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Chapter 866: Chapter 865, the ultimate fleet


After letting out a deep breath, Chen Chen stood up.

At this moment, in his eyes, regardless of whether it was the treasures of the true nether immortal realms or the warships of the expedition not far away, all of them seemed to be living things.

Since they were alive, they could communicate with each other.

“Controlling ten thousand troops, this is the immortal emperor.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. He felt that as long as he wanted, all the treasures would listen to his orders.

But for some reason, he could not be happy.

With a thought, all the fragments of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade flew up. With his current strength, it was not difficult for him to reforge the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

But he knew that even if he reforged it, the Weapon Soul would not be the original weapon soul.

Therefore, he decided not to condense the ten thousand transformations divine blade. Instead, he put a pile of fragments into his storage ring.

“Just follow me like this.”

After whispering, Chen Chen looked to the east.

He felt that there were many weapon souls roaring and surging toward him.

Such a formation could be described as aggressive.

“Are they looking for me?”

Chen Chen was puzzled. He turned his head to look at the battleship on the way, then his body flashed and disappeared from the spot.

A moment later.

He appeared at the place where the vessel souls had to pass, and then he began to sit quietly.

After waiting for about an hour, a silver metal battleship appeared in the void in the distance.

Then, more and more battleships of this type appeared. Before long, they covered the sky like locusts and surrounded him in the middle.

Chen Chen sat cross-legged with a calm expression.

Soon, a human figure flew out from the first battleship and landed not far in front of him.

This person’s entire body was covered in metal armor. The metal armor was very close to his body and did not look bloated at all.

“Sir… Are You Immortal King Shen Xiu?”

The human figure said carefully.

“It’s immortal emperor.”

Chen Chen answered calmly.

That person took two steps back and said, “Sir, you are a creature of our universe, right? I wonder if you can give us a copy of the complete information of the ‘soldier’motto on the account that we are fellow countrymen? So that we can better fight against foreign enemies..

Of course, if Sir Needs any help, we will do our best to help.”

Chen Chen opened his eyes and asked, “Did the super photon processor tell you my location?”


The man answered politely and did not hide anything.

However, at this moment, another figure flew out from one of the warships.

This person wore a military uniform all his life. His skin was dark blue and his gaze was cold. The moment he appeared, he gave off a murderous aura.

“As a creature of the universe, how can you cultivate?”

This person’s words were very impolite, and even a little aggressive.

Chen Chen frowned and began to carefully identify these two people.

Only then did he realize that the person who spoke to him earlier was not a real creature, but a man-made creature. Its body hid a powerful star-level power source.

And this blue-skinned fellow in front of him was a real body of flesh and blood, a life form from the universe, only slightly modified.

“Who are you?”

Chen Chen asked back.

“I am the commander of the Ultimate Fleet, Otis, from the Heavenly Light Empire that was founded by the heavenly light race that ruled the universe. Where in the universe are you from?”


Chen Chen replied.


Otis frowned as if he was recalling something, but after thinking for a long time, he still could not figure out where in the universe there was such a race.

“How did you get to the immortal realm?”

Otis asked again.

Chen Chen did not answer, but looked at the cyborg next to him.

The metal-armored cyborg quickly reminded Otis, “Sir, strictly speaking, this god-like immortal emperor is not a citizen of my Heavenly Glory Empire. He is an immortal emperor!”

When he said the word immortal emperor, the cyborg’s tone was extremely heavy.

Udeus was slightly stunned. Then, he reacted and squeezed out a smile.

“I’m sorry, Immortal Emperor. I was rude just now.”

Then, he changed the topic, then, he continued, “Apart from the information of the motto “Soldier”, we also want to extract a sample of your genes… If we can crack the secret of how you can cultivate immortality, it will have a very important meaning for our heavenly glory empire. In the future, our universe may also have an immortal emperor that belongs exclusively to the universe.

“Of course, we won’t obtain these benefits for free. You are from Earth. When we return, we will elevate the people of Earth to a higher race in the universe, second only to our Tianyao race.”

Chen Chen was rather speechless when he heard this.

What was this all about?

He did not hear the sincerity, but he heard a strong sense of superiority?

Could it be that he was a drakonid?

He still wanted to extract a sample of his own genes. If he were to clone 11,000 copies of himself in the future, what should he do?

“Extracting a sample of my genes is impossible.

As for the war maxim, I can give it to you for the sake of the journey warship’s Super Photon Computer.”

Things like the war maxim were completely different from not being completely in control.

As long as he used the word “Soldier”enough, it would spread out sooner or later.

Now that he handed it over to the space civilization, he could return the favor to the super quantum computer.

When Otis heard Chen Chen’s words, his face froze, and his eyes turned hostile.

After a while, he asked tentatively, “Have You Seen the ultimate fleet?”

“No, why?”

Chen Chen stood up, and his voice gradually turned cold.

Otis took two steps back and whispered.

In the next second, the warships in the distance all lit up, and then huge figures flew out from those warships.

Not long after, nearly 1,000 terrifying giants that were tens of thousands of miles tall appeared around Chen Chen.

These giants had all kinds of power of proverbs engraved on their bodies. At a glance, there were close to twenty of them, which was much more than the power of proverbs stored in the voyage warship.

More importantly, these giants were made of flesh and blood, not man-made machines.

This made Chen Chen unable to help but think of the giant corpse that he had stored in the body of the green bean and eventually fused into the voyage warship.

“This is the war god of destruction, developed by the Heavenly Glory Empire through genetic technology. Each war god of destruction controls the power of nineteen proverbs, and its strength is far stronger than the quasi-immortal emperor in the cultivation world.

“If hundreds of war gods of destruction cooperate with each other, it is enough to contend with the immortal emperor.

“It is precisely because of these war gods of destruction that we were able to resist the invasion of the army of the cultivation world.”

UDEIS pointed at the Giants behind him and introduced them slowly. His tone was full of pride.

“Are you threatening me?”

Chen Chen asked in return.

As soon as he finished his words, the warship journey gradually revealed itself in the endless space.

The warship journey was enormous. With Chen Chen’s modification and the integration of all kinds of cultivation treasures, it stood out like a crane among a flock of chickens after entering the ultimate fleet.

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