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Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 5/9) Chapter 197: Mysterious Kidnapper 5

On the other hand, the battle of the《Red oath》
At the start of the battle, Mile and Maevis advanced forward, while Rena and Pauline withdrew backward, leaving enough space in between them.
There’s no magician that stupid enough to stay on the front to fight with an only vanguard man-group.

『… solidified spiral bullet!』(Rena)

『… Ice Nail!』(Pauline) (T.N: in EN)

Rena and Pauline already have the spell ready in their head because there was enough time, they only need to shout the activating word to release the spell.

The men are regretted that they didn’t prepare themselves for the magic attacks even though there were magicians on the girls’ side,
Maybe they looked down because those magicians were just some small girls
or they have never fought against the magician’s opponent…?
Anyway, Rena was happy that her party had the advantage, so Rena didn’t care much about it anymore.

『Gua~!』(Man 13)

『It’s hurt!』(Man 14)

Pauline cast magic in the first 2 men (Man 13, 14) from 2nd man group who were moving to the left and right side to attack the rear guard.
She released Ice Nail stabbed in their shoulders, arms, legs, and abdomen.
Of course, it’s not a fatal injury, but the 2 men screamed from pain and stopped right there.

At the time, the first 2 men in the 1st man-group (Man 9, 10) are fighting with Mile and Mavis by their swords.
The 4 men (Man 11, 12, 15, 16) from the back of 2 groups tried to use the first 2 men as decoys. They tried rushing to Rena and Pauline in the rear, it seems their priority is the dangerous magicians.
However, they received magical attacks right away.

『Gya~!』(Man 11)

『It’s hurt!』(Man 12)

『『Uwaa!』』(Man 15, 16)

Yes, This is Rena’s magic with more delay than Pauline’s magic.
The soft soil on the ground of the forest coagulated, there were about small 20 spiral bullets.
Rena’s magic was parabolic or curved trajectory,
In other words, her magic’s trajectory was flying up and went drawn.
It was attacking from diagonally above.

Those spiral bullet flew above Mile and Maevis, and they increased power with gravitational acceleration when they went down,
And in the night forest with, the men didn’t think of the attack (death) from above, they couldn’t avoid.
Furthermore, the earth spiral bullets ware spinning properly just like their name “spiral bullet”

And because they are fighting in the forest, Rena can’t use her best, the fire magic.
Same goes for Pauline because there are allies nearby, she couldn’t use hot magic.
But even the two girls couldn’t use their best magic. With other magic, they can handle the enemies just fine.

Anyway, among the enemies who received the magical attack from Rena and Pauline,
there are two of them (Man 13, 14) who couldn’t move at all.
and the two men (Man 9, 10) were beaten down by Mile and Maevis in the front as well.

Although the remaining four weren’t fatal injuries, there are ice nails and drill-like soil stuck on them though.
Their fighting ability was drastically reduced.

Mile was easily taking a little time to finish her 《Capturing Alive》like: tied the enemies, heal the minimal to keep them alive from Rena and Pauline’s magic.

The remaining four enemies won’t be a problem for Mile and Maevis to handle.
So, Rena and Pauline turned around to look at the other party.

(It’s okay to leave the rest for the two) (RenPauline)

Rena and Pauline thought so.

Just in case, they cast and readying the attack magic in their head to attack anytime, and observed the battle of the 《goddess’s servant》

『『Eh……』』(Rena + Pauline)

And they saw the 《Goddess’ Servant》who knocked down the enemies steadily without facing danger.
Although they only have non-powerful magic, un-skillful swordsmanship, spear using skill, and archery.

((…strong!)) (Rena + Pauline)

(T.N: Said the 2 girls who took down 6 enemies in a second)

Although they didn’t say it out loud, Rena and Pauline clearly understood.
The other girls have 《strength》different from theirs.
Although it’s not a great ability, the other girls are quite strong.
And that was the strength when people believed in their comrade power and didn’t go solo.
And it was also the strength that Rena is seeking for 《Red oath》

Their battle, from 8 vs. 5 became 5 vs 5 now.
One of the 5 remaining enemies is also received an arrow on his right shoulder,
The 《Goddess’ Servant》is a little more dominant now.

『These girls are …』(Man 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

The men didn’t realize the combined strength from each 《Goddess’ Servant》 ‘s abilities.
They thought the girls were just lucky with attack timing, etc

But Rena and Pauline did not think so.

In actual battles, it’s important to do better in the first half of the battle, it needs a lot of training.
If we can achieve results reliably in actual warfare, it only proves that we have trained many times.

