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[Next] Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 8/9) Chapter 200: Mysterious Kidnapper 8

《Goddess' servant》also saw the healing magic that Pauline and Mile use multi-times on the Vanguards back then.
However, it’s only the 《level not to die》
It’s restoration of hemostasis and internal organs function,
and restoration of internal organs and blood vessels is something that amateurs can understand by seeing the outside.

The  《Goddess' servant》 were quite surprised that Pauline and Mile could use healing magic,
but they didn’t think there was anything great.

That’s why when they witnessed that, they couldn’t help but dumbfound.

“Please stop, don’t do it, keep it secret…” Telyucia kept begging with the tearful eyes. Meanwhile, the other four members of the 《Goddess' servant》 also had tearful eyes in another sense.

Even Telyucia is now safe. But other members still can’t help but anger.
The magician girl, Raselina looked at enemy’s magician group that made a 《circle like a magic pattern》with the anger that the men dare to hurt her companion.
She chanted and released an offensive magic towards them.

『Fire Rain!』(Raselina)

Though this offensive magic’s attack power is equal to none, it’s a magic that attacks in a wide range of fire rain.
There are a large number of people
so, it’s not a bad choice to release.
Magical power consumption is low, but it should be enough to burn their clothes,
it would be enough to distract them and stop their magic chanting.


Shun! (SFX)


Rather than being blocked, countless fire as small as droplets faded away as they evaporated before reaching the enemy.

『… Fire Ball!』(Pauline)

And then, Pauline use fire magic.
Even this is a beginner’s magic, it’s still somewhat strong magic.

Bo shun! (SFX)

『『『Huh……』』』(Rena + Pauline + Raselina)

A shocking magician group other than Mile.
Subsequently, Tasia recovered the bow, Firii attacked with a spear, but both were blocked.
The magician men in the circle don’t even notice that they were attacked,
continue to chant the ritual-like like nothing happen.

『Fu ha ha ha, it’s useless!』(Swordsman)

It was the swordsman that was captured, sat on the ground with a broken arm. He laughed to everyone who was puzzled.
The vanguard was nearly helpless unless they have a weapon with their hands-free, so there’s no need to knock them into unconsciousness.
Mile already stored all of these men’s weapons and they couldn’t break free from binding.

As for now, everyone listened to this 3rd rate villain swordsman who gave out information.

『As the ritual progresses to a certain extent,
the magical power inside the circle will increase and becomes a shield to protect them.
Be it offensive magic or normal attack, none shall pass.
And after the ritual completed, 《That》 will be called and will fulfill our wish in exchange for the sacrifice,
Fu ha ha ha ha ha!』(Swordsman)

As Mile heard it, she muttered.

『Inside the magical circle, rise in pressure …』(Mile)

She still has a scary expression, but apparently, she is back.

At first, Mile thought those 16 magician men in the circle didn’t join the battle,
but leave it to 8 Vanguards and 6 magicians, were because they are confident to win the young girls easily.
But it seems like those men were just earning time for the main 16 magicians,
Those 16 magicians didn’t join probably because they needed to concentrate on the ceremony.
To reach the state that they believed they would be protected.

『… Burn my flame, hot enough to melt the rock, to turn it into a lava stream, to make it hotter and intensify …』(Rena)

Rena started chanting.
Instead of her usual fast-paced casting, it's a slow-paced with a strong voice.

『I told you, that it will be in vain!
No matter what you do, that barrier can’t be broken with the offensive magic of a little girl!』(Swordsman)

This is the spell Mile taught Rena that she has never used before.
Rena kept chanting, ignoring the words of the enemy swordsmen.
Melting the rocks and make a steam? A 《Rock steam》?
Even Rena herself, who is chanting, doesn’t understand how much that temperature will be.
However, only the heat that is unrelenting …
And the die is cast.

『Burning breath!』

And it is a thin, high-temperature jet with a diameter of a few millimeters that spouts forward.
Rena’s released convergent high-temperature jet flows through a hole in the magical barrier.
And one magician in the circle collapsed.

Rena’s eyes also had an indelible light.
Just like Mile.
And, it was the same kind of eyes back when the 《Bandit slayer, Red Rena》was born…


The swordsman who had been overconfident until now was stuck with his mouth.
The magicians inside the circle couldn’t hide the fear and shaking.
But the magicians still continued to chant even though they were afraid as if nothing happened.
Interrupting the ritual here will ruin everything,
and in that case, the barrier will also disappear,
they couldn’t confront the young girls who are out of common-sense that fighting 8 vanguards and 6 magicians unharmed
The ritual must be done.
There were no other options.

Following after Rena, Maevis came to the side of the barrier.
And, swung down her anti-magic sword.

Gusari (SFX)

A sword plugged into the barrier without any resistance.
And again, one more magician collapsed.

Tekuteku tekuteku (SFX)

Mile who came up to the barrier and shoved her right arm into it.
And then, she grasped the neck of the magician who was near and dragged him out from the barrier.

『『『『『Eeeeeeeeeeehhhh!!』』』』』(Goddess' servant)

When watching an adult magician was dragged out by a girl with a small body like Mile, let’s alone the barrier that they can’t penetrate through, the 《Goddess' servant》 can’t help but dumbfound.
The magicians inside realized their fellows were taken out by Maevis’ sword and Mile, were impatient.

『Hurry up!
Omitted the fifth step,
Immediately shift to the final chant!
Casting preparation in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now!』(Magician)

The magicians who believed in the ritual barrier are an absolutely safe place, were confused with Mile breaking the barrier like paper,
But they still didn’t seem to give up yet.
And they decided to use the last resort.

Faril-chan was tied in the center, but Mile had cast the Lattice Force Barrier with full power on her.
Even if the ancient dragon comes out, it should be okay, so, Mile wasn’t really concerned.

Anyway, 《 The strongest creature in this world is the ancient dragon》, it’s no doubt because it was the information from the nanomachines when they told Mile about her power is half of the Ancient Dragon.

And, if Mile gave orders directly to the nanomachines, not even the strongest Ancient Dragon can win again Mile.

That’s why crushing the magicians’ rituals before they finished, or crushing whatever would be summoned by the ceremony in front of those men’s eyes, weren’t really much different.
It’s good enough to break them down and save Faril-chan.
So, Mile wasn’t in a hurry.

But a voice that sounded impatient echoed in her ears.

『Mile-sama, please stop them! That is bad!
We are programmed to exercise everything,
any kinds of magic except the magic that touches the prohibited matter,
regardless of the concept of good or bad for the exercise of magic.
So, in this situation, we will be forced to carry out their magic because they don’t conflict with the prohibited matter.
But this is a bad situation.
If we don't stop their magical enforcement immediately,
it will be serious!』(Nanomachines)

For the first time, Mile heard the nanomachines desperately cried.
Apparently, this ritual magic or their purpose seemed to be something out of common sense.
Yes, to the extent that makes the nanomachines panic …

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