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Chapter 855: Chapter 854, battle the Nether Army again 

Upon seeing this scene, shadowless Nether Emperor stood up, his eyes full of shock.

“This… This is!”

On the other side, Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor was even more shocked, so much so that his face turned green in an instant!

Because the plot was completely different from what he had imagined!

In the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realm, Heaven’s fate wasn’t too shocked, because he had already lost his mind.

Seeing his halberd and Chen Chen’s god-slaying spear attack at the same time, he instinctively wanted to use all his strength to defend.

However, this change was too fast. In addition, he had used all his strength to attack in the previous second, so the situation had suddenly changed. He simply couldn’t draw much strength to defend.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of two weapons entering flesh rang out. The halberd first chopped off heaven’s fate’s head, and then the god-slaying spear smashed into Heaven’s fate’s chest!

In an instant, a murderous aura erupted, and Tian Ming instantly froze on the spot.

At this moment, the entire flying Phoenix immortal realm became incomparably quiet.

However, Chen Chen’s gaze remained solemn. Although his plot had succeeded, the demon embryo in front of him didn’t seem to die so easily.

As expected, in the next second, Tian Ming’s physical body directly exploded. A shadow flew out from his body and fused into the indomitable demon shadow behind him.

Then, the demon shadow rapidly shrank and fled into the distance.

“This demon embryo was born from the foul Qi of heaven and earth. It’s really difficult to kill it with a demon weapon…”

Chen Chen put away the god-slaying spear, feeling a little regretful.

Just as he was hesitating whether to chase after it, the color of the heaven and earth in the surroundings began to change again.

Not long after, countless dark qi surged from the horizon. In an instant, it surrounded the entire flying Phoenix immortal realm.

When he saw this scene, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

The demon embryo had just escaped, why did the army of the Underworld come again? Could it be that he didn’t look at the almanac when he went out today?

Before he could figure out what was going on, the young emperor of the underworld had already walked out from the void. Other than that, there were over a hundred Yama kings, as well as the black-armored man who possessed the heavenly spear of death.

The group of underworld experts stared at Chen Chen, their gazes turning cold.

The young emperor coldly spoke, “Where is that Beichen Immortal King from Your Immortal Realm?”

Chen Chen was speechless. He pointed to the distance and spoke, “He ran away.”

The young emperor started to size Chen Chen Up.

Before this, the shadowless underworld emperor told him that if he could, he would kill both sides.

And since this person was able to fight against the Beichen Immortal King, his strength was definitely not weak.

With this thought, he spoke to the black-armored man beside him, “Let’s finish off the underworld king. Let’s finish off this person first.”

The black-armored man nodded slightly. At the same time, the deadly heavenly spear flew out from his body and landed in his palm.

The other hundreds of underworld kings also took their positions. They set up a formation and surrounded Chen Chen in the middle.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression was a little gloomy. He said angrily, “I won’t interfere in your attack on the immortal world! Are you going to make an enemy out of me like this?”

However, the young emperor completely ignored him and began to activate the “Death”mantra.

A moment later, one hundred and one “Death”mantras flew out and entered the bodies of the Yama kings.

In an instant, countless amounts of dark qi erupted, directly replacing the immortal Qi of the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realms, turning it into a dark region.

Other than that, the decisive death Yama king directly flew towards Chen Chen, aiming for his head.

His meaning was clearly that he didn’t even want to probe, he wanted to take Chen Chen’s life.

“What have I done to anger the heavens?”

Chen Chen raised his spear to block. Who would have thought that the absolute death sky spear was too powerful. In addition, the absolute death underworld king had been strengthened, causing him to be directly blasted into the ground of the Flying Phoenix Immortal realms.

When the Flying Phoenix Immortal King saw this, he hurriedly flew over and asked anxiously, “How is it? Are You Alright?”

“It’s nothing serious. These people really think that I’m easy to bully!”

Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and his gaze became extremely sharp.

In the next second, he directly broke out of the ground and transformed into a shooting star as he shot towards the sky.

Seeing that the decisive death heavenly spear was once again swinging towards him, Chen Chen pointed out with his finger and a powerful seal shot out from between him, blocking the decisive death heavenly spear.

When he saw the words ‘seal’, the young emperor’s expression turned slightly solemn. He said to the nether kings around him, “Attack together. Don’t give him the chance to seal.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hundreds of strengthened Nether Kings took out powerful Great Dao Supreme Treasure Level Magic Treasures at the same time. Together with the power of the formation, they attacked Chen Chen.

Chen Chen, who was in the middle of the formation, was unflustered. He casually waved his hand, and the unmoving divine emperor bell protected his body.

At the same time, he formed a hand seal, and the “Soldier”word proverbs directly spread across the void.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Yama King’s magic treasures flew back uncontrollably.

Bang Bang Bang!

A series of muffled sounds rang out. The Yama kings were caught off guard, and each of them suffered a backlash. The formation they formed collapsed.

Some of the Yama kings who controlled powerful offensive magic treasures were severely injured, and they lost their fighting strength on the spot.

The young emperor was stunned by the sudden rise and fall of the rabbit. However, he was someone who had experienced the storms and waves, so he did not panic too much. Instead, he continued to control the power of proverbs to heal the injured Nether kings.


Chen Chen did not relax because of this. With a roar, more than a hundred great dao treasures revolved around him at high speed and soon formed a storm.

This storm was filled with the light of magic treasures, and it made the Pluto Kings Tremble in fear.


With another roar, Chen Chen waved his right hand and struck out a palm at death king who was about to break the seal!

With this strike, the Great Dao Treasure Storm roared like a huge dragon and lunged at death King!

Death King roared at the sky when he saw this. He struck out with all his might and stabbed toward the storm!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A series of sounds of magic treasures exploding rang out. Death underworld king was, after all, an innate primal chaos treasure. How could those great dao true treasures resist such sharpness?

However, Great Dao true treasures were also extremely powerful treasures in this world. Some of them even possessed the power of proverbs.

Therefore, whenever a great dao true treasure exploded, it would form a powerful impact force that struck death underworld king’s body.

The decisive death Yama King’s expression was ferocious, and his fighting spirit didn’t decrease. The word “Decisive”emerged from his body, making him stand firm like a reef in a huge wave under the impact of countless magic treasures.

“This decisive word’s maxim… should be a kind of maxim that makes people stronger without fear… although it doesn’t have a fancy effect, the upper limit is extremely high.”

Looking at the decisive death Yama King in the storm, Chen Chen thought to himself.

Unfortunately, the decisive death underworld king’s grasp of the “Mantra”wasn’t that deep.

With this thought, he pointed out with his finger again, and the “Soldier”mantra instantly landed on the decisive death heavenly spear.

Although the decisive Death Heavenly Spear didn’t lose control, it still trembled.

It was this tremor that caused the magic treasure storm to instantly hit the decisive death underworld king, immediately blasting him to a place where he couldn’t be seen.

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