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[Next] Mile 158: Monter Great Battle

「I am the incarnation of fire!」(Maevis) (余が、炎の化身である: Wa ga en no kenshin dearu)

Gaki~i!  (SFX)

「Fire ball!」(Reltbad) (ファイヤー・ボール: Faiyaa booru)

Ga shi ~i! (SFX)

「I am the incarnation of fire!」(Maevis)

Gy~in! (SFX)

「Fire ball!」(Reltbad)

Gaki~n! (SFX)

「I am the incarnation of fire!」(Maevis)

Ga shi ~i! (SFX)

「Fire ball!」(Reltbad)

Ki~in! (SFX)

Blazing fire bullets, swords shattering sparks.
It was no longer a human and devil fight. It can only be called with 『Monster Great battle』

At first each of them released magics alternately, but then the order gradually broke down, and magic and qigong artillery were now released at the same time.
Normally, it would be Reltbad who had the advantage because he is superior at both physical strength and magical power, however…

「Mavis is pushing…」(Rena)

Yes, just as Rena said, Maevis was pushing Reltbad to the corner.
The reason is.

「Fire ball!」(Reltbad) (ファイヤー・ボール: Faiyaa booru: 7 words)

「I am Fire!」(Maevis) (余が、ファイヤー!: Wa ga Faiyaa: 6 words)

Yes, because the Magic's name is shorter.

「It's 『Insecticide Punch』!」(Mile) (T.N: Blazing Transfer Student manga refer)

And, of course, no one could understand the meaning of Mile’s cry.

And Meavis ended the fight sooner than expected.

Because Maevis was uneasy about her endurance and the power left to continuous launch of Qigong bullet (which is supposed to be a fire magic)

It was inevitable that Reltbad, who fought with fireball at slower cast speed, slower in movement speed and weaker in power.

And Maevis put her sword on his neck.

「Okay, the battle end!」(Devil Leader)

And the demonic leader called out the end battle declaration.

Reltbad didn't suffer much but was complete defeated, he stared at the face of Maevis who was at a close distance in order to press the sword against his neck.

And her smiling face was glittering and shining like a smile of the goddess.


Saw the un-usual sight, Reltbad turned his face away in panic.
… Of course, the it was due to the reflective coating, which the nanomachines had deployed for the protection of the face, that made Maevis's face shining brilliantly.

「「「「………… 」」」」(Devils)

The devils were silent.

「「「」………… 」」」」(Red Oath)

The girls didn't know what to say and remain silent, however the silent 『Red Oath』was intimidating the devils.
And no matter how long everyone waited, nobody spoke anything.

And lastly, Mile said.

「Please follow me as promised!」(Mile)

However, the Devil leader shook his head.

「No, not yet!」(Devil Leader)

「… Are you going to break the promise?」(Mile)

The voice of Mile suddenly lowered, and her facial expression started disappearing until she became expressionless.

(((Oh no, Mile is angry!))) (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Yes, just as Rena's trio said, Mile was angry.
The victory which Maevis won with her power that exceeding the limits of human beings, for the sake of everyone, burning the heart, the soul, and the stomach. If he dared to it doesn't count, then Mile also had something to 『talk』

「… Is that so … Is that so?」(Mile)

「Wait, wait! It isn't, that's not the case, let hear me out!」(Devil Leader)

When atmosphere around Mile changed, the Devil leader waved his hand in panic.

「We will keep our promise, we will keep it properly!
We can not paint any more shame in our name, and even if we start a full battle here, I don't think that we can win.
In the first place, I didn't plan to do anything bad.
I just wanted to talk as an individual」(Devil Leader)

「Then, what?」(Mile)

The Devil leader replied to the expressionless question of Mile.

「Although the game as a team battle has been decided, I have not yet fought. The team's defeat is the leader's responsible.
So even I know that it's meaningless, but personal, I want to do it to the end.
That's why I want you to fight with me.
If I win, it was just my last self-satisfaction and the last pride that I can protect for the Devil. It doesn't change the fact that we lose…」(Devil leader)

Without even stop for a break, the Devil leader kept on speaking.

「Not as a leader, but as individual? Okay, for once, I will listen to what you say」(Mile)

And the round 4 starts.

Mile calmed down hers anger and had returned to normal condition because the Devil leader’s argument wasn't so strange. He is the leader of the devil group after all.

