”

His eyes were dark and dark, and the bottom was like the dark sea. It seemed calm, but it was full of thrilling wind and waves. The tones were all too cold and cold, giving a sense of distance.

Wang Hao's calmness suddenly caught and was shocked. This Second young master…, how did he become …, suddenly different?

But look again, the second young master is still the second young master, his face is still that face, good-looking, childish, looks smart, and is also a small child. Wang Hao sighed that he was a guilty conscience, and those arrangements… . The Second young master should not know, that’s it, absolutely unaware of anything.

The mood floated, and the heart was no longer interested. Wang Hao's hand was moving: "The old slave is to convey the Mrs's words, and brings you a few trustworthy people to call. The Second young master is looking at their faces, and please think about it. The old slave retire.”

The people she brought was the dowry of her mother.

Xie’s people population was quite wonderful, the Master Xie Liangbei, the head of the family, his late wife named Gan. Gan’s infertile, so her accompanying confidant, Liu Ying gave birth to Xie Tingyue. Gan’s character was broadminded, the temper was warm, with Liu Ying were commensurate with each other. The two women taught Xie Tingyue together, and later Xie Tingyue’s childhood was very happy.

One day Liu Ying went out with Xie Liang, encountered a mountain thief, Xie Liang was well prepared, but Liu Ying died, Gan was very sad. Maybe God finally opened His eyes and pity, Gan was pregnant, gave birth to his son Xie Tingxing. It was a pity that her body was not good. Forcing giving birth was even more painful.

She didn’t last long.

At that time, Xie Tingyue was only a half-large child. Xie Tingxing had not remembered yet, Xie Tingxing was almost brought up by Xie Tingyue.

In the name, Xie Tingxing was a son of Big wife, Xie Tingyue was just a son of a servant. But in fact, Xie Tingyue had all the love and education of the mother and the big wife. Meanwhile Xie Tingxing was a little pitiful, only had a brother in his life.

Because they were dependent on each other, the two brothers had a very good relationship. Xie Tingyue's biggest wish was to raise his brother to grow up. So as not to be crooked. Xie Tingxing's wish was to grow up and work hard, so that no one could bully his brother casually… .

If the story ended here, it would be fine. The road to grow up was harder but supportive to each other. It could always pass, but unfortunately, the world was always not willing.

In a few years, Xie Liang continued to marry, Lin. This continuation string was incredible, brought in a boy and a girl, all Xie Liangbei’s own life!

It was said that many years ago, when Xie Liang was ready to go out, he had a matchmaking with Lin, and he should marry her. But suddenly the flood came, and Xie Liang, who came back, could not find Lin. Could not find her, naturally by the words of the parents, married Gan.

The fate of human beings couldn’t be said clearly. After a few years he went around, Xie Liangbei met Lin, who had a hard time. Naturally, they engaged in a close relative of the skin, but he had already married at home and could not afford any promise. Thus Xie Liangbei ran away.

After Gan's death, Lin took his children to the door of Xie family. Lin was very clever. She didn’t take her children to stand in front of Xie’s house. Instead, she rented the yard nearby and she met with Xie Liangbei. She was very gentle, and then “inadvertently” let Xie Liangbei found a pair of children, his own children. A very good child who was eager to be raised. It means that there was no meaning of seeking wealth, but “I only want to ‘get together with you’, I am satisfied…“

A soft jade woman was in the arms, a pair of good children shouting father, how could Xie Liang be a cold man, should not be accepted? So Xie’s home, changed the sky.

Xie Tingyue endured his own life from big son and stepmother, keeping the late wife’s dowry, protecting himself and Xie Tingxing’s life, but the result was still…

no protection.

Gan’s and Liu Ying’s post-house atmosphere was quite beautiful. There was no point in the book’s swords and swords. Xie Tingyue thought that he was smart. He has never seen pork, has seen pigs running. Unfortunately, he has never heard of the knife. Just like someone else’s table on the table, it was clearly arranged by Lin. This family member, he himself, did not stir up the yellow, but was stirred up by Lin.

Her heart was deeply hidden, it was unlikely to marry him to Chu.
She didn’t like that. He was going down was what she really want.

“It's really stupid…” Thinking of the past life, Xie Tingyue could not help but sigh.

