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Chapter 754 Chapter 753, fear

Chen Chen’s pupils constricted. After the Kun transformed into the form of an immortal, the surrounding space trembled slightly, showing faint signs of being unable to withstand it. This was a special phenomenon that only existed when a gold immortal came to the mortal world.

“A Kun that has cultivated into a gold immortal…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

To be honest, there were only a few possibilities for a gold immortal to descend to the mortal world at this moment.

The first possibility was to send someone to the underworld to see the situation of the underworld after the attack, to see if the matter with the underworld god had been dealt with cleanly.

However, Chen Chen thought about it carefully and felt that it was impossible.

What level was Xin Heng, who had been sent to the underworld? He was only a true immortal.

This meant that the immortal world was not as concerned about the matter in the underworld as they had imagined.

At that time, it was impossible to send a true immortal to the underworld to deal with the problem. Now, it was impossible to send a golden immortal to check the situation.

Therefore, it was very likely that this gold immortal Kun had other missions.

As for what kind of mission..

Chen Chen naturally thought of the nine heavens mysterious tower.

After all, with his current strength as a gold immortal, he could only activate the first three floors of the nine heavens mysterious tower. Such a supreme treasure was not rare even if it was an immortal King’s Natal Magic Treasure or a sect-guarding treasure. In the eyes of some mighty figures, it might be more important than a great world.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen’s face could not help but turn solemn.

If the mighty figures of the immortal world really noticed the nine heavens profound pagoda, that would not be a good sign.

As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of thieves.

If they were really concerned, even if they could withstand it, what about the next time? “This is troublesome. I hope it is not because of the nine heavens profound pagoda.” Chen Chen thought to himself, and then his figure gradually disappeared.

Since he was already here, he would find him sooner or later. Rather than waiting passively, it was better to take the initiative to attack.

Having mastered the Heavenly Dao laws, Chen Chen could almost teleport in the true spirit world. In just a few breaths’time, he appeared in front of the green-clothed Golden Immortal and went straight to the point.

“With your cultivation base, what are you doing in the True Spirit World?”

Xuan Feng carefully sized up the person who suddenly appeared in front of him, but he could not sense any immortal qi cultivation base. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

Originally, he planned to kill the rebels cleanly after coming to the true underworld and take back the nine heavens mysterious tower. But now, there was a hint of worry in his heart.

After thinking for a moment, he answered ambiguously, “I am Xuan Feng, the disciple of the immortal king of the Nine Heavens in the immortal world. I came to the true underworld to complete a mission arranged by the Immortal King.”

“What mission? I am the sect master of the only sect in this world. What do you want to Do? Perhaps I can help you.”

Chen Chen said expressionlessly. His tone was cold and distant, as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Xuan Feng became more and more fearful when he heard this.

The other party clearly knew his cultivation base and knew that he was a gold immortal. Yet, he still dared to speak to him in such a tone. This meant that the other party was not afraid of him at all.

What kind of existence was this person?

Xuan Feng did not dare to reveal his true purpose of coming. That traitor had the nine heavens mysterious tower, so his status in this realm was definitely not low. He must be related to this person in front of him.

If he explained his purpose of coming, perhaps they would start fighting in the next second.

Thinking of this, he smiled embarrassedly and said, “It’s not convenient to tell you about the secret mission.”

Chen Chen’s expression turned even colder when he heard this. After sizing Xuan Feng Up and down.., he then said coldly, “Leave this world as soon as you complete your whatever mission. Also, remember to restrain your aura as a gold immortal at all times. If you cause any damage to the cultivators of the true underworld because of you, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Xuan Feng was quite speechless when he heard that.

Who would have thought that someone would dare to talk to him like that when he came to the lower realm as a gold immortal?

So what if you’re stronger than me? I’m the disciple of the Nine Heavens Immortal King!

The Nine Heavens Immortal King must not lose face!

With that thought, his face turned cold. He was ready to argue with Chen Chen, but before he could speak, Chen Chen had suddenly disappeared in front of him.

And he didn’t sense any spatial fluctuations at all.

“Impossible… I’m Kun. What’s this person’s cultivation?”

Xuan Feng muttered to himself in the air. As he spoke, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He thought that this mission would be easy, but now it seemed that it wouldn’t be easy.

After Chen Chen returned to the true Nether sect, he immediately issued a gag order, telling everyone not to mention the nine heavens mysterious tower.

No matter what Xuan Feng was here for, he had to take precautions first.

However, not many people in the entire true nether world had seen Chen Chen use the nine heavens mysterious tower. There were only a few people at the very top. Apart from that, Chen Chen also sent out a portion of his divine sense to keep an eye on Xuan Feng. If there were any unusual movements, he would be able to detect it immediately.

On the other side, Xuan Feng stood where he was in deep thought for a full fifteen minutes before he suddenly turned around and entered the Qian Yuan world through the spatial passageway.

It was not that he wanted to give up on the mission given by the Nine Heavens Immortal King, but that person was too mysterious. He had to let others test him before he could decide what to do next.

After returning to the Qian Yuan world, he immediately went to the Qian Yuan sect.

To be honest, the only people he could use now were the cultivators from the Qian Yuan sect.

When he went down to the world, the Nine Heavens Immortal king specially greeted the Qian Yuan immortal king, and the Qian Yuan Immortal King instructed him to go down.

With this, Xuan Feng naturally became “The person that the Qian Yuan Immortal King specially instructed me to take care of”.

Hence, Xuan Feng was highly respected after he came to the Qian Yuan sect. The moment he went down to the world, the Qian Yuan sect master personally received him. In terms of treatment, he was ten thousand times better than Chen Chen.

This time, when he returned to the Qian Yuan sect, of course, he met the leader of the Qian Yuan sect again.

As the leader of the only sect in the world, the leader of the Qian Yuan sect was very polite to him and addressed him as senior.

“Senior, you just went to the true nether world yesterday and came back today. Could it be that you have completed the mission of the Immortal King?”

Due to the previous exchange, the leader of the Qian Yuan sect also knew that Xuan Feng came to the lower realm for a mission. However, he did not know what the specific mission was.

Xuan Feng looked at the sect master of the Qian Yuan sect in front of him, who had white hair but looked like a senior. He smiled arrogantly and said indifferently, “Of course. I’m a Mighty Gold Immortal. Isn’t it easy for me to do anything in the lower realm?”

As soon as he said that, the sect master of the Qian Yuan sect looked even more reverent.

Xuan Feng could not help but sigh inwardly. This was the correct way for a gold immortal to open the lower realm..

What was that before? ptui!

“Then this junior congratulates senior!”

The sect master of the Qian Yuan sect cupped his hands and said with a smile. Then, he waved his hand, and a group of female cultivators walked into the hall with all kinds of dishes in their hands.

Any cultivator with a little bit of knowledge would know that Kun XI had swallowed the food. Therefore, after Xuan Feng entered the lower realm, he began to prepare all kinds of ingredients in order to curry favor with him now.

After all, the other party was a golden immortal powerhouse, two realms higher than him, a true immortal.

If he could give him some free advice, all the effort would be worth it.

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