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[Next] T.N: Pauline is ruthless even with the ally Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 7/9) Chapter 199: Mysterious Kidnapper 7

When the magician men were dumbfounded for a while after a shock,
Rena’s group started the next chant immediately without putting an interval
And it was Raselina who first released an attack magic.

『Ice Needle!』(Raselina)

Her magical attack is targeting the enemy magicians,
Although her magical attack power is weak, however, it’s still unbearable for enemy magicians to take a direct hit.
If that happens, not only they are hurt but their magic casting will also be interrupted.

So, the 6th magician, the one who was holding the defense magic, activated his magic defend to protect all 6 magicians.
With this power of Raselina’s magical attack, there will be no problem to defend even if the defend magic is somewhat weakened by expanding the range.

And, after Raselina’s magical attack. Rena and Pauline also finished casting.
5 other magicians hurried to change their half-way magical attack to defend magic because they are already one step behind to attack.

The 6th magician who just used defensive magic, of course, must start the new magical attack chant.
They switch role properly.
That’s why there are only 5 magicians cast defensive magic this time.

As for Rena and Pauline, a ruthless magical triggering word were cast.

『… burn to the bones!』(Rena)

『… swirling wind!』(Pauline)

The vacant lot is kind of wide so the possibility of spreading fire is somewhat low.
And even in the unlikely event, there are Pauline and Mile, they can easily extinguish the fire.

Rena decided so.
And Pauline realized that Rena decided to release her best magical attack, she supported Rena by casting wind magic instead of her hot spicy magic.
A strong wind blowing air into the flame pillar made a vortex of the flame that envelops the 6 magicians.

『Magical Barrier~errrrrr!』(Magician 6)

The 6th magician desperately screamed to cast the defensive magic.
He switched from attack magic to defensive magic casting.
For anyone, their lives are the highest priority.

That’s why it’s common sense to defend themselves before attacking.
Besides, as they attract all of magician girls’ attention, their vanguard fellows can easily control the enemy.
They fulfilled their role properly.

Meanwhile, the enemy vanguards used the chance when all magicians have a magical battle to attack.
They didn’t think that their fellows would lose to the magician girls on a 6 vs 3 battle.
However, while their fellow magicians are holding the magician girls, they could use that time to crush the Vanguard girls in a melee battle.
After that, they can attack the magician girls.

Magician girls can’t fight with vanguard at a close range, their shabby staff using skill can’t compete with swordsmen.
Moreover, it’s a lot of swordsmen attack the same time, the magician girls will be crushed within a moment.

As they thought so, the Vanguard men attacked the Vanguard girl group.

On the girls’ side, there are 4 swordsmen Maevis, Mile, Telyucia, and Willine,
The spear user Firii.
The archer Tasia that readying to shot 1 single arrow and pulling out her dagger right away.

There are 8 vanguards on the men’s side.
3 of them attacked Maevis who seems to be the strongest swordsman.
2 men attacked Telyucia and Firii.
2 men attacked Tasia.
And the last man attacked Willine and Mile who are the youngest children among the Vanguard girls.

The reason that there are 2 men attacked Tasia was because bow and arrows user can’t deal with 2 swordsmen at a time.
2 vs 1 will win for sure in just a moment, so it’s not a big time lag to go and help other men.

And then…

Hi ~yun, do su~! (SFX)

『Gua~a!』(Swordsman 1)

Tasia’s arrow pierced one of the enemies’ belly.
He could not avoid it.
Tasia got close to the Vanguard position and released the arrow,
there’s no way the man could avoid or parry the arrow with such a close range.
And then, Tasia jumped backward, throwing the bow far and pulled out the dagger.

With this, the Vanguard girls of the  《goddess' servant》 only need to deal with a 4 vs 4 battle.
The 《goddess' servant》 girls might be inferior to the enemies about their skills,
But they have survived through a lot of actual battle,
Their skills are more practical!

『Gua~!』(Swordsman 2)

『Gyaa~!』(Swordsman 3)

『Guu~!』(Swordsman 4)

『Kuaa~!』(Swordsman 5)

And the four men fell down.
Mile and Maevis attacked those men from behind, beaten them up with the sword’s belly casually.

『『『『Huh……』』』』(Goddess’ servant minus Raselina)

Yes, Mile and the Mavis, who used the true god speed sword, they didn’t need more than a few seconds to beat the opponent not accustomed to practical warfare.

And, if they leave it to the 《goddess' servant》
there might be some serious injury on both sides.
It will be troublesome and they decided to clean up quickly.
This isn’t a pro-wrestling or graduation test,
They don’t have to draw out the opponent’s power or make a point of view.

As the Vanguard battle about to come to an end.
The magician battle, Rena who has been maintaining the 『Red flame prison』was finally stopped her magic.
Although Pauline’s wind magic had strengthened the fire.
But actually, both Rena and Pauline were always controlling their output according to the defensive magic of enemy magicians, not to kill them.

