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[Next] Mile Chapter 227: Engagement Breaking Plan 3

The next morning, the members of yesterday’s dinner went into the forest a short distance away from the Austin family.
The Marquis explained to the Earl that 《we are going for a walk on my daily routine》and took Maevis for the guide.
The Earl was pleased that Maevis be making friends with the Marquis’s family so he accepted it right away.

『Well, first of all, I will show you 《Copper slashing》
Could you please throw a copper coin toward me? 』(Mile)

『Well, I got it』(Marquis)

As the request of Mile, the Marquis threw a copper coin from his drawstring bag.


Mile as usual cut a cross-slash and show the four pieces on her palm to the Marquis family.

『『『………… 』 』 』(Marquis' family)

Next, in the simulated game, Mile lightly deals with Maevis using the true god sword.
Afterward, having a sparring match with Jasfen and the Marquis.
Mile repeats what she did with the Earl, taking down their weapons over and over. The Marquis and Jasfen realized that Mile didn’t even use her full power yet.

After that, Mile has a defend practice with Rena, blocking the barrage magic attacks released by Rena. Using powerful offensive magic with no chant.

And the Marquis family completely stunned.

『…Mi… Mile-chan, do you really not have a fiancée? 』(Marquis)

『Yes, I have neither fiance nor lover, and my parents don’t push the marriage partner on me.
So, I must find my lover by myself』(Mile)

It is true. There’s no lie here.

Mile’s parents in this world have already passed away so they couldn’t force a marriage on her.

And as the Marquis’ family heard that, their eyes concentrated on Mile and shone.


The Marquis family returned from a long walk also declined to the invitation for tea from Earl Austin. They went in their given room which is the guest room, and continued talking about Mile.

And then, at the lunchtime.

『I’d like to renounce the marriage talk this time 』(Marquis)


Even Earl Austin heard the sudden declaration of Wightdyne Marquis, he couldn’t cope with the situation yet.

『No, that’s our fault!
I’m really sorry,
I would like you to silently accept it!』(Marquis)

And then the Marquis, his son Jasfen stood up, lowered their heads.
Earl Austin, which had been stunned for a while, finally understood the situation and stood up with an angry red face.

『Stop joking around!
My daughter…! Did you plan to make a fool of the Austin house!!』(Earl)

Although the Earl shouts at the Marquis is considering a rude act against higher rank noble, there’s no one who will blame the Earl.
Because what the Marquess said was rude.
It is a complete, insult to the opponent’s aristocrat.
However, apparently, the Marquis didn’t seem to be malice or deliberate insult.

Earl Austin saw it from the Marquis’ attitude in their apology, he calmed down a little.
Just a little.

『May I ask the reason?』(Earl)

To Earl Austin, who is still trembling with a red face, Marquis Wightdyne kept lowering his head.

『I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault!
However, my reason is all selfish, no matter how much you want for reimbursing,
I will do the corresponding things.
So please!』(Marquis)

Earl Austin has yet to calm his anger, however, if the Marquis feels that way,
There’s no point in continuing such a relationship.
No matter what he does now, it can’t bring his daughter’s happiness,
And he doesn’t plan on talking with the Marquis after receiving such an insult.

『… Insult my daughter, don’t think I can let this go easily!』(Earl)

『I’m sorry … 』(Marquis)

Marquis Wightdyne and his son once again lowered their heads left after the pilgrimage with the Austin family.

Then Maevis went back to her room and shut the door.

『Maevis … 』(Earl)

Earl Austin has a painful-looking face.

If his three sons were here, it wouldn’t end with just this.
Indeed, they could kill the Marquis family.
It was fortunate that they were absent from home with their job.

And, meanwhile, after Maevis closed the door of her room…

『It’s amazing!
I didn’t do anything just like Pauline said and the other side has called for a breakup!
With this, I could avoid my crisis and my family won’t have any trouble with the Marquis.
What kind of sorcery is this!?
It's really just according to the plan… 』(Maevis)


『Father, we managed to get through! 』(Jasfen)

In the carriage heading for the inn that Mile’s group is staying, the Marquis family start talking.

『Well, I feel sorry for Earl Austin and miss Maevis.
We should apologize properly at a later date.
More than that, Miss Mile.
We need to welcome that child to our Wightdyne family!』(Marquis)

『『Yes!』 』(Jasfen + Mrs. Wightdyne)

The voices of Jasfen and Mrs. Wightdyne answered in sync.

(This part can’t be translated to 3rd person)

[In any case, my son will be a successor in another country.
In addition to the marquis position that the Wightdyne family owns,
He will also get another title in another country, even though he is just a son in law, but he won’t have any trouble receive it.
His wife already has a title in another country, later the child of them will be legitimate successor that title.
Then, the rank and territory of another country will be added under the umbrella of the Wightinein family] (Marquis)

(T.N: the word “umbrella” means like “Protection and Influence”)

The opportunity to marry a girl, who is the only child and legitimate successor of her household, is rather rare.
In any case, there are few nobles that don’t have boys in the first place,
Moreover, their only daughter has such great talents and no fiancé.
Even if we don’t aim for her, how many other aristocratics will swamp at her?

