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[Next] Mile Chapter 254: Frontier City 4

『What in the world was that …?』(Hunter A)

『No, I was certainly surprised…』(Hunter B)

After finishing the proper meal, 【Red Oath】party returned to their tent.

【Evil spirit Utopia】party and 【Flame's friendship】party started discussing what they just saw.

『In the first place, what’s with that storage with absurd capacity?
If she uses it as a “bargain chip”, she can work for any aristocrats or large merchants. No, she probably can even work for the royal palace!
Why did she work as a hunter?』(Hunter C)

『Well, there may be circumstances that we don’t understand behind that.
For example, maybe the Royal Palace is too tight (have many rules) for a young girl like her.
She was isolated, she can’t find friends etc.
Well, we can’t say anything about other people’s choice…
However, if she wants to be a hunter, she can join a rank A party.
No, she can even join a rank S party!
Why did she join a rank C party!?』(Hunter D)

(T.N: sorry, I don’t know the equivalent English proverb, so I just translated the raw words and copy the meaning from google search)

Treasures decay (宝の持ち腐れ: a paradigm that you have excellent talent but you don’t want to use it or do not use it)

Pearls before swine. (豚に真珠: a proverb meaning that people, who don’t know the value, are given good things)

Cat prefer small things. (猫に小判: is a parable that gives valuable things to people who don’t understand value)

In this world, there were also phrases equivalent to those of the Earth.

『Well, but I could understand with other members being so fanstastic…』(Hunter E)

That swordswoman can cut the dead tree to firewood in an instant.
That offensive magician with exquisite fire magic control.
And that healing magician could continue casting healing magic easily.
All of them are protecting that storage girl.
Maybe they are escort prepared by someone to protect that girl.
Otherwise, I think it’s strange for all those talented beautiful young girls to be gathered in the same party by chance』(Hunter F)

『What’s so strange about it?』(Hunter G)

『That is not it.
I mean, they are too strong for some C-ranked newbie hunters that could be easily arranged.
And if it was really so, they wouldn’t take this request, it might be dangerous for that girl…
In the first place, that stupid… *cough cough*
That storge girl is just some simpleton with cute looking face』(Hunter F)


They are rude people.

However, because Mile hadn’t done any flashy things other than storage magic, it can’t be helped that the hunters thinking like that.

And they are still truly veteran hunters, they have firmly estimated the sword skill of Maevis, the magic skill of Rena and Pauline.

And of course, the Lord Army’s soldiers weren't idiots either.

『What’s with that?
That monstrous capacity storage magic…?』(Vice Captain)

The Vice Captain seems to be surprised only by Mile’s storage magic capacity.

But the platoon captain wasn’t so.

『 There are more to it,
Did you see the skill of that swordswoman?
Throw the wood in the air,
And with just 3 slashes, it has become firewoods…
You guys, can you cut firewood in the air without support vertically with a sword?』(Captain)

The surrounding soldiers shook their heads horizontally.

『Next girl, she activated the fireball without a chant or time prepared,
Besides, she adjusted the firepower enough to only boil the water.
The fireball is sinking slowly into the pot water without exploded,
That control capability.
All of you, has anyone ever seen a magician who could use magic in such a way?』(Captain)

Again, the heads of soldiers were shaking horizontally.

『Furthermore, needless to say, that healer magician…
Even though she only healed small wounds and almost everyone has lined up,
She cast healing magic for everyone without changing her face complexion.
As I know, magicians don’t like exhausting their magical power outdoors.
Unless they are in a battle or an emergency.
For that reason, healer magicians only use the magical power they can spare…
In other words, that was half of her magical power,
No, that was probably not even one third,
Thinking in common sense.
No, even I said by myself,
I don’t understand the meaning of the word 【common sense】anymore…』(Captain)

(T.N: I didn’t make this up, common sense is really in the raw)

The captain was a bit confused.
However, to recognize the unexpected abilities of the girls, who he thought, were nothing but luggage.
He started to see hunters in a new light.


