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Chapter 93: Chapter 93: Brilliant Heavenly Might

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Zhu Zhi of the Houtu Clan took off his jacket immediately after hearing this, revealing his masculine muscles. He then flew down to the high platform and stood in the center of the ring.

At this time, he was sulking in exasperation. He had yet to get comfortable in his seat and yet, Chen Chen was already challenging him. ‘Does he really think I’m made of clay?’

Despite thinking that way, he nevertheless looked at Qi Bufan and the other people of the 18 clans who hadn’t been doing anything.

Seeing this, Qi Bufan said indifferently, “If you can’t beat him, just admit defeat. Don’t get hurt.”

He said exactly the same thing that Chen Chen had said to You Lanxin just now, and everyone knew clearly what he meant.

After receiving the affirmation from Qi Bufan, Zhu Zhi instantly had the confidence to tauntingly curl his finger at Chen Chen who was at the edge of the ring.

Chen Chen smiled and slowly walked towards the ring.

As Chen Chen approached, the clear sky gradually became cloudy, as if it was about to rain.

The Golden Core elder looked at the sky, and then looked at Chen Chen. A ray of light flashed in his eyes and he murmured: “The Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique… He has cultivated to the point of being able to influence the weather. Duan Bing said this kid is extremely strong, it seems to be true…”

Looking at the clouds that gradually condensed above his head, the provocation on Zhu Zhi’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by caution. Then, he took a deep breath and coalesced his body’s ethereality to the extreme.

Tap… Tap…

Chen Chen just walked slowly towards the ring, but with every step he took, the clouds in the sky would get thicker. Everyone present looked up to the sky, carefully feeling the power condensed in the gloomy clouds.

“Tianyun Clan’s Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique is incredible!”

“If the successor of the Heavenly Cloud clan is so powerful, why wasn’t he famous before this?”

Although everyone had doubts in their minds, they all thought that Chen Chen deserved to be ranked seventh among the elites.

A few moments later, Chen Chen finally stepped into the ring.

At this point, the entire ring had been completely covered by gloomy clouds, and from time to time, there would be lightning.

Seeing this, Zhu Zhi’s eyelids twitched continuously.


The Golden Core elder said calmly.

In his opinion, there was no longer any suspense regarding the outcome of the battle. The only thing that he was uncertain of was the method that the successor of the Houtu Clan would be defeated.

As soon as he said that, Zhu Zhi looked up and roared into the sky.

“I don’t believe it!”

Along with the angry roar, the earth began to roll and a wall of soil that was five or six meters thick rose up to block his head.

However, the sky was terribly gloomy. The thundery clouds rolled but the emergence of the wall did not result in any changes.

Zhu Zhi only felt that there was a massive and oppressive aura that was locking onto him in the sky above him, filling his body with a huge pressure. He felt as if the sky was about to collapse and crash down on him!


Lightning streaked through the clouds with a sudden explosion!

Zhu Zhi’s body shivered in shock, and cold sweat instantly dripped down from his forehead.

He felt the… that flash of horrifying power in that instant!

At this moment, there were only four words in his mind!

‘I can’t resist it!’

With his strength, he could not block the blow of the rolling thundery clouds in the sky!

At this thought, he suddenly looked down at Chen Chen, whose clothes were fluttering in the distance and seemed like he hadn’t done anything. He also saw the contempt and mockery in Chen Chen’s eyes.

Seeing Chen Chen’s expression, Zhu Zhi was frightened and subconsciously yelled, “I concede…”


Before he could say the word ‘defeat’, the thundery clouds in the sky suddenly changed and a bolt of lighting that cut through the sky suddenly appeared, blasting on top of the soil wall!


Under the brilliant heavenly might, everyone turned pale while the wall shattered into pieces that flew a hundred meters away!

After the thunderstorm, the sky became clear and sunny again.

Chen Chen had already turned around and walked down the ring.

The Golden Core elder flew to the center of the ring and scrutinized Zhu Zhi, who was covered in black.

“He’s seriously injured but not dead.”

