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『We made breakfast』(Mile)

This morning as well, Mile’s group serve the merchant corps a breakfast.
Last night, Mile’s group also gave the merchant corps plenty of dishes using fresh meat and vegetables.

Since the girls just got out of the town of Zarbaf in the morning, the merchants can understand that the material was still fresh.

And they can understand that the girls want to return to the town because it’s painful (troublesome),
But the merchant party can’t help but surprise with the capacity that out of common sense (町に引き返すなら傷む前に振る舞おうと考えたであろうことは理解できるが、
その常識外れの容量には驚かされた商隊一行であった) (T.N: Somehow this part is a mess, I can’t translate it well)

Especially the 3 other merchants below Selivos have their attention on Mile.
No, the hunters were also staring at the capacity that can store the orc that Mile brought out last night.

And after breakfast, Mile asked Selivos for a message delivered using one of the cavalries.
Mile had written that letter last night, that explaining everything so far to the guild.

『Of course, I don’t mind! Please leave it to me!』(Selivos)

Selivos didn’t even consider the possibility that Mile is planning something.

Actually, when the number of escorts has decreased by one, there is no big influence.
On the contrary, with such skills of the girls, can even a big bandit group with 40 people size stand a chance against them?

They also confirmed the condition of the injuries and the rope that bound all the bandits when connecting to a carriage.
And that knot wasn’t as easy to unwind.

Besides, the girls with the ridiculous storage magic, healing magic, sword skill that even royalty will welcome them with open arms. They can’t have trouble with the money that they need to commit a crime.
Selivos willing to bet 10 gold coins on that.

And in the afternoon.

Several horse cavalries approaching from the front and stopped right before the merchant group.

『I’m Zarbaf’s Hunter Guild Master!』(GM)

Because they are of use to the guild, it’s no wonder that people are cheering.
However, the Guild Master came directly?
Just a little, no, they were really surprised.

But the escorts and merchants at least were relieved,
The merchant group also stopped.
And then the cavalries gets closer, they get off the horses and stand in front of Mile’s group.

『It is obvious that you are a sender of a letter. Well, it’s not a lie if we look at this …』(GM)

As he said that, the Guild Master looked at the bandits who were connected to the carriage in disgusting eyes.
The Guild Master of the town Zarbaf. This is the first time Mile’s group meet him.
His age is about in between (the average) of elder and middle-age.
Well, of course, he would be that age, in order to acquire the ability to become a guild master.
It is not a position that a young man with less experience can do.

『Yes, 3 bandit groups.
One big group and two small groups including fake.
Please have the arrangement as we mentioned in the letter』(Maevis)

『I understand. It was hard work, leave the rest to me』(GM)

The guild master who nodded to the report from the leader Maevis.
However, the prisoner carriages have a slow speed.
The Guild Master and some officers had proceeded ahead. It would be a while until the prisoner carriages arrived.

After talking with the merchant’s leader a while, Guild Master gets in a carriage and have the hunters to take the 3 leaders of 3 bandit groups in.
The hunter escorts that aboard in that carriage get off, and then they get on the horses which the Guild Master and other officers used.
… Yeah, that’s it.

And after the merchant group began to move again, a horrible scream sounded from one carriage.
But there was none, such as those who care about it…, The merchants, the hunter escorts or and those came together with the guild master.

Yes, that scream was coming from the carriage that the Guild Master, 3 bandit leaders, and the 《Red Oath》 on board.

After that, everyone met up with the group of prisoner carriages.
The guild masters order the staff members to move the bandits on it.
After having a few words with the people of the merchant corps, he let his staff members took care of the prisoner carriages and went ahead on his horse to the town Zarbak.


『We will now conduct a trial on the bandits who attacking travelers around Zarbaf』(Judge)

It was three days from then.
This is the estate which governs Zarbaf and the area around it.
And the trial using the party hall of the estate.

Because it’s troublesome to do it three times for 3 groups, they do it with all of them respectively today.
Members of the trial today.
The public prosecutor: subordinate of the Lord.
Judge: subordinate to the Lord.
Even though this isn’t their professionals, they are only vassals but they will be the fill-in today.
And Counsel: none.

It might be a really fair trial (or something)

In a rural town, such a large trial is unusual.
So, there are no regular courts, etc.

In the case of the usual small villain, it will be done at the military facilities, but this time they use the manor house.
Regarding of things in the territory, the Lord has all legislative, administrative and judicial rights.
And of course, a throughout interrogation was done in the past few days.