Enemy magicians’ vision is obstructed by a swirling flame and can’t see anything outside of their defensive magic. And they also don’t have the luxury to switch from defensive magic to attack magic.

Even the magic name is  《defensive magic》, but its effect is only 《preventing》 magic.
It can’t block arrow or magic attack with entities like soil magic and ice magic etc.
If a ranged attack suddenly flew out from the flames that blocked their view, the magicians, who aren’t experts would not be able to avoid it.

It can block the fire but it can’t prevent the heat spread by wind to the inside of the defensive magic.
And some magicians must cast water magic to the heat of the flame.
But the magicians also have their limitations.
All 6 magicians fell down on the ground.
Although it wasn’t clear whether they lost consciousness due to the heat of the flame or due to the lack of oxygen from the fire.

『Well, it’s not a big deal. Then, how to deal with the rest of them …』(Rena)

As she said that, Rena moved closer to the enemy’s main line.
She looked at the situation.
Around 15-16 magicians circled around Faril-chan in the center and continued muttering the dubious chant.

And at that time.

Don~! (SFX)

Do su~! (SFX)



Rena was suddenly pushed away by Telyucia.
There was a metal thing that thrust Telyucia from the side.
Telyucia held her side where the blood drifted and felt to the ground.

『Ehh… ehh』(Rena)

Rena cannot move.
In her mind, the figure of her father who died stabbed by the bandit to protect her as well the appearance of everyone in the 《Red lightning bolt》 were killed.
It kept circling around Rena’s head.

The one who attacked is the magician who felt down before.
He used the knife for self-protection to attack before he fell down again to the ground.

Firii thrust the spear on his shoulder after throwing a to the belly of that man.
Then Willine also came over and kicked his flank.
After that, they also attacked the other magicians who felt on the ground whether they fainted or not.
Apparently, only that magician is the one who can still move.
Attacking other magicians is just adding unnecessary injuries.

Perhaps, that magician judged the girls’ maximum strength is Rena’s fire magic.
The fire magic that can’t be prevented by even by 6 magical defense magic.
Even if he cast magic on her, she would easily block with a defensive magic.
that’s why he chose to attack with a knife instead of magic,
It was the last resort.
But even if it was his last attack.
If he can kill the maximum fighting power of the group of young girls,
his fellows will easily handle the rest.

『Why, why …?』(Rena)

Falling on her knee, Rena asked Telucia so.

『By… by all means, … we can’t let the rumor spread out
… that we let … a junior die on our watch
… or it would be… troublesome…』(Telyucia)

Telyucia’s face was distorted from pain as she was trying to reply to Rena.
And then, she turned towards Firii who just came back.

『Firii, I’ll leave … the rest to you.
I will come to … the goddess' side … and I am going to … watch over you.
Continue to chase our dreams, … as the leader of … our group 《goddess' servant》
It’s your turn, Firii …』(Telyucia)




『Uoo …』(Raselina)

[There is no time to be sad.
We can cry later.
Now we have to fulfill our duties.
And we have to save Faril-chan!]

And when everyone in the 《goddess' servant》 wiped away tears and tried to stand up.


Zu bo~! (SFX of pulling the knife out)


Suddenly Pauline reached out her hands, grabbed the knife stuck in Telyucia’s flank and pulled it out … CASUALLY.

『『『『Huh?』』』』(Goddess’ servant minus Telyucia)

Firii’s group raised their surprise voice.
It’s unreasonable.
It’s  《common sense》 that you shouldn’t pull out a stabbed knife until we have a proper preparation for treatment.
The wound will spread further when pulling out because blood will spur out from where it’s pulled out.
The blood loss will be fatal as well.

Even so, Pauline pulled out the knife too casually.
She didn’t even warn Telyucia to prepare herself to bear the pain while pulling the knife out

『Vascular reconnection, repair, nerve repair, cell proliferation, muscle tissue reconstitution, bacterial killing, pain killing …
Mega heal!』(Pauline)

『『『『Huh……?』』』』(Goddess’ servant minus Telyucia)

4 girls are stunned, watching the wounds on Telyucia completely healed.
Telyucia can now breath and open mouth normally, but she doesn’t say anything.

『The one who save Rena by becoming her shield,
Do you think I will let you die with this kind of injury?
In addition…』(Pauline)

Pauline was grinning and continued her words.

『I will come to the goddess' side ahead of you.
And I am going to watch over all of you.
Continue to chase our dreams as the leader of our group 《goddess' servant》
It’s your turn, Firii』(Pauline)

Heard Pauline repeats what she said before, Telyucia’s face becomes red.

『By all means, we should spread this amazing quote among the hunters and everyone will remember her name forever in history …』(Pauline)


『『『『Gya?』』』』(Goddess’ servant minus Telyucia)


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