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[Next] Mile Chapter 177: Rival appearance 1

Three days after the accident of the Aura family.
No, on the day they had 《worked》for a moment and even got the post-treatment and nomination request.
So, they spent the next two days for rest. But their actually purpose is to wait for Maevis to completely healed.
And, today the 《Red oath》went to the guild to get new job.

「Are you girls the 《Red oath?》」(Girl)

As they entered the guild, they were suddenly entangled by a female hunters party of five.

「Yes, that’s right. Is there anything I can do for you?」(Maevis)

The female hunters lost their words for a moment and glanced at Maevis who answered with a refreshing smile.

(Wow, as usual. Maevis is really a 《Lady hunter》in a different way…) (Mile)

Mile is amazed at Maevis's usual and natural Lady hunter/killer.

「…mm, It’s not the case. It seems like when we on expedition, some youngsters hunters got over cocky!」(Girl)

Heard those words from the eldest girl who seems about 20 years old, Maevis answered with vague face.

「Ehh, is that so?
They shouldn’t do that.
Young people should respect the elder, and it isn’t good for those who are inexperienced to get over cocky.
They are dealing with elders so they should be careful…」(Maevis)

Pfttt! (SFX)

Giggle (SFX)

Kusu kusu… (SFX)

Apparently, it seems that other hunters are laughing out loud, but, of course, Maevis was not aware of that.

「Eld…elder, elder …」(Girl)

And the 《Elder》 girl trembled with red face.

「Is there something wrong?」(Maevis)

The 《Elder》 girl shouted at Maevis.

「It was you girls!」(Girl)

「「「Oh, as expected」」」(Rena + Pauline + Mile)

It seemed that Pauline, Rena, and surpringly even Mile were noticed this much as well this time.


Yes, the only one didn’t notice was Maevis.

「…so, isn’t it about for you to explain yourself!」(Girl)

The 《Red oath》was brought to the food and drink section of the guild, was being questioned by the female hunter group.

「No, I have no idea what were you talking about. Wasn’t you the one must give the explanation…」(Maevis)

Because their opponent is older and seniors, Maevis used honorifics once.

「About that. You girls, during our absence, you had taken our position as an idol party in this guild branch!」(girl)

「「「「………………?」」」」(Red Oath)

《Red oath》was staggering. Suddenly, a 《salad oil set》

(T.N: FUNA sensei seems loves salad oil set)

「Oh, did you mean 《we were not active》or 《we were playing around》
No, we are working properly.
It’s true, although there were a lot of rest for the last few days…」(Mile)

Apparently it seems that Mile mistook 《idol》with 《idle》people.

「That’s not it! Idol, the one who was adored, worshiped!」(Girl)

As Mile said those words, a girl was desperately trying to correct it. This girl seems to be about 2 to 3 older than Mile. Apparently, she is about 16 to 17 years old…

「Well, our party name is 《Servant of the goddess》
We are an idol subject to worship, we were treated like apostle of the goddess or《Like an angel》」(Girl) (T.N: Someone tried to steal Kaoru’s self proclaim tittle)

「No, no, that’s why …」(Another girl)

A lot of female party, it will be a little troubled.
Of course, it is a something that the girls.
Even Mile also sometimes understands what other people mean.

And the 《Red Oath》listened to the details.
As for the drink, 《Goddess’s servant》 said 《Because we are a senior (senpai) party》and paid the bill.
It seems that they had a consciousness as a senior (senpai) in that area.

《Servant of the Goddess》. For hunter, they are a rare, female-only party of five.

Swordsman Telyucia, 19 years old.
Spearman Firii, 17 years old.
Swordsman Willine, archer and dagger user Tasia, both 16 years old.

And to make it sounds nice 《all-purpose type》or sounds bad《not excellent at anything》Magician Raselina, 14 years old.

Only Raselina is D rank, all other girls are C rank hunter.
Although they have just been promoted…

There are only mountains and fields, they couldn’t find any nice men in the countryside, rural areas.
Three young girls couldn’t bear to spend their whole life in such a place.
And they grasp the hinoki sticks, in search of adventure and gorgeous life, they jumped out of the village aiming for a hunter.
…They are all fools.

And, while suffering various troubles and dangers, they survived miraculously and added two other similar girls who went out of the village by themselves and eventually reached up to C rank hunter party.
Normally, those innocent peoples would be annihilated by then, but they got a lot of skill or luck, they somehow survived.

In any case, as a country without a training school, they reached C rank when they are still unusual youth.
Moreover, a lot young ladies gathered together.
Of course, they would be delicious aim for the male party… just like the 《Red oath》

And, a (wild) 《Red oath》party appeared here.

4 young beautiful girls. Precious magicians. Sword skill comparable to B rank. And, apparently naive.
… Yes, the attention of the male hunter parties has shifted to the《Red oath》

「In general, what kind of trick did you use to get the additional redemption points, receive the red request from the stranger, and receive nomination request from the aristocrat?」(Firii)

The spearman Firii, 17 years old raised her voice said that.

「And what did you do to Jones of the 《Contract’s guardian》?
He seems to have a serious with girl right now that he declined my invitation to eat!」(Telyucia)

Next the party oldest girl, 19-year-old swordsman Telyucia roaming.

「And what did you say to the gentle old misters from《Silver Claw》, they seems to have a terrible experience!」(Tasia)

Apparently, she seems to like old gentlemen, 16 years old archer Tasia.
As Misato, she really loves her gentle father and for her he is the only father she had.
Same goes with Rena, she has been traveling with her father, and after that she was traveling with everyone in the《Red lightning bolt》
The two of them somewhat understood Tasia’s《Old gentlemen Complex》
If they were to know each other, the 3 of them were likely to become good friends.
(T.N: I don't know the word for loving dandy old man type so I use 《Old gentlemen Complex》)

「Please reimburse for me, the number of people who give me sweets has decreased!」(Raselina)

Said in angry with pouting face, 14 years old magician Raselina.


And it seems that everything she wanted to say is all told by other girls, the 16 year old swordman, Wilinu just stared silently.

「「「「「So what did you do?」」」」」(Goddess’ Servant)

「「「「Ehhhh…」」」」(Red Oath)

The 4 girls of 《Red oath》shrugged their shoulders.

「So, who are the 《Contract's guardian》or 《Silver Claw》?」(Mile)

And, as for Mile’s question, it’s not like her usual can’t read the mood question, the three girls Mevis, Rena and Pauline also nodded as well.

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