(T.N: This Part is mostly Devil Leader's POV)

(… Sorry everyone… At the time I report, I will said 『Even I win …, I don't think that the others would lose to human girls …』as the leader I will take responsibility somewhat, but my personal honor will be kept.
Sorry but only me can get away!) (Devil Leader)

He glanced at his subordinates, who are watching his match carefully and he was thinking about such things.
That was a devil for you.
And not just that…

(Perhaps, this youngest girl is the daughter of a high-ranked hunter or noble. Then she must be weak at magic and that's why she has sword for self-defend. The other three girls must be some top ranked escort hunter among hunter that her parent hired. I can barely sense any power from her, that small body of her won't suit for swordman anyway …) (Devil Leader)

Yes, he was looking down on Mile.

Because Mile is a swordman then her magic isn't good. And her small body doesn't have any muscle then she doesn't have any martial arts talent. Her only weapon is just a sword. She has a small and delicate physique, no matter how he looks at Mile, she is just an average girl. He can defeat her easy like a horn rabbit.

「Let’s get started, it’s okay, because we can use healing magic, we can even heal wound so that scar does not remain, and pain quickly disappears.
Well, it would be even better if you could surrender before you injured …」(Devil Leader)

Just to be sure, he talked about safety measures first, so that the escort hunters wouldn't attack him when the little girl was slightly injured.

Because this is an individual fight now group fight, there is no reason for the escort hunters to hesitate in order to protect their young lady.

「Well, let’s go! Ice bind!」(Devil Hunter)

He used magic that less dangerous as possible because he was still afraid of getting attack by the escorts.

Therefore, he used restraint magic which the least damage, to bind limbs with ice. Even though it doesn't cause damage but as a crowd control magic, it can be used for battle.
The little girl has no resist action, her wrists, ankles are covered with lumps of ice, they stick to each other …

Pari~n! (SFX)

The ice crumbled.

「Huh…!?」(Devil Leader)

The devils are surprised. 『Red Oath』doesn't seem to care.

「Magic is ineffective? …, no, leader activated it properly, but it was dispelled… that’s it…」(1 of the 3 Devils)

Although the spectators are analyzing so, the fighting party can't afford to hear such a thing.

「Da…damn it, I thought that I shouldn't hurt you as much as possible, but I wasn't that sweet!
Ice · Javelin!」(Devil Leader)

「Ice shield!」(Mile)

Several Ice Javelin released, of course their tips were rounded and lacking the penetrating power. However all of them were block by the ice wall that appeared before Mile.

「… Do you take this battle serious?」(Mile)

「Huh…!?」(Devil Leader)

「I said 『do you take this battle serious?』!」(Mile)

The girls jumped when they were looking at the face of Mile.
… expressionless.

(((Uwaaaaa!))) (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Rena's group knew well what that means.

Yes, Mile was really angry.

As she could fight a one-to-one basis, she was expecting that it would be fun, just like when fighting against Guren of 『Mithril Roar』and when fighting with Maevis’s father.

The 2 times before were fight with the sword, but this time, it is a magic showdown with the devil that was famous good at magic.
Magical showdown with a devil!!
The first magic game that make her excited without worry about keeping secret.

Moreover, it's just a game type, she doesn't need to worry about win or lose.
She was so excited when she thought so, and now what she got is some child-play magic.

「If you’re going to do that, then I will do it my way…」(Mile)

「All of you, come over here quickly!」(Rena)

Rena called out to the demon group that kept watching.
At first all of them were watching from one place, but after losing they kept some distance between enemies and allies. But right now Rena has judged it's going to be dangerous.

「Eh…!?」(Devil Shounen)

The Devil Young man remembered the soft feeling and sweet smell of Rena from the previous time and blushed. The other two were dumbfound.

「Because it will be dangerous, come quickly!
If you don't, you will not able to defend yourself with 『Barrier』in the unlikely event!」(Rena)

The 3 Devil weren't able to understand the meaning but because it was something related to their own life, they rushed to Rena's group in a hurry.
Yes, those who don't act fast in emergency, most of them will die prematurely. They are also fighting now, just like their leader …

And It's Mile's turn to attack.

「Phase ray,firing!」(Mile)

Chi~yun (SFX)

「Huh…!?」(Devil Leader)

For an instant, the Devil leader felt 『Something』passing through his face right beside his eyes at a tremendous speed, or he thought that it passed.
As he looked back in fear, a few centimeters holes penetrated the rock behind him.
When he turned his eyes back to the girl, the girl smiled with the eyes that aren't laughing at all.

「Can you do it seriously?」(Mile)

Bu~wa! (SFX)

Sweat flew out of his body.
Yes, the leader finally realized.
The girl standing in front of him isn't a horn rabbit.  『But a Supper Deadly Poisonous Hell Terror Rabbit …』

And the door that he chose was a 『Red door』

(If I don't do it seriously, I will die!) (Devil Leader)

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