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Chapter 861: Chapter 860 told me to leave


The young emperor looked at the huge hole in the sky and the corner of his eyes twitched.

In the next second, his expression changed drastically and he quickly turned his head to look at the void not far away.

There was originally a group of Yama kings there, but now they had all disappeared without a trace.

If they had only been blasted into nothingness, it would have been fine. He could use the word “Death”to resurrect this group of people.


He couldn’t sense any aura of the nether king.

After all, his “Death”Maxim couldn’t resurrect anyone unconditionally.

He needed to sense the aura of the dead, then reconstruct the soul of the dead through the aura of the dead and the power of the “Death”Maxim. Only then could he resurrect them.

However, after that attack, the entire void was blasted into nothingness. There wasn’t even any aura left.

This meant that apart from a few who had clones, the other three thousand Yama kings had all truly fallen.

This made his heart tremble and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Three Thousand Yama kings were one-sixth of the peak strength of the underworld. Yet, they were all gone in one attack.

He had never experienced such a huge blow since he was young.

“It’s the ‘quake’Maxim…”

The Death Yama king beside him said with difficulty.

Hearing this, the young emperor understood.

He had mastered the ‘death’Maxim, so he naturally would study which maxims could restrain him.

One of them was the ‘quake’Maxim.

It was rumored that hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a heaven-shaking immortal emperor who possessed the innate primordial chaos treasure, the heaven-shaking drum.

With the sound of the drum, the ‘quake’Maxim could shake everything into nothingness, leaving no traces behind.

No matter what kind of Maxim or pill it was, it was impossible to revive someone who had died under the ‘quake’Maxim.

Later on, the heaven-shaking immortal emperor disappeared without a trace, and it had been more than a hundred million years since then.

Because the ‘quake’Maxim had appeared early, many people had studied it.

Now, whether it was the immortal world or the underworld, there were still a few supreme dao treasures that contained the power of the ‘quake’Maxim.

However, there was no magic treasure that could match the power of this huge flying ship!

“Damn it! If I became the underworld emperor, I might be able to sense their remaining aura… but now…”

The more the young emperor thought about it, the angrier he got. His feminine face flushed red.

“What should we do… The power of this magic treasure is too shocking. We can’t withstand it.”

The death king beside him said in a deep voice.

“Inform Shadowless Underworld Emperor!”

As soon as the young emperor finished speaking, the ten shadows disappeared without a trace. At the same time, the sky began to rumble with Thunder.

By the time the two of them reacted, shadowless underworld emperor and Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor had already appeared in the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

Inside the warship, Chen Chen also saw Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor and shadowless underworld emperor who had suddenly appeared.

Facing such an existence, it was impossible for him not to be nervous.

Although the destruction power of the voyage warship was comparable to an immortal emperor, their overall strength was still not on the same level.

After all, the voyage warship was too big and heavy. How could it be as agile as an immortal emperor?

Although the current voyage warship had been modified quite a bit by him, the biggest flaw was still there.

“Fairy King Shenxiu, where did you get this thing?”

Extreme Celestial Immortal Emperor’s stern question came to Chen Chen’s mind.

“I picked it up in the Hong Meng Void Space. I refined it again.”

Chen Chen replied casually.

Extreme Celestial Immortal Emperor heard this and said coldly, “Impossible. Once a self-cultivator enters the inner part of this thing, it will self-destruct. I have captured many of these things in the universe, but I have never succeeded in taming them!”

“Ahem, maybe I’m Lucky.”

Chen Chen coughed twice and explained in a low voice.

If it wasn’t a last resort, he certainly didn’t want to have a conflict with the immortal emperor.

“I don’t think this person is the immortal King of Your Immortal Realm!”

The shadowless Nether Emperor’s voice was extremely cold, echoing in the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

It was impossible for him not to feel sorry for the more than three thousand Nether kings who were killed in the attack of the underworld just now.

Therefore, at this moment, he only had one thought to destroy the enormous battleship along with the people inside it!

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor fell silent upon hearing this.

Was the Graceful Immortal King Really Lucky?

It would have been fine if it was just that he had not been able to subdue it. However, no one in the immortal world or the underworld had ever been able to subdue such a magic treasure of the universe.

Could it be..

After thinking of a certain possibility, his pupils constricted.

“Immortal King Shenxiu, leave this treasure first. This matter is of great importance. I have to investigate if there is any problem with this treasure of yours.”

Before the Empyrean Immortal Emperor could finish his words, immortal emperor shadowless suddenly made his move.

And this move was at full strength!

In the blink of an eye, he had split into ten thousand clones, forming an incomparably powerful underworld formation.

10,000 clones circulated nether qi and gathered together. In the blink of an eye, an extremely terrifying attack descended from the void and headed straight for the expedition warship!

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor hurriedly stopped it when he saw this. As soon as the ‘shift’character appeared, it directed the attack towards the crack above.

Seeing that his attack had been shifted away, the shadowless Nether Emperor was naturally furious. However, in the next second, his attention was once again attracted by the gigantic silver warship.

Because at this moment, the silver battleship had changed again. Not only did the “Imperial”word proverbs appear on the light screen again, there were also two more words proverbs.

One of them was “Late”.

This was also an ancient proverbs, which came from a late underworld emperor in the underworld.

This person could slow down everything in the world. Ever since he had mastered this proverbs, he had never been attacked again.

Because those attacks were always on the way.

Once he mastered this maxim, as long as he didn’t encounter a maxim that could restrain him, he would be invincible.

Other than ‘Chi’, there was another word, ‘bing’.

The moment the Word ‘bing’appeared, the light around the silver battleship soared. It was as though the entire battleship had been injected with stimulants. If it couldn’t restrain itself, it would go berserk.

Even the light from ‘Yu’and ‘Chi’became more dazzling.

The entire flying Phoenix immortal realm actually showed signs of teleporting under the pressure of the silver battleship’s energy.

To make a region unable to withstand the pressure and teleport, most probably only some immortal emperors who mastered a special maxim would be able to do so.

Upon seeing this stance, the expression of the shadowless nether emperor changed.

He knew that even if the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor didn’t teleport and attack earlier, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to this battleship.

“Two elders, I can’t afford to offend you. Regardless of the matters of the immortal realm or the underworld, I don’t wish to interfere. Can you please allow me to leave?”?

Right, senior Empyrean Immortal Emperor, can you please move this flying Phoenix Immortal realm to the Guiding Light of my warship? I want to bring the immortal realm away.”

Chen Chen’s voice echoed throughout the airspace of the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor’s expression turned unsightly, thinking that he had heard wrongly.

It was fine if this person wanted to run away, but why did he need his help to move the immortal realm? Could it be that he was living in a dream?

“Seniors, please let me leave!”

Chen Chen’s voice sounded once again, his attitude was very firm.

At the same time, the silver battleship’s body shone brightly. Tens of thousands of all kinds of strange-shaped turrets stretched out and aimed at all directions of the immortal realm.

With the blessing of the word “Soldier”, if this round of attack was launched at the same time, not to mention the underworld, the base camp of the underworld, even the entire immortal world would be riddled with holes.

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