And those who thought that people could get the result with a word “coincidence” will never live long.
It was what they got with their teamwork and abilities.
Intentionally shouted the magic word loudly and the team-mates made the corresponding action.
Using wind magic, not to hurt the enemies but change the arrow flying course to attack the enemy.

The spear has a long reach.

That’s why Firii, the spearsman was placed in the middle of the 3 vanguards to attack the enemies.
If it’s normal, the enemies might try to get closer after avoiding the protruding spear when the spearsman’s stance collapsed.

But, the two swordsmen stand left and right of her will cover for her,
Yes, Telyucia and Willine’s role is protecting from both sides.
Behind them, Tasia will cover with bow and arrows, while Raselina is preparing the next magical attack.

In the first place, it was extremely reckless to fight with the difference in the number of people or ability.
Average (Normal) hunter girls can’t do thing such as confront with a greater number of swordsmen.
They must organize the party in consideration of their respective roles.

8 vs 5, there was a difference in the number of people.
And apparently, the men seem to be unfamiliar with the actual warfare,
but even the master swordsman might still get hurt when fighting with amateur, let alone some newbie hunter girls.
That was the right choice to use a tactic.

And now, even though it became 5 vs 5.
But in《Goddess’ Servant》, there are 2 rearguards.
The vanguards are 5 vs 3.
Even though it was difficult for the men to attack because the spear has a long reach.
And the men realized, they could only have the advantage when 5 of them attack at the same time…

And at the moment they are about to attack …

『… Dust storm!』(Raselina)

While enemies were wasting time, the next spell of Raselina was completed.
It was good that the men were stupid enough to give plenty of chanting time for the magician.
Normally, if the men have experience, they must choose to crush the magician first, even if their party might get damaged.

Yes, if they ignored everything and charge at the magicians from the start. At most, the three vanguards can only take down 3 men.
With good sword skill, the men might parry the arrow from the archer and take down the magicians.
And then, they will have 5 people left to fight with 3 vanguards and 1 archer.

However, the《Goddess’ Servant》might prepare another measure (Plan B) for that case as well.
Otherwise, they can’t live until today to reach rank C.

And Raselina’s magic, although its name is “Dust storm”, it’s just a gust of wind.
There’s no power like blowing off a human being,
It’s just a little strong wind.
However, it’s enough to blow the dust from the ground,
and blown against the enemy like a whirlpool.

Yes, just like its magic name, it’s the strong wind of dust from the ground.

But the men aren’t that stupid.
They didn’t let their guard down like the previous time.
They stopped their feet, two of them stand behind using the other three’s bodies as a shield to prevent the dust.
It’s impossible to completely prevent the dust coming, but it’s still a little better than nothing.
The two in the back will cover the three in the front.

And the girls were timing with their eyes.
The dust storm would end in a short time, and it would be the time to charge in.
And 5 girls of 《Goddess’ Servant》charged in.

Yes, 5 people.

The archer Tasia abandoned her bow and brought out the dagger.
Even if it’s a dagger, it’s not a knife, it’s nearly 50 centimeters in length, she might fight well with it when the enemies vision is limited.

And Raselina used her staff like a spear.
As she hit the lower part of the pole to the ground, a hidden pointed metal part appeared.

『… preparation in … a staff?』(Rena)

『That staff was changed into a spear!』(Pauline)

Rena and Pauline let out their astonishment voice.

Yes, normally, the magician will not go ahead and fight with the vanguard, they don’t participate in the melee fighting. Their staff is a batting weapon, it’s never a piercing weapon.
And Rena might hear of 《sword stick》that is a sword hidden in a stick.
But Rena has never heard of 《stuffing staff, spear version》that turns a staff into a spear.

And with this weapon, the 14-year-old and petite body magician Raselina now has a longer reach than the sword.
It’s no doubt that a spear type that is easy to use, and suitable even if she is not an expert.

And the 2 men who were standing behind using the other three to avoid the dust, were slow to detect the movement of Tasia and Raselina.
When they noticed, five girls, the vanguards, Telyucia, Firii, Willine rushed together with the rearguards, Tasia and Raselina in between to cover.
The《Goddess’ servant》 were attacking at the same time.

The 3 men who stood in waiting posture can’t normally open their eyes because of a dust, they couldn’t fully realize what happened. They only expected to be attacked by 3 girl vanguards.
However, it was 5 instead of 3 like they thought. They also had a bad vision which made their reaction was delayed.
And that《instantaneous delay》in such a case will result in a fatal injury.

『『Strong …』』(Rena + Pauline)

When Rena and Pauline said the same words again when looked at the《Goddess’ Servant》fight.
Mile and Maevis already finished capturing all the men on their side.

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