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[Next] Mile Chapter 176: Aura family 8

And everyone moved out of her bed room, leaving Litoria that crawled in the blanket alone.

「How can I thank you for all your help…
Not only you helped Dunbine to get the medicine, protect my family name from tarnish,
You also told us how to get rid of the disease itself …」(Baron Aura)

It’s un-usual for aristocrats to do something such as lowering their heads against commoners.
Even so, the baron lowered his head to Mile group.

Even if he must be thought that Mile and Maevis are aristocrats, but he treated well to all of them include commoners in this C rank hunter party.

「No, it is still early to say thank you.
After all it is judgment of an amateur, however I think she will be fine because she her symptoms aren’t that severe…」(Mile)

As he heard Mile said that, the Baron was startled for a moment, but as he was looking at the Mile’s face when she was saying so, he thought《Oh, she was just humble. She is really confident that my daughter will be okay》and regained calm.

「Well, then how about putting a nomination request for the treatment of Litoria’s dicease?」

「Ehhh, is that okay?」(Mile)

Mile was surprised, but the baron didn’t realize that Mile was surprised.

「Isn’t that obvious.
There’s no way I would let my benefactors go without repay you somehow.
If such a thing is known, our Aura family’s name…
No, even if no one knows about it, our family’s name and honor will be stained!」(Baron Aura)

The baron is really a good person, after all.

「Although this request can be handled as post-treatment because it is almost as completed as it is.
Even it isn’t really good to do it through the guild with post-treatment (less reward maybe)
But after confirming the result to some extent, it will become easier.
So, for the request result, how about we decide it by Litoria’s condition improvement?」

「「「「Please do so!」」」」(Red Oath)

A nomination request with a large amount reward from aristocracy. In terms of promotion point, this is too delicious.
Such ability, reliability, record can’t be obtained by an Average C rank hunter party.

Also, as for the guild, they have a politically appreciated anything that prove how depandable and trusted the guild.

「By the way, I want to ask.
What foods are good for Litoria besides those ingredients you just told us prepare, and what foods are bad for her…」(Baron Aura)


It is an understandable and also a hard question from baron, Mile was stuck.
Yes, Mile’s knowledge was at the end of it.
Mile wasn’t a nutritionist.
What she knew was from her class at school and reading, it was only a little more knowledge than average school girls.

Yes, only common knowledge about Beriberi like check muscle reflex when hitting the knees, that the cause was the deficiency of vitamin B1, its symptoms, and foods containing vitamin B1 in a large amount, the representative examples of food.
But what she know is only the 《Representative example》that can be found in textbooks and explanatory books.

And other representative examples she mentioned earlier are only seafood such as eel, sea bream etc.

In other words, those food might not be available here.

Speaking of birth defects, Mile remembered something else,
Although the Japanese Navy had found a solution at an early stage and practiced countermeasures,
The main business was an army general supervisor,
The writer: Mori Ogai.
It was talking about the Navy taking a nutritional theory. Sticking to the pathogenic bacteria theory and make many army soldiers to die inadvertently…

It was useless knowledge, nothing useful for the current situation.

「I think that there are many other things that contain a lot of that ingredient…
And about that, if she eats normally, she should be okay.
No-one else in your family has abnormality anyway…
It’s only by chance that Litoria-sama’s diet is so biased and extreme that it happens to contain only a little components.
Well, anyway, just in case…」(Mile)

(Nano-chan!) (Mile)

《We’ve been waiting!》(Nano-chan)

(What’s that!? Well, it’s okay.
Please, I’d like to confirm if my opinion really isn’t wrong
Because I thought it would be a bother to ask Nano-chan too much, actually I don’t really want to rely on you too much,
But this time, people’s life is on it, I can’t help but asking you
It was only amateur judgment that I reach to a conclusion from what I was told and checked.
However, there must be other diseases with similar symptoms as well: like weak reflect of the knee, diseases that cause abnormality in the nervous system, fat is attached to the legs that make like swollen and the response is weak,
I was told that where I hit was hurt, but I couldn’t check if that was because her knee was broken by overdoing or something, some other reason that not because of Beriberi that I don’t know about
If such an amateur as me treat this dicease lightly, I won’t be able to help her.
So, I’d like to ask for an accurate diagnosis…) (Mile)

Yes, even she was quite confident before, but Mile has become suddenly uneasy now.
Finally, she noticed that it was too reckless to decide the disease name simply because there is no reflection of the knee.

