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Chapter 755 Chapter 754 secretly urged him on

After three rounds of wine and five tastes of food, Xuan Feng was satisfied and started to introduce what he had seen and heard in the true underworld, whether intentionally or not.

“Sigh, the true underworld is the true spirit world, a new world formed by the fusion of the two worlds of the Abyss World. Do you know that a fierce battle happened between the two worlds, and the Abyss God was involved in it… all in all, most of the experts among them died.

“After the fusion of the two worlds, their strength is not even half of that of the original world.”

Hearing his words, the expressions of the cultivators from the Qian Yuan sect who were drinking with him did not change much.

No matter what, the true nether world had nothing to do with their Qian Yuan world. They could not just casually travel between the two worlds like this senior gold immortal before them.

Seeing that no one reacted, xuan feng continued, “Although there are no experts, the true nether world is a really good place. Look, this is a heavenly treasure that I picked up randomly.”

After saying that, Xuan Feng took out a treasure from his storage ring and placed it on the table.

Of course, this treasure was brought down from the immortal world. As for why it was said to be from the true nether world..

Of course, it was to arouse the greed of the cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect.

He wanted to use the cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect to test the mysterious person, so he couldn’t say it out loud. After all, these cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect weren’t fools.

The best way was to be as tempting as he was now.

Seeing the treasures he took out, many cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect had a hint of envy in their eyes.

They did not expect that the true nether world, which they had never seen before, had treasures of the immortal world..

“What a pity. The true nether world has such resources, but the Ascension pathway is blocked. What a waste of heavenly treasures.”

“That’s right. These things are not of much use to mortal cultivators.”

Hearing these discussions, Xuan Feng shook his head and said with a smile, “That’s not true. Due to a great war, the true nether world has produced a few true immortal level existences. Now, they have established a unified sect just like the Qian Yuan world.

“In addition, they have the resources of the two worlds, and there aren’t many cultivators. I think that it won’t be long before a peerless expert will appear.

“If we open up the Ascension pathway… TSK, TSK, TSK, the future of the true nether world is limitless!”

The pity on the cultivators’faces disappeared and was replaced by solemnity.

It was not a good thing for the Qian Yuan world if their neighbors were too strong. “Senior, I don’t think so. They just went through a huge battle and will probably need ten thousand years to recuperate…”

Some cultivators muttered softly.

Xuan Feng revealed a disdainful smile when he heard this. “As the saying goes, one can not be established unless one is destroyed. Didn’t your Qian Yuan World also experience a great war before the birth of the Qian Yuan sect? Later on, there was an existence like the Qian Yuan Immortal King.”

Everyone was speechless when they heard this,

the Qian Yuan Immortal King had indeed ascended from the Qian Yuan world. The Qian Yuan world was also unified by him, but that was a long time ago. It was probably a million years ago?

At that time, how many years had it taken for the Qian Yuan world to recover? How would the current cultivators know?

Seeing that everyone did not believe him, Xuan Feng blushed slightly and said unhappily, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to the true nether world and take a look.”

After saying that, he took out a flying boat from his storage ring and threw it in front of everyone.

“This is a magic treasure that I casually refined to cross the void boat. It’s impossible to ride it to the immortal world, but it’s not difficult to travel back and forth between these great worlds.”

Xuan Feng said it casually, but in fact, this treasure was refined from his molt in the past, and it was very valuable. Ordinary Gold Immortals did not have such a treasure at all.

“Senior, you mean…”the sect master of the Qian Yuan sect asked tentatively.

Xuan Feng subconsciously wanted to say that he would give it to you, but he changed his words.

“It’s not easy for me to come to the lower realm, so I’m not going to the immortal world for the time being. During the time I’m in the lower realm, it’s inevitable that I’ll have to take advantage of you. As a senior, I naturally won’t take advantage of you.

“I’ll lend this magic treasure to you so that you can see the world.”

The face of the sect master of the Qian Yuan sect changed slightly when he heard that. He asked tentatively, “Senior, how long are you planning to stay in our Qian Yuan World?”

“A year and a half,”Xuan Feng answered casually

A year and a half..

When he heard this time, the thoughts of the sect master of the Qian Yuan sect immediately became active.

After such a long time, there were too many things he could do if he could use the void ferry to travel between the two worlds.

After all, the resources produced by different great worlds were different. If he brought a few storage rings and went to the true nether world to search, he would definitely gain a lot.

Although the Qian Yuan sect was powerful and had the support of the Qian Yuan sect in the immortal world, no one would complain about having too many assets. This was especially true when the time he held the position of sect master was closely related to the number of ascending cultivators in the Qian Yuan sect.

As long as he could obtain a large amount of resources from the true nether world, he was confident that he could increase the number of ascending cultivators in the Qian Yuan sect by another ten percent in a short period of time.

At that time, he would also be able to hold the position of sect master for a few more years.

At the thought of this, his heart was moved. He could not wait to make a trip to the true nether world, which was full of treasures.

“One and a half years… is too short. If senior is not in a hurry, you can stay in our Qian Yuan world for ten to eight years. I will definitely experience the beauty of the mortal world!”

The sect master of the Qian Yuan sect was stunned for a moment before he said politely.

Xuan Feng shook his head. “I have to go back and hand in my mission. I will stay for a year at most… Alright, I am tired today too. I will go and rest first.

“Oh right, there’s one more thing to remind you. There are still a few true immortal level experts in the true nether world. You guys can take a look, but don’t get into a conflict with them.

“Although the Northern Star Immortal King has practically left the true nether world alone, it’s still the Northern Star Immortal King’s territory after all. You should give him some face…”

As he spoke, Xuan Feng disappeared from where he was.

The reason why he told the people of the Qian Yuan sect that there were true immortals in the true nether world was because he was afraid that the Qian Yuan sect would not be able to test him if they did not send their experts.

As for the latter part of his words, he was obviously hinting that the people of the Qian Yuan sect could do whatever they wanted.

After he disappeared, the hall was silent for a long time. Everyone looked at the void ferry in the middle and fell into deep thought.

About five minutes later.., an elder suddenly said, “Sect master, this is a once-in-lifetime opportunity. The true nether world is formed from the fusion of two great worlds. Now that it has just gone through a great battle, it will definitely be empty. If we go and plunder it, we will definitely get amazing rewards!”

“That’s right. If we operate it well, we can even support a faction that secretly belongs to our Qian Yuan sect in the true nether world. In the future, if the passage between the two worlds becomes bigger, our Qian Yuan sect will be equivalent to controlling two great worlds…” Hearing this, the eyes of the sect master of Qian Yuan sect flickered. After hesitating for a few seconds, he suddenly stood up and ordered, “Gather the fifteen elders, bring the Qian Yuan Bell, and follow me to the true nether world.”

In the Void, a faint smile appeared on Xuan Feng’s face when he saw this scene.

Sixteen True Immortals and the immortal item Qian Yuan Bell. This lineup was enough for him to know whether the mysterious person was bluffing or was truly powerful.

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