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[Next] Mile Novel Chapter 255: FrontierCity 5

『Two o’clock direction 200 meters, 3 Orcs.
Goal, out of (food) target range!』(Mile)

『Roger that, goal, dealt!』(Rena)

『One o’clock direction 300 meters, 4 goblins!』(Mile)

『Maevis, repel them with intimidation!』(Rena)

『Roger that!』(Maevis)

『11 o’clock direction 150 meters, 6 Kobolds!』(Mile)

『Pauline, repel them with water magic!』(Pauline)

『Roger that!』(Pauline)

『『『『『『………..』』』』』』(2nd squad)

Mile's radar told the direction, Rena gave out swift commands each time, and each member jumped out one after another to drive away the monster then returned to their previous place.
Sometimes, Rena and Mile also came out, and multiple members are also dealing with coping.
Only the soldiers of the second squad were stunningly watching it.

『Bu~, Vice Captain…』(Soldier A)

『What?』(2nd Squad Vice Captain)

『I am so bored…』(Soldier A)

『…Oh, I am bored as well…』(2nd Squad Vice Captain)

『『『『『………………』』』』』(2nd Squad)

And because Mile gave it an okay when the soldiers asked,
Several Orcs, horn rabbits, deer, and wild boars were hunted and placed in Mile’s storage

Those are not for selling to the guild but for this unit to eat.
They don’t have to bother and buy high price meat at the butcher shop when they can hunt for themselves.

Soldiers were also planning to hunt food for tonight and for tomorrow in the first place.
However, they only need 2 to 3 Orcs.

Even a group of 50 people can’t eat so much meat and it is hard to bring the spare home.

And it’s also bad for soldiers to mimic hunters.

They would be in trouble if the rumors such as “the soldiers brought back a large amount of meat even though they went through a mission” spread.

In meat, the carcass which can be taken from swine is about 70% of the body weight,
and the edible part which can be taken from it is further 70%.
In other words, 49 kilos of meat can be taken from pigs weighing 100 kilograms.
And the weight of the Orc isn’t just 100 km anyway.

So one Orc is sufficient, but since we are amateurs to properly process the meat,
there are many parts will be wasted.
Besides, we only take the good part and discards the part that isn’t so good.
So, we hunt two or three Orcs.

By the way, in the case of cattle, only around 27% of its weight to become meat.

Asked by the soldiers, the prey was given to Mile for storage.
If there was no Mile, they would probably hunt the Orcs just before camping time, after dealing with the monsters from the other side of the border.
The soldiers were somewhat in a sorry state because they weren't used to hunting like this.

Around 2-3 hours from the first contact with the chased monsters, we reached the mountain range.
Although we are still away from the border, the forest part behind this mountain is still in our country that we need to clear.
If other squads also clear the area from this side, that they were in charge of,
We have drastically decreased the number of the chased monster coming to our side. The hardest part of our work has been finished.

After this, we are going to continue until we reach the borders as it is. Our work isn’t finished yet.

Since we can’t be sure that we won’t have casualties like today, we can’t be distracted.
The soldiers still can’t be relieved yet.

『Vice Captain, I would like to have Pauline and Mile to go supporting other squads.
Will you give us permission』(Maevis)

When Maevis suggested, the Captain had an unbearable face and nodded greatly.

『Well, certainly, I'm counting on you』(Vice Captain)

There are no casualties in this squad.
However, there’s no guarantee that the other squads will be the same.
Or rather, the probability of being the same was far lower.
Because there is no 【Red Oath】 in other squads.

Therefore, it is a natural consideration to have the header magician circle around the squads.
If they don’t do it, they will surely receive criticism or reprimand later from other squads and captain.

The Vice Captain couldn’t let the young hunters to be delayed because of his judgment.
Moreover, Maevis ask it with an honest and sincere attitude.
As the matter of course, the Vice Captain gave permission with a thankful attitude in return.

The captain thought that Pauline was Mile’s escort healer magician, but in reality, she was not.
【Red Oath】 didn’t announce it every single time, but of course, the fact is recognized properly.
Mile is stronger with sword than Maevis, better attack magic than Rena, and better healing magic than Pauline.
All of them are obvious because Mile taught everyone in the first place.

This time, there is a possibility that someone, soldiers or hunters, might get injured or at risk of losing their lives, which can’t be handled by Pauline alone.
So, Mile (ignored her average policy and) joined the action.

Besides, 【Red Oath】is in the 2nd squad, which is in middle.
It’s better for the two of them to separate left and right.
If there was someone with a serious injury on Pauline’s side, she should be able to keep him alive until Mile came.

Then Pauline and Mile ran away in two directions.


『Everyone, thank for your hard work today.
It's very pleasing that no injured persons, not a single death, no after-effects persisted.
Of course, I can't allow you to drink alcohol but you can eat as much as you can.
However, it's a bad idea if it (eating too much and need to solve the stomach condition) hinders your work tomorrow.
Okay then, everyone is free to act except those with guarding duty.
Let’s give each other a hand in the grilled meat preparation』(Captain)

A cheering celebrated is raised by everyone.

