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[Next] Mile Chapter 221: The Seven Faces Woman~ Daze! 10

『Oh, there are cavalry, they are approaching rapidly, we should make the way!』(Mile)

That isn’t detection magic but rather just visual checking, followed Mile’s instructions, Rena’s trio pulled the rope-connected bandits to the end of the highway and making space for the road.

『Oh, yes. They will also head to the town Zarbaf, so let’s ask them to relay the message to the guild!
They should be camping soon, too. But they will arrive at the town tomorrow much more sooner than us.
If things go well, the town guards and the guild might come to escort soon…』(Mile)

『Well, I wonder …
They seem to be in a hurry.
If they are the military messengers, I think they will ignore us though …』(Maevis)

『But we should ask just in case』(Pauline)

『I doubt whether they will stop or not. Well, it can’t be helped either way. For now, we should not block the way』(Rena)

Maevis, Pauline, Rena each gave an opinion. But at any rate, if they stopped, we should calmly talk to them.

And the approaching two horse stopped there without passing by the 《Red Oath》and bandits’ like on the side.

『You guys, who are you!』(Cavalry)

And their equipment wasn’t of knights or messengers but clearly that of Hunter.
That Mile calmly answered.

『Oh, we are travelers. As we got attacked by the bandits, we caught them all alive,
We are going back to the town of Zalbaf that we left this morning.
If you happen to head for the town Zarbaf, I would like to relay our support message to the Hunter Guild』(Mile)

『『Huh……!?』』(2 Hunters)

There are 17-18 men who are connected to the robes and half of the young girls are still underage.
2 hunters who riding horse looked at them as if they were alien, their eyes opened wide and their mouth opened halfway.

After talking with the hunters, they are the hunters who received the escort request of the merchant group and seem to be in charge of scouting in preparation for the ambush of the bandits.
As a result, the two of them were a little ahead of the main group.

And they spotted the group who are nearly 20 people, it naturally that they approached to confirm.
And they came prepared for an ambush.
If there was a suspicious sign, the two of them will return and warn the main team immediately.

The merchants would like to arrive at the town of Zarbaf if possible within tomorrow’s daytime. So, the merchant planned to keep going even a little dark today

And it seemed they can earn a little more distance.
Even they traveled through the forest, if they just go on the highway, there will be no big problem even if it gets darker.

But as expected, it’s impossible to travel anymore because the horse might trip and hurts their legs if it gets dark.

And hearing Mile explained the circumstances, although they were surprised, they seemed to be convinced and the two returned to the main group.

『But they are so gullible.
What if we are the members of bandits and just acting to lure the merchants.
And when they came, the bandits escaped from the fake rope and attacked with their hidden swords
Don’t you think…』(Mile)

『Stupid, if you’re going to deceive, you will not talk about the absurdity that 4 amateur girls captured nearly 20 bandits.
If you want to trick, you will spill a little more gullible lies.
It’s not your 《Japanese Fukasi talk》…』(Rena)

Mile’s doubt was dismissed by Rena.

And after a while, a medium-sized back-to-back merchant came over.
There are 12 horse-drawn carriages with two scouting horses from both the back and front.

Of course, there must be at least 10 escorts on the carriage.
The merchant stopped there when catching up with Mile’s group.
Then, from a carriage near the center, a man who seemed like a big merchant and an elder man who seemed to be a hunter came down.

Thinking from the situation, he must be the leader of this merchant group and the leader of the escorts.

『Nice to meet you, my name is Selivos, who is responsible for this commercial unit.
This time, we appreciate that you captured the natural enemies of our merchants, the bandits.
… Even so…』(Selivos)

Looking at the bandits connected by the rope, he can’t help but have a surprise face.

『…… I can not believe it with this eye ……』(Selivos)

It is reasonable for Selivos to say so.

The other escorts who came down from the carriage are also muttering.
Besides, if even amateur girls also easily get rid of the thieves, escorts will be needed.

Well, this merchant group hire four cavalries and over ten hunters aboard a carriage.
There is no possibility that they will be attacked by bandits unless the bandits’ number is more than 40,
But there can’t be such a large bandit group.

This is the country town, far from the capital, there isn’t enough prey to support such a large bandit group.
And if there is such a large bandit group, the lord will dispatch his army.

So the escorts of this merchant group should get attack by the bandits.
The thanks from Selivos, the leader of this merchant group was meaning for all merchants rather than for themselves.

『Moving such a large group with 4 people will be dangerous.
We would like to cooperate with you, we will campaign with you around this time tonight.』(Selivos)

Mile replied happily to Selivos who offered so.

『Thank you very much, we are saved!
We will be camping, but I want to go a little more distance…』(Mile)

And there was no objection on Selivos’ side because he himself wanted to earn a little more distance in today.
And by tying the rope hung on the neck of thieves to the carriage,
That bandits’ line was moving smoothly by using 《Pauline-type thieves escort method》
The neck would be hung if they don’t walk according to the speed of the carriage.

After a while…

『『『『『………………』』』』』(Merchants + Hunters)

The merchants and hunters looked at the 《Red Oath》 dispell the soil magic, getting the second set of fake bandits, and the first pair of rookie bandits with awe of eyes.
All three big merchants, 12 managers, and 16 escort hunters including the 4 hunters using horses, just looked in awe without raising their voice.
The bandits are buried in the soil up to the neck, the soil around them is hardened with magic, they can’t move at all.
They are all left in the forest by the side of the highway in a completely unprotected state.
If a beast or a monster appears. If they were left untouched, if help doesn’t come.

… They don’t want to imagine.

And, even if they were found, how long would it take to dig them out from the soil hardened by magic without hurting their bodies?
If a traveler who happened to pass by chance, he shouldn’t have a hoe or a crawfish by chance.

He will probably abandon digging them out and say 《when I arrive in the next town, I will inform the guild》
No, even if there is a signboard called 《these guys are bandits》standing sideways, is it helpful?

And the problem is…
No, there is no problem,
Still, in the mind of everyone, it is a 《problem》
《those ridiculous young girls who captured the three sets of bandits intact》
But no matter how they look at the girls, the girls looked just like some average (normal) girls.

『 The meat was grilled and the soup was cooked, too!』(Rena)

From the foodstuffs to the cooking utensils, to the tableware, everything was taken out of the noblemen lady’s storage.

The maid girl decided to use the magic which the hunters have not seen before, cleansed the clothing and the body of incontinent thieves, made it easy to cure the wounds of the injured bandits.

The apprentice knight girl prepared firewood for cooking in a moment….
…She did not collect it.
She cut the fallen tree off with her sword.

Normally, the sword isn’t made to do such a thing, there are no such things as 《 a person with skill and power can do it with a sword instead of an axe》
No, it couldn’t have existed.

…And the girl with the red hair ignited the firewood with magic, felt quite average.

There was a group of merchants who felt only peace there.
Ignorance is bliss.

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