『What kind of miracle is that which makes Miss Mile has no fiance…?
No, in order to prevent rushing engagement invitation, her parents made an excuse saying “the person in question will chose the lover herself”
And that measure prevent other people to see you!
That must be it…』(Marquis)

Marquis Wightdyne thought for himself and was convinced alone.

『Her family also has the Viscount title, but our main purpose isn’t it.
If I wanted the title, our Marquis family is greater, and I wouldn’t ruin the marriage with Austin family.
Especially, with our shamelessly renouncing the marriage after coming this far that hurts Miss Maevis…
But we need that wisdom and knowledge of Miss Mile together with her sword skill, and ability as a magician.
We will welcome her into our Wightdyne family and make that ability in our own bloodline!
No, before that, we would develop our territory with that wisdom, taught that sword skill to the elite of the military, and guidance to the magicians…
Fortunately, it seems that Miss Mile doesn’t hate you.
From how she was smiling when talking to you last night and this morning, there’s no doubt.
Our name of the Marquis must be be working well and because she has never met a man before, so she doesn’t have any immune …』(Marquis)

『Father, please say that it is due to my charm! 』(Jasfen)

『Ha ha, so that’s it!』(Marquis)

『No, it might be both…』(Jasfen)

『『Hahahaha! 』 』(Jasfen + Marquis)

The Marquis’ family hadn’t even considered that Mile might refuse to sign up for an engagement.


『Well, it’s about time, isn’t it?』(Rena)

『It will not be long!』(Pauline)

Rena and Pauline exchange words so.

『Sorry to disturb you (Ojamasuru)』(Marquis)

Guided by the innkeeper, the Marquis family came in.
As expected, when the other party announces themselves as Marquis.
The innkeeper doesn’t dare to let them wait and check with the customers who are commoners, that’s why the innkeeper guides them here.

『Mile, I’m sorry to say that suddenly, but I wonder if you can engage my son Jasfen!』(Marquis)

『『『Eeeeeehhhh! 』 』 』(Mile's trio)

Mile's trio hidden their fists in guts pose even though their mouths give a white surprised voice. (T.N: Similar to white lie)

『But, Jasfen has an engagement with Maevis-san… 』(Mile)

『 The engagement has been abandoned just now』(Marquis)

When Mile pointed it out, the Marquis explained with a slightly awkward face.

『So, there is no problem!』(Marquis)

『There is a great one!』(Mile)

Mile will ruin your voice.

『There’s no way for party friend to take away their best friend’s fiancée!
I won’t betray Maevis-san!』(Mile)

『No, we had properly abandoned the engagement with Earl Austin and Miss Maevis, so, there’s nothing wrong!』(Marquis)

『Even if there is no problem with that, I have a great deal here!
It will be awkward with Maevis!
Besides, I am 13 years old, I have no plans for marriage for the time being!』(Mile)

Marquis Wightdyne was taken aback by the unexpected reaction of Mile.
He thought that Mile doesn’t dislike his second son from the way he saw it.
Moreover, it’s the second son of a Marquis.
Also, he also told that Jasfen will inherit the rank of his family last night.
So he thought for sure that a noble daughter with the lower rank like miss Mile will head over heels for him.

That’s why Mile’s reaction was unexpected.
No matter how old he is, Marquis Wightdyne is still a noble.
He doesn’t have any common sense besides the noble’s sense of value.
So he thought 《I want to find the lover by myself》was just a means for insect repelling.
He thought that the daughter of a mere Viscount family wouldn’t refuse the marriage invitation from the Marquis.

If the nobleman’s daughter is married into the Marquis family, her father-in-law and in the future her husband will be the Marquis of another country.
The position of her parents’ family will rise considerably in her country.

Then if it’s her parents, they should definitely understand this.
With Mile’s ability, it won’t be surprised to be swamped by a lot of families for marriage.
And from the story last night, Mile’s ability seems yet to be known in her home country.
All he has to do now is to talk with her family directly.

The Marquis thought so and pushed further.

『Then, by all means, I would like to see your parents and officially apply, if it’s your parents, surely… 』(Marquis)

『I don’t have』(Mile)

『Huh? 』(Marquis)

The Marquis is dumbfounded with Mile’s answer.

『I mean I have no-one left.
Parents and grandparents have already passed away. Nobody left.
So, right now I’m the successor of our Viscount family, who has inherited the rank.
I’m the current head of my family.
The territory is temporarily managed by His Majesty the King until the day I want to take it back』(Mile)

『『Eeeeehhhhh!! 』 』(Marquis + Jasfen)

There is no lie.

When it’s a rank involved the King of a country, if anyone dares to tell a lie about it,
they might get a death sentence, a capital punishment.

『So, as the head of my family, I can decide for myself.
And I’m not going to take away my comrade and best friend’s fiancée, I swear to the goddess!』(Mile)

The Marquis is stunned with the words of Mile.
To swear to the goddess is the absolute will.
It means there is nothing that can be done anymore. Because no-one dares to lie to the goddess.
In the world of magic, the anger of the goddess is the most fearsome punishment.
It’s no longer possible for Mile to engage with his second son.

『… Excuse me! 』(Marquis)

The Marquis of Wightdyne who grabs the arms of his wife who is still shaky and his second son. And they left the room in a hurry.

And meanwhile, Mile’s trio…

『We will be leaving now!』(Rena)

『『Oh! 』 』(Mile + Pauline)

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