And the next day.

When soldiers and hunters woke up, a nice smell tickled their nostrils.

『This is……』(Soldier)

When the soldiers woke up, there was a large pan with steam, a mountain of bread, and vegetable salads.

『Breakfast set, five small silver coins per serving』(Pauline)

Today is the day they fight with monsters.
And they can’t afford to have lunch (only breakfast and dinner)

Between breakfast on this side with only a hard bread, a piece of dried meat, water.
And another breakfast is nutritious, delicious, which will warm your belly instead of just filling it.

How do you think people will choose?

Will there be soldiers, who worry about five small silver coins and disregard the condition of an important day?

『Me!』(Soldier 1)

『me too!』(Soldier 2)

『Can I have two serving?』(Soldier 3)

Soldiers start to flood.

『Yes yes. There are plenty, so, do not panic!
Especially, we have the refill service (like the buffet but not self-serve)』(Pauline)

『『『『『Ooooooo!!』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)

Actually, being full before the battle isn’t good. Like when we stab sword, spear on the belly of a monster and pull out…

Arrow and magic don’t have such problem though.

However, this time will be a long-term battle.
It was more important to prepare for fatigue and hunger.

Nevertheless, the soldiers kept eating until they fully satisfied,
They all departed in a triumphant manner.

(It is my first time to have such high morale in this mission, I thank you, 【Red Oath】…) (Captain)

The captain gently bowed his head to the back of 【Red Oath】


About two hours after leaving the camp.
The captain ordered the whole army loudly.

『It’s an interception point. Spread out and set a patrol line!』(Captain)

Yes, this is the borderline which is the center of the forest.
It is a part where the width of the forest is the narrowest between the mountains on the left and right,
It was the most suitable place to catch and push back the chased monsters.

“Stop the monsters here and do not allow them to go further in the back”
That was the task of this unit.

The Captain expanded the team that was divided into four, to the left and right.
With this, a blocking line was formed at the narrowest part of the woods where both ends were blocked by the mountains.

We need to stop the monsters here or chase them back without letting any of them passed

If by chance they went past us and went to a wide place,  it would be troublesome to find them. And when we chased after them, they would run toward our country as it was.

At that time, we may purge the Orcs and Goblins that were originally on our side of the border as well.
We would not be able to distinguish whether they came from the other side or originally here anyway.

The note back there has mentioned this.
Avoid hunting monsters, horn-rabbit, deer and wild boar etc. In other words, the hunter’s prey.
If possible, avoid driving away from their original place.

Reducing the edible demons and animals around here would affect the lives of their hunters and the eating habits of neighboring cities depending on their prey.

Neighboring country’s soldiers don’t seem to pay much attention to such things,
And if they are hired hunters from the other side, they will hunter everything regardless of edible monsters, animals.

So, we will not pursue those “foods”. We will even let those “foods” passed through to our back.


It was around 2 hours after everyone separated from the interception point.
With perception ability beyond human beings, Mile perceived it.

(T.N: FUNA sensei doesn’t mention about search magic, maybe this is someone’s POV?)

『…Here they come. It is a large number of monsters and beasts!
But it’s not a group, it’s dispersed』(Mile)

Other members of 【Red Oath】 listened to it and silently nodded, soldiers and hunters were dumbfounded with *Eh!*

『Mile has good nose and ear,
If Mile says 【they come】 they will certainly come.
So be prepared!』(Maevis)

Although they were still in doubt when hearing Maevis saying so, the soldiers remembered Maevis and other girls’ fantastic skill from yesterday, and they quietly nodded.
Apparently, it seems that the girls have gained appropriated credibility.

『Here they come…!』(Rena)

After a while, other people also felt the sound and signs that monsters were approaching.
Rena smiled and call out to other girls.

『We will do it!』(Rena)

『『『Oooh!!』』』(Red Oath - Rena)

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