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[Next]T.N: sorry for the delay, yesterday I have a shift.

By the way, I found an interesting manga in Nico Nico.

The Tsukkomi re-incarnation MC is the weak male (without cheat) while the OP loli is the Isekai’s citizen.

And the most hilarious thing is the Overpower Loli’s common sense is this new world’s common sense. And the MC must follow the new world’s common sense

=> The only Novel / Manga that the main character gets “Common sense”-ed by the Isekai citizen. The first win for common sense.

I think about translating it later when I have time.

Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 4/9) Chapter 196: Mysterious Kidnapper 4

『Who are you!』(Man)

Surprisingly, to think that they didn’t attack suddenly.

The man appeared before the girls holding a sword and wrapped himself in a black cloak. No matter how you are looking at him, he is suspicious
Others are probably hiding.

Others are probably hiding.
Are they aiming for a surprise attack?
Or are they thinking that it was just a coincidence that Mile’s group appeared here?
Or are they trying to drive the girls back peacefully?

They probably wouldn’t think that they were followed by smell.
And they were very careful about eye-witness as well,
so, it might be possible for them to think that these girls are irrelevant people that appeared here by chance.

Even so, it’s kinda late right now, the probability that peoples have some business in the night forest is really low.
Even though this is a small forest near the royal capital, the forest at night is still dangerous.
Unless they have important business, there is no-one would enter the forest at night.

Especially young girls.

『Are you hunters? What are you doing in a group in the forest at night time like this?』(Man)

『That’s also our line!』(Rena)

(((((~ ~ ~!))))) (Goddess’ servant)

5 girls of the 《servants of the goddess》held their heads with their hands (T.N: facepalm)

Because the opponent appears all by himself with a great deal,
Normally, this is where our side should use our wits to get information.
But Rena’s remark leaked information that she knew that the opponent was a large number of peoples just like them.

It is a big failure.
Mile is also distorting her facial expressions.
She usually laughs and let it pass, but right now, she wants the information even a bit, so Mile was disappointed too.

After this, even if we win and capture them by fighting, the enemies might refuse to talk or might lie.
Right now, when they still thought that they had the upper-hand, they might tell us the right information if we know how to lead the enemies to talk.
We should get extra information with this chance, well, it can’t be helped now.

『What did you all come here, the forest at night to do?』(Man)

『When you want to ask people for such things, you should explain yourself first!
What are you doing?』(Rena)

Both Rena and the man engage in a verbal battle, trying to take the initiative,
but of course, it ends up being by repeating parallel lines.
Apparently, the other party doesn’t seem to be smart.
Well, his negotiation, persuasion, interpersonal skill may be low …

『Do it!』(Man)

The man cried out loud, it seems like he gave up driving the girls away by conversation,
The remaining men appeared from the bush behind the man and the shade of the tree.
Their number is 15 peoples. It seems like they were only hiding, not planning for an ambush in many directions.

Also, they didn’t block the way to go back, their purpose is blocking us to go forward,
As it would be fine as long as we can’t break through in the front.

Those men who appeared, all of them had black cloaks over their ordinary clothes and holding a sword on their hands.
It was the same as the man who first appeared.

Of course, there is no one wearing the full plate armor in the forest, but it’s funny that people would fight without even wearing leather armor.
And, apparently, they don’t seem to have any magician.
Normally, with this many people, there might be 2 or 3 magicians in the group, or maybe they were just lacking talented personnel …

『This might be camouflaged, be careful with magic!』(Telyucia)

Telyucia warned so with a low voice, However, there’s no need for such a warning to the 《Red oath》, unlike the 《Goddess’ servant》


Mile’s professional was a magician, but Mile often plays the swordsman role is the party,
And there’s no telling that these men won’t do the same, holding the sword and pretending to be ordinary bandit while they can use magic.

However, Rena and Pauline would not be afraid of any magic battle.
Mile and Mavis could also take care of magicians easily as well.

(Regardless of battle power, regarding bargaining, they are amateur …) (Goddess’ servant)

Five girls of the 『Goddess’ servants』had judged so on the enemy.
If those men have hidden your strength and decided to attack with full strength,
they should, of course, make a surprise attack.
They would not bother to instruct loudly and reveal the existence of an ambush.
They should decide their signals beforehand, and they should strike all at once with that signal.
Fellows who reveal themselves in a cry are just amateurs.

However, they aren’t used to bargaining doesn’t equal to their battle power is low.
Soldiers and assassins who fight on the battlefield, they don’t know how to bargain but they are never weak.

Meanwhile, the man who first showed up joined with a three people group, which seems to be the team he belongs to.
Apparently, it seems that man isn’t a leader but just a member.

The 《Red oath》and 《Goddess’ servant》were positioned with the 《Red oath》on the left and the 《Goddess’ servant》on the right, their distance is about 2 meters in the meantime.
They all would like to keep it safe. Even with hunter fellows who they don’t know well about fighting power and way of fighting.
And with that distance, there’s no fear of enemy entering there, they don’t have to worry about attacks from that direction.

