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Chapter 94: Chapter 94: Here comes the Opportunity To Extort

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Chen Chen was a little surprised now.

He was not surprised that the Wuxin Clan successor Chong Ye was going to challenge Ye Wusheng but rather, he was surprised about Yuan Qingtian of the Hidden Wind Clan.

He was the strongest person of the 18 clans that the system had detected. He had an ordinary appearance and was dressed in a black training attire. On the surface, he didn’t seem any different from an ordinary person and did not have a sense of presence at all.

His role in the 18 clans seemed to have highlighted his appearance.

He was just cannon fodder.

The 18 clans wouldn’t let an expert challenge others.

It was because the person who was ranked first cannot challenge anyone and could only be challenged.

Who would dare to challenge the person ranked in first place?


They had to follow the instructions of the Wuxin Clan and if they took the initiative to challenge the one in the first place, they would be targeted by Chong Ye.

Hence, after Yuan Qingtian sat on the first seat he chose, it basically meant that he had to sit there for the next two days. He would only be allowed to get down after Ye Hua was done dealing with the others.

‘Doesn’t this mean that the most powerful successor among the 18 clans will have to be the mascot for two days?’

‘What a waste of talent!’

Chen Chen was bewildered and he didn’t understand what the Wuxin Clan was planning to do.

At this moment, Ye Wusheng had already walked towards the ring. Due to the fact that he was covered in full-body armor, his footsteps were heavy and the sound that he made with every step that he took seemed as if it was knocking on their hearts and making them feel oppressed.

On the other hand, Chong Ye flew directly to the center of the ring, seemingly relaxed.

Looking at Chong Ye in the distance, Ye Wusheng’s faceplate shook slightly.

“I know I’m not your match yet, but the White Tiger Clan will never surrender before putting up a fight.”


Chong Ye snorted expressionlessly.

The two of them stood in the ring, staring at each other. In the next second, a majestic and murderous aura suddenly emanated from Ye Wusheng’s body.

Sensing the murderous aura, the Golden core elder who was the judge, was affected and took two steps backwards.

“Are you intending to exert your full strength as soon as you come up?” Chong Ye asked indifferently.

Ye Wusheng didn’t answer. His full-body armor suddenly flickered with some ethereal light,after which a large white tiger figure that was nearly ten meters long and four meters tall emerged behind him.

This white tiger shadow roared and soared to the sky while the terrifying pressure spread in all directions.

The successors of the 36 clans who were sitting on the high platform, could not help but turn pale when they were shrouded by the terrifying pressure because in their opinion, it was not a white tiger but a sea of corpses and blood!

God knows how many Demon clan members Ye Wusheng had killed to achieve the fourth place among the elites!


Seeing the white tiger take shape, Ye Wusheng roared, and punched Chong Ye. At the same time, the massive white tiger shadow also lunged forward madly!

At this time, Chong Ye closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and muttered something incoherent under his breath.

In the next second, an extreme gloomy wave of chilliness enveloped the entire ring, and white tiger shadow suddenly collapsed while the ethereality on Ye Wusheng’s fist immediately vanished.

Before the crowd could see clearly what had happened, Chong Ye had already reached Ye Wusheng with some disappointment in his eyes.

“Ye Wusheng, your heart is filled with resentment and you seem to have some kind of obsession. In this state, you will never be my opponent.”

After saying this, Chong Ye slapped his palm on Ye Wusheng’s body.


With a loud sound of an explosion, Ye Wusheng darted out like a cannonball and crashed into the fence of the arena in the distance.

The fence collapsed and Ye Wusheng’s full body armor was quickly dyed red with blood.

“Don’t worry, he’s not dead.”

Chong Ye uttered those words calmly before flying in the direction of the palace.

Of course he wouldn’t take Ye Wusheng’s seat.

Sitting there was like an insult to him.

After Chong Ye left, the arena fell silent.

Ye Wusheng, who was ranked third among the elites, had been defeated. That was the power of the new king of the State of Jin, who was ranked in first place.

In the next two and a half days, Chong Ye could challenge five more people. Excluding the insignificant Yuan Qingtian, there were still four people from the 36 clans who needed to fight against Chong Ye.

Who will be those four people?

