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Chapter 82: Chapter 82: Only That Shameless One

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When he said those words, everyone fell silent for a moment.

Immediately after that, everyone started jeering.

“Jiuniang, you’ve been tricked.”

“300 Spirit Stones is not a small amount!”

Hearing the words of the naysayers, the girl’s face turned red and she hurriedly sneaked out of the crowd to bow to Chen Chen.

“Successor, please come with me.”

After saying that, she walked towards a well-decorated carriage in the distance.

Seeing this, Chen Chen wanted to follow behind her, but he was pulled back by Elder Zhao.

“Chen Chen, if I heard correctly, that is a brothel!”

Zhang Ji and Sun Tiangang both lowered their heads when they heard that, but they were secretly curious about the place.

They had never been to a brothel before!

Faced with Elder Zhao’s interrogation, Chen Chen put on a solemn expression and replied, “Elder Zhao, it’s harder to find a confidant than it is to earn money! I can tell by just a glance that the woman has an extraordinary temperament and judgment. Why should we discriminate against her because of her profession?”

Elder Zhao was speechless after hearing those words… ‘I just praised you, didn’t I?’

He made it sound so nice.

However, the clan master had already said that Chen Chen would be in charge of everything. Since Chen Chen wanted to stay there, they ought to go ahead with the plan.

Letting out a long sigh, Elder Zhao remained silent.

A group of people got into ‘Yiran Inn’s’ carriage, driving along the wide street towards the distance.

“Successor, here are some Spirit Stones for you. Please count them.”

Jiuniang was a bit restrained when facing the people of Tianyun Clan.

Unlike the owners of the large brothels, who had the backing of important ministers of the dynasty, she didn’t dare to joke or laugh with those successors.

She was just a girl who had just inherited her family’s business. If hadn’t wanted to fulfill her mother’s dream, she would never have taken over Yiran Inn.

“Fifth tier of Qi training. Indeed, the people in the capital are different from those in Ji Zhou.”

Chen Chen grabbed the storage bag handed over to him by Jiuniang and directly put it into his storage ring, not giving it a single glance.

Jiuniang bowed and politely said, “I’ve embarrassed myself, Successor. My status of cultivation is far from being comparable to the big bosses, and I’m worlds apart from the successors.”

Truth be told, she did not have high hopes before she invited Chen Chen and she hadn’t really expected him to agree. Besides, she didn’t even know which clan he was from.

A few moments later, the carriage stopped in front of a five-story high-rise building.

At that moment, the two parties in the carriage already had a certain understanding of each other.

After learning that Chen Chen belonged to the Tianyun Clan, which ranked 13th among the 36 sects, An Jiuniang was overjoyed, her respect for Chen Chen and the rest instantly increasing.

As a result, as soon as they got out of the carriage, several girls on the balcony on the second floor began waving at Chen Chen and the others.

“Master! Come and have some fun!”

“Sir, you’re so handsome! Do you dare to fight with us!?”

“Old Sir, you can have some food.”

Hearing these words, Elder Zhao, who was at the peak of the Golden Core realm, had a furious expression on his face; he almost couldn’t control his breathing.

However, a scene that seemed even more unacceptable to him soon occurred.

At that moment, a woman wearing a black veil appeared in the distance.

“Senior Brother Zhao, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You don’t respect yourself even though you’re so old! Lanxin asked me to inform you that the Youshui Clan lives in the Spirit Wind Pavilion. If there is anything you need, just send your disciples directly to the Spirit Wind Pavilion!”

After saying this, the woman in the black veil snorted coldly, turning her head before leaving.

Chen Chen had met that woman before. She was the Golden core elder sent by the Youshui Clan to protect You Lanxin. He guessed from her tone that she knew Elder Zhao.

Zhao elder stared at her back, his face flushed red. He then chased after her, pleading, “Junior Sister Jiang! Listen to my explanation!”

