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Chapter 774 Chapter 773, flaunting one’s wealth

The problem was how to get his hands on it?

Chen Chen sank into deep thought.

If nothing unexpected happened, this rank four golden core should be used to exchange for the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace. Otherwise, Supreme Spirit Immortal King wouldn’t have taken it out for nothing. Exchange for the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace..

Chen Chen frowned slightly. No matter what, this matter was extremely difficult. If he really used this method, it would definitely be extremely risky.

Just as he was thinking, the Northern Star Immortal king smiled and said, “As expected of the top ten alchemists in the immortal world. A supreme treasure like a rank four golden core can be taken out just like that.

I wonder if I can borrow this rank four golden core for a closer look?”


The Supreme Spirit Immortal King replied indifferently. After that, the rank four golden core floating in the air floated in front of the Northern Star Immortal King.

The Beichen Immortal King pretended to investigate for a while, and then pretended to praise him. Only then did he reluctantly return the rank four Golden Pill back.

In truth, he wasn’t an alchemist, how could he recognize such a high-grade medicinal pill?

He only knew that this medicinal pill seemed extraordinary.

“I have a Nirvana pill here.”

The myriad immortal platform didn’t remain silent for long. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King, who was in the Phantom of the Phoenix Flames, similarly took out a medicinal pill.

This medicinal pill was completely red in color and was surrounded by faint flames, forming the shape of a phoenix.

In terms of appearance, this nirvana pill far surpassed a rank four golden core.

Upon hearing the name of the Nirvana Pill, the Beichen Immortal King was stunned. His gaze was immediately attracted by the Nirvana Pill.

This medicinal pill was a specialty of the Flying Phoenix Immortal realms. In the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realms, there was an immortal king-level immortal spirit called the Divine Phoenix.

This divine Phoenix would undergo Nirvana once every ten million years. Every time, it would leave behind a nirvana feather.

The Nirvana pill was refined from this nirvana feather. After consuming it, one wouldn’t be able to see its effects. However, in the future, if one encountered a strong enemy or accidentally died, one would be able to undergo Nirvana and be reborn. Such an effect could be said to be the number one life-saving medicinal pill in the immortal world.

In terms of value, it even faintly surpassed a rank four golden pill.

After all, as long as one had enough time, many alchemists could refine a rank four golden pill.

But this nirvana pill was only available in the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realm.

Very clearly, this was the price immortal King Flying Phoenix offered for the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace. “These guys really have a lot of treasures… it’s a pity that I can only choose one.” Immortal King Beichen sighed in his heart, then looked at the other immortal kings.

Who would have thought that the other immortal kings would all fall silent at this moment.

With the rank four Golden Core and Nirvana Pearl in front of them, the treasures they brought were somewhat unpresentable.

Rather than using them as a foil for others, it was better to just let it go.

Immortal King Beichen understood in his heart when he saw this and began to decide whether he wanted the rank four golden core or Nirvana


At this moment, a clear voice echoed throughout the myriad immortal platform.

“I also have a treasure to display!”

As soon as these words were spoken, countless gazes instantly turned towards a corner of the crowd outside the myriad immortal foundation.

Facing the countless gazes, Chen Chen was rather calm.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was attracted by the two medicinal pills, he had already cast a small illusion on Mo he, who was at the entrance of the formation.

In any case, countless divine senses had just probed towards the myriad immortal foundation. His divine sense, which was casting the illusion, was mixed within and simply couldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

What’s more, his illusion was very simple. It was just a small trick to make mo he not recognize him.

Now that he had become the focus of everyone’s attention, no one would notice that Mo he had been hit by a small illusion.

“Ahem, ahem, I have a treasure to show, can


Chen Chen repeated again. When Immortal King Beichen saw that Chen Chen was only a small golden immortal and was very unfamiliar with him, he was quite surprised.

So there really were such immortals who did not know their own limits and had even cultivated to the golden immortal realm.

However, in order to show off his approachable image, he still revealed a gentle smile.

“Of course. During the treasure appreciation ceremony, all the immortals who come can take out treasures that they think are precious and show them to everyone. Come in.” With that, the myriad immortal foundation opened a small entrance.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony and directly flew in.

Seeing that Chen Chen, a gold immortal, was not flustered at all despite facing so many experts, immortal king beichen could not help but feel a little interested.

Could it be that this little gold immortal really had some extraordinary treasure?

If he did, that would be great. It was just a gold immortal. He could easily find a reason to get his hands on the treasure.

“Everyone, take a look. What do you think of this?”

Chen Chen was neither servile nor overbearing. He took out an arm-thick rhizome from his storage ring.

The rhizome was completely gray and emitted a gray, hazy light. It looked relatively ordinary, but for some reason, it always gave people a feeling of ancientness and simplicity.

“This is… Primordial Chaos Immortal Root?”

On the side of the Myriad Immortal Foundation, Supreme Spirit Immortal King let out a soft exclamation. There was actually a hint of shock in his tone.

“It is indeed the primordial chaos immortal root. When the world first opened, the roots of the first batch of plants in the immortal realm contained a large amount of primordial chaos energy. It was one of the main ingredients used to refine the primordial Chaos Heavenly Dao Pill.”

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King added.

Hearing his words, the surrounding immortals were in an uproar.

They didn’t know what the Primordial Chaos Immortal Root was, but they knew what the Primordial Chaos Heavenly Dao Pill was.

It was a heaven-defying pill that was as famous as the nine transformations Golden Core!

The nine transformations Golden Core was the most troublesome pill to refine, and the Primordial Chaos Heavenly Dao Pill was the most difficult pill to find.

Ever since the birth of the immortal world, the Primordial Chaos Heavenly Dao Pill had appeared several times!

“Primordial Chaos Heavenly Dao Pill… a pill that can give an immortal king a chance to step into the immortal emperor realm. Kid, this…”

Immortal King Beichen muttered to himself and subconsciously wanted to ask if he would sell it. But halfway through his words, he realized that countless people were looking at him, so he took the opportunity to change his words.

“This is really a good treasure!”

When he said this, many people immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, this was a treasure appreciation convention, not a treasure sale convention. If ordinary immortals took out good treasures and were coveted by Immortal Kings, then this treasure appreciation convention would become a joke.

Seeing many immortal kings inquiring about the primordial chaos immortal root, the corners of Chen Chen’s mouth curled up.

A group of Immortal Kings wanted it but were too embarrassed to mention it. This situation was truly comical.

However, he dared to bet that now that he was in the arena, after the treasure-hunting convention ended, there would definitely be many immortal kings looking for him to privately chat. “HMPH!”

Coldly snorting in his heart, Chen Chen slowly kept the primordial chaos immortal root and took out a fiery-red lotus flower from his storage ring.

This lotus flower seemed to have a form, yet it was also shapeless. It was a mixture of reality and illusion, extremely mystical. “Heavenly Fire Essence!”

A low voice rang out as the Flying Phoenix Immortal King flew out from the illusory flame and landed in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen only felt a shocking heat gushing towards him. He didn’t have time to think too much and hurriedly used his immortal qi to protect his body as he took a few steps back.

When the countless immortals saw this scene, their shock couldn’t be any greater.

What was this Heaven Fire Essence? They had never heard of it before. But for it to be able to make the Flying Phoenix Immortal King reveal his true appearance, this meant that in the eyes of the Flying Phoenix Immortal King, this heaven fire essence was even more valuable than the primordial immortal root.

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