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Chapter 856: Chapter 855, can I refuse?

When the young emperor saw this scene, his expression finally changed.

“Let’s go see how Death Yama is doing!”

After giving the order to the other Yama kings, he quickly took out his innate primordial chaos treasure death god Scythe and swung it at Chen Chen.

In an instant, a rune suddenly appeared on Chen Chen’s body.

Chen Chen felt as if there was a huge whirlpool in his body that was crazily devouring his life force.

If it continued to devour him at this speed, he would probably be sucked dry in less than three minutes.

“Mung bean… purify me. This maxim is a little powerful.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

At the same time, mung bean’s “Decipher”Maxim had already entered his body.

However, Mung Bean’s understanding of the word was not high enough. She had only neutralized the power of the ‘death’Word.

Even so, Chen Chen felt much more relaxed.


With a low shout, a seal flew out from Chen Chen’s hand and sealed the remaining ‘death’Word in his body. Then, he pointed the god slaying spear at the young emperor in the distance. A powerful aura locked onto the young emperor.

In the Hong Meng Void Space.

The shadowless underworld emperor’s expression was extremely ugly, he said in a somewhat angry voice, “Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor, I didn’t expect that there would be such an expert in your immortal world. Tell me, what exactly is the power of the words that that person used just now? “Not only can it make the weapons of the Devil Immortal Emperor and the Underworld kings of our underworld fall backward, even the Deadly Heaven Spear can’t escape his influence!”

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s expression was also a little strange.

How could he have thought that such a situation would happen?

According to his script, it should be Heaven’s will that successfully killed the graceful celestial king and then became an immortal emperor, killing everyone in all directions.

But who would have thought that the graceful celestial king would suddenly turn the tables at such a critical moment? Not only did he destroy the body of Heaven’s will, but now that he was fighting against the two prodigies of the underworld, he actually had the upper hand?

“Who is this graceful Celestial Immortal King?”

Although he was puzzled in his heart, he put on an unfathomable expression when faced with the question from the shadowless underworld emperor.

“Hehe, there are so many geniuses in our immortal world. It’s normal for geniuses to appear.”

After giving a perfunctory reply, the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor once again looked towards the immortal world.

Within the immortal world.

Chen Chen’s god-slaying spear stabbed towards the young emperor.

The hundreds of Yama kings obviously wouldn’t sit idly by when they saw this. However, at this moment, no one dared to use their magic treasures.

Seeing that the Yama kings were actually using their physical bodies to block, Chen Chen didn’t hold back at all. He brandished his strengthened god-slaying spear and pierced through the three Yama kings with a single stab.

The god-slaying Spear’s murderous aura was incomparably powerful. Coupled with the fact that it was strengthened by the military motto, one could imagine its power.

The three Yama kings didn’t even have the time to make a sound before they died.

The other Yama kings didn’t panic when they saw this. One after another, they charged forward.

The young emperor was at the back. He pointed out with a finger and the “Death”maxim enveloped the void. The three who had died earlier were actually revived.

However, compared to before, they were much weaker.

As soon as they revived, one of the Yama kings said, “Young emperor, the killing intent of his weapon is extremely heavy. I’m afraid we won’t be able to resist it anymore.”

“All of you, Retreat!”

The arrogance in the young emperor’s heart was also stirred. After giving the order, he brandished the Reaper’s scythe and slashed towards Chen Chen.

Before the scythe arrived, Chen Chen felt a chill in his soul, as though there was a huge blade hanging above his head.

He didn’t dare to be negligent. Chen Chen silently activated the ‘weapon’character, causing the Reaper’s scythe to slow down. After which, he released the four God attendants.

Under the blessing of the ‘weapon’mantra, the strength of the four God attendants soared several times. They were even stronger than peak immortal kings.

In addition, the four mantras each had their own duties. With their cooperation, they might not be comparable to half-step immortal emperors like the young emperor, but they would definitely be able to restrain the young emperor.

Seeing that Chen Chen was using all sorts of methods, a nether king shouted, “Young emperor, this person can not be defeated by force. Let’s have a long-term plan!”

The young emperor’s gaze was cold as he said angrily, “If we are defeated by one person today, how can we still have the face to attack the immortal realm?”

At this moment, a voice came from afar.

“Young emperor, Death Yama King has suffered heavy injuries. If you don’t treat him, I’m afraid it will damage his Dao Foundation!”

Hearing this, the young emperor glared at Chen Chen fiercely and then shouted with great grievance, “Retreat!”

As the sound of his voice faded, over a hundred Yama kings dispersed.

Chen Chen didn’t have any intention of chasing after them. He merely sneered, “It’s best if you don’t provoke me next time. Otherwise, you won’t be as cheap as you are today.”


The young emperor coldly snorted and didn’t refute. With a wave of his death god Scythe, he forced the four God attendants to retreat before fleeing into the distance.

With his departure, the dark energy in the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realms quickly dissipated and was soon filled with immortal qi.

“Chen Chen, have you become an immortal emperor?”

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King flew into the sky and asked in disbelief.

With his own strength, he managed to repel the demonic immortal emperor and then the hundreds of experts from the underworld.

Only an immortal emperor would be able to achieve such strength.

“No, but I feel that it will be soon.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and smiled.

When the Flying Phoenix Immortal King heard this, she looked at Chen Chen with a complicated expression on her face.

“I didn’t expect to witness the birth of an immortal emperor…”

Chen Chen saw her inferiority complex and wanted to comfort her. But at this moment, an ethereal voice sounded in his mind.

“Immortal King Shenxiu, what was the motto you used to make everyone’s magic treasures tumble?”

Chen Chen asked, “Who are you?”

“Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was slightly surprised.

This immortal emperor was clearly in the immortal realm, why would he sit back and watch the underworld invade the immortal realm?

But since the immortal emperor asked, he might as well give this immortal emperor some face.

In any case, after experiencing this battle, it was no longer a secret what the power of proverbs was.


Chen Chen answered truthfully.

“Bing? Is it a new proverbs? Where’s your innate primordial chaos treasure? Why haven’t I seen you use it?”

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor asked again.

“There’s no need to use it against them.”

Chen Chen made up some nonsense. In any case, whatever he said after winning was right.

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor fell silent upon hearing this.

This immortal King Shenxiu’s strength was beyond his imagination. He was even stronger than heaven’s will.

Unfortunately, this person was the inner demon of Heaven’s will. In the end, there was a high possibility that only one person would become an immortal emperor.

If he chose one of the two..

Who Would he choose?

In the end, four words appeared in his mind.

The Victor would be king.

Hence, he used the same excuse he used against Heaven’s will back then on Chen Chen.

Finally.., he added, “Immortal King Shen Xiu, I can help you become an immortal emperor. However, in the future, you will have to go to another great world and join the war against that great world. Other than that, you will also owe me a favor. What do you think?”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen’s expression stiffened.

Back then, he had promised the corpse emperor to leave behind a spark for the universe.

Under such circumstances, how could he agree to allow this Empyrean immortal emperor to attack the Universe?

After hesitating for a long time, he probed, “Can I refuse?”

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