Damage, none at all.
There were many injured people, but they were completely healed by two magicians.
Those who were difficult to return home by themselves,
some who did not know whether they could stand the movement for two days, but it was incredibly cured.

Light bruise, cut, injuries, fracture, visceral rupture, etc. everything is completely healed.
Normally, sequelae will remain.

But now, it has become like “this”

No damage. When normally, 1-2 soldiers will die, several soldiers are severely injured and forced to retire as a wounded soldier, as a result.

Even if some high-ranked squad or platoon might have healer magician, but healing magic isn’t omnipotent (the same work in Sei manga)

If there’s a considered time delay before the healer uses healing magic.
The body of the injured soldiers went through the natural healing progress to some extent and recognized it as the normal state.
Healing magic will become useless, in other words, 【it’s the old wound and it will not be healed】

And just like the obvious fact, a severely injured person can’t be cured with healing magic. 【Old wounds also can't be healed with healing magic】

There’s an exception, it's the greatest healer magician, who is the great priest of the temple!
But such a great person will not participate in a dangerous mission with a gold coin per person reward.
Furthermore, healing other people’s injury during the battle was free of charge as it was a request mission.

Where is such a philanthropist?
Even priests won’t undertake such a request without proper rewards.
All the soldiers were thankful for their fortune and the hospitality of the hunters.

And finally, it is the grilled meat fun time.

The soldiers cut the grass to eliminate the risk of spreading fire, collect fallen trees, dead trees and prepare a bonfire.
They also dug a hole to bury the internal organs etc. away, and handling the Orc processing next to it.

Although they might have handled the Orc processing in their previous assignment,
But they were still amateurs about dismantling
Without a dedicated bone cutting knife or meat cutting knife, they couldn’t do it.

Although they have short swords, which can be used for fighting, it’s a bit hard to use for cooking and nobody wants to cut off the Orc bones with the risk of chipping his beloved sword.
So, nobody wants to approach the side of the Orc, they just look each other’s faces.

After seeing that, Maevis came up.

『Let me do it』(Maevis)

As Maevis said so, she slashed her sword in a flash.
She cut the neck, limbs, stomach, body of three arranged Orcs on the ground.
Then she shook the blood and fat on the sword and return it to the sheath.

『Please scrape off the internal organs and process them by yourself』(Maevis)


There are no words from the soldiers.

Standing Orc aside, who can slash the Orc laying on the ground without hesitation with their sword like that.
The neck and limbs’ bones were cut lightly as if the sword did not stop, just like cutting the butter with a heated knife.
Orc’s bones and meat can’t be so soft.

Besides, the Orcs were cleanly cut.
There was no way to split the stomach in half with no damage to the internal organs or the meat.

『… Our level is different …』(Nonspecific Soldier)

Magic is still fine.

Because we are not magicians, we are just swordsmen or spearmen.
No matter how much we look at the wondrous wizard, you can just admire them without frustrating.
However, this is a young girl, who isn't even 20 years old yet.
And we stand no chance against her.

The soldiers have a great sense of defeat as much as they understand from the difference of their sword skill.
Today, they weren’t much help in their mission. They have lost to a hunter and furthermore a young girl at that.

And their stomach can’t stand it, this bad feeling.
Was it frustrating?
Was it their weakness?

I will eat!
Scrape the internal organs!
Cut the meat!』(Captain?)


Today, there is plenty of meat, which we hunted on our own with a more than enough amount.

It’s an all you can eat without having to pay a small silver coin!
However, when the soldiers cut the meat and began to grill it with the bonfire, there was an incredible smell coming from nowhere.
It’s not only the smell of burning meat but also an appetizing smell.
Together with the voice of a little devil.

『Sauce for grilled meat, 2 small silver coins!
Salt and pepper, 2 small silver coins!
Fits greasy oak meat, lemon juice water to clear your mouth, with ice,
1 cup 3 small coins!』(Pauline)

『『『『『Damn it!!』』』』』(40 soldiers)

Today we can eat to my heart content without extra expense.
The soldiers thought so…

『『『『『We can't even eat without buying! Ahhhhhhh!』』』』』(Soldiers)


『…We came to help but there was no meaning…』(ESU's leader)

The leader of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 is muttering so.

『Oh… they are too strong.
And all of them are under the age of 20, and half of them are minor, a C-ranked female only party…』(FF's Leader)

Likewise, the depressed leader of 【Flame's Friendship】

『But, we could earn some money without damage,
It was a good experience.
Also, we were able to raise the name of Hunter against the Army,
There was great significance!』(One certain Party member)

One party member said so.

『Well. the one, who raised the name of hunters, was the young ladies who came from another country.
We were supposed to help them when we received this request.
We intended to raise the name of the hunter and in the end, it was for nothing…』(ESU's leader)


We will eat meat.
We can do it!』(FF's Leader)

『『『『『Oh… oh…』』』』』(Hunters)

However, the morale of the hunters doesn't rise.

T.N: Who was the one who said “They are lucky to have Red Oath accompany”, again?

Actually, it goes both ways.

It might be great physically but they were all mentally crushed.

Let’s us have a moment of silence for the Soldiers and Hunters, especially their common-sense-chan.

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