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Chapter 83: Chapter 83: Am I That Kind of Person?

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“An important announcement?”

Chen Chen stood in front of Yiran Inn, an ominous feeling surging through his heart.

The so-called major event was most likely related to the unification of the 36 clans. However, they didn’t know what tactics the Wuxin Clan would use.

Just as he was pondering over it… Ddda!

The sounds of carriages booming sounded from a short distance away. Even though the capital’s road was extremely solid, Chen Chen could still sense the ground quaking.

“We’re going to war! Which unlucky guy could warrant so many people?”

After muttering a sentence to himself, Chen Chen hurriedly retreated back to Yiran Inn to save himself from being embroiled in the conflict later on.


A commotion broke out as more than ten luxurious carriages stopped in front of the Yiran Inn in an orderly manner.

Hearing the commotion, the girls from Yiran Inn ran out enthusiastically.

“Are the results of inviting a successor to stay in the inn so immediate?”

“How many distinguished guests have arrived!?”

The group of girls were discussing the matter amongst themselves while taking small steps. Although they were inferior to other, much more beautiful girls, they were very dedicated to their work.

However, as soon as they stepped out and saw the signs on the carriages, they all retreated in astonishment, scrambling back into Yiran Inn.

‘What the hell!? They are all industry leaders! What are they doing here in a lousy place like Yiran Inn?’

“I, Hua Hongyan, from the Drunken Red House, am here to visit the successor of the Tianyun Clan. Successor, will you come out to see me?”

A gentle voice sounded out from outside Yiran Inn and Chen Chen suddenly paused, a look of disbelief flashing through his eyes.

“He’s here to look for me?”

Although he was amazed, Chen Chen nonetheless adjusted his expression and slowly walked out.

By the time he arrived outside Yiran Inn, a gentlemanly, dignified, and domineering successor had appeared.

“Why do you all want to see me?” Chen Chen asked indifferently.

The pimp of the Drunken Red House was a woman in her thirties, sultry, charming, and flamboyantly dressed, although she could never be called tacky. When she saw Chen Chen’s indifferent face, she smiled and spoke softly, “Successor, to be honest, I would like to ask you to move to the Drunken Red House. This shabby place is really not worthy of you, a successor.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows, seeming to have understood something.

“You were present when I arrived at the capital, correct? Why didn’t you invite me then?”

Hua Hongyan’s cheeks turned slightly red when she thought about it. She couldn’t possibly voice what she was thinking.

‘I didn’t think about it before, as I found out later that you were the only shameless successor among all the ones present.’

Seeing her expression, Chen Chen sneered, “I’ve already accepted someone else’s Spirit Stones. How can I go back on my word? You’ve underestimated me!”

After saying those words, Chen Chen turned around and went to enter Yiran Inn. As soon as he turned around, he couldn’t help but smile.

‘You’re ignoring me today, so tomorrow I’ll make sure you’re too lowly to be deserving of me!

‘No! You ignored me that afternoon and now you can’t suck up to me!


Staring at Chen Chen’s back, Hua Hongyan thought in disdain, ‘You’re staying in a brothel for 300 Spirit Stones, yet you’re blaming me for belittling you? Psht!’

However, she still had to extend the invitation, lest a small brothel get to boast that they managed to get a successor to stay at their place. If that happened, they would become the laughingstock of the entire industry.

With that in mind, she shouted out, “The Drunken Red House is willing to offer the successor 1,000 Spirit Stones, and the 300 Spirit Stones owed to Yiran Inn will also be paid by the Drunken Red House!”

She didn’t believe that the shameless successor would be willing to give up 1,000 Spirit Stones for 300 Spirit Stones!

However, as soon as she said those words, an elder beside her spoke up coldly, “The Floral Moon House is offering 1,100 Spirit Stones!”

Another voiced a better offer, yelling, “The Luoxiang Court is offering 1,300 Spirit Stones!”

In just a few moments, the price had risen to 2,000 Spirit Stones!

Chen Chen secretly rejoiced, thinking, ‘That’s about the same price as what Ye Wusheng was offered, right?’

Hua Hongyan looked at her competitors, turning red with anger. She knew that they would definitely create trouble!