After muttering to himself, he looked at Chen Chen’s back and announced loudly, “This battle has been won by Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan, which will replace the Houtu Clan in the 14th position of the 36 clans!”

After he said that, Chen Chen also happened to get out of the ring. At the same time, the flag of the Houtu clan slowly fell and the flag of the Tianyun Clan gradually rose.

Chen Chen slowly flew up to the high platform and sat on the seat where Ypulan Xin was initially seated.

Seeing this, the successors of the 36 clans had mixed feelings. Some of them were shocked while some were excited.

They were astonished by Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan’s competency and his ability to defeat Zhu Zhi of the Houtu Clan with one move. They were excited because someone from their side had finally defeated a challenger from the 18 clans.

Besides, he managed to do it in a quick and clean manner.

Zhu Zhi was carried away from the ring.

Qi Bufan looked at Zhu Zhi’s pathetic appearance, his face incredibly tempestuous.

If Zhu Zhi’s injuries were not treated with powerful heavenly treasures, he probably wouldn’t regain consciousness anytime soon. In this situation, what’s the point of challenging?

In other words, after this battle, Chen Chen basically kicked the Houtu Clan out of the Ranking Battle of the 36 clans.

“That guy is asserting dominance! Zhu Zhi clearly wanted to admit defeat, but that guy was too ruthless. How atrocious!”

Qi Bufan glowered at Chen Chen who was on the high platform, his heart filled with fury.

Chen Chen first caused Zhu Zhi to have a mental breakdown because of his domineering aura, after which he left Zhu Zhi with no chance to admit defeat, causing Zhu Zhi to be severely injured with one move.

It was simply a double blow to the mind and body!

He was using it as an excuse to kill!

The reason he went to such great lengths was undoubtedly to warn the challengers behind him!

“Bufan, why don’t we wait until this afternoon and I go teach the successor of the Tianyun Clan a lesson?”

A woman who was beside Qi Bufan and had a cold and hostile aura said coldly.

That woman was the successor of the Xuan Bing clan who had a status of cultivation that was at the peak of foundation building. She was ranked fifth among the elites and she cultivated the Xuan Bing Technique that was used specifically to restrain Ye Huang the Saintess of the Vermilion Bird Clan.


Qi Bufan subconsciously agreed.

He couldn’t help it because Chen Chen was just too detestable and he couldn’t succumb to fate. If not for the fact that he could only challenge and be challenged once in half a day, he would have gone up to the arena personally.

However, at that moment, a pair of calm eyes looked at him from afar. It was Chong Ye.

Sensing the gaze, Qi Bufan gritted his teeth and said, “Forget it, let’s follow the plan first! After we get rid of some tough nuts, we’ll settle that Chen Chen!”

After saying that, he glanced at one of the successors behind him.

Seeing this, that successor immediately stood up and said loudly, “I’m Yuan Qingtian of the Hidden Wind Clan and I want to challenge successor Chong Ye of the Wuxin Clan!”

Everyone got into an uproar after hearing that.

‘Challenge Chong Ye? What’s going on?’

‘Is Chong Ye going to do what Chen Chen did?’

“I concede defeat,” Chong Ye said indifferently, sitting on the first high platform.

It was just as they thought!

All the successors of the 36 clans instantly became nervous, afraid that they would become Chong Ye’s target.

Chong Ye was the successor of the Wuxin Clan who was ranked first among the elites! Legend had it that he was already halfway in the Golden Core realm!

He would probably easily defeat anyone present!

“I don’t want to rest either, I’ll challenge…”

At this point, Chong Ye glanced at Chen Chen while the other successors were on edge, not daring to breathe at all.

You Lanxin was even more nervous than Chen Chen and was covering her small mouth, afraid that Chong Ye would call out Chen Chen’s name.

“I shall challenge Ye Wusheng of the White Tiger Clan. Rumor has it that the White Tiger Battle Heavenly Technique is unparalleled. I would like to try it.”

As soon as Chong Ye said that, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Ye Wusheng who was clad in full body armor and whose face was concealed, slowly stood up with an infinite murderous aura.

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