The line of sight slid across the round table in the center of the room, and the eyes were on. At some time in the future, there would be a bowl of sweet soup placed here, drank it, and sent him to marry. When there was an accident, he would have a drug attack and made shameful act.

Because of Chu's illness, the Chu family's conditions were lower, and they would not be willing to welcome a person who was sexually savvy. This marriage was naturally broken. He couldn’t marry Chu, and his fame also plummeted. Chu family was furious and took the dowry shop of Gan’s in his hand, letting Lin took care of it. No matter how hard he tried, how to took care of it, no one stood on his side. Could only watch the delivery of the dowry list.

Regardless of the troubles, Xie Tingxing, in order to jumped up and down Lin's way, suddenly falling into the water, seriously ill, then went on… .

“Xing…” Thinking of his younger brother, Xie Tingyue couldn’t help but kept his eyes wet. Now there was an impulse to run to the academy. Living Xie Tingxing! What he didn't dare to think about in his life.

Unfortunately, no. Today’s house was like a cage. It was impossible for him to escape. He said that this was a difficult time. He must had passed before he could have more opportunities in the future.

Xie Tingxing was young and impulsive. He didn’t know whether this marriage was good or not. The mind was uncomfortable. After this, he had to talk to his brother. The key question was how to get through this now.

It was hard to be born again. Why didn't he come back a few days earlier? It was just the day before he get married. Nothing was too late to prepare! The hand had to stand up on the side of the couch and was suddenly stunned. Looking down, Xie Tingyue saw a book.

Big Power Economy. The page was covered with a shallow yellow, the cover was pure blue, and the four-character iron-painted silver hooked were like the magnificent mountains and rivers.

Xie Tingyue's eyelashes suddenly trembled. In the last time of his life, only this book was with him. He looked at it countless times. It was useful!

Suddenly thought of a direction that could be changed, Xie Tingyue held the book in his arms from time to time, and his eyes confident.

“Come on!” Soon, there’s a footstep outside the gallery, and a strong little man come in: “Second young master.”

Xie Tingyue looked at this little man and smiled. “I know you, you are called Dong Ge, the child of the milk maid.”

Dong Ge was a little excited: “Is the young master still remembering the small?”

“When you were young, you were playing with my brother. You were two years older. You were never going crazy with us. You were staring at the rockery stone, staring at the corner of the tree. I know that you were worried that we were not measured and then hurt ourselves.”

“Young Master…” Dong Ge resisted the whimper. “It's hard to get here. You have to hold on. The young master are enough. The small one is guaranteed to wait in, don't let the young master touch a little oil on skin, you will leave Small to serve you. Let’s go!” After he finished, he slammed and slammed down.

Xie Tingyue hurriedly called him up. At this time in his life, he felt that Lin was making so much trouble, and she was very uneasy. She arranged all the trustworthy people to go to Xie Tingxing. Lin didn’t react at the time. He didn’t figure it out. Then he realized that Lin should be very satisfied with his cooperation, because it just happened to complete her plan. Sending out the people around you, is it a blind man, don't know what happened? Now he was going to die, and she would bring people back to him, because it would temporarily calm him down and restrain one or two. To die and die tomorrow, today can't be a trouble!

Stupid, he was so stupid! Fortunately, he was back. Xie Tingyue took a deep breath, this time, he did not kill Lin, he would not be satisfied!

“Dong Ge, you can help me with a few things.” He looked at Dong Ge with a solemn look. “I can only trust you in this home.”

Dong Ge thought that today’s young masters were very different. Obviously, he had a spirit, not so frustrated, fighting spirit was a good thing, and the young master was still smart.

“The young master tell me!” He had no doubt. And trust was in his eyes. He simply slammed his voice and made Xie Tingyue felt good.

He smiled and said: “Come here.” After a brief whisper, Dong Ge shouted: “Then small go, the young master, just wait!” Dong Ge winded out like a wind, and Xie Tingyue sat down at the table, poured a cup of tea and calmly thought about the next thing.

First of all, it was the younger brother. He remembered very clearly on the day of the accident. As long as this marriage was good, he would pay attention to the day before and after, not letting his brother closed to the water.

The second was the sweet soup that was put on the table soon. It couldn’t be drunk, but it must be moved. Let others knew that he used it.
The last, the most crucial thing was that if he wanted to marry, let this thing went smoothly and profitably.

Chu Mu… Wanted to marry?

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