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「Do you think that the difference in the race,
the difference between men and women,
and the difference in the years spent training can be managed with something like a stimulant or something?
Although as a young human girl, you are really good. But even if you to rely on drugs you still can’t win. After all, human is only limited at that degree …」(Reltbad)

The Devil swordman Reltbad readied his sword as he looked at Maevis and said.

「Boring, now come, let’s finish this quickly」(Reltbad)

And then Maevis.

「Ex · True · Godspeed sword, 1.4 times Haaaaaaaa!」(Maevis)

Hi~yun (SFX)


Gaki~i! (SFX)

Gi~n (SFX)
Ki~in! (SFX)
Kin kin Ki~in! (SFX)

「I’mpossible! She is faster than me! Human, she is such a young girl!
How can this be possible?」(Reltbad)

Reltbad lost his calm.
That was natural. He is the demon, who chose to walk the swordsman path, not magician, he has been practicing for many years, has confidence, pride. However all this effort doesn’t reach a weak human girl that not even 20 years old yet.
He couldn’t believe. And he could not forgive that.
However, each time their sword clashed he realize this is reality.


If his power couldn’t compare to her, he could just overwhelm with his power of slashing.
If he did so, her stance will be borken and the next action will be disturbed.
He thought so, and used to his power to make a full-swing.

「… Impossible!」(Reltbad)

However it was Reltbad who was lost in power and broken his stance as he was pushed back.

「Why! Why can you move faster than me, and your attack is heavier than me!
You are but a weak human girl who hasn’t even lived for 20 years!

Maevis quietly answered to Reltbad’s shouting. Yes, as usual, the lialogue that Mile told her to say in decision time.

「Why? Because my heart is burning!」(Maevis)

「Damn ittttt!」(Reltbad)

At that moment, Reltbad thought that his swordsman Enthusiasm was a mistake.
As they already had two defeats, they must definitely win. Priority was given to the duty as a demon than to hold the pride as a swordsman. Besides, the stigma such as a three consecutive defeat by human girls is much greater.
And the depressed Reltbad released magic with abbreviation casting.

「Fire ball!」(Reltbad)


Maevis’s left slash was prevent by the fire ball and her stance was broken.
Somehow Maevis can avoid it but right now she was overwhelmingly disadvantaged.

「Although I chose the way of the sword it didn’t mean that I was unable to use magic. Yes … it’s true that I’m not very good at it.
If I could, I wanted to fight with sword. I also think that using magic in a sword fight is shameful. However, there are times that I must win even I must throw away my pride」(Reltbad)

As he was saying that, Reilbert casted fire balls and slashed alternately.
Apparently, it  must be quite difficult to simultaneously cast magic and slash with sword.

However, he did it, with many attacks coming, there was no margin for Mavis to fight back and she was in a state of pinch. If this kept up, Maevis’s defeat would be only matter of time.

(T.N: Maevis POV)

(Think about it, think, Maevis Von Austin!
How can I win? Should I drink another 『Micros』?
No, even if my speed and power raise more, it’s still difficult to counterattack if I must deal with both magic and sword.
And if I use 2『Micros』for strengthening my physical ability then it will be just like with the Ancient Dragon battle, my body will not be able to keep up with my power and speed.
Something, anything…) (Maevis)

[ And Maevis recalled her past conversations with Mile.
Yes, a terrible idea from Mile.

Right now, it was common sense of the『Red Oath』that if they want to keep up with Mile, they must discard their common sense.
And like conversation before death, the past conversation with mile appeared in Maevis’s head at a tremendous speed.

The muscles are strengthened with the power of mind. The pain is just a danger signal. So, if you already understood it! You can ignore it by saying 『Let’s make shelves in the heart!』

No, that’s not it …

Speed is the torque force to improve the power. A cat is nice, isn’t it?

No, that’s not it either…

Did you know about internal Qigong and external Qigong? Dragon Breath, is it magic or is it kind of Qigong …?

That’s it! !

I can’t use magic, but I can manipulate the power of mind to a certain extent.
Then! ]

And, Maevis leaped backward and stopped attacking temporarily.
As Reltbad saw that, he also stopped attacking.

「What? did you feel like to give up and surrender?」(Reltbad)

「You should only sleep-talk only when you sleep, and don't you think it's still early?」(Maevis)

With a smile, Maevis said so to Reltbad, she took out two capsules from the pocket and opened the lid.

「I’m begging you, Micros!」(Maevis)

As she said so, she drank the contents.
When Mile saw it, she said something for a moment but returned to the position of watching as before.
Last time she preached for about 3 hours. And Maevis was seriously crying. So for now she decided to believe in Maevis.

「Is it also a stimulant?
That kind of thing doesn’t improve your effect even if you drink more, and using it too much will destroy the balance between your mind and body, causing self-destruction」(Reltbad)

Maevis didn’t hear Reltbad’s words.
In her head, it was filled with Qigong artillery.

(I can shoot it, Qi bullet.
Fire [火: Hi]
Flame [焔: Homura]
Flame [炎: Hono]
I am a flame user.
I’m the human that controls fire!) (Maevis)

And Maevis can feel the heat in her body.

『 Emergency situation occurred!

I repeat, Emergency situation occurred!

High heat source occur in the abdomen, energy rapidly rising!

It will be suicide in this state!

All personel performing the heating act should immediately move to the center of the stomach.

Other personel form a shield along the stomach wall and the body to protect!』(Nano machine)

Even though they were selected with a special role to be used in important times. But when their actions themselves would harm the magical exerciser, and made him die, that would be again the nanomachine’s misson! They must protect the body with whatever it take!

(I and flame are equal.
I am a flame. The flame is me.
Oh burning flame, be my will!) (Maevis)

Maevis changed the way calling herself from 『Watashi』to 『Wa』because it seemed to be a 『powerful language』
But then again, wouldn’t a better to choose the strongest word? For example, like the Empress …

『From the esophagus part to the palate part, rebound field has been deployed!

Reflective coating on the mouth and face!』(Nano Machine)

(I am flame. I am, I am…) (Maevis)

When the nanomachine finally completed the protective measures, Maevis fired a mass of flame from her mouth with a shout.

「I am the incarnation of fire!」(Maevis)

Both the 『Red Oath』and the devils opened their mouths wide and were stunned.

Anyway, dragon is the only creature that can breath fire.

In history of both human and devil, there was never anyone could fire a fire bullet from the mouth.

Reltbad desperately avoided the fire bomber, was also stunned.

And Mile was staring with surprised eyes.

「A human being that can breath flames …
Eh? Breath of Fire?」(Mile) (Translator’s Note: Capcom Breath of Fire)

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