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Chapter 761 Chapter 760, going back on my words


Looking at the disappearing mo he, Chen Chen sighed lightly.

Even if he was in the lower realm, even if the Ascension pathway was blocked, he still could not escape the influence of the immortal world.

Wa Wa..

Not far away, the great void dragon kun let out a neigh. Chen Chen heard the movement and slowly approached it.

The Great Void Dragon Kun turned its head and looked at Chen Chen.

At this moment, Chen Chen saw countless scenes in the eyes of the Great Void Dragon Kun.

A large number of illusions flashed in his mind. He saw a Kun wandering in the dark unknown space, passing through one world after another.

Every world had the civilization of every world. He even saw endless galaxies and bright starry skies.

Wah Wah..

The Great Void Dragon Kun neared again and pulled Chen Chen out of the illusion.

Chen Chen came back to his senses and immediately understood many things.

For example, the composition of this world.

In the endless unknown space, there were worlds hidden one after another.

Worlds like the immortal world and the true nether world could only be considered as one big world.

After leaving this big world and traversing the endless darkness, it was possible to go to other big worlds.

With his current golden immortal cultivation base, the tracking range of the system was enough to cover an entire world. In the future, if his cultivation base improved further, he might be able to track an entire great world, or even the entire endless space.

“Will the world that I originally lived in be in this endless space… ?” Chen Chen thought to himself.

At this moment, the Great Void Dragon Kun suddenly opened its mouth, and endless space power spewed out from its mouth.

At the same time, in the celestial world, in the celestial world, in the North Star Celestial Court of the North Star Celestial Realm.

Mo he was kneeling on one knee in front of a white-haired young man.

The white-haired young man had a lazy look on his face as he casually sized up the Yin-yang integration path pill furnace in front of him.

“Immortal King, this Yin-yang integration path pill furnace is in the hands of the person I obtained. Perhaps the Nine Heavens Immortal King is coveting this treasure, which is why he wants to exchange it for the true underworld!” Mo he explained in a low voice.

Immortal King Beichen nodded slightly when he heard this. “No wonder a gold immortal appeared in the lower realm. It turns out that he has obtained the inheritance of the Dao of alchemy and swallowed quite a number of pills.

Yin-yang fusion dao alchemy furnace… not bad. With this alchemy furnace, I can find a few people who can refine pills to exchange for quite a number of good things.”

Mo he beamed with joy when he heard this. He quickly congratulated, “Congratulations, immortal king, for obtaining such a treasure!”

Immortal King Beichen smiled faintly and casually took out some treasures and threw them to Mo he.

“You did well this time. I didn’t expect that your low cultivation base would also have the benefit of having a low cultivation base. To be honest, if it were anyone else, I really wouldn’t trust them.”

“This is called being born with talent is definitely useful!”As Mo he spoke, he couldn’t help but raise his orchid-like fingers.

At this moment, an immortal general with a gold immortal cultivation base walked in and respectfully said, “Immortal King, the Nine Heavens sect has sent another messenger.”

“Let him in.”

Immortal King Beichen put away the yin-yang Fusion Dao alchemical furnace and sat on his seat.

Not long after, a gold immortal dressed in the uniform of the Nine Heavens sect walked in neither servile nor overbearing.

“I’m Xin Yue of the Nine Heavens sect. Greetings, Immortal King Beichen!”

“Are you here for the matter of the true nether world again?”

Immortal King Beichen glanced at the person who came and said indifferently.

“That’s right.”

Xin Yue cupped his hands and replied.

“There’s no need to discuss this matter anymore. The true underworld has just been merged and my future is limitless. I Won’t change it.” The Beichen Immortal King waved his hand.

“But… you didn’t say that to my clan leader before…”

“In the past is in the past. Now is now. If there’s nothing else, you can leave. Also, tell the Nine Heavens Immortal King to contact me less in the future. I’m not familiar with him.”

The Northern Star Immortal King had an expression of impatience on his face.

Xin Yue’s expression turned extremely unsightly when he heard this. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was facing an immortal king, he would most probably fly into a rage on the spot.

The sect leader said that the Northern Star Immortal King was someone who loved to go back on his words and only cared about benefits.

At the start, he didn’t believe it. After all, that was an immortal king of a region, a ruler of a region. How could he be so despicable?

But now that he saw it with his own eyes, he had no choice but to believe it.

Fortunately, the sect master had long expected this scene to happen and had made preparations in advance.

“Lord Immortal King Beichen, before I came, the sect master told me that we can exchange one of the two worlds for the Heavenly Wind World!”

Xin Yue said in a deep voice.

Before this, the Nine Heavens Immortal King had promised to exchange the two worlds for the true underworld world. But in reality, the two worlds weren’t that rich. Only one immortal would ascend every few hundred to a thousand years.

However, the heavenly wind world was different. It was a unified great world. Every year, cultivators would ascend.

In terms of wealth, it far surpassed the true underworld world!

Upon hearing the heavenly wind world, the Beichen Immortal King raised his brows and said indifferently, “Nine Heavens Immortal King, are you willing to part with the Heavenly Wind World?”

“Of course I’m willing. There are traitors in the true underworld world from My Nine Heavens Sect. No matter what, the sect master will get rid of this person.”

Xin Yue lowered his head and spoke in a ruthless voice.

The beichen immortal king smoothed his white hair and said, “Although the heavenly wind world is rich, there are gold immortals in the true nether world. Strictly speaking, that gold immortal can be considered one of my people.

“How about this? Add another one million upper-grade immortal stones and I’ll agree to give the true nether world to Your Nine Heavens Sect.”

Upon hearing this request, Xin Yue’s expression turned even more unsightly. He had no choice but to lower his head and not reveal his emotions.

To be honest, just using the heavenly wind realm to exchange for the true underworld was already a huge loss for them. But now, two great worlds for another one, and they still had to pay a million upper-grade immortal stones.

What was being insatiable? This was being insatiable!

If not… forget it, the sect master’s orders were the most important.

“One million upper-grade immortal stones is one million upper-grade immortal stones! But first, we have to establish a Heavenly Dao contract!”

Xin Yue then took out a silk book from his clothes.

Mo He, who was beside him, hurriedly took the silk book and handed it over to immortal King Beichen.

Immortal King Beichen glanced at the contents of the silk book and the corners of his mouth curled up. He then extended his finger and pointed, leaving his own personal imprint on the Silk Book.

Seeing that Immortal King Beichen left his imprint, Xin Yue heaved a deep sigh of relief. With the mark, this business was considered successful. If the Beichen Immortal King went back on his word, no immortal king would dare to trade with him in the future.

“Immortal King is wise! The two great worlds and a million upper-grade immortal stones will be handed over to the immortal king in the near future!”

Xin Yue said as he kept the scroll.

“If there’s nothing else, you can leave now.”

“I’ll take my leave.”

Xin Yue cupped his hands before turning to leave the immortal court.

After he left, Mo he couldn’t help but say, “Immortal King, we have already obtained the treasures of the true underworld. If the Nine Heavens Immortal King doesn’t find anything after the transaction, will he do something drastic?”

“He wants to take advantage of everything. How can there be such a good thing? Also, even if he really does something drastic, so what? Do you think I’ll be afraid of Him?”

The Beichen Immortal King spoke in disdain as he leaned back on his seat.

Mo he hurriedly bowed when he saw this. At the same time, he flattered, “Immortal King, you are wise!”

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