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[Next] Mile Chapter 228: Engagement Breaking Plan 4

『Father, where do we go…?』(Jasfen)

『Austin family mansion!
Even if I’m Dogeza (on my knee), I will withdraw our engagement breaking just now!』(Marquis)

『『…………』』(Jasfen + Marquise)

Could the Austin family really accept?
The expression of Jasfen and his mother became dark.
And their carriage in a hurry finally arrived at the Austin house.
The Marquis was guided by the butler and entered Earl Austin’s private room.

『I beg you!
I don’t mind no matter what kind of thing you want to do with me.
Even if you demand me to be (on my knee) Dogeza.
So, please!
Let me take back what I said before,
and restore the engagement between Miss Maevis and my son…』(Marquis)

Earl Austin frantically saw the desperate Marquis of Wightdyne, pulled out a parchment from his bosom and handed it over.

It was written.

『For healing the pain of my broken heart, I will go on a trip for a while.
Please don't search for me. Maevis』(Maevis' Note)

Anyway, she will be with her friends.
Because the Earl thinks so, he isn't really worrying about it too much.
However, it doesn't mean that his anger with the Marquis has cleared.
Besides, the Marquis requests restoring the engagement again.
The Earl is also at the limit of patience.

『…This price is expensive…』(Earl) (T.N: Metaphor)

Hearing the voice of Earl Austin as if from the bottom of hell, Marquis Wightdyne knees on the floor.

He isn’t ashamed of being a pilgrimage, but this normally not what a Marquis does against an Earl.

『I understand that.
Apart from the apology, we will favor the advice and demand submitted by Earl’s family,
Concession as a faction, etc, various other considerations.
I know to hurt Miss Maevis isn’t a matter can be solved by apologizing,
But I wonder if you can forgive me somehow …』(Marquis)

In this political battle, the Marquis behaved like an amateur,
Hurting the heart of other noble’ daughter that made her left her home,
As he himself, also has a daughter, he knows just apologize won’t be enough.

『… fine…fine, I can't do this anymore, I will invite you to our dinner tonight, we will talk later… However …』(Earl)


『Explain the circumstances to my three sons who will come back for dinner tonight.
Please do it for yourself, and I want you to accept the sanctions from them silently』(Earl)

『… I am willing to accept it』(Marquis)

(Good game!)

『It’s amazing, as expected of Pauline!
I did not do anything, I just spoke like normal, but my engagement was successfully destroyed.
And because the breaking came from the Marquis’ family, so my father and brother won’t get any trouble.
What kind of sorcery did you use?』(Maevis)

Four people, 《Red Oath》 head back to the capital after meeting up at the promised place.
And it was Rena’s trio smiled at Maevis’ question.
The truth is even Mile understands the situation, only Maevis doesn't understand well.

Because Maevis is honest and hates lying, Pauline only told Maevis to behave like normal and didn’t tell the overall picture of the strategy.
However, now that the game is over.
Pauline starts to explain everything from the start.

Then, my engagement was abandoned because Jasfen-dono changed his interest to Mile?
Because he didn’t want me anymore so he gave up…』(Maevis)

『Yes, that’s right.
So, because Mile appeared, we successfully baited him destroy your engagement.
Mile-chan’s overall atmosphere resembles Maevis’ loli figure that was shown by your third older brother.
If that man fell in love with the loli Maevis at first sight, I thought that he would get baited.
Besides, with a loli figure that better suits for his taste, a better sword skill than Maevis and magic ability as a magician that her children might inherit.
We also showed Mile’s vast knowledge, intelligent and friendliness.
And then he was hooked!』(Pauline)

『What …?』(Maevis)

『Oh, we have not spoken any lies at all and we didn’t even trap them.
It’s them who were the bad persons here.
In the past, that man only looked at Maevis-san at first glance,
And then without even talked to you or understand what kind of person you were, he tried to marry you saying he loved you.
He is just a scoundrel fellow who judged a woman only by her appearance』(Pauline)

Pauline was disgusted with men who stare at her breasts, so she was strict for men who judged the women’s worth by their appearance alone.

『And, after considering Maevis is the daughter of an Earl who is a militant faction.
And from the fact that your name has been well known due to your excellent sword skill, the Marquis and his son planned to make you the bride of their family.
He just looked at the status and the convenient ability for his family.
Isn’t it just a calculation?
It’s not that he fell in love with an individual woman named Maevis
He just wanted to marry a woman with worth using, it’s just that.
So, if we hang on the line and sinker with a bait more valuable named Mile-chan in front of them, they will be hooked.
They are not someone, you should feel regret or guilty about!』(Pauline)

As Maevis seems to be depressed, Pauline thought that Maevis had a feeling of guilt for the Marquis’ family and emphasized that 《Maevis isn’t bad》


『…I lost to Mile as a marriage partner, completely lost that my fiance easily changed his target…
This age, this height, this chest, this missing face, the common sense that Mile-chan is missing.
Completely disgrace…』(Maevis)

(T.N: Sorry Maevis, but most of us here would also choose Mile over you. Even though you are such a beauty but Mile is the most average girl)

Maevis stopped, kneeling with both hands on the ground with.
With a face that seems like crying.


『Please don’t mind it, Maevis!
They just don’t know the contents of Maevis and Mile!
If they go out with both of you for a little bit, they will understand immediately which girl they want to marry!』(Pauline)

『That’s right, Maevis-san is bett… (er than Mile)』(Rena)

As Rena tried to support Pauline in comforting Maevis, she finally realized what she planned to say to Maevis.

What’s with that!
Everyone. Was that what you always think about me …?』(Mile)

Mile got a heavy blow.

『Please answer me!』(Mile)

『Uuu ….』(Pauline)

『Mile, right now it’s important to cheer up Maevis!』(Rena)

『Rensan as well! Eh?
Who did you call a child?
Who is the disappointed woman that can’t become a bride!?』(Mile)

『Well, I have not said it (yet)…』(Rena)

『It was as good as you said!』(Mile)

『Well well, calm down (maa maa)…』(Pauline)

Even though Pauline tried to improve the situation.

It seemed that it would take more time until Maevis recovered and anger of Mile stopped to return their traveling.

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