The enemies attacked the 《Red oath》and 《servant of the goddess》divided into two groups of 4 peoples each.

Thinking of the number of people, the physique, the ratio of a vanguard, etc.
《The servant of the goddess》is clearly more threatening.
However, the kidnapper didn’t want to break their team organization which they were accustomed to.
Or did they think that there’s no need for them to adjust their fighting power because both parties are just some young girls and small girls …?

Well, indeed, 8 vs 4 and 8 vs 5. Both are about double the number of their opponents.
There’s no big difference when they changed the number 7 vs 4 and 9 vs 5.

Besides, by chance, if the 8 vs 4 can finish quickly. After capturing the 4 peoples group, they can just come to help the other side.

And the enemy rushed toward the girls.

Each group of four men became two rows at a time, they were lined up in front of and behind with a space of about 2 meters, and they rushed toward 《Red oath》and 《servant of goddess》respectively.

The plan seems to be the two men in the front row of the first group would fight the girls’ vanguard from the front,
the two men in the back row go right and left and to attack the opponent from the side.
Meanwhile, the group in the back will pass through from the side and attack the rear guard, it’s a formation to win a game in a moment.

They don’t just fight the vanguards alone but set up a simultaneous fight with all direction.
It is a reasonable tactic for a team of swordsmen without any archer or magician.

『Gravel, Crush the enemies’ eyes!』(Raselina)

The difference is the girls have been preparing for attacking when the men were just blindly charging.
Raselina cast magic in a loud voice, yes, she shouted the attacking magic triggering word with a loud voice.
Raselina is kind of weak magician, she can’t do luxurious things like silent-casting or pre-empty-casting.
Her magic power is also weak, she can’t create magic from nothing and she must use pebbles on the ground, earth mass and shoot them.

So, even if it is a spell called 《gravel》, it is actually flying pebbles.

And as she shouted it out loud, the enemies, of course, could hear the spell’s name and they tried to reflexively protect their eyes with their hands.

And the girls jumped forward with their sword and spear.

『Gua~!』(Man 1)

『Gyā!』(Man 2)

『U ā a~a!』(Man 3)

And the girls pierced those men’s shoulder with their spear, sword.
And three men were taken down in a flash.


And just like that, the man group in the back can’t aim at the girls’ rear-guard anymore.
Their number is equal now. If they attack the girls’ rear-guard, they might be attacked in the back by the girls’ vanguard.
The last man hurriedly escaped and joined with the back group.
Now they have a stalemate with 5 vs 5

Then Firii, Willine moved slightly to the left and Telyucia moved to the right.

『… Wind, reverse winding!』(Raselina)

The men heard the spell’s name, prepared to protect themselves from the dust or something the wind might blow at them.
And a single arrow felt down to the enemy at the same time Raselina shouted her attack spell again.
Yes, Firii, Willine, and Telyucia moved to clear the space for the rearguard to attack.

『Such a simple arrow won’t scare me!』(Man 4)

The man was standing in the hitting course of the arrow. It seems he tried to knock that arrow with his sword.
Apparently, even though those men are unfamiliar with the real battle, but they seem to have the skill.
Maybe they came from a dojo for swordsmen who aren’t fighting in real warfare yet…

『Huh?』(Man 4)

And that arrow stuck deeply into the man’s right shoulder.

『Why, why …?』(Man 4)

The man was surprised, his brain couldn’t recognize the pain yet. Only until he looked at the arrows stuck in his shoulder.
Yes, Raselina’s previous magic didn’t try to blow anything to the men or to make the men lost their balance.
A weak magician like Raselina can’t use such strong wind magic.
However, there is something that can be done with a weak wind.
That’s right, she used the wind to shift the course of the arrow just before landing a little…

((……strong!))  (Rena + Pauline)

Rena and Pauline, after casting their first magic to reduced the enemies’ vision, they had been watching the battle of 《Goddess’ servant》while leaving all the enemies to Mile and Maevis.
The goddess’ servant’s sword skill, spear technique, and magic aren’t that good.
No, it’s not like they don’t have talent, but they are still young and immature.

But they are strong.
It was an unexpected word came from Rena.

『This is the 《Goddess’s servant》, the amateur girl group that started from F rank hunters and only became C rank hunters recently without dying …』(Rena)

《Red oath》is strong.
They are certainly strong, but it’s simply 《just a party of strong individual gathering》
Their battle depends on the ability of the individual.
However, 《Goddess’ servant》is different.
Everyone’s co-op is really strong as a party, even though their skills are still weak.

Rena was disappointed.
If 《Red oath》and 《Goddess’ servant》fight, 《Red oath》will definitely will.
However, Rena couldn’t control her regret.

Mile and Maevis?

Because the two of them were desperately fighting with 《capturing play》
While preventing all the remaining enemies approaching Rena and Pauline in the rearguard. They must also avoid killing or cause serious injury
That’s why they can’t watch the battle of 《Goddess’ servant》

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