《I understand. For now, please imagine as detail as possible about that disease.
From Mile’s thought, we will determine the information on the disease and analyze it based on that information.

(And…?) (Mile)

《You don’t have to worry to depend on us.
Same goes with this one or even any other things!
No, we’d rather want you to rely on us more!
Please let us help you as much as we can!》(Nano-chan)

(…I will think about it right now, here I go! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!) (Mile)

《We confirmed the information and completed the analysis. There is nothing wrong with Mile’s deduction》(Nano-chan)

(I’m glad…
Then, I will move the foodstuffs from the 《Item box》 to 《Storage》
I need Vitamin B1 …, no, there are other missing ingredients too.
Please separate and extract it, and I want you to make the vitamin tablets.
Can you do it?) (Mile)

《We can do, without fail. Please give the order》(Nano-chan)

(I understood, then please do it!) (Mile)

《Then, when I give the signal, please accommodate a space about 30 centimeters radius around Mile’s face.
The nano-machines will gather for work there.
Also, since we can finish the work in an instant, please take out the tablets from within the 30 cm space right away.
Otherwise some nano-machines might be stuck in storage》(Nano-chan) (T.N: Nano-machine can open other dimension space / storage but they need level 3 command, they can’t do by themselves)

(Okay, then I will transfer the container to storage, please put the tablets in it, the amount of tablets is about the same of that container.
By the way, because the ingredients without vitamins will be discarded so keep it apart because I don’t want to eat non-nutritious foods)

《Affirmative! Then, start!》(Nano-chan)

(Roger!) (Mile) (Roger in katakana/english)

「What’s wrong, again, hey…」

「Please don’t worry, it was Mile-chan’s usual thing …」(Rena)

「Uu, shut up please (urusai desu)!」(Mile)

After usual interchange.

(Here go (Urya)!)

And a (wild) small pot appears in Mile’s arm.

《Everyone had returned safely.
As for the tablets, if we only made the designated ingredients, the appropriate intake per dose will be too small, so we added other important ingredients as well as ingredients for weight gain, suitable for taking 1 tablet after each meal.
Although there are still no noticeable symptoms yet, there are signs of illness caused by other nutritional deficiencies, so we are dealing with them as well》(Nano-machine)

Apparently, these tablets seems to be a universal supplement containing calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc, and vitamin supplement as well.
As expected, Nano-chan is such a caring person.

(Thanks! This is perfection!) (Mile)

《It’s nothing worth praising too much…》(Nano-chan)

「Is that storage?」(Baron)

As Mile brought out the pot, the Baron was surprised.

「This is the medicine to compensate for the missing important ingredients, please give Litoria-sama one tablet after each meal」(Mile)

Ooooh, the baron was even more surprised.

「Why is it so convenient …?」(Baron)

That is doubtful. It was as if preparing everything in advance, it was too much convenient medicine.
However, Mile doesn’t seem to demand money, the Aura family is just getting helps.
Baron also has pride himself about the ability to judge a person to a certain extent.

If everything happened so far was just her thoughout plan (Keikaku), then he might as well lose all hope for humanity in this world.

「It’s my family’s secret medicine. In other word, it’s a secret medicine that no-one ever know about」(Mile)

Mile said so before gave out the pot.
And the Baron somewhat reluctantly received that vase.

「How much is this worth?」(Baron Aura)

Mile answered with a smile to the baron asking so.

「Compare with to be able to see Litoria-sama’s beautiful smile again, this isn’t worth anything」(Mile)


That means it was free.
No, he did say he would pay the request reward as later date depend on Litoria’s recovery condition.