“Why aren’t you going back yet? This is the successor of the Tianyun Clan! That elder is a Golden Core elder of the Tianyun Clan!”

Jiuniang was also embarrassed beyond words, scolding a few girls on the second floor.

The faces of those girls turned pale when they heard that, cringing immediately.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen sighed. Yiran Inn had a good name but unfortunately, the girls were very lowly. No wonder they were poor.

“I’m sorry if the girls have offended the successor; they don’t know how to behave themselves. I’ll take you all to your room now.”

After saying softly, Jiuniang led the way, soon bringing Chen Chen and the others to several luxurious rooms.

Although the rooms seemed luxurious, there were basically no spiritual objects in there, which was considered shabby in the capital.

Chen Chen did not point this out, simply walking in silently.

“Successor, if you need anything, feel free to let me know,” Jiuniang said, feeling a sense of inferiority when she saw Chen Chen’s expressionless face.

In fact, those 300 Spirit Stones were the last of the assets that her mother had bequeathed to her, and according to her mother’s plan, they should have been used for recruiting some beautiful girls.

However, in a moment of eagerness, she had used them to invite the successor, Chen Chen.

It seemed that the environment of her brothel was really not worthy of the successor.

Sighing secretly, Jiuniang silently retreated.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Chen had already stayed in Yiran Inn for half a day.

Zhang Ji and Sun Tiangang both went out to inquire after the latest news, while he remained in the Yiran Inn to look after things.

It was almost dinnertime when a majestic voice suddenly rang out from in front of the Yiran Inn.

“I am Wang Xiao of the Imperial Forest Army and I would like to see the successor of the Tianyun Clan!”

Hearing this, a gleam of light flashed in Chen Chen’s eyes and he walked out of his room.

There were two armored soldiers in front of him, both of whom had a status of cultivation. Their faces were solemn, and it was obvious that they were elites.

“I’m the successor of the Tianyun Clan. What’s going on?”

“His Majesty has ordered that the enthronement ceremony be held at noon in two days. There will be important announcements during the event. Please use this token to gain entry to the palace!”

As he spoke, the soldier respectfully handed an ancient token to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen grabbed the token and nodded in assent.

There were quite a few girls peeping at the scene from within Yiran Inn, their eyes glistening with admiration.

“He’s really a successor! Jiuniang didn’t get deceived! Even the soldiers of the imperial army are so polite to him. He’s so dignified!”

“The imperial soldiers actually came to a brothel like ours. We can brag to our sisters!”

Those girls obviously did not have any status of cultivation.

Besides, Chen Chen and the imperial soldiers were able to hear everything they had said.

The imperial soldiers’ faces changed slightly when they heard the chatter. After bidding goodbye, they turned their heads and left, soon vanishing at the end of the road. They slowed down only after running for hundreds of meters.

“The successor of the Tianyun Clan is actually staying in such a place! How embarrassing!”

“I usually don’t come to such a low-class brothel! I didn’t expect this successor to… Seems like saintly successors are not much nobler than us.”

While the two of them were discussing this matter, galloping sounds could be heard from the street in the distance.

The carriages were extremely luxurious and fast, with spiritual light even flickering around some horses!

“Uh… This seems to be the carriage of the pimp from the Drunken Red Inn.”

“The carriage behind that one belongs to Floral Moon House, which is the second-best brothel in the capital… They’re going to Yiran Inn? What’s going on?”

The two imperial guards looked at each other. A moment later, one of them seemed to have had an epiphany.

“I know! None of the successors of the other 35 clans was willing to stay in a brothel, regardless of how many Spirit Stones they had been offered. The successor of the Tianyun Clan is an exception, so those big brothels are thinking of poaching him away!”

Another imperial guard figured it out after hearing his words.

‘Everyone wants pride, but he’s the only one who’s shameless. His shamelessness is rare…’

‘However, these carriages… There are too many of them!’

There were a total of 18 carriages, which meant that 18 brothels had sent representatives. Would they really vie for a successor?

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