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Chapter 775 Chapter 774, bluffing

“It is indeed the heaven fire origin.”

Chen Chen smiled and took another two steps back, his expression growing more and more vigilant.

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King realized that something was wrong. With a flash of her silhouette, she returned to the illusory figure of the flames.

“The Heaven Fire origin is formed from the first wisp of Primordial Fire. Immortals who cultivate in flame arts can use this to form the heaven fire origin.”

After saying this, she stopped moving.

However, Chen Chen could feel that immortal king flying Phoenix’s divine sense was firmly locked onto him, as if he was afraid that he would run away.

At the same time.

At the edge of the Beichen immortal realm, the lurking Nether King watched this scene silently through his divine sense. He really didn’t know what to say in his heart. “Courting death… This is simply courting death! Don’t you understand the principle of not revealing one’s wealth? With this courting death method, I have to find an immortal emperor as a dao protector in order to protect this kid’s safety.”

At the thought of this, he felt conflicted.

If those immortal kings came after that Kid after the treasure appreciation ceremony, should he lend a hand?

“Lend a hand… not lend a hand…”

The Nether King stretched out his fist. Every time he chanted, he would stretch out a finger.

“Young friend, which Immortal King are you under?”

On the myriad immortal platform, Immortal King Beichen began to take an interest in Chen Chen.

One had to know that ordinary gold immortals would not be able to take out these treasures. Moreover, they had to take them out in front of so many people. There were only two possibilities.

First, this person was a fool and was simply courting death.

Second, this person had a deep background and was not afraid of others at all.


Upon hearing this, Chen Chen put away the essence of heavenly fire and swept a glance at the immortals present. He said calmly, “I am a disciple of the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor.”


The Netherworld king who was far away almost couldn’t catch his breath when he heard Chen Chen Chen’s words.

Chen Chen was talking nonsense in front of him. It was fine if he was bragging, but he dared to say this in front of so many immortal kings. Wasn’t he courting death?

However, the reality was not quite what he had imagined.

On the myriad immortal platform, the group of Immortals did not immediately question this answer after hearing it. Instead, they fell silent.

Immortal King Beichen’s eyes were filled with bewilderment.

Upon seeing this, Chen Chen smiled calmly and took out two more treasures from his robes.

“No need to care about my identity. I’m just here to join in the fun because I heard that a treasure appreciation ceremony is being held here.”

His words sounded relaxed, but how could immortal King Beichen Not Care?

What if it was true..

He did not dare to neglect the disciple of the immortal emperor!

No wonder a mere gold immortal could remain calm in the face of so many immortal kings and Immortal Kings.

With that thought in mind, he already believed a little.

The other immortal kings had similar thoughts as him, but no one was willing to be the first to jump out and question him.

“Is the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor Doing Well?”

After a moment of silence, the Grand Spirit Immortal King asked softly.

His words could be considered as temporarily acknowledging the status of Immortal Emperor Chen Chen as his disciple.

Chen Chen replied indifferently, “Of course he’s doing well. Furthermore, he will be returning from his travels soon.” The moment these words were said, the atmosphere became even more tense.

Without an immortal emperor, all the immortal kings were sitting on equal footing.

However, if an immortal emperor were to return, then everyone’s life would not be so easy.

After all, no one was willing to have a father-level existence above them.

“What’s the point of saying all this? It’s a treasure appreciation convention, bring out the treasures. I’m here to look at the treasures.”

Chen Chen didn’t seem to notice the subtle changes in the atmosphere as he spoke.

The Beichen Immortal King laughed embarrassedly when he heard this, “Since little friend is the disciple of an immortal emperor, then the treasures you’ve seen must be countless. Who else here can bring out treasures that little friend likes?”

“Eh, are Immortal Kings so poor? Master didn’t tell me that.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

The surrounding immortals could not help but break out in cold sweat.

To say that immortal kings were poor in front of immortal kings, how could there be such an arrogant gold immortal in the immortal world?

Today, he had really broadened his horizons.

Not to mention them, even the nether king in the dark began to sweat.

“He’s courting death! This kid is tired of living!”

However, the more Chen Chen ignored the group of Immortal Kings, the more the group of Immortal Kings didn’t dare to ignore him.

Even the Beichen immortal king could only laugh dryly and didn’t refute him.

“Since there are no more treasures, I’ll be leaving now.”

Chen Chen had a disappointed look on his face. After saying that, he prepared to turn around and leave.

The Nether King panted heavily when he saw this.

If this kid could still leave safely after putting on such a big show, then even he had to admire this kid’s audacity.

To be honest, he had lived for so many years, but he had never put on such a Big Show!

But just as he was praying in his heart that this kid could leave as soon as possible, a slightly angry voice suddenly came from the myriad immortal foundation.


The one who spoke was the Supreme Spirit Immortal King.

Upon hearing these two words, the Netherworld King’s heart thumped and he thought to himself, “It’s over…”

Chen Chen turned around unhurriedly and looked at the Supreme Spirit Immortal King.

“Senior, What’s the matter?”

Seeing the strong confidence in Chen Chen’s calm eyes, the Supreme Spirit Immortal King swallowed his words and said, “I do have a medicinal pill here. Can it be considered a treasure?”

Then, he pushed out a golden pill and flew in front of Chen Chen.

“Another golden pill! It looks even better than the rank four Golden Pill! Could it be a rank five golden pill?”

Some immortals exclaimed.

But this time, there was no explanation from any immortal king. Everyone looked at Chen Chen.

Obviously, this was a test for him.

Chen Chen took the golden core and wished he could swallow it right now.

According to the system’s appraisal, although this was still a rank four golden core, it was a rank four golden core that had been stored for more than 49 million years.

As long as it was stored for less than 10,000 years, it would become a rank five golden core.

After pretending to observe for a while, Chen Chen calmly said, “This medicinal pill is not bad. It has been stored for 49,994,862 years. In another 5,000 years, it will become a rank five golden core.” After speaking, he casually threw the golden core back, as though he had thrown away an extremely ordinary item.

The surroundings of the Myriad Immortal Foundation were completely silent. Everyone stared at Chen Chen with wide eyes, their eyes filled with disbelief.

It was fine if he said that this was a rank four golden core, but he even told them the exact year, to the point of being accurate to a single digit. This person was either bragging blindly or defying the heavens to the extreme. Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but look at the Supreme Spirit Immortal King’s position.

Whether this person was talking nonsense or truly defying the heavens, only the owner of the medicinal pill could judge,

the Supreme Spirit Immortal King stretched out his hand to receive the medicinal pill. Everyone could see that his hand that stretched out of the carriage was slightly trembling.

After about half a minute, that hand slightly loosened and retracted back.

“This is indeed a rank four golden core. As for the refining time… according to the records, it was indeed formed 49.99 million years ago. If it were to go any further… I wouldn’t be able to remember it clearly.”

As soon as these words were said, the surroundings fell silent at first, then went into an uproar.

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