“The Drunken Red House is offering 2,500 Spirit Stones! Successor, you can also pick two girls to take away with you when you leave!”

In Yiran Inn, Jiuniang silently listened to the bidding taking place outside of her establishment, a trace of bitterness present in her eyes.

He would be getting paid 2,500 Spirit Stones and be allowed to take two girls away too; No one would be able to turn down such a treatment.

It would take the Drunken Red House a long time to earn back such a large amount of Spirit Stones but it couldn’t be helped, as fame was the most important element of this industry.

“Get lost! I’m not in need of Spirit Stones!”

However, a stern holler from outside the house interrupted her thoughts, leaving her speechless.

The group of pimps outside were dumbfounded.

‘Iis this what humans ought to be saying?’

‘You are not short of Spirit Stones? Even the king of the nation doesn’t dare say that with so much gusto, let alone you, a successor who is staying in a brothel for 300 Spirit Stones…’

However, although they were disdainful towards Chen Chen, they could not show it on their faces.

Just when they were thinking about how to impress Chen Chen, a woman slowly descended from a carriage.

This woman was wearing a purple dress, and although it was a bright color, it simply looked plain on her.

That was because she was so beautiful, her clothes appeared lackluster!

Seeing the charm that she was exuding, Hua Hongyan’s expression changed dramatically.

“The number one ravishing beauty of the capital, Gu Qingcheng!”

The people around her couldn’t help but take two steps backwards as a sign of respect for the big shots of the industry.

She was an impressive beauty who was the star of Floral Moon House, the second-best brothel in the nation. There were eight beauties in Red Drunken House, but they could only barely surpass her with their combined efforts.

“The successor…”

Gu Qingcheng walked towards Chen Chen slowly, each step extremely lively. The way she addressed him as the successor was incredibly attractive and alluring too, and her words seemed more melodious than the songs of the world.

‘Impressive!’ Chen Chen sighed and exclaimed in his heart. If the girls of Yiran Inn were bronze and Hua Hongyan was considered silver, then the woman in front of him was gold. Just her voice alone was enough to make his body turn soft.

Gu Qingcheng walked up to Chen Chen, her eyes filled with helplessness as she softly said, “Where can I find a soulmate in this world? Although there are 36 sects in the State of Jin, you’re the only successor who is willing to give us people, who run a lowly business, a chance. I came here to see what an extraordinary person the successor of the Tianyun Clan really is…

“Now that I’ve seen you…”

At this juncture, Gu Qingcheng, who initially looked pitiful, was suddenly full of reverence.

Such an expression on the most beautiful woman’s face could definitely boost a man’s ego!

The people around them immediately got goosebumps. The best beauty in the capital was extremely terrifying! As soon as she spoke, she implicated those who were innocent!

“And?” Chen Chen asked curiously.

“You’re a refined gentleman…” Gu Qingcheng said with extreme adoration in her eyes.

“Oh my god!” Chen Chen couldn’t help but take a step backwards.

Although he knew that it was an appropriate phrase for describing him, it sounded extremely mushy when she said it!

“I wonder if you can come with me to the Floral Moon House for a while. I would like to express my admiration for you. If you like the Yiran Inn, successor, I will also take care of it in the future.”

While speaking, Gu Qingcheng looked at Yiran Inn’s signboard with sympathy.

Chen Chen was amazed.

‘No wonder she’s called the most ravishing beauty! Her looks and EQ are definitely worthy of that title!’

As he thought thar, he swallowed his saliva and asked, “If I go to the Floral Moon House, do I have to pay Spirit Stones?”

Gu Qingcheng covered her mouth and laughed softly, “Successor, you and I are friends and confidants. Why mention money? It’s hard to find confidants. I understand that.”

After saying that, Gu Qingcheng had a triumphant smile on her face.

This successor could not escape her clutches after all.

She had already found dozens of novel authors before she arrived. When the time came, she would get them to write a few poignant love stories and spread it everywhere. Floral Moon House’s customer traffic would definitely be multiplied several times over very soon!

They might even be able to suppress the Drunken Red House in the future!

Just as she was thinking about these idealistic things, Chen Chen’s face suddenly turned cold, pointing to the road in the distance.

“You want me to be a freeloader? Am I that kind of person!? Get lost!”

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