「Before you used all of this, please let Litoria-sama eat more various foods that she doesn't like or dislike, otherwise there is the possibility she would get other scary diseases.
In order to manage her appetite, let her do various things, such as exercise.
Litoria-sama, she is really pretty and nice, but if she died before she could become a bride, everything will become meaningless, isn’t it?」(Mile)

「…okay, I understand. It seems she was too spoiled for being too cute. I will make her do her best…」(Baron Aura)

The baron nodded after saying so.
He seems to be serious, so it will be okay.


「Was it better for us to have dinner a treat…?」(Rena)

On the way home, Rena was overflowing with complaints in the carriage that the Baron asked to send the girls to the guild.

「No, it would take another 4 hours until dinner time!
We can’t afford to have such a long time, and we are going home for dinner, so we can’t even do any other errands,
See, everyone seems to have the same opinion!」(Mile)

「That’s true… but …」(Rena)

Despite being a big eater, Mile retorts to Rena. Rena lost her words.

After that, the baron made two documents of post-treatment and nomination request, asked his servant go ahead to the guild with a horse.
So, when the Mile’s group who slowly traveled by the horse carriage reached the guild, they could receive the reward of the post-treatment and can receive the order for the nomination request.
Even if they receive the order, they don’t have to do anything until they get the result later.

And then the horse-drawn carriage stopped and the door was opened.

「We arrived at the Hunter Guild, the Capital branch」(Aura Butler Dunbine)

Dunbine, the butler welcomed the 4 girls to get off the carriage with an angle about 10 degrees.

「I am indebted to you. I will meet you again at a later date …」(Aura Butler Dunbine)

Also at that later date, it’s necessary to go to get a sign of completion of the request.
So, as a representative of his master for the help of 《Red oath》he bowed his head again, but this time, Dunbine made a 45° angle bow.

「Thank you very much, I’m really grateful…」(Aura Butler Dunbine)

In the ground under his face, the girls could see the number of black spots gradually increase, but the 4 girls of the 《Red oath》pretended not to notice it, shake hands lightly and they went into the guild.
Dunbine had been staring at the door of the guild for a while, and then got into the carriage.

「To the mansion」(Aura Butler Dunbine)

And the horse-drawn carriage slowly began to advance towards the Aura Baron’s mansion.

「How could you receive a nomination request from an aristocrat as soon as you come to the capital!
Needless to say, you even try to treat the un-cureable illness of his daughter…
…What on earth are you girls!」(Felicia)

For the last part, Felicia’s tone has collapsed from business use.

「No, we told you already…」(Mile)

「Isn’t that right?」(Rena)

「Because, we are…」(Pauline)

「4 friends bound with soul…」(Maevis)

「「「「Red Oath!」」」」(Red Oath)

And the girls made their pose.
Explosion and smoke were cut off because they were indoors.

「O … …, Oh … ….」(Felicia)

As expected even with famous fearsome「All this Felicia」was also lost her words…


「So, Mile, even if you said it with so much confidently. If she wouldn’t recover from her illness due to misunderstanding, what are you going to do?
It wasn’t a mistake that aristocrat could let it slice.」(Rena)

Even though she thought that it would be okay as long as it is about Mile. But it will be a big deal if that was really happen.
Besides Rena, Maevis and Pauline were also worried.
Everyone is not stupid enough to show a worrisome face in front of customers, so they tried to keep a poker face until now, but they are really worried after all.

「I think that it’s okay.
In worst case that the medicine can’t cure her, the next solution is already prepared, so it’s safe」(Mile)

「What’s next solution, what’s that?」(Rena)

Mile replied Rena with a straight face.

「Of course, it’s magical disease healing」(Mile)

「Where should I feel《relieved》! It is unreasonable and dangerous!」(Rena)

Rena bursted.

「… Is that so?」(Maevis)

Maevis seems like not understand well.

「Well, it’s Mile-chan after all…」(Pauline)

Pauline seems to give up on everything.

「Well, I could do it!」(Mile)

And 《Red oath》go to their house.
The beloved nekomimi loli is waiting there, this inn has become their temporary home.

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