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Chapter 865: Chapter 864, instant brilliance

Time flowed like water. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

After drifting for a year, Chen Chen had long arrived at an unknown place in the primordial void space.

This place was far away from the immortal realm. It was rare for Chen Chen to be able to cultivate in peace.

Today, Chen Chen was only a step away from comprehending the ‘weapon’.

In his mind, countless treasures were floating around.

His life was indeed short and his knowledge in some aspects was far inferior to some immortal emperors. However, if one were to only talk about the treasures he had seen before, they wouldn’t be inferior to any immortal emperors.

In fact, to him, not only had he seen them before, he even had them before.

“But how should I write this last stroke?”

Chen Chen closed his eyes and frowned. He was only one stroke away from the word “Soldier”in his mind, but he did not know how to write it.

After several attempts, beads of sweat had unknowingly appeared on his forehead.


At this moment, a soft moan came from his body.

Hearing this sound, his body trembled and he instantly opened his eyes.

Unknowingly, a long sword had appeared in front of him.

Looking at this long sword, Chen Chen was in a daze.

“Myriad manifestation divine blade…”

To be honest, ever since he became an immortal, this life-bound treasure had been dormant in his body and had never been used again.

Later on, he obtained all kinds of treasures, and the magic treasures he used were quickly replaced.

Mortal artifacts like the myriad manifestation divine blade had no chance to be used.

But who would have thought that now that he was already half-step immortal emperor, the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade would take the initiative to fly out.

“Old friend, I’ve treated you badly.”

Chen Chen smiled and gently stroked the body of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

The ten thousand transformations divine blade let out a joyful moan once again and released a resplendent sword light, as though it was ready to face the enemy at any moment.

But very quickly, that light rapidly dimmed.

That was because it could sense its master’s current strength. Compared to its light, it was merely the glow of a firefly.

Chen Chen could sense the depressed mood of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade. He stroked the body of the sword once again, feeling a little disappointed.

When did he first encounter this sword?


That’s right, it was when he was in the lower realm and the two kingdoms.

At that time, he was being assassinated by an assassin sent by the Prime Minister of Great Xia. His limbs were cut off and thrown aside. It was this divine sword that descended from the sky and landed beside him, allowing him to kill that assassin.

At that time, he felt that with this sword in his hand, he was invincible.

Who would have thought that time had changed. There were so many undefeatable people above undefeatable.

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Chen Chen held the myriad transformation divine blade in his arms and said softly as if he was reminiscing about old times with an old friend.

At this time, the myriad transformation divine blade started to tremble violently, trying to escape from Chen Chen’s control.

Looking at the cold light on the blade and the battle intent coming from the myriad transformation divine blade, Chen Chen was stunned for a moment. Then, he came to a realization.

This sword did not want to recall.

Recalling was something a person in his twilight years should do.

It was as if it was telling him that it would always be on the road to battle.

“As expected of my life treasure.”

Chen Chen’s eyes were slightly red. He pointed out with a finger. The “Soldier”word proverbs flew out and landed on the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

An ordinary weapon suddenly received the blessing of the Hong Meng Proverbs. In an instant, an earth-shaking change took place.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

For a moment, the sound of the sword was incessant. The myriad transformation divine blade kept changing its form, as if it was extremely excited.

Not long after, it jabbed at the void again. That feeling..

It was as if Chen Chen was holding onto a dog that was barking non-stop. As long as Chen Chen loosened the rope, the dog would pounce and bite out.

Feeling the myriad transformation divine blade becoming excited, Chen Chen’s mood also became much better.

But soon, the ten thousand transformation divine blade changed again, turning back into the ten thousand transformation divine metal from before.

A long strip of metal.

All the excitement from before disappeared in an instant, replaced by an indescribable silence.

Chen Chen could not help but be stunned, not knowing what had happened.

At this moment, the Ten Thousand Transformation Divine Blade started to change again. Gradually, the word “Soldier”appeared in front of Chen Chen.

“This is…”

Chen Chen’s pupils constricted. At this moment, the ten thousand transformations divine blade had actually used the characteristics of his magic treasure to write the word “Soldier”in the air.

However, this “Soldier”was the same as the one he had grasped. It was a stroke away.


With a resounding sound, the ten thousand transformations divine blade suddenly tensed up. At a certain point, it started to extend in a certain direction desperately, as if it was trying to write the last stroke.

Before Chen Chen could react, the word “Soldier”formed by the ten thousand transformations divine blade was already shining brightly.

At this moment, Chen Chen felt that the ten thousand transformations divine blade in front of him was on the verge of collapse.

A complete maxim, just how powerful was it? How could an ordinary weapon be able to withstand it?

However, what the ten thousand transformations divine blade transmitted was not only a will to collapse, but also an endless will to fight.

Looking at the continuously extending stroke in front of him, Chen Chen suddenly felt tears welling up in his eyes.

This mortal weapon was connected to his mind. In addition to the “Soldier”proverbs, it could completely sense what he wanted the most at this moment.

That was to completely master the “Soldier”proverbs.

To understand its master’s mind and share its master’s worries, this was the mission of the Natal Treasure.

Therefore, it did not think too much about it and thought of directly manifesting the motto “Soldier”.


A series of strange buzzing sounds were heard. Chen Chen saw that the myriad transformation divine blade was full of cracks, so he quickly reached out his hand and tried to retrieve the life treasure.

However, what he did not expect was that the myriad transformation divine blade was very stubborn and did not listen to his control anymore.

“There’s no need…”

Chen Chen’s right hand grabbed onto the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade. Although his voice was low, his tone was determined.

Who would have thought that with this grab, the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade’s entire body would be completely cracked.

For some reason, he felt an excited yet reluctant emotion.

“Master, let me shine for you again. This time, the opponent I want to defeat is myself.”


With an explosive sound, the ten thousand transformations divine blade instantly turned into countless pieces. At the same time, the slash that extended out completely took shape.

In the Void, the ten thousand transformations divine blade scattered and fell, but a light shadow was fixed in the void.

It was the complete “Soldier”motto.

The light shadow lasted for a very short time, but Chen Chen did not look at the “Soldier”motto. Instead, he quickly picked up the pieces on the ground, his heart filled with mixed feelings.

Gradually, the light and shadow floated in front of him, appearing in his eyes for a moment before finally turning into nothingness.

Chen Chen closed his eyes, tears streaking across the corners of his eyes.

The magical treasures that he had encountered in the past flashed across his mind rapidly, like human figures.

What was a real “Soldier”?

A “Soldier”was also a tool, but it was not just a tool. They had their own soul.

The last stroke was the soul of a soldier.

“To me, this… is the real soldier.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he reached out his hand and picked up a piece of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade. He started to draw in the void.

In an instant, the motto of “Soldier”appeared once again.

This time, it did not dissipate.

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