So this is just a formal one and it is only a place to present the results…
If it is normal.

Because some of the defendants are officials of the Hunter Guild, there are several guild staff, including Guild Master of Hunter Guild, guild staff and guild master of Commercial Guild, several hunter parties in this town, and a dozen other people.

The lord wouldn’t directly involve the trial, but whether he was interesting a little this time or something, he was sitting in the seat and watching.

Then, after confirming the simple guilty, first of all, it is the punishment for true bandits.

『All of you will get a life criminal slaver punishment』(Judge)

The thieves keep their hard facial expressions and don’t wiggle.
It is reasonable.
There was no other judgment,
Even if they wished for consideration of circumstances,
Lifetime criminal slaver or 800 years criminal slave punishment,
There’s no different, it has no meaning.

In the first place, it’s impossible for such as bandits to beg for mercy in their punishment.
Or rather, they should be thankful not to get a death sentence.

But actually, the death sentence is only given when there’s no other choice.
Such as those who are rebellious, don’t want to work serious, dangerous murderers, magicians who are difficult to prevent their escape, criminals who deliberately aimed at aristocrats and royalty, and considerately wicked or dangerous people.

There are only a few magician criminals,
Of course, it was because magicians are rare in the first place.
But the biggest reason is that it’s hard restraint and make use of them. 《 They tend to be executed or death punishment if captured 》
They can be restraint with the 3-bindings (eyes, mouth, ears) at the captured site.
But if they were restraint like that, there was no use for them.
And they can’t be left alone because it’s dangerous, such as those who can cast an offensive magic suddenly without chanting.
Yes, criminals who are magicians are often killed instantly on the spot.

But in reality, there was no great ability magician,
Or their crimes are relatively trivial …

And the decision of the judge will continue.

『E rank Hunter, Ivik, death sentence.
Hunter Guild staff, Darlam, death sentence as well.
And the family of Darlam will be criminal slaver for twenty years』(Judge)

『Wait, please. I don’t mind what happened to me.
But spare my family members! Wife and daughter!
This case is only my fault!』(Darlam)

The judge who sent the judgment completely ignored him, he didn’t reply.
The audience are also the same.
As for the hunter Ivik,
It’s not a hunter cooperated with bandits,
It’s a member of the bandit was registered as a hunter.

His role is to gather information and convey information from guild staff Darlam to the thieves.

Hunter Guild is a credit business.
And it’s a large organization that crosses the country.
It was not an organization that allows being tricked and leaving it alone.
Although the Guild has no authority to directly give judgment, it was easy to put pressure on the Lord. And it was decided to take the death penalty as a usual case, not to bother with anything else.

And, the guild staff Darlam raised an objection.

It was because the bandits were threatened to hurt his family, and as a result of the interrogation of the bandits, it seems to be true…
He betrayed the guild.
It wasn’t something that allowed to be done.
It was good to tell the Guild Master that he was threatened without providing information to the bandits.

And the result is many travelers are dead or become illegal slaves

And, the fact that Darlam received rewards each time, although it’s just a small amount. The reason he said, 《 to protect his wife and children 》 became invalid.

To prevent people from thinking about the same thing again,
“Even if you hear what the bandits say, your wife and children will fall into hell, the correct action is immediately reporting to the Guild Master”

Darlam is an accomplice of the mass murder, and because he insists that it is the reason, his wife and children are also the same sin.
It is a logic that is totally unacceptable in this country.

With the civilizations where public safety is bad, the cognition such as human rights is weak, it’s unavoidable for their safety.

In the past, there were countries that adopted the coordination system on the earth, and in some countries weren’t.
And there is also a direct interest relationship, the wife and children gained the profit by the act of Darlam, it seems natural to get the same sin.

Actually, today trial was just the testimony for the audience.

Yes, the fact that Evik infiltrated as a spy and the guild staff acted as an accomplice.
It was the result of interrogation for the 3 bandit leaders in the borrowed merchant carriage before arriving at the town.

And to capture the accomplices before they fled, the Guild Master returned to the town earlier than the merchant group and the prisoner carriages.

At first, the bandit leaders didn’t talk, because they thought they would get a life criminal slaver sentence for sure,
The bandit leaders thought they wouldn’t get a death sentence.
But after being hurt a little, they threw up everything easily, because of the girls in the same carriage.

And the next is the turn of the rookie bandits who first attacked the Red Oath.

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