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Chapter 862: Chapter 861, five Great Immortal Emperors

Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s face twitched crazily when he saw this scene.

The ownership of the immortal world was not important for a short period of time, but the immortal world could not be destroyed.

If it was really destroyed, the vessel for raising GU would be gone, how could there be any new experts in the future?

Who would have thought that this graceful god immortal king actually had such a great killing weapon.

“Go, you go!”

The Empyrean immortal emperor gritted his teeth as he stared fixedly at the Shadowless Nether Emperor.

The expression of the shadowless nether emperor was extremely unsightly. If the immortal realm were to suffer a small loss, he would be willing to act. However, this would affect the entire immortal realm’s survival. He didn’t dare to act recklessly.

This karma was too great, he couldn’t bear it.

Hence, he didn’t make a sound.

The Empyrean immortal emperor stretched out his hand when he saw this. The ‘shift’character covered the entire flying Phoenix immortal realm.

In the next second, the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm trembled and finally flew out of the immortal realm together with the voyage warship, entering the primordial void space.

Half a day later, in the immortal realm.

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor found the destiny that only had an essence soul left.

At this moment, the destiny was extremely weak and his consciousness was on the verge of collapse.

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor Thought for a moment and decided to use a method to save the Destiny’s life.

That graceful god Immortal King wasn’t too reliable. Right now, the Devil Immortal Emperor couldn’t give up.

After saving Tianming, the Empyrean Immortal Emperor hesitated for a moment before taking out a token.

This token was known as the ‘transference token’. It was an extremely rare communication device. Right now, in the entire immortal realm, only this transference token could transmit large amounts of information to another world.

This item was incomparably precious. The Empyrean Immortal Emperor pondered for a long time before carefully writing down the matter regarding the graceful immortal king.

After he finished writing, he let go of his hand. The word ‘shift’appeared in the void. After that, the shift note turned into ashes and disappeared.

At the same time.

In a secret location at the edge of the universe, a white-haired old man stopped and stood there, staring at a star in the distance.

Beside him stood three men and a woman.

The three men were shrouded in mist and their expressions could not be seen clearly. Only the woman was dressed in white and showed her true face. She looked like a celestial being.

“Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor, did you really sense that supreme innate primordial chaos treasure again?”

The woman asked with a cold tone.

The white-haired old man did not respond. A man beside him said calmly, “Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor’s ability to sense primordial chaos is number one. Since he has spoken, he naturally can’t be wrong.”

Although the other two did not speak, they looked at the white-haired old man at the same time.

The white-haired old man smiled sadly and said, “I did sense it, and it’s not in this universe…”

“Then where is it?”

The woman asked again, and there was a hint of urgency in her tone.

“It’s near the immortal realm, but it only revealed a fluctuation once. I’m not sure if it’s still there now.”

The Grand Celestial Emperor turned his head and looked in a certain direction as he said lightly.

The others fell silent when they heard this.

That supreme innate primordial chaos treasure came from this universe. In order to find that treasure, they went to great lengths to come here. But now, they received news that the supreme innate primordial chaos treasure had returned to their hometown, what should they say?

A moment later.

One of the men asked, “Then should we go back now or not?”

To be honest, the reason why they chose not to go back was because over the years, their strength had increased greatly after conquering this world.

One must know that there was a limit to the number of innate primordial chaos treasures in a world. And in the immortal realm, there were no more innate primordial chaos treasures tens of millions of years ago.

Under such circumstances, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to become an immortal emperor.

And in this world, they had already discovered five new innate primordial chaos treasures and obtained five new proverbs after conquering for so many years.

It was precisely because of these five innate primordial chaos treasures that they, the five immortal emperors who first came to this universe, now had four more immortal emperors under their command.

And the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor had become an unprecedented super powerhouse who had completely comprehended the two maxims by himself.

This did not include the innate primordial chaos treasures that those people in the underworld had discovered.

From this, it could be seen how many innate primordial chaos treasures were hidden in this world. Perhaps it was because of this that the Supreme Treasure was born in this world.

“Right now, one-third of this world has already been occupied by us. If we return now, I’m afraid that one-third of this territory will be lost again.”

Another immortal emperor said with a frown.

“I definitely have to return.”

The Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor said with a distant gaze. As soon as he finished speaking, his sleeve suddenly trembled.

The Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor slightly flicked his sleeve when he saw this. A “Move”Maxim appeared from the void and then suddenly disintegrated, turning into a long paragraph.

When the five of them saw this, they all looked towards that paragraph.

“The military maxim… I have never comprehended it.”

The woman muttered.

As an immortal emperor who had lived for God knows how many years, she would comprehend all the proverbs that she had. For proverbs like “Attack”and “Control”, she had reached 90% comprehension.

As for the new proverbs that she had discovered in this world, she had also comprehended them.

However, there was only one that she had truly comprehended.

Unlike the Supreme Immortal Emperor, who had the number one sensing ability in the primordial chaos, he had actually comprehended two proverbs.

“Proverbs that can strengthen… and even control magic treasures.”

An immortal emperor said in a low voice, his eyes flashing with light.

“Fortunately, the ‘soldier’proverbs did not appear in this universe. Otherwise, our progress in conquering the universe would have been slower.”

Another immortal emperor said.

As immortal emperors, they could naturally think of the ‘soldier’proverbs at the first opportunity to greatly enhance the technological civilization.

“Why is this person not willing to stand on our side?”

The female immortal emperor was somewhat puzzled.

“If he can’t be used by US, we might as well get rid of him as soon as possible.”

The Immortal Emperors discussed animatedly and finally looked at the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor.

The Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor waved his hand and those words instantly turned into bubbles, then, he said calmly, “The military maxim is related to treasures. Perhaps it can also be sensed by other innate primordial chaos treasures. Moreover, this maxim has greatly enhanced the technological civilization. No matter what, it must be in our hands…”

Before he could finish his words, his originally calm gaze suddenly fluctuated violently.

Then, he waved his hand again, and a huge projection appeared in front of him.

There was a metal giant star in the projection. It switched forms like a mechanism. At the same time, one huge warship after another flew out of the giant star and drilled into a black hole next to it.

“The ultimate battleship is on the move again…”

The Supreme Immortal Emperor said in a deep voice.

If there was anything in the technological civilization that the immortal emperors were afraid of, it was this ultimate battleship group that was built less than 20 million years ago.

To be precise, it was the killing machines in the ultimate battleship group that mastered all kinds of proverbs.

“They are not coming for us. Where are they going?”

The female immortal emperor sensed for a moment and said in surprise.

Then, she thought of a possibility and turned to look at the Grand Immortal Emperor.

The grand immortal emperor frowned. After a moment, he said slowly, “They should have received some information… that’s why they made such a decision.”

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