Thinking of this, the hearts of the top ten successors of the 36 clans were all heavy.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, the strength you showed earlier was impressive, I think you’ll be targeted by Chong Ye!”

You Lanxin said with a worried face.

“So be it then. What else can I do? At most, I’ll just get seriously injured, and then we’ll both go home,” Chen Chen replied heartlessly.

You Lanxin looked at Ye Wusheng who was covered in blood and muttered with some fear in her eyes, “What… Aren’t you scared of pain?”

Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

‘Is this Saintess afraid of pain?’


However, on second thought, he felt that he seemed to be a little scared too.

Once Ye Wusheng was defeated, the morale of the successors were boosted.

Immediately afterwards, the Saintess of the Xuan Bing Clan challenged Ye Huang, the Saintess of the Vermilion Bird Clan, thus removing her clan from the fourth place.

However, that battle was extremely brutal and tragic as both parties were severely injured in the end.

The Ranking Battle was now in a cool-down stage.

After one morning, 15 of the 36 clans had been replaced by the 18 clans.

Qi Bufan and another two cannon fodders were the only ones who hadn’t attacked.

In the afternoon, the 36 clans also began to counterattack.

However, the targets of their counterattack were the weaker ones among the 36 clans, who had defected to the Wuxin Clan a long time ago. Even though they weren’t that competent, no one challenged them yet.

Hence, in the afternoon, that group of people became the targets for others to vent their anger but they had the self-awareness to admit defeat without putting up a fight.

Seeing that the sun was gradually setting, Chong Ye once again went onto the ring and challenged Lin Jin, the successor of the Green Dragon Clan.

Again, he struck Lin Jin with a single move and seriously injured him before leaving effortlessly.

As such, the first day of the Ranking Battle came to an end.

The list of the original 36 clans of the State of Jin had been completely changed, and none of the top 10 clans of the State of Jin had maintained their original positions.

However, that was not the worst.

The worst was that apart from Chong Ye, the other successors of the top 10 clans were severely injured and no longer able to fight.

If they couldn’t find any special means, they would eventually be expelled from the 36 clans.

On the contrary, Chen Chen and You Lanxin seemed to have become the biggest winners among the top fifteen clans, as they were merely switching positions and did not suffer any injuries.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, I’ll give you a back rub!”


On the way back, You Lanxin was extremely nice to him and she was no different from an ordinary little girl.

“Hah, I’m not trying to criticize you but you’re being too timid for a Saintess. Look at Xiao Huang, she might have her technique restrained but she has the guts to fight. In the end, she defeated the Saintess of the Xuan Bing Clan badly too.”

Chen Chen walked while educating You Lanxin.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, I still have you, don’t I? If I was forced into a desperate situation, I would have also dared fight for my life!” You Lanxin clenched her small fists and swore.

As the two of them were talking, sounds of hollering suddenly came from the far side of the road.

“Raise the price by 30% and try to buy some heavenly treasures!”

As soon as that person spoke, another person followed suit.

“Double the price of heavenly treasures for healing!”

“Quadruple it!”

“Raise the price tenfold!”

Chen Chen was dumbfounded.

‘Raise the number of healing heavenly treasures by ten times… are they in that dire of a situation?’

However, he suddenly realized something a moment later.

Those who were injured were probably the disciples of the entourage of the successors.

How could they not be anxious about the Ranking Battle?

The rapid-healing heavenly treasures were not common vegetables that could be found everywhere and were scarce in the entire capital. If others bought it, they might die and be kicked out of the 36 clans!

They had to buy those treasures even if it cost them their entire fortune!

Having figured that out, Chen Chen was a little excited. It was a once-in-lifetime opportunity for him!


After a moment of hesitation, Chen Chen casually took out a piece of purple ganoderma from his storage ring and handed it to You Lanxin.

“Here, go sell it for me.”

You Lanxin looked at the purple ganoderma, feeling the pinch. ‘We barely have enough healing treasures for ourselves. How can you bear to sell it to someone else?”

However, when she saw how resolute Chen Chen was, she had no choice but to comply and walk towards the crowd with the purple ganoderma.

“I have a piece of purple ganoderma here. I don’t know how old it is…”

Before You Lanxin finished speaking, the group of people surrounded her!

“I offer 400